Jay Wilson and Wyatt Cheng Talk v1.0.5

Jay and Wyatt are on the interview rounds again and this time they talk to PCGamer about the DiabloWikipatch v1.0.5. It’s a nice interview; much more informative than the few short teases we got earlier this week, with new details on DiabloWikiMonster Power and the DiabloWikiInfernal Machine, as well as quite a bit about their philosophy on skill changes and overall difficulty issues.

Here’s a quote of the longest reply in the piece, and thanks to konfeta for the tip:

You guys have also been talking a lot about damage mitigation tuning lately. Kind of a theme we’ve seen in every Diablo III patch so far is these huge numbers on any change you make, in terms of percentage. I like to say, whereas other games might tune things by cutting off fingers, you guys seem like you’d rather cut off an arm. Or add extra arms, as the case has more often been. What’s the reasoning behind that approach?
Wyatt Cheng: I would say that, from the community perception, I absolutely understand that, often, whenever we make a change, it ends up being a huge change. The truth is that, for every change we make, there are like nine or ten more changes that we thought about making. But if something’s only 10 percent off, we have to ask ourselves, given that it’s a live game and people are playing, do we really need to make this change at all?

So if it’s such a small change, and I’ll use Frenzy as an example – this is a really small example, but it illustrates the point well. I personally think that Frenzy generates a little bit more life on hit than it should. Whatever, you know? (Laughs) If players are getting 10 percent, 15 percent more life on hit, I don’t think it’s really worth- every time you make a change, there’s an implicit cost of having made the change at all.

People have to be familiar. People that aren’t reading Internet posts and patch notes won’t know that their character changed. There’s the cost of having left the game for three months or four months and coming back. Because Diablo is very much the kind of game that you will, you know- for example, Borderlands 2 is coming out, right? So a lot of people will go off, they’ll play Borderlands 2. And in two months, maybe they’ll say, “Hey, Borderlands 2 is fun, but I’m gonna go back and play some more Diablo.”

We want to make sure the game isn’t changing on you when you do come back, a lot. So there’s always a cost associated with making any change at all. So, as a general rule, if a change that we feel- the number change is not at least 15 to 25 percent, we don’t even bother making it. And that’s the 90 percent of changes that don’t even see the light of day.

Jay Wilson: I’d say that’s pretty accurate. I’d also throw out that I think, with all Blizzard games, you tend to see more radical changes closer to ship. ‘Cause we ship the game, and then we get it into the hands of a whole bunch of players, and they teach us things.

And because we’re not going anywhere, because we support our games so much, we kinda feel okay that, if something’s really wrong, we’ll change it pretty radically. You know? With Diablo 3, one of our big goals was to provide a lot of build diversity. That was very important to us.

So a lot of times we would look at, say, skills that were being under-utilized. We felt like, you can’t do a five percent or a 10 percent change and suddenly turn people turn people around on a skill that they don’t like. Sometimes, you’ve gotta make a bigger change to make it more impactful. So, you know, as we’ve learned more about the game, we try not to be afraid to make big changes when we feel that they’re necessary.

That being said, I’d like us to reach a place where our changes are more incremental. But I do think, as Wyatt mentioned, we don’t want the game to change too much. So you want to make sure that when you do make a change, they’re profound enough that people can notice. The flip-side of that is, you don’t want to make too many of those, because then exactly that problem happens.

Wyatt Cheng: And I could probably refine my previous statement in that, Jay is totally right. The early parts are sometimes tougher, because you’re learning a lot more about your game. I said that a 15 percent change, you don’t always make. But in retrospect, there are quite a few changes that are in the five to 15 percent region.

A lot of times, there’s also [the issue of] a buff vs. a nerf. So if we decide to do a five percent buff, yeah, the game changed, but no one minds. And if we think something’s off by only five percent, maybe we can make that change safely. There are no hard and fast rules, obviously. It’s half art and half science, but that’s definitely a factor. The psychology of it.

