Jay Wilson Answers Items Questions

Fans have been peppering Jay Wilson’s twitter with questions (complaints) about the legendary items revealed by those photos of the official strategy guide. When the pictures were first revealed, some fans refused to believe that they were accurate or complete, since those fans had come to expect hundreds and hundreds of legendary items in Diablo III, and there were *only* 226 listed in the strategy guide.

Jay’s responded by saying they have about as many legendaries as there were uniques in D2 + D2X. To which fans have replied that D3 has far more types of items which means there are a lot fewer legendaries of each type, and there are fewer Item Sets in D3, and there aren’t Runewords in D3, which were essentially DIY uniques in D2X. To that Jay has replied… well, just read his tweets as quoted below, with one added in from @Bashiok that bears on the issue.

226 Legendary in total, includin all armor and all weapon. Does that number sounds right or off by a huge margin? –FrankRenos
Over 200 legendaries sounds right. This is more than D2 had at ship, and not much lower than D2 has after 10 years.

To Renos’ point, there are only 2 Mighty Weapons (1h and 2h) that are level 60 in the game? 🙁 — murphydandan
Again, this does not differ greatly from Diablo II. Also, rares and crafted are end-game competitive. Our goal was to balance, not dominate with legendaries –Jay Wilson

Then Bashiok was lying… He said there were a lot more items in the game than in the guide. These have all been seen before.
Do not be so quick to call people liars. –Jay Wilson

You said there are “far more” items in the game than the website shows but the strat guide suggests there are only a couple more? –@firatb84
Because items in Diablo are random. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/4887629121#3 –Bashiok

How about that being much less than D2 lod and Titan quest (without the expansion pack) –FrankRenos
How about both the examples you just used were a game + expansion. 🙂 –Jay Wilson

Can you confirm there are only 226 legendary items in the final game as the strategy guide suggests? –firatb84
I have not cross-compared the strat guide with the game. Items were one of the last things, so there could be differences. –Jay Wilson

I have to side with Jay’s logic on this one, though I don’t think he or Bashok have done very well explaining or defending it. As they say, there were a comparable number of uniques in D2, and they’re clearly leaving room in D3 to expand and deepen and improve things in the expansions (just as Blizzard North did with D2X, when they added charms, jewels, runes, runewords, elite items, tons more uniques, elite Item Sets, etc). That’s why the D3 devs removed several item features during development (DiabloWikiCharms, the DiabloWikiTalisman, the DiabloWikiMystic‘s item enchants, only 4 types of DiabloWikigems with bland bonuses when socketed, etc) all of which we’ll likely see in improved and polished form in D3X.

Also note that while D3 has a lot fewer uniques of each item type (since there are so many more types of items in D3) the uniques are clustered at the high range, with 1 or 2 lvl 60s in every type, and others in the mid or high 50s. Also every single item in all 13 found and 3 of the 9 crafted item sets are lvl 60, which adds 16 item sets made up of 61 set items, all at level 60.

Plus, Item Sets and Legendaries are much more variable in their stats than they were in D2, and they’re not balanced to be way better than rares, which means that found and (especially) crafted lvl 60 rares will be as good or better than legendaries and sets, in many cases.

I’m sure we’ll find balance issues and other problems with DiabloWikiend game play in Diablo III, but I don’t think lack of item diversity at level 60 will be a major problem.

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152 thoughts on “Jay Wilson Answers Items Questions

  1. I think there is no difference if there are 200 legendary items and 400 rare items that are usable and very desirable, or 400 legendary and 200 rares. What is the difference? If the item is good, does it really matter if it is rare or legendary?

    • Legendary looks shinier, has unique art and in-game apperances. That’s why it matters 😛

    • Plus, if they limit the number of legendaries available to each class, then the more reason for us to fight for it (also known as RMAH, tadaaa!).

      It is legendary because, well, it is legendary! If a certain class can use about 50 different “legendary” weapons, then it is pretty common right? Might as well make it a white item.

      • @hellfurion no because there would be 50 unique items with there own art vs 100th random axe with the same art.

    • I wanna know how this build gets to a 3k dps. 🙂 Assuming, the stat screen is directly correlated to this item set up.

  2. “This is more than D2 had at ship, and not much lower than D2 has after 10 years.”
    The only answer you need. It’s hilarious how wrong raging fanbois are when they remember Diablo 2.

    • its actually a really stupid answer 

      what exactly has Blizzard done with D2 in the last 9 years ? 
      How many items have they added ?  How many expansions have they done ?

