A new interview with D3 lead DiabloWikiJay Wilson has been posted today. The interview seems to be another one from Leipzig, but that’s not made clear. You’ll want to skip page one if you’ve already heard enough about the art direction issue, but pages 2 and 3 have some good stuff on preserving the core Diablo features, possibility of a console port, multiplayer, etc. A quote about dungeon randomization:

    Jay Wilson: Yeah. It’s probably one of the biggest challenges we’ve made. But you got to take it on because it’s Diablo! There’s like seven things that we’ve identified—replayability through randomness was one of them. Absolutely everything that we can do to improve the randomness. But we looked at the exteriors in Diablo II and realized, the fact that the layouts were random actually didn’t improve the game that much. If anything, it hurt the look of the game, because organic environments don’t lend themselves to being randomly generated.

    You end up generating an outdoor environment like you’d generate a dungeon. So you create a room-like outdoor environment that also has no permanence to it. The world feels very transient. We decided to change that but add in things like the adventure system. On top of all that, all of the monster encounters are randomly generated. The rares and champions—which are the mini-bosses—are randomly generated. The items, and attributes on the items, are randomly generated. Essentially we’re trying to match the amount of randomness you see in Diablo II.[/BLUE]

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