In other replies, Jay and Wyatt stress that they want the DiabloWikiMonster Power system to be entirely optional. You can play without even knowing it’s in the game and your loot will not be penalized or reduced from the current system. (In fact you’ll do a lot better since in v1.0.5 the difficulty will be reduced and the drop quality increased on Inferno.) But, if you want to turn up the MP, you’ll get monsters with a lot more hit points and that drop more gear.

The devs are still vague on just how that’ll work, but you will be able to pull up higher MF/GF than the usual cap, and Jay talks about increasing your chances for a second item to drop from normal monsters.

Finally, this last quote… anyone want to hazard a guess what it means?

Does Infernal Machine unlock totally new bosses, or is it just harder versions of existing ones?
Jay Wilson: They’re not completely new bosses. They’re not exactly harder versions of existing ones. We didn’t go in and say, “Let’s add all new bosses!” But we also didn’t just go in and crank up an existing boss. We tried to come up with unique ways to make some new versions of existing bosses.

I assumed the Infernal Machine bosses would be like, (hypothetically speaking) a bright red Skeleton King who shoots fireballs and summons Phase Beasts. Apparently not.

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    51 thoughts on “Jay Wilson and Wyatt Cheng Talk v1.0.5

    1. Run of the mill interview. Answers are rehearsed. Doesn’t ask the honest questions. Just a mild attempt by Wilson and Cheng trying to prop up a dying game.

      • Your description of the interview is inaccurate, and when I clicked to see other comments from your IP, all 11 you’ve ever made were entirely negative. What satisfaction do you get from reading a fansite about a game you are so determined to hate?

        I’ll give you credit for one thing, though; you comment under the same name all the time, unlike most of the haters we see here.

        Speaking of haters, take a look at the comments on the PC Gamer interview page. Yikes. Hope Jay and Wyatt’s kids don’t read that site.

        • don’t trust IPs too much, Flux. I don”t know about your level of technical knowledge, but I’ll have you know, despite mine not being all that awesome, that some people have changing IP addresses, or shared IPs. It’s not one hundred percent accurate.

          • Well I’m not like, heading up an FBI investigation, and it’s not hard to use anonymizers, but when you view any post or comments on the main page as an admin, you get a display of the email, IP# and other stuff by each comment. So it’s like 1 second to click and the script instantly sorts all the comments from that email, or that IP, etc.

            We don’t do anything with that info other than blocking spammers, but it’s amusing how many times when I click on the IP of someone spewing rabid hate (which Steve360 here was not) there are like 80 comments from them under half a dozen different names. All saying the same thing, so it’s not like they’re doing some sophisticated sock puppet effort, but clearly they don’t want to just be “that guy” who everyone tunes out since they always say the same thing.

            So instead they’re 8 different people who always say the same thing.

            On the other hand, if anyone uses multiple different names / log ins to post random stuff, or praise Blizzard, I’ve never noticed it.

            • Experiencing what I felt to be the most disappointing game release in history can generate a lot of anger. That anger can manifest itself in any number of ways some of them stupid. Yes people do dumb things sometimes when they rage. Punching a hole in the wall. Tossing a controller. Breaking a game in half with your bare hands. Yelling “WHAT THE #%[email protected] IS THIS JAR JAR BINKS *#&$% LUCAS!?” at a movie theater screen… Even going out of your way to spend personal time bashing a game on multiple forums.

              It’s all about anger release for people I think.

              I can’t speak for everyone but my own personal disappointment with the game resulted in me making far more negative forum posts about it here and on the official forums than any other game I had ever purchased. I can certainly say that I have never felt this level of anger for as long about any other game… or any other thing before even.

              For me I know that it was because I felt a very unique closeness with the Diablo series for a few personal reasons I don’t really want to get into. Essentially I was counting on it to be as good an experience as D2 and hopefully even better.

              I was counting on coming home from a stressful day at work and getting that escape button in my life for the next few years similar to when I would come home from school to relax with D2 over a decade ago.

              When I didn’t get the release during the first week of gameplay I went on the blizzard forums to vent about it along with a ton of other people. That was my way of punching a hole in the wall to release that anger with the game. My posts are almost all negative here as well.

