During the media event on Wednesday, inDiablo.de scored an exclusive interview with Diablo III Senior Systems Designer DiabloWikiJason Bender. Since they were kind enough to post an English language version of the transcript, I advise you to take a look.

    There’s some good stuff there, and topics covered include Guild support, the ten character limit, end game content, achievements, and more. A quote:

    Will Monsters be able to use destructible terrain to their advantage to injure your character?
    Jason Bender: Usually when the world gets destroyed it is to your advantage and it hurts the monsters, but there are some monsters that kind of use the terrain to their advantage. Some monster for example can fly while players can not, you might find ghosts that can walk through walls or bats that fly over ledges where you can’t get to them. There also are quite a few monsters that are able to burrow underground and move around.

    Can gems or runes be used as ingredients in crafting?
    Jason Bender: That is something that we are investigating right now. I don’t think runes will be used as crafting components. You might be able to break them down for components, but that is something we are still looking into. Definitely gems are used to make items better, so you might craft an item that has a socket, so you are not going to craft with gems but use them to make crafted items better.

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