      But D3 has more than D2 has after 10 years 😆 what a joke 

      • These numbers may be slightly off, but…
        At release, D2 had 123 uniques and 62 set items.
        LoD added 157 uniques and 65 set items (plus elite base items, class-specific items, runes, jewels, charms etc)
        Patch 1.10 added 100 uniques (and removed one)
        The original game was released June 30, 2000. The 1.10 patch was released on October 23, 2003. So, it took Blizz over 3 years to make the game what it is nowadays.
        I’d be surprised, if D3 expansions and patches didn’t add as much new things to the game. Just play the game (on Tuesday) and stop worrying! 😀 

    • And the development time for diablo 3 was more than diablo 2 with lod combined.
      One is not wrong to expect it to carry much more legendary items d2:lod has to offer, and even then they would not need much more effort to design new legendaries, they can rip off the names of most of them diablo 2, or even the stats itself with modifications to suit diablo 3.

      • I don’t see how that’s a measure of game quality. And to see the complete picture you have to know the number of affixes and consider how many uniques and sets were never even used in D2.

      • Games take a lot longer to make now than 10 years ago… Some full-on sequels took less than a year to make back then (Fallout 2 for example), yet to do that now, you have to have two studios working on the first game and the second game at the same time, like they do with Call of Duty.

        • I use game development time as a counter to Jay Wilson’s arguement, because apparently he thinks that so by arguing about how much more diablo iii have comparing to diablo ii classic but yet argues diablo iii is ok with lesser items than an expansion game.
          (by using development time of diabloii+diabloii:lod > development time of diabloii =? more items for game+expansion).
          So following the same reasoning, I would suppose I would expect diablo iii to have more items because it had more development time than both of them.
          If he brought up other arguments rather than just comparing numbers with diablo ii classic, then I wouldn’t compare it to diabloii:lod too. He should have come up with other arguments that are unique to diablo iii itself such as unique artwork of legendary weapons etc.
          Coming up with the items themselves doesn’t take much time, it’s just about editing the attributes and the names of the items. I suppose only the work of balancing all of them and creating unique artwork for all of them will take much of time.

  3. I think they mentioned aiming for a good mix of legendaries and rares (and sets, but those are legendaries as well now) when it comes to high-end character equipment. Not having legendaries (at this point) for pretty much every single desirable affix combination means that rares can have a place in best-per-slot scenarios as well.
    This statement, of course, comes from deeper into the D3 developement process than 2 hours ago, so the complete opposite might already be the case by now. 😈

  4. Not to mention that D3 has random affixes on Legendaries, so instead of asking for a 138+ Shako in D2X you could have a Shako thats perfect for a WD but useless for a DH and vice versa. The random factor is amazing and will make the time we spend with the game MUCH longer.

    • Yeah, I think a lot of the complainers here are failing to realize how much random properties on legendary items will mix things up. I’m sure some of them will complain about that too though, e.g. “Omg why does my windforce have intelligence on it??? I want dexterity instead!!!”

      Edit: I see below that people have already started complaining about this. Good grief.

  5. only 226? wtf any more and I cba to even browse through them all in the website 🙂
    I’m more into rares anyways than legendaries that are always the same or maybe with couple variable stats.

  6. Who cares about the exact number of legendaries, why doesn’t anyone ask about their (assumingly boring) properties?

    • Exactly.  Here’s hoping for some turning into a vampire, % to cast X, adding glow, aura when equipped, etc.

      • You likely won’t see “% to cast X”. They’ve fairly consistently said that they’re reluctant to give the skills from one class to another.

        They have however mentioned that most legendary items have unique art (so your unique helm won’t just be a blue-colored normal helm), which I think is pretty cool as far as aesthetics go. 

        • I’d be down with a skill you already have…but that would get tricky.  Class only stuff…

  7. It’s the third time Bashiok fail to explain something. First one was about the group play and drop, he said when you play in group you get more loot, we understand that the drop rate was better but no, what he meant was “you kill faster then you drop faster”.
    Second one was about dual wielding and damage : “skills use main hand only, with a few exceptions” and right after his post a lot of beta players came to say otherwise and then no more explanations (or I miss something maybe)
    Finally there is “The database on the website is far from all the items in the game” and this ? Sure they’re not at the level of dice and bf3 when it comes to lies but you can’t they say they did a great pr job.
    Or is it just me being hateful because I’m really disappointed? I mean, I was looking forward to the update of the website on monday and see a bunch of new items inferno only, talk about a let down !

    • “Or is it just me being hateful because I’m really disappointed?”
      Yeah, that must be it.

    • Dont forget when he said the game was being changed to show character names in game instead of battletags…which was a lie.

    • You clearly don’t played D2 classic at start. The was much more fun because best items are rares with random properties. I’m glad they back again.

      • Because he’s said a few wrong things?  He’s been our link to the development the entire process.  You’ve got to give him way more credit than that.

      • believe me, bashiok is about 100000000000x better as a CM during diablo3’s development time than karune ever was during sc2’s development time
        thank the gods, excuse me, thank diablo that we didnt have HIM as our CM 

  8. At first, I have to say, that I LOVE Diablo 3 and can’t even wait for tuesday.

    But: Didn’t Diablo 2+LoD have about 380 Uniques? That would me 50% more, than D3 has to offer.