              I know that I don’t HAVE to post negative things about the game. I know it’s like kicking a dead horse now. I’m pretty sure that most of the intelligent posters making negative comments probably know this as well. I continue to do it anyway because I still get angry about the game especially when I see patch notes that I know won’t bring that feeling back.

              I hope the developers eventually get around to proving me wrong. I would be overjoyed to look at the D3 news one day and say “man that sounds fantastic I’m going to fire it up again” rather than continuing to vent off my anger on innocent forum posters who just trying to spread the love(right?).

              No seriously… I actually want to be a Blizzard fan again. I want them to save this game. I’m not going to go easy on them though. Not until I see they’ve kicked all the old habits that ruined the game in the first place.

              I took a 30 minute break from Borderlands 2 just to type all that out.

            • Aug- (No reply button on your post, this is as close as I could get to a direct response)

              I tend to disagree with you pretty often on here, but I have to give you credit on that post. Well thought out and well written. I can honestly say that I agree with you on the vast majority of it. That is almost exactly how I feel. I just think we’re at different points in our respective “disappointment recoveries”. Look at that, common ground.

              I know people whine about long posts (because who would expect to have to do any reading in a forum?), but when you actually take a minute to think out your argument and state it clearly, the result is most often a discussion instead of the same endless QQ for the umpteenth time (<–By the way, I'm not talking about you specifically here, just generalizing). In all seriousness, much respect.

              To quote The Newsroom:
              Will: "I'm on a mission to civilize."
              Charlie: "How's it going so far?"
              Will: "Progress is slow, but I'm in it for the long haul."

              (Couldn't find a clip that was cued up right. Love or hate the show, that's a fantastic line, and an even better purpose.)

        • Flux, I agree with Steve. I absolutely loathe the game and the direction the developers have taken it. But like Steve, I think the reason we’re so upset is because we love the game so much. We hate the game, but the reason we still float around is because we still feel an emotional attachment to it.

          If you were a true Diablo fan, you would probably understand.

          • Impostor!

            /does not hate D3
            /thinks D3 is pretty damn fun
            /is having too much fun playing D3 to play TL2/BL2/any other game since D3 came out

          • … the old my dad’s bigger than yours argument. Always a convincing point to rest your case at and is no doubt why it echoes from courtrooms up and down the land.

          • <- your expectations were here

            <- the quality of the game is here

            <- the quality of every other released hack n slash is here

            Game's far from perfect, the economy is ass, and it certainly doesn't have the same draw to get you to play thousands of hours that d2 had, but that's not a bad thing. Games come out very often now, and I'm not a high schooler who can play games all day anymore. The game's quite good and I enjoy it a lot. It was a disappointment for a while, and there are a lot of things I think make the game worse than it could have been, but I enjoy it more than TL2 (which I'm currently playing), D2 (which I have completely exhausted), and POE (which is okay but really bland).

            Not a blizz fanboy, but I play other games that have far fewer key features, big problems that shouldn't be, and just about everything implemented at a low level, from a software engineer's perspective, it's easy to appreciate the quality of a game like d3. I play a myriad of different games from different producers, and I'll try anything, but the hatred isn't warranted. The adjective bad is relative, and relative to other games, D3 is one of the best.

      • So are you on payroll with some dying company trying to compete with Blizzard, or just a loser with excess of bile and no other way to expel it?

      • I started this so I’ll finish it.

        1) I don’t necessarily “hate” the game. This negativity stems from compounded disappointment as the game seems to be going sideways, if not backwards, with each patch. And 1.0.5 has nothing that would make me jump out of my seat. I want D3 to succeed as much as anyone else but the direction this game is going under Wilson and Cheng makes me think otherwise.

        2) Merely expressing my 2 cents worth doesn’t constitute satisfaction unless it is heard and understood by those who need to hear it.

        3) Aug’s post says exactly how I feel about D3. Very well written.

