It’s Called “Patch Test Realm” for a Reason

Today’s new version of the v1.0.5 patch on the PTR wiped all existing characters and accounts, to the apparent dismay of some players.

Everyone just lost their Hellfire ring. I knew wasting my time trying to get it was pointless on a PTR. Sign here if your ptfo.
Lylirra: This particular push wiped all PTR data, including characters and their items. We provided a warning here.

If i find really good item PTR. Or if i gain paragon levels in PTR. Will i get then in main game?
Takralus: The Public Test Realm allows players to play, preview and test upcoming content to give feedback on new features and systems, and to find and report any bugs which may occur.

But, to coin a phrase, what happens in PTR stays in PTR. In other words, nothing that happens there will affect your live characters, their items, experience etc. It’s completely separate, and when the test ends, your PTR characters are deleted.

Perhaps some people started playing without reading the FAQ, but the words “patch test” are in there for a reason. You’re testing the patch in advance for fun and feedback and maybe to learn about the new features before everyone else. It’s not to get rich. There’s no RMAH on the PTR, and everything you’ve done on that realm might get deleted at any moment. Play at your own risk, etc.

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17 thoughts on “It’s Called “Patch Test Realm” for a Reason

  1. Unfortunately I think this is indicative of the average intelligence of a diablo 3 player (or should I say gamer?)

  2. It actually stands for “public test realm”, but yeah.

    I don’t spend much time there *precisely* because I don’t wanna find any juicy legs/sets that will just go poof. I’m sticking to 1.0.4 and running act 3 as best I can in the meantime. Time better spent.

    1.0.4’s act 3 is actually a pretty good test of how your character will perform in 1.0.5 at MP level 1 or 2. MP1 is a little easier than current act 3, but harder than current act 2. Almost exactly right in between, I’d say.

    • “Time better spent.”

      ‘