    I wouldn’t say that 50% is “not much lower than Diablo 2 had in 10 years”. But I hope for one or more expansion packs, with even more items, because playing Diablo just for Items, is what kept me 4 years in a row at bay with Diablo 2 🙂 

    • 372 in LoD, but D2 had much less then that, and most of these were crap ( if you play Classic, you’ll know that Rares are the only items that matter ).
      I’m guessing the “true hardcore fans” who started playing after LoD ( and after patches, like the one with synergies ) are the majority of the whiners, couse if someone has seen the early times of Classic, they’ll know that this is plenty.

      • Except that this isn’t D2. There is no reason for it to be very similar to D2 in this regard. They could have and should have greatly improved on legendary items, otherwise what’s the point of even having them there?

  9. To be honest, I’m not worried at all about items/legendaries.
    Adding those requires just a small patch. Blizzard ain’t stupid, they’ll add this sutff over time, to keep the game interesting and economy flowing. Same as affixes.
    I’m more pissed the affixes for skill improvements are boring and rune levels being gone, which also makes rares very primitive. But once again, im sure this will al return over time

    • I agree, if there are no cool skill modifiers like I think they said there will be (adding number of poison darts for example) than i am really disappointed. 🙁

  10. D2 has 372 uniques, including charms. I don’t know how many came with LoD though.

  11. While I don’t have much concern that this is “too few”, I gotta say that I find “This is more than D2 had at ship” a pretty lame excuse. I really feel like D3 should’ve had more than D2LOD by this point. Ah well…

    • Honestly, why does it matter if it has fewer? Do you think that every single legendary, as is, will be used throughout the entire game play? It’ll come down to a few items being massively overused, so I think we really need quality over quantity.

      • It does matter because in d2 there were upwards of 5-6 end game viable uniques for pretty much every item slot. From the looks of the items in d3 there are BARELY 5-6 uniques for each item slot total spread across the entire range of levels.

        In d2 there were 30+ unique chest pieces alone. If you found some random unique chest piece along the way while leveling up and you had a trash blue item, chances are the unique you found would be a welcome upgrade. With d3 it seems like you’ll be lucky to find a unique every 10 levels for each item type.

        I’m all for (and happy) that rares are finally coming back to a pre-d2 1.09 state where they will actually be amazing if they have good rolls (remember d2 1.08’s rares?) but that shouldn’t mean that they should skimp out on uniques just because rares aren’t garbage anymore.

        • We don’t need 5-6 viable legendaries per item slot when rares are actually viable.

          You acknowledge this near the end of your post, but… well, you’re wrong. They don’t need as many legendary items, and I wouldn’t call releasing with more legendaries than D2 had, more concentrated near the level cap (since many lower-level legendaries would be useless) “skimping out”. 

          • Wrong about what? Have you even played d2?

            Do you have any idea how hard it will be find a rare with 6 perfect affixes (not even perfect values, just 6 values that you actually deemed perfect for your build)?

            There were only a handful of items like that in d2 1.08. Chances are you will never get one in your entire life time of playing the game, neither will I and neither will everyone posting on this site.

            The idea is to wear uniques/legendaries until you do find them. It’s a lot easier to find something useful for your class when 4 or 5 of the affixes are fixed (ie. legendaries).

            So, actually yes we do need a lot of legendary variation, otherwise the awesome randomness of the game will end up being the thing we hate the most. We need gap filling equipment that offers steady progression while we chase nearly unfindable perfect rares. If there’s only 1 or 2 viable items for each slot end game there’s almost no item variation at all, everyone will use the same gear and you have little progression.

          • That “gap-filling equipment that offers steady progression” comes from the crafting system. Problem solved.

  12. They just want to force people into that shitty crafting system and make rares more valuable.
    I personaly hate rares. I hate that yellow colour that reminded me in d2 that i just failed a uniq roll.
    I also  hate the excesive stat randomization in the few legendaries we have. Its like they further proceeded in trashing down legendaries so you won’t use more than 1 or 2 for your intended build.

    • You mean the opposite, right? Because legendaries are somewhat randomized, and because best rares will be better then best legendaries, that means that gear diversity in inferno char will be massive. If there are five to six legendaries, and those five to six legendaries are the bets items for that slot, then what does that mean? That means that every char will want and have those five to six items in those slots, which means that everyones gear is very similiar, which isn’t in anyones best interest. By best legendaries not as good as top rares, they have achieved high custimazation, Which is in anyones best interest.High custimazation of gear means high custimazation of characters.

    • Going to echo what Arcanae said in a slightly different way. The only reason you hated rares as a failed unique is because the uniques didn’t end up being what they were supposed to be: As good as rares in some cases and worse in others, but only better when they fill niches for certain builds.

