January Diablo 3 Kill Score Ladder Live – December’s Results

December’s Diablo 3 Kill Score Ladder has now concluded and the top 10 players for the month are as follows. You can click their names to check their stats, gear etc. Congratulations to aerial#2212 who came out top for December.

PosNameSoftcore KillsHardcore KillsElite KillsKill Score

Also this month will bring the end to the first ladder season for the Hardcore and Softcore ladders with only 18 days to go until the first season winners are crowned.

If you want to take part in the Kill Score Ladder, simply add you BattleTag to the site and you will be automatically included for January 2013 and following months.

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20 thoughts on “January Diablo 3 Kill Score Ladder Live – December’s Results

  1. congrats to robotlegs#1245 who is most likely going to win the softcore season one ladder (currently at p lvl 78)

    I made it to p lvl 36 and got so freaking bored that I’ve only played about 30 minutes in the past month

    I was SO looking forward to arena PvP
    and am so disappointed they cut it

    I know Diablo is a grindy game, but there should be a difference between grindy and boring

    congrats to all those who have the mindset to grind on and on, p lvl to p lvl

    I’m just bored

  2. The top guy has exactly the same necklace and gloves on both his witch doctor and wizard! Good to see there is no duping!

    • its probably a bug (or feature) of the way blizz sends the data

      if you look at my P level 12 WD and my P level 36 wizard you’ll see that almost every item is identical

      but in reality my wiz is naked
      I took all my gear off my wiz and put it on my WD weeks ago
      yet diablo3ladders still shows my wiz as being fully equipped

      • They can’t update the insane amount of characters constantly in their servers for the armory now can they :)?

  3. actually there where a bot all the time on nr1, got removed, for this guy i dont know, could be or not, i just cant imagine how he had after 14 days the double amount of kills and i was playing 12+ h a day. anyways, gz to imthereal.

  4. Btw:

    What do I get if I win a ladder?
    You will be given a special award icon for your profile which will show you have won a particular season’s ladder. These will stay in your profile forever to show that you are a mighty warrior.

    where is it btw? Don’t forget about my reward! 😛

  5. GIVE THIS MAN A REWARD, only the strongest souls can withstand that much punishment playing D3 that long

    • Well, it certainly wasn’t a pleasure 🙂

      Also there is that delay, when ladder updates. I played last day, hit another level (at 94), and that didn’t even add to my score.. I would be really pissed if someone would beat me because of that. Fortunately it didn’t happen.

  6. I thought I would have gone up as I was sure I’d done more killings last month as I was farming for superuniques.

  7. All of you up that ladder must’ve gone to college: Clearly, you don’t mind doing unrewarding repetitive tasks for hours.

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