Boomtown grabbed 20 minutes with Jay Wilson at Leipzig, and their write up is now online. It’s a fairly short piece, and the format is odd; I guess the italicized portions are quotes from Jay, but it’s not entirely clear. Pity there’s not some punctuation mark with which you could enclose a block of text to make clear that the words were spoken by a person? Oh wait…

    An important part of any Diablo III game is of course loot – which apart from the story itself is the reason to fight foes (story? there’s a story? I only ever thought about the loot, sweet sweet loot, ed.). In Diablo III loot will drop individually for every player. That means that even in co-op you can’t see what the others got. But if they decide to drop their loot, you can pick it up afterwards. This actually lead to an unexpected social element:

    – During tests players would suddenly gather around a player who was dropping items on the ground. Even if he couldn’t use it, others could. That’s a nice side-effect and shows you that we as developers can’t always predict the consequences of our own choices.

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