Jay Pleased with Korean Decision and Update Soon

Jay Wilson hit Twitter this evening and he seems pleased that the Korean Game Rating Board finally came to their senses and approved a rating today. He also reiterated that updates are coming on exactly what they are a currently working on.

Got our ratings from Korea! No, this doesn’t mean a release date because the game is not done yet. Update soon on what we’re working on.

Amusingly Jay responded to a Tweet saying “Cue the internet interpreting your tweet like you’re going to announce the release date soon.”

Haha, it’s funny because it’s true. 🙂

Today’s rating decision I think marks a milestone for the Blizzard team, even though it was out of their control. It’s a pretty major box that can now be ticked and it’s another step forward to release. And as Jay says, there is no release date as yet.

Although, reading between the lines of Jay’s Tweet, it looks like Diablo 3 is coming the Gameboy Advance and in a pop-up book 😉

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  1. Flux, it’s a tweet, right?

  2. “you’re going to announce the release date soon.””
    “it’s funny because it’s true. :)”
    OMG OMG he’s going to announce the release date next week!!! You heard it here first!

  3. they’re gonna announce the release date? Or am I interpretating the tweet the wrong way?

    • Well , from experience , i can tell you it might also mean that Bashiok is about to shave his mustache. You just never know what its about on them personal twitter pages.

      But on a serious note he clearly said “no release date soon”.

    • I took it to mean that it’s true that the internet will interpret the 1st tweet that way…

  4. ehm, he said they are NOT going to announce the release date because the game IS NOT READY yet. I think with that he means the update that is coming on what they are working at this time. I dont quite understand the hint with the release date in the response to the other tweet either though … Well… I guess we will have to wait at least another 1 or 2 months on the release date announcement, means diablo 3 wull probably not be released in march or april
    MY INTERPRETATION … must not be yours 😉

  5. I am down for a D3 pop-up book :mrgreen:

  6. He was referring to the tweet where the guy said people would INTERPRET that a release date would come out of this decision. Jay replied with, “It’s funny because it’s true” because people are INTERPRETING this as a release date when it’s not.

  7. I lol’d pretty well at the last line. I didn’t see that coming.

    Releasing the release date soon, being funny because it’s true? A blizzard employee said that a release date will be given “soon” so I laughed at that too.

  8. Next week:
    Fans: “Jay, you got that update ready?”
    Wilson: “What update ? I was joking on my private Twitter account.”

    PS: Any D3 pop-up book beta going on ?

  9. So this is what it’s come to? Not even waiting for a release date, but an update on something they had probably finished, then scrapped, and then redesigned (which will probably end up scrapped and redesigned in a few more months). Dirty.

  10. Here’s your release date: Razer – in partnership with Blizzard – releases the perfect Diablo 3 a-rpg gaming mouse called “Razer Naga Hex” in March 2012: 😉

  11. Don’t expect any release date next week… Probably not even the week after that… 🙁

  12. It’s just so funny that people are waiting to give Blizzard their money for this game and that Blizzard continues to make them wait because their employees are too busy tweeting sarcastically to do their jobs, actual meet one of their self-created deadlines, and finally get the game done, don’t you think?

    Just shut your piehole, Wilson and release the game.  You’re the one that deserves criticizism, not the most loyal of your paying customers.

  13. The game will release march 32nd, 2014 post apocalypse.

  14. I love this site… gets me the news I’m interested in through my RSS feeds on my phone.
    If you don’t like it, I’m sure you can find another internet site to troll around lol!

  15. Take your time blizz. It’s not like it’s 2012 or anything

  16. day after day my confidence that we won’t see the game any time soon is getting stronger and stronger.so,my statement that Blizzard won’t announce release date until the end of January and maybe even February is true.
    It’s so sad…

    • well it is “soon” by blizzard standarts you should just get used to it , its similar to the american way measuring distances why gauge with a logical coherent measurement of “worldwide” consent if you can describe a distance with 2.734 Blue whales.
      and so “Blizzard’s soon” is more like 4.5 x soon

  17. well lets hope torchlight 2 does not do the same thing? and i am sure that person he responded to was just ass kissing hoping for a beta key.

  18. Haha, it’s funny because it’s true. 🙂  that you all retards think i am going to announce anything important like a release date…haha…its so funny haha …haha…-_- No worries Blizz….its funny couse we are used to this ‘we have something important but we keep it to ourseleves’ game…we are playing it with you >:) when not playing Skyrim 🙂

  19. Hmm imagine Blizzard believes in 2012 doomsday, never planned to release D3, and will keep delaying it until doomsday.  When 2013 arrives, news headline: Diablo 3 Cancelled.

  20. I have the strong feeling that it’s now up to Jay Wilson to buy their Blizzard Korea lawyers the time they need to force through the Korea RMAH. Note that the press releases yesterday explicitly said that they now can try their luck at another institution in Korea, and they certainly will. The whole “Yay, we got our Korea rating!” might as well be just a PR stunt, so that people stop talking about Korea actually being the issue here.

  21. Diablo, the bedtime story.  It could work.

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