      Rares are supposed to have a good chance of being better than Legendaries. The fact you don’t think so points to the failure of the uniques system in LoD.

  13. So Bashiok lied. Thats all there is to it. The explanation is pathetic and obviously wrong. Well doesnt really matter but after 1 year of delay after those 200 items were listed I really thought there would be more like Bashiok said. 

    • Yes, 200 legendaris and few trillion (or billions?) possible level 60 items, we will obviously run out of items in no time.  

      • Why are replying to me if the thing you say has absolutely NOTHING to do with the stuff I said ?

        Wrong person there bud.

        Did I say “Oh noes we will have no items I MAD :<" No.
        Did I say "Oh no I have no idea about the game and dont know that Rare Items will be the important ones instead of legendaries". No.

        Bashiok lied. Thats my point. I dont really care that much about the items. "doesnt really matter"

  14. So they make Diablo, game about randomization, even more random and you bitch about it? That legendaries are semi-random too? I think it is a step in good direction, it gives a lot more possibility for end game item farming. Sure, you wont get item you really want in a few runs, but isn’t that actually great? At first, people bitch about lack of replayability in game, and now they bitch it is too random. And random = tons of replay value in my eyes.

  15. “OMG OMG, not as many uniques as in Diablo II plus it’s expansion and all the patches they did over 10 years!”

    That is pretty much the reaction all over, but I think you guys are forgetting that uniques in D2 was almost always just a normal item with a color overlay. Every legendary item in Diablo III has it’s own hand drawn image, it’s own model, it’s own texture and it’s own lore entry.

    Just coming up with a name and dropping a random color on a normal piece of gear (Shako anyone?) does not take any effort at all, but having the art team use recources to draw the inventory icon, come up with and make a brand new design for it and having the lore team ad a unique lore entry on each item takes ALOT more effort.

    So, would you guys rather have 200+ truely unique legendary items or 500+ rare items with fixed affixes as legendary items?

    I know what I would choose, and it’s not the Diablo II way of making unique items.

  16. lets keep in mind that uniques are supposed to have separate graphics. I rather have legendaries have their taste then just being regular items with preset stats.

  17. Its because they put so much time into the skills, you can’t have everything. I’m glad that they’ve gone this route, adding more skills in xpak or patches is far less likely to occur than some new gear. It’s pretty hard to know exactly which way players are going to go or what strategies they will develop. This means the early game is always going to be pretty basic while they work out what needs to go into the expansion which imo will be the real game anyhow. I’m reserving my criticism’s until I get my hands on the game regarding items. Just like D2, I’m expecting there’ll be a fair bit to learn.

  18. Imo it is pretty bad there is so few uniques. If they are concerned about them dominating rares, nothing easier than just make them ultra rare. There is no excuse, to just not add gigantic unique pool, very rare (zod like). Game is done, engine works, adding new items is a job for one person, testing could take some time though.
    They are clearly making a room for expansion. If there was even very rare legendary per each item type (or hell, even 3 different legendaries per item type/tier), even if they added whole bunch of new items in expansion, it would be overshadowed by the stuff that was already in the game.

  19. The amount of legendary D3 will ship with is good enough.  They can add more as they go.

  20. Keep in mind that D3’s legendaries have its unqiue art for every single one of them too.

  21. Bashiok said there are way more items than currently in the website, so on Monday we will see if he lied or not.

  22. Pretty meangless to whine about this at this point, in a couple of hours we can determine ourselves if the itemization is good or if they dropped the ball on that. Time will tell my friends!

  23. I’ll say it again: 1-3 month intervals of added items to encourage health of RMAH and keep the “hardcore” playing. 

  24. Lying is the wrong word to use. Lying implies that you made a statement with the intent to be deceptive. Keyword here is intent. I doubt Bashiok ever intended to decieve anyone with his statements, he simply didn’t have the correct info, and made an erroneous statement. That’s very different than lying. 

    • Funny how often that seems to happen. Then he spins his former statements to try to make it look like he wasn’t full of s***. If he’s going to be spreading so much misinformation (whether intended or not) then he needs to keep it to himself.

  25. what are legendaries for if they are not “legendary” anymore. the d2 uniques=legendaries were really unique because of their stats like crushing blow, immunity to freeze etc. stats you didnt see at other items. d3 fails in that matter.
    you can say 200+ legendaries is a lot as going for diablo 3 compared to d2lod but remember that d3 was in production for around 8 years and in advanced production for 4-5 years. also it was delayed by half a year. that would speak for itself that they have time to make more content. but what they did in this half a year ? they simply cut many of the systems/content.
    im really surprised there is only 200 legendaries and probably only 30 endgame legendaries. i wont care about them being op, they dont have to be op. they could provide some funny stats. like the one mentioned at the beginning. blizzard could come with something more innovative. and all i see at the affixes and items are just stupid numbers going higher. why the hell we dont have something like negative affixes. for example if an item has -300 vitality it will have doubled other random stat…
    the item randomization in d3 from what i see now is really poor. its the same as wow – chasing bigger numbers.