        4) No, I’m not on anyone’s payroll except for my regular day job. Take off your tinfoil hat.

      • If those answers are rehearsed, they’re doing it wrong. Most of them are clumsy, timid, and awkward. There’s actually some interesting stuff in there despite all that. If you didn’t read the actual interview, it’s worth the extra few minutes.

    2. I got Borderlands 2 Loot Chest + Season Pass, Im not comming back in two months, Jay…

      All depends on PvP patch, if its really good ill comeback for sure, but as is, game looks like in beta phase (major patch every few weeks), with pvp I hope to get polished and retail-ready version so who knows? I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    3. “What’s the reasoning behind that approach?”

      they have no idea what the $%#^ they’re doing so they’re changing stuff around to appear busy 🙂

    4. The Legendaries 1.04 work was certainly a step in the right direction, but looking at the item system as a whole, it was like putting a Band-aid on a shotgun wound. Those changes, no matter how flash or significant, will always be cancelled out by the poor implementation of the gear system, period.

      Don’t even get me started on “spell damage only affected by weapon damage”, talk about short-sightedness.

      • Yeah… it was soooooo much better in D2, where you could solo content naked with many caster builds. Want to start from scratch with melee/ranged dealing physical damage? Too bad, it’s going to be rough. Why not just create a sorcs/nec instead, just like anyone else?

        • Actually, naked HC runs where fun as all hell in D2. I’m not commenting on the design philosophy that made it possible either way (I’ll be opting out of that black hole of a debate for today, thanks). Just saying they were always guaranteed to be insanely entertaining.

    5. I am assuming that the Infernal Machine bosses were reinvented. Not just by simply changing the color pallets and adding hit points. If anything, I am guessing that they will have different randomized skill sets. If they give old bosses new tricks, then we would probably still see specific cookie-cutter builds against them, contradicting Blizzard’s pursuit to diversity.

      Maybe part of the challenge will be the unpredictability. IM bosses will have random, never-before seen skill with enrage timers.

      Or maybe something more dynamic. A boss fight that requires you to do some micromanagement. Something along the lines of “While fighting Boss A, do not let X die and destroy Y number of jars. Each jars you destroy will make the boss weaker and each jar you fail to destroy will add %damage to his Z attack”. Something simply more than “kill him and dont stand in pool of death”. Let us do something, a strategy close to a puzzle solving while fighting. Integrate all clickables and destroyables to the boss fight. Then it would truly be a new way of making new bosses.

      • The first thing that came to mind for me was an Uber-Azmodan that moved more like an actual spider. He does have the legs for it after all. Like, perhaps he could slough off his carcass to reveal a leaner, meaner version of himself. I imagine him being super fast and jumping halfway across the screen to pounce on players. Throw in some cold-based attacks and his own unique frozen projectile instead of the meteor, maybe a new lightning based AoE with a huge hitbox… he could be a serious pain in the @$$.
        (This was very literally the first thought I had, it’s admittedly not particularly well thought-out, but could be a good starting point)

        Something like that would be different, yet not so different it would be like starting from scratch. At least that’s what popped into my head when they said “not completely new bosses/not exactly harder versions of current bosses.” They mentioned that they wouldn’t just be different colors either, so hopefully that means that the models will be altered to some degree as well. A lot of potential to either impress or disappoint on this one.

    6. “Borderlands 2 is coming out, right? So a lot of people will go off, they’ll play Borderlands 2. And in two months, maybe they’ll say, “Hey, Borderlands 2 is fun, but I’m gonna go back and play some more Diablo.”

      fat chance jay.

      • Well a lot of them will have moved on to something within 2 months, the question will be to what?

        If the PvP patch is released in two month time you can bet some will come back for awhile.

        • of course. it was more a general statement expressing that they messed up and didnt give us a diablo game. so no one will be there still playing in say nine years :p

    7. “How will it affect the distribution of items? Like, can you find item level 63 stuff in earlier acts if you crank up Monster Power?

