Able Gamers has posted a new interview with D3’s Lead Designer Jay Wilson and Lead World Designer Leonard Boyarsky. They talk about returning features from and improvements on Diablo II, system requirements, the plot, and more. Nothing new is covered, but it’s an interesting read. Be aware that there are a few typos, or phonetic issues; as if the transcript was machine-generated without regard to the context of the comments, so there are some odd homophone issues. Fixes below are [bracketed].

    Jay: I would deftly [definitely] not say that Diablo III is the end of the Diablo universe by any stretch of the imagination.  We really look at building our universe is not stopping them, but I do think there is a storyline that continues from Diablo to Diablo II.  That… that storyline yeah we’re going to look to pull all the strings together and have a nice trilogy-like conclusion.  But that’s not the end of the Diablo universe it’s just that particular… that particular storyline

    Leonard: Will drop some new story threads I’m sure we won’t close off, but exactly what Jay is saying, there are certain things that we feel… we’re not [going to] string people [along] for another five games to get you the answers to certain things that happened.  We feel we want some closure on some of the stories, and some of these details, and people just want to know what happens. We’ll move on from there, see what the world takes us.

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