    • Sigh, people taking Diablo 3’s long development time to complain about everything need to realise one thing. Game developement is a strictly hierarchical process. In other to develop on system, devs need to develop or design other systems that will support the newer ones.

      This is the same thing with the removal of special death animations, yes I actually believe them when they say they don’t have the time to develop those because in order to randomly execute (no pun intended) one of those animations, they have to finish developing all the classes and both genders (which weren’t completed untill about February 2011), have templetes of all the items which the character will be wearing, have all the bosses and enviroments completed and modeled and those are all just pre-requisits in order to start the work on the actual animations, and in order to preserve their “awesomeness” they would have to make them rare, which would mean that all the work they had done would be pretty much wasted. And they didn’t have all that developed untill early 2011, and we all know how ridicuolosly hectic the last year and half was.

      Same thing with items, items are something you work at the end of the development cycle, when all the supporting systems and all the systems that need to be in the game as well as the actuall game are finilized. I am not saying that gives them any kind of immunity before anyone jumps on that ship, but people need to understand that just because the game has been in development for six or seven years doesn’t mean that they have been developing every single system for those six or seven years. I would guess that they didn’t have more then half a year to a year for a lot of things they wanted to work on. 

  26. I really hate when people say that a certain CM or a developer “lies”.

    Everyone makes mistakes or passes on outdated information.

    This does not give you the right to call people liars. 

        • Well yeah. Remember story with chat channels? People were going crazy that chat channels are bad and then he calmed everyone by saying they are just like in D2, but then it appeared that they are just like in SC2 🙂 I mean he often says something just to calm everyone, that’s pretty much his job.

        • They have on countless occasions.  And for good laughs, read every pre and post expansion posts.  “We will finally fix X and Y once and for all ”   “We made a lot of mistakes, X and Y were never fixed”

    • If a CM is going to be spreading misinformation all the time, then it’s better that he doesn’t post at all. How is it that he is so behind on information as to think there’s a lot more items than there are? Isn’t part of his job to stay current on information? He could’ve looked at the game guide like the rest of us to see how many items there were compared to how many there are in the final game and seen that it was nearly the same… So either Bashiok is a complete idiot or a liar or both.

      • Dunno I believe maybe Jay is not up to date on this subject. Maybe he never even saw a strategy guide, and Bashiok saw it.. But we’ll see on Monday.

      • Guys, I think you don’t know what lying means and use this word inappropriately.

        CMs/developers might post incorrect data just because they have shitload of information to handle and sometimes this information changes very quickly.

  27. I’m fine with it. Just relax guys… we will see the importance of ALL rares increase to their old glory back in d2… thats one thing I can fully sign ;-), great!

  28. It doesn’t matter to me the actual number, but I’m just confused as to what happened to all the other legendary items posted in the official game guide back in the fall. 

    Take a look at this old thread from the official forums consolidating a list of d2-returning uniques. A huge portion of them have now disappeared, even though they were on the official game guide months ago and were taken down/out of the game without any reason. 


    Does anyone else remember this? People are hung up on someone complaining about the physical number, but you must recall that we had a much larger physical number that shrunk without any reason.

    Here’s the old list of items originally announced in the fall:

    Some are there but many are gone … especially in that chest armor section … 18 listed originally but now there are only 7 in the final product. 

  29. I’m really surprised the back lash is about the amount of legendaries and not about the lame skill modifiers… People don’t remember that everyone went for the Best in Slot unique/Runewords in d2… Everyone was running around in Enigma, with their unique charms etc. It doesnt matter how many their are, everyone will only want a handful of them. Rares have the possibility to roll stats better than legendaries is so much better and creates the possibility for so many different combinations of gear.
    I’m still pissed about the modifiers. Remove rune levels and then not add anything back into the game to replace them? Bullshit….

    • Exactly, i think it’s a great idea to give rares “the big numbers” so to speak. Uniques should have unique and fun modifiers.
      And where are all the cool skill modifiers items were supposed to have?
      Don’t tell me “15% extra damage to Bash” is it?

      For a game that revolves around items this is just pathetic honestly.
      Captcha: remain calm

    • I want to be a vampire, Dammit!  (Or a bone fetish like Delirium did).

      Let’s get crazy, they are legendary for God’s sake!

  30. Seriously!?  So what if D2-LoD has 372 Uniques.  Most are outright crap and those that aren’t have fleeting usefulness.  You out level the items quickly and even the end-game viable uniques eventually get replaced with better runewords.  All said and done, D2-LoD has like 15 viable end-game uniques (which everyone, regardless of class would use), of which 10 would be replaced with better runewords.