      WC: No, that’s one of the things that’s on the table, but it’s not currently how it works. Currently, what we do provide is [increased] magic find and gold find. There’s also, whenever you get an item, there is a chance – fairly small, but it does increase with Monster Power – that you get a second item.”

      That makes me really sad.
      So all together, Monster Power raises the number of magic and rare (yeh, and legendary, but thats still not really gonna be noticable) items even more, by upping MF. Besides that, you now have to pick up every(!) rare you find, because its affixes are solely determined by the monster level, and not by the ilvl. Who wants to leave a godly bracer on the ground, just because their base armor is a little lower. Act I makes even less sense to play than in 1.0.4 (all mlvl61) and for act II thats more or less the same, so you still have to play act III all along.
      My big hope with Monster Power was to play Act I and II again. So hopefully, they take it off their table in move it to the game.

      And generally, I don’t think mf/gf is the way to go with MP. I get thousand of rares already, whats the point?! I think they need to raise the base drop rate of legendaries and sets, so that theirs potential for excitement more than once every 30-50 hours of gameplay.

      I do like the Infernal machine, thats a nice addition to the content, and I’m really looking forward to get to it. Resplendet chests and events now have a meaning, thats a big positive too. Well, lots of good things are in 1.0.5 (CC change, new shrines..), but my biggest hope was MP.

      I hope some of you guys are playing the ptr and can give some feedback on thw whole thing, especially the mlvl-affix combination, as I dont have time to play for a week.

      • The base of the loot system is wrong, so it has to be totaly changed. Less quantity, more quality, thats the point.

      • So what you are saying: ” ow no now every rare item will actually be good enough and I will pick it up – omg blizz! ”

        Also you ask for better drop rate of legendaries depending on MP which is exactly what they did with the increased MF and chance to get an extra item…

      • Yeah I’m pretty disappointed in the implication that Act 3 will still remain the only efficient farm spot. A bit more variety would be very welcome. Hopefully the infernal machine areas will add in some variety, but I still think the devs are failing to deliver with Inferno. Maybe the patch will finally fix Act 4?

        The one thing that had me very excited for this game (vs. D2) was the advertised ‘flat difficulty’ of Inferno. It meant you could play any area in game and have reasonable chances at good rewards. In 1.0.4 we have this to a degree. You can farm Act 1 and 2 and get the chance at ilvl 63 items. You can get the best loot in game, the odds are just lower than farming Act 3. Now it sounds like this patch will be a step backwards in loot mechanics, making it even worse than it is now with affixes being capped at monster level. Last I checked, there are no level 63 monsters in Act 1 or 2. I was really counting on Monster Power to affect monster level. Maybe you have to crank it up to 7 for monster levels to hit 63 in Act 1 (and 5 in Act 2), but it should be an option.

    8. “And because we’re not going anywhere, because we support our games so much, we kinda feel okay that, if something’s really wrong, we’ll change it pretty radically. You know?”

      Ehmmm… Nope. What about the loot system? Thats pretty wrong, Mr. Loser… uh, sorry, I mean Mr. Wilson of course. Will you please change it radically? Thank you in forward!

    9. So much haters and whiners here.

      I’ll just say I like this game and it’s better patches after patches.
      Of course it’s not THE perfect game but it’s enjoyable. Thanks Blizzard!

      Why to waste your time here if you litterally hate this game???

      PS : Don’t come back after the PvP patch, we don’t need you.

      • because this is a diablo fansite. and not a “diablo 3” fansite. i’ve been on this site since only a few years after D2 came out. i’m here because i love the diablo franchise. but because i really really dislike diablo 3, that means i can’t frequent a diablo fansite and express opinion?

        • Of course you can but if you really really dislike this game what’s the point?
          Are you a masochist? Then I understand.
          Do you want to convince everyone you’re right? Then good luck.
          Do you still believe this game can improve? If you really really dislike it, I don’t think so.
          So, I repeat, why wasting your time here? Why don’t you play a game you like instead?

          PS: I used to play Diablo1 and Diablo2 and these games weren’t flawless either.

