German gaming site 4players.de website cornered DiabloWikiJay Wilson at Leipzig, and extracted a lengthy interview from the man. Unfortunately, they seem to have only posted the German translation. Fortunately, the Google translator is pretty good with German, so the deciphered version is readable.  Topics covered include health orbs, party play, the added (Super WoW-size?) shoulder pads, plot implications of the female Barbarian, game and world size, changes to how town portals will function, individual player loot drops, D3 LAN play support (not), and more. It looks like a great interview; let’s hope they post the audio, or an English transcript. A translated quote:

    Diablo Source: What effect has the monster level to the strength of the healing spheres?
    Jay Wilson: The Orbs heal percentage, the more the character becomes, the stronger the Orbs. At the moment we tend to mainly 15% Orbs to drop, which means that 15% of life energy to recover. So if you 1000 life points regenerates the Orb has 150 points, one has only 100 life points regenerates the 15th Orb. On the other hand, we can for example, a boss monster to say, there should be several Obs drop or at a certain number of points living. So we can say for example, there should be every time when he was 5% of life points deduction with a certain chance Orb a drop or even always a Orb at this point drop. There are also opportunities, the healing ability of Orbs to influence, for example by objects or skills. Orbs fill the life energy gradually, and characters regenerate hit points, and here too there are ways to speed up the process.

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    Update: A much cleaned-up translation can be read in the comments, thanks to CaptainDingo.

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