    In D3, most of the 226 uniques (legendaries) are dispersed in the 50-60 level range.  As long as the stats of these items don’t suck, way more than 15 should be end-game viable.  And with the randomness Blizzard implemented, everyone won’t strive for the exact same 15 items (while attempting to the collect the should have been impossible to find runes).

  31. Quite a meager amount of item variety considering the ridiculously long development time.

  32. I really think people here need to try and understand what “lie” actually means. Bashiok may have misinformed us on occasion, but it wasn’t a deliberate thing. The game is simply the product of too many forces for one person to have kept track of it all.

    • He did lie. There’s no way the main CM for the Diablo 3 forums is that misinformed. And if he is, then he is very much failing at his job and should be fired.

    • And yet people who don’t have even a fraction of the amount of access to game info as Bashiok does, are able to.
      It takes literally 30 seconds to email a coworker “Hey is this system going to be in the game at release?” “What’s the chat menu going to look like?”.
      You guys make it out like we aren’t living in a world where we can communicate with virtually ANYONE in the within seconds.

  33. That was my tweet that called Bashiok a liar. I then responded: “I’m not being quick. I only call people liars if I know they are. Bashiok promised us many times that there are a lot more.”

    And now they are trying to spin it as if the every random variation of a legendary (because of 1 or 2 random affixes) is what he was talking about. Either he is an idiot with no reading comprehension when the fans kept asking about the amount of items on the guide or an outright liar that is getting protected by the higher ups. Sad thing is, he has made several other “misinformed” posts about other topics such as the chat channels, battletag presence in the game, and the beta testers not getting a reward in the final game. No CM can be that misinformed on so many different occasions and about so many different topics. I just find that too ridiculous to believe. How does he still have a job?

    I called him out on the official forums too and after a few others voiced their outrage as well, the thread got deleted and I got a week-long forum ban. Yay… Seems like Bashiok can’t handle the truth coming out and would rather just silence the rowdy sheep like always… 🙄 I usually defend Blizzard, but this guy is seriously starting to piss me off just because the principle of the thing.

    • Have to agree with the part about Bash being a failure. I dont care so much about the number, it is what it is, and honestly we will have more choice with end game items than we did in D2. But the fact that Bashiok seems to be SO MISINFORMED ABOUT EVERYTHING is getting old. And now even Jay is trying to cover for his ass. Makes me think there is some reason they can’t get rid of him… 😕

    • Wow, did he really try to sell off every permutation as a seperate legendary item?
      That’s just sad.

    • Scorch,

      I want to let you know that I am with you on this one and I think majority of people here are too. This whole maybe he is stupid is just wishful thinking. Sure sometimes people do mistakes, sometimes its really some other reason why things dont work. But no way this happen like 4 times. As you said, chat, battletag, items and more things – NO.

      He is a fucking liar. I fucking hate this guy now. He even trolled people few months ago, if you remember. I would like to know who gives him orders though, cause I would like to hate that guy too.

    • Seriously kid, you act like my children.

      “DADDY YOU SAID WE WOULD GO TO THE PARK TODAY, YOU LIED!” when something changes and we have to do something else instead. 

      It’s quite obvious who the whiners and people who have no clue about how software development (you) goes. Unless you are the person who has the final say, (IE the boss of the developers), you really have no idea what is going to be in the final product, or patch, until it gets released. The nature of development is that sometimes you have to go for the bigger fish to make more people happy, and that in turn makes your CM’s / CSR’s look like assholes because they gave out information that WAS true at the time, but has since changed because the powers that be made a change.

      This happens with every software that gets released with a whiney customer base that will never be satisfied with any end product.

      If you want a game to be made exactly the way you want it, start a game production studio and compete with the rest of the market, especially ones with employee’s that “LIE!!!!”

  34. What jay is doing here is using diablo 2 facts to excuse choices they have made for diablo 3- (…diablo 3 ships with more legendaries that diablo 2 did…). Usually when he is confronted with drastic changes from d2 and implemented into d3, he says that we shouldnt compare with d2 because the game had a lot of errors. theres a double standard here

    • It’s called “putting things into perspective.” You guys are ridiculous in how far you’ll reach to try to denigrate the D3 devs or read conspiracies out of nothing. 

      • its not called “putting things in perspective”… cause you cant sompare a game from just b4 2000 and a game after 2010…

  35. Man whoever was asking some of these questions were douche bags. I would have to bitch smack some of these fools if they asked me the way they did them. Meanies… = / Man I can’t wait though the items in this game are so amazing! Love the creation of items and the models, everything looks and is just way more awesome to me than D2. Sorry I am hating. =P And I loved D2!
    3 Days guys & girls come’on! =D Get ready! 😈

  36. Here’s a statement that should be obvious but probably isn’t: If there’s too many uniques, then they stop feeling unique. 
    Given that it takes rather little effort to create unique items, I’m sure they set the available number at a level that felt right. Don’t worry about it.