    10. If you think drop rates are bad try stacking mf, I’m maxed at plvl14. Some days I find only crap but just 2 days ago I found 4 legendaries in 3 hours (A3 keep). Andariel’s visage( just 157 dex 🙁 ) I’m wearing now and the other three are Sever, Warmonger, Messerschmidt’s – all crap. Max 2-3 mil for all three. But I’m not complaining, a Nat’s cloak went for 80 mil a week ago – I had ~270 mf then. Its certainly harder to play with mf gear but the challenge is welcome.

    11. If you haven’t clicked through and read the whole article, you definitely should. The part I found most interesting was the discussion about Monster Power. The reasoning behind it is actually pretty interesting. I’m not sure that I buy it 100% quite yet, but I’m intrigued to see how it plays out. For those who haven’t read it yet, it does impact the loot system quite a bit- or that’s the plan at least. It still boils down to more rares (although with potentially much better average rolls due to basing it on Mlvl), but they explain the underlying philosophy much better than they have up until now.

      It’s actually not a bad idea as an overall design philosophy, it just seems very strange for a Diablo game. The interview as a whole also implies that they see the player-base as much more casual than I have always assumed it to be. Diablo players have always seemed like a pretty obsessive group to me. It just seems natural in a way, everything about this series caters directly to obsessive, detail-oriented players. So either I’ve always been wrong about that (completely possible), or that is exactly where much of the disconnect lies.

      While I’m a little uneasy about that, there was one thing about this interview that has left me very optimistic. If you pay attention to how they answer the questions, it seems crystal clear that they are afraid of alienating the core fan community right now. Many of the answers are timid, or awkwardly phrased in an effort to not freak people out. This is quite a bit different than in the past, where they seemed boisterous and outright defiant. It seems pretty safe to assume that if enough people wig out about something in particular for a long enough time, it is going to get changed (“enough” being the key word).

      It pains me deeply to give the ragers a reason to keep at it, but that does seem like the case. The more pleasant possible outcome is that those of us who stick around for a while will almost certainly get the game that we want out of the deal.

      • ‘A diamond is a chunk of coal that is made good under pressure.’
        -Henry Kissinger

        We’re definitely beyond the crude clump of charred dirt that hit the shelves on May 15th, but in order for this baby to sparkle and shine, their rusty hammers from the hardware store may simply not be enough …

    12. More of the ole shit spewing from the mouths of clueless devs. We did this for Inferno, other difficulties changes are side effects. Slight chance for whiteys to drop a 2nd item? Ooooh I get two pieces of shit instead of two… well thanks for that. Increasing number of drops does not equate to better chance of finding the good stuff.

      Look at this way: You have $5 to spends on lottery tix, would you?
      a: buy 5 tix for one drawing or
      b: 1 ticket in 5 separate drawings? Assuming each drawing has the same number of tix sold.

      You kill one elite that drops 5 items, each one has a 1/1000 chance to drop something good. 1/1000, 1/1000, 1/1000, 1/1000, 1/1000. Sounds to me like Jay thinks he’s giving us 1/1000, 1/999, 1/998, 1/997, 1/996

      • I am baffled at how much anger is in this post based on A) speculation and B) speculation about underlying mechanics that we’ll never truly experience directly. Are you really that mad about the algorithms that D3’s devs use to determine loot relative to Monster Power settings?

    13. I really want to love this game, I do but how can the diehard Diablo fan say this game is actually good. So many years of development and this is what we got ? This game is soley driven on Auction Houses and gold sellers, yet this is someone’s idea of a good game ? It is like they ripped the soul out of what made Diablo such a great franchise and traded it in for a RMAH. I always welcome change for the better but this is no even close.

    14. The problem is that when people ask Blizzard to fix loot they say “OK. have some more MF” or “OK have better Ilvl / better stats” they dont understand that when people ask them to fix loot they want the core mechanics of the stats to change entirely…

      • That is indeed what many people mean when they ask for the loot system to be fixed. Those same people need to realize that what they are asking for is not something achievable in a patch. Or, realistically, in an expansion. What they are asking for is essentially a new game, a complete and total “from the ground up” redesign.

