Another interview from Blizzcon, this one by Clevver Games, features DiabloWikiJay Wilson and DiabloWikiDavid Adams. It’s a quick interview, under five minutes, and questions include: Did you ever think you’d work on Diablo III? What are some changes you’ve made to the classes and the Demon Hunter? What’s going on with the console version of Diablo III? Can Diablo III compete with other newer ARPGs?



    This is entirely OT, but have you ever seen a game developer who looked less like a game developer than Dave here? I mean um… Mr. Adams. He looks like someone’s father, a distinguished judge or district attorney who took off his suit and robes just long enough to don a Diablo III shirt so he could provide visual dissonance to convention goers.

    As I watched this interview and waited for his grim visage to emit an (inevitably) booming and authoritative voice, I kept thinking he reminded me of someone from a movie. That serious face, lantern jaw, and white pencil mustache… someone in a position of authority. Finally, it hit me. He looks like the head cop in Memphis, when Hannibal Lecter escapes from the improvised downstairs cell in Silence of the Lambs. The guy with the walkie talkie at 30 seconds on this clip.

    Yes, I might have seen one too many interview from Blizzcon 2011 at this point…

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