    • But there’s hardly anything unique about them, apart from aesthetics.
      So then what’s the point? 😕  

      • Strictly speaking, most uniques in D2 weren’t incredibly unique either. They were mostly just statistically unlikely to occur. That situation is still mostly the case in D3; people are living in a mental haze where they think they’ll actually *get* ideally-distributed rares. That ain’t happening *nearly* as much as people are imagining it will. 

    • You fucking high or something?

      You can have 1000 unique items and they can feel unique. It depends on how many % of unique are in whole system not how many individual uniquess you have. Do you understand this? maybe there is hope for you yet.

      • Listen kid, if you don’t have anything useful to say then don’t say anything. Go back to the Blizzard forums and let the adults talk.

        • How about accepting that your first comment was totally random mouth shit instead of writing another random shit like that?

          I will repeat it for you one more time.

          We are talking here about a fact that we have slighlty more than 200 unique items in d3. You responded with too many unique items= they are not unique anymore. I am responding with :Your initial comment iswrong. There is nothing like too many unique items . You can have thousands of them. Important thing is how many % of item pool they represent.  If % is small number they are unique.

          One last time for you. You are talking shit.  

          • “We are talking here about a fact that we have slighlty more than 200 unique items in d3. ”

            This is only for initial release, remember. D3 WILL have more uniques later.

            There are at least 2 expansions planned for D3 + patches. They have to leave some room for more items.

            What we currently have is totally fine. 

  37. WHAT!  I thought we were still busy flaming blizzard for Chosen, er Shiny Colors er lack of customization er elective mode er…. oh wait something new to worry about. 

  38. Modifiers look boring. I thinks that’s the most important thing to take out of this.

  39. Blizzard fans are the absolute WORST. Some of you are such frothing-at-the-mouth faggots.
    It’s amazing how many raging Diablo 2 defenders remember things that never actually happened in Diablo 2.
    and fuck you Flux you promoting this type of discussion. This is why Blizzard will never officially recognize you as existing.

    • Would you kindly go fuck yourself? 

      I like it here. This website is not being officially promoted and the reason to it is that flux does not lick bobbys and jays balls. Nobody cares about being officially promoted here. Diablo incgamers have much more mature audience than diablofans. Its a refreshing change from those fanboi websites I see everywhere.

      I think you would be much better off to diablofans now. 

    • uhmm… do you actually read the post beyond the quoted blue? Flux actually DEFENDS Blizzard decision, something that he doesn’t do very often…

      • I was talking in general. It doesnt mean that if flux doesnt lick blizzards balls that he cant agree with 50 or 99% of their decision. Just provide explanation what he does(did). other fansites usually are like we have a new system, its good. 

        And the idiot above me talked about : this TYPE of disscussion. Next time read the whole conversation.

  40. I think its funny that blizzard says that d3 is not d2 when everyone complains about d3’s different elements. and here they are doing the opposite, “its more than d2 had at launch.”

  41. They are defending it with that logic because the fans are attacking with the same i guess. We want more legendary items as D2 had more than this. How many would you say is enough without being biased by D2? I’m not here to defend Blizzard but all i’m saying is there’s more scope here for variety (unlike enigma and and that little charm we got from that super-amped diablo). Anyway, the amount of viable unique items in D2 was far less than 372 and on top of that was very build specific. So let’s just play the game before fighting over what’s enough. We can reconvene on this after a few months people.

  42. And once again Jay and Bash doing nothing but dissing Diablo 2. if you were…… oh are so jealous of it, than it must mean that you both know Blizz messed up somewhere big time on D3. Oh well 1 more day, and we will find out.

    • Yeah, we will find out that D3 will sell millions of copies worldwide and butthurt d2 fans will flame D3 boards for weeks to come with D3 attached on theic acc too.  I get the feeling that people which do most complaining are the ones that did not even buy the fricking game and still did not get over fact that D3 will not be cracked and pirated anytime soon, so they won’t be playing the game at launch. Don’t forget, that D2 was released in an era where previews were scarce and trailers were rare commodity, so it was pretty much a flip of a coin if you will like the new style or not. And also don’t forget you are the one that votes with your wallet. YOu don’t like the game, don’t buy it. Simple as that.

