It’s Over 2000!!! (Diablo Wiki Articles)

Not quite 9000 yet, but 2000 articles is a pretty big milestone in the history of Diablo Wiki. The 2000 mark has just been reached in the Diablo 1+2 & Diablo 3 Wiki.

It all started off with what was basically a conversion of the old information pages (which made up the biggest Diablo 2 resource on the net compiled since 1997) to Wiki format in 2006, and launched in April 2008. Many pages are still adapted to the old html format, with very long pages packed with useful content, rather than the numerous interlinking articles that usually define a wiki. The biggest Diablo resource on the web has been passed over to a format everyone can help out with!

Another milestone was in June the same year, when the Diablo 2 wiki got company with the Diablo 3 section, covering everything related to Diablo 3 as well as finalising the lore pages.

If you’re curious what people have been most interested in over the years, check out the top-10 most popular articles for each wiki. As you can see, runes are always popular:

Diablo 3 & Lore WikiDiablo 1 & 2 Wiki
  1. DiabloWikiOther classes
  2. DiabloWikiWitch Doctor skills
  3. DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Basics
  4. DiabloWikiDiablo III release date
  5. DiabloWikiBarbarian skills
  6. DiabloWikiRune
  7. DiabloWikiWizard
  8. DiabloWikiKnown Items Listing
  9. DiabloWikiBarbarian
  10. DiabloWikiWizard skills


  1. DiabloWikiRunewords
  2. DiabloWikiCube Recipes
  3. DiabloWikiRune list
  4. DiabloWikiRunewords Weapons
  5. DiabloWikiRunewords Armor
  6. DiabloWikiDiablo 3
  7. DiabloWikiRune
  8. DiabloWikiPandemonium Event
  9. DiabloWikiRunewords Headgear
  10. DiabloWikiMagic Find


Don’t forget you easily can reference loads of Diablo information through the use of Wiki BBCode! Just wrap the related word, and it will be a wiki link to the article with the same name. It works in the news comments as well. If a page is missing, just create it as a stub, a full article, or make a request for one of the other editors to make it in the Diablo Wiki Forum.

However, it’s likely the page already exists, in which case a redirect will make sure all versions of the title of the article are covered.

For making DiabloWiki what it is, the prime source of information for Diablo 1, 2 & 3, and for reaching the 2000 article mark, a heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to:

Widus, Azymn, Holyknight3000, Vipermagi, DxAxxxTyriel, Medievaldragon, TheWanderer, Dragonhelmuk, Eoweniel, Orphan, Mizantrop, JMJimmy, Chen, Melianor, Belushi81x, MysticDragon, HegemonKhan, D3nick, Shayagor, Agito, ZSiegfried, MarauderIIC, Delowyn, RTB, Krischan, Zero80, Bandreus, Horse rotovator, Bob ROss, TDurden1937, Gluecks, Asteria, Quis Ut Deus, AllNamesRTaken, Midoxp, Valmy, Fronkenstein, Lanthanide, Fighterbitsj, Krunkest404, Mouseman, Mmmpld, Crazy Dropper, Bran Maniac, DiMono, Solomir, Megalomania666, Darfus, Defx, RedDog22, Cichygd, Telzen, OmniSliver, HolyOwner, Freeze, Sjassy, Loopin, Drakk, NateD, Marison, LordOfStrategy, VvAnarchangelvV, MCMXCIX, Menarus, Noxilenticus, Sidewinder99, Kire, BigKevSexyMan, MCMXCIX, Danco, NeoLearner, Scudstorm, Matek, Valmy, Kamikazie-Bunny, Sidewinder99, Saviorik, Prymeking, Doc, Froboy449, OiMa, Sinistra, Dradloff, Bunkaido, Reelix, Sing in Silence, Scorp144, Nitsuj, DominicFIN, Timbalisto, Pubrulz, Tehc, Perplex, Mrguy, RedSky, Jeda, Milkman, IchiroMihara, Delmion, Jeda, Royard, Lionheart2004, Artofkenpo, Centipede t, Wisdomseeker, UnknownCosmoS, CampbellSoup, Hemlock, Thumperward, Uffda, Ironborn, Dethklok, Elmer92413, Zixaq, Anarchangel, Stardrowned, Kaeros, TrainRiderJ, Sein Schatten, FireCrack, UniversalHeretic, TK, Doctorjorts, SnickerSnack, Starving Poet, Timbalisto, Veskin7 Bukito, Butch Audacity, Nithix, Denzera, Netmoe, Elmer92413, Jam9k, Frankyman, Kunzaito, Hajo, MartectX, Zixaq, Metalhatchet, Balololu10, Denzera, Gtub, Deadlyambitions, Mcoming, Nithix, Csr528 and finally Vman.

You’re creating Diablo history even before the next generation game is released! Your help is appreciated by the thousands of visitors Diablo Wiki has every day.

If you have any questions about the wiki, or how to help, feel free to contact me on , on my my talk page or in the forums.

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3 thoughts on “It’s Over 2000!!! (Diablo Wiki Articles)

  1. I love being the party buffer/healer. In every MMO I’ve played (admittedly, few), I’ve always main’d a healer class.

    I know that in D3 the balance is not on team synergy anywhere near as much as it is making each character a solid contender on their own.

    Still, I’d like to see the groundwork laid for at least the potential of a party-centric build. Maybe it wouldn’t even have to be skill-based, but equipment-based. I think Borderlands did this pretty well with their mods. You could choose party-centric mods (+x to party ammo/health regen/accuracy/reload speed/etc.) or do ones that just benefit you.

    In thinking about this, I think that there’s a considerably-higher possibility that, *if* party buffing finds its way into D3, it will come in the form of mod-like things (rings, etc.). But who knows the mind of a Blizzard? All I know is that they will have a mighty-fine, polished time-sink of a game to play when it is released.

  2. I was just google-ing myself for fun and found this… LOL… guess I should have paid more attention to news posts last year…

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