A short, new (? if there’s a date on the article, I couldn’t find it. It’s not yet included on our all-encompassing D3 Media Coverage page, so I think it’s new) interview with D3 Lead Designer Jay Wilson has been posted over on German site Buffed.de. The interview is presented in German, but thanks to helpful reader (and tipster) Turin, we’ve got a couple of translated highlights. Here’s Turin:

    First of all about inactive characters and if they will be deleted as in D2: “Never ever, they have to kill him first to get this in, characters will stay!”

    Then about the game length, he told Buffed.de that the game will be “separated” in parts of roughly 15 minutes – a dungeon, a town, whatever – and after you finish it, you can stop playing or go on for another part that will also take roughly 15 minutes.

    You can also view the interview through Google’s translator: Page One and Page Two.

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