      • Did I say I didn’t like the Diablo series? Cuz if I did, I must be blind cuz I can’t see it written there. I’m just saying that How Jay and Bash always Diss Diablo 2 is kind of sad and annoying, why are they so against a thing that makes “their” game so popular in the first place?
        PS: those days when their were very scarce previews and stuff, that was better, it sort of added up to the hype of the game. Whats the point of revealing everything? and even if you take an approach like blizzard to reveal everything about the game, you would do good as a company to hear what your fans have to say about some features. I 100% believe that D3 is somewhat of a compromise situation, because we know that no matter how much we are against a feature, Blizz doesn’t give a Rat’s As*. Small example since you mentioned the crack and stuff, a majority was and is still against the always Online thing, does blizzard care…. no, so that only leaves us with compromising and buying the thing because we love it. Now when Assassin’s Creed came out, I liked it, when AC 2 came with the DRM, I said “Fu*k Yourself Ubisoft”. Sorry to say you just can’t say that to Diablo 3, sentimental reasons I guess.
        PPS: if it makes you feel good, I bought the Book of Cain, I will buy the Game on my next visit to Dubai some weeks from now, I will buy the “order”. Its a good game, a one time for me sadly, will just beat with 5 characters and move on to Hitman absolution and stuff, but I will appreciate it for what it is. my only issue is that Jay and Bash should not always compare D3 to D2 and keep dissing it.
        Sorry for the Longie….peace. 🙂

        • Thank you for your long reply, unlike the rest of whinners, your reply actually made sense and it was constructive criticism. And my comment was not meant be be negative comment about you in general, but about the majority of people that bitch around how lame the game is, when in fact they only bitch so much that they can’t pirate it. If there was no online only and everything was not dependent on server side, there would be around 50% less negative feedback on the game, I am sure. Because let’s face it, games on PC are pirated heavily, even when it comes to games from Blizzard. I can already see the low scores on metacritic that angry pirates give the game, since they actually can’t play it.
          Cheers man.

          • No offense taken Buddy. It’s going to be a fantastic game. Good point about Pirating and the hating, and I also believe the main reason for all the heat towards D3 is because of it being non piratable…:D

  43. Arcanae so your saying we should prefer the crappy rares and dish the fixed legendaries just because it fuels “makes my char unique” illusion? Did you like the uniques in D2 cause I know for sure why I even bothered to play 10 years of D2. I played 10 years for only one thing. Farm those awesome looking uniques with those gold coloured names. Ok they threw away the atmosphere, the graphic style they scraped pvp and a tons of other system and features but i can’t take it anymore they are that lazy they can’t design a proper amount of items? This is just silly.

  44. for me is the biggest dissapointment that legendaries haven’t some \legendary\ stats like: cannot be frozen, slain monsters rest in peace,… stats that cannot be on rare items. That was why some items were so special in D2. In D3 it seems that legendaries are same as rare, just with different skin and name color. Maybe its good maybe not, we will see.

  45. Ugh, can’t wait until release just so I don’t have to read these forum posts anymore. It is almost nothing but bitching about anything.

  46. More != Better.  Legendaries, by their nature, should be extremely rare.  The more there are to find, the less “legendary” they become.  I would be just fine if there were even less than 200.  

  47. in d2 only a few modifiers were really interesting to have like magicfind, +damage, leech, +life/mana and some more. If you had those combined on the very same item then all the better. I really hope D3 gives us more diversity in  modifiers. I don’t really care if i wield a good rare or a good legendary weapon.

  48. This is fine as long as rares are rarer… I dont want to sift through a insane amount of rares that drop. It kills the pace and makes them less interesting.

  49. The game is out in less than three days. Can’t people just be really damn happy about this and relax for a minute?

  50. Why is Flux defending this and saying they can expand upon this in the expansion?  With 7 years of development, I’d expect this game to already look like it has had an added expansion back built in!  7 years is more than enough for a company to make a base game and an expansion for that game.

    This game will be fun, but it looks like 2 years worth of work instead of 7.

  51. I take back my earlier post, I wasn’t taking into account that Legendary had no unique modifiers on them and that they were just pretty rares. So now we have to accept that there are no uniques in the game. I was extremely disappointed a while ago when I had to let go of runewords, now there are no unique’s either I learn just before launch. No wonder everyone is pissed. This confirms I won’t be buying anymore Blizzard games, with the loss of Lan as well all I’m seeing is a sup’d up arcade experience from D3. I’m sure it will still be fun but I know now that Blizzard don’t want their games to last more than a year before we feel the need to buy more to keep the game fun. It’s the common recipe these days, I’ve been very suspect of the news I’ve been getting about D3 but now I know it for sure. How sad 🙄

    • “Blizzard don’t want their games to last more than a year before we feel the need to buy more to keep the game fun.”
      This made me lol, sir. How many new paid content was there for SC2? None. And there are millions playing this game to this day, and it is almost two years since the original release and yet, there was no paid content, neither the gamers seem to getting bored by game. And when HoTS releases sometime next year, it will be update only for those willing to pay. Because the core multiplayer experience will remain almost the same as with WoL, only few new units will be added. You want those units, buy the expansion. You are happy with WoL, play that instead. It is not like Blizz pulls plug on their old games when new game comes. So yeah, Blizzard is very greedy and is FORCING us to buy their stuff, which is boring after a year.

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