        You put it very well when you said “they want the core mechanics of the stats to change entirely”. They need to understand that that would have massive cascading effects on every single thing in the game- not just items, but literally everything that affects your character in any way (OK, maybe not pick-up radius 🙂 ). It all functions based on those stats. That is the very essence of the game.

        They’re asking for an entirely new system. It just so happens that the system they’re talking about is the very heart of the game. This particular change just simply isn’t going to happen. This is basically the one thing that is “take it or leave it”. I’m not trying to bait anybody with this, I’m just trying to get them to understand exactly what it is that they’re asking for, and why it is possibly the only thing that will never be changed. Put very simply, if you can’t live with this system, you can’t live with the game. I don’t mean the current state of the game, I mean the game as a whole.

        And just to make it clear that I’m not just trying to enrage people: I can definitely understand why you hate the current system so much. It is the primary reason that D3 does not feel like D2. It’s not the auction house (although there are completely legitimate complaints about that too- many of which I also share). It’s not Legendary & Set Drop rates. And it’s not any of the other frequently seen complaints. Those things can all be changed without breaking the game. It is the core stat system.

        I have said this before, but the solution for me was to forget about seeing this as a direct sequel to D2. It is much more like a brand new game that happens to be in the same genre and shares the same lore. It would have invoked much less rage if it had been marketed as a re-imagining of the Diablo franchise rather than as a sequel. On those terms, I can live with it, and enjoy it for what it is (which is something very different from D1 & D2/LoD).

        I completely get it if you just hate so much of what has changed that you can’t accept this game. But also understand that complaining about the core gameplay decisions that were made early in development (and that the rest of the game was subsequently built upon) and expecting that to change is exactly the same as complaining that

        Actually, there is one (and only one) way that this system will ever change. If, or when, it ever does happen, it will be called Diablo 4.

    15. “I assumed the Infernal Machine bosses would be like, (hypothetically speaking) a bright red Skeleton King who shoots fireballs and summons Phase Beasts. Apparently not.”

      Actually, bright red Skeleton King is spot on. One red Skeleton King isn’t going to be the whole encounter but that’s in. ‘No new bosses, no upgraded encounters’ was quite a cryptic description. ‘Combining and remixing existing encounters’ would have been more appropriate.

      • That’s disappointing to hear. I really had high hopes for this, especially the boss design.

        So, how far into the process would you say, or guess, that you got? Considering the limited up-time on the PTR so far, I’m hoping not very far (no offense). We’re only talking about a few hours, tops- correct?

        You’re the second person I’ve seen on here that made at least some progress on the Infernal Machine (I’m sure there are more, but I’ve been specifically NOT searching for posts about it… not necessarily avoiding them, but rather not actively seeking them out). But now I’m intrigued. Anything else interesting to share about it?

        • It’s all still a bit vague to put together but the pieces as such are all visible in the game files. Should work roughly like this:

          1.) Farming blacksmithing plans and materials for building the infernal machine.
          2.) Finding/reaching the special place in which the machine must be set up in order to work (could simply be a house in Tristram).
          3.) Farming for three keys (of Hatred, Destruction and Terror, possibly farmable from the random act IV avatars).
          4.) Each key will enable the machine to open a red portal to the Realms of Chaos, Turmoil and Discord.
          5.) You’ll find a boss encounter in each realm:
          – King of the Dead with Merciless Witch (Über Leoric & Maghda)
          – Savage Behemoth with Undying One (Über Assault Beast & Kulle)
          – Foul Desecrator with Vile Executioner (Über Ghom & Rakanoth)
          ‘King of the Dead’ are actually two seperate creatures, red & blue skeleton kings.
          6.) There’s a jewelcrafting design to farm for crafting the Hellfire Ring (think WoW heirloom items).
          7.) There are three unique materials (spine/eye/tooth) dropping from the remix bosses. All of them combined and a bit of gold yields the Hellfire Ring legendary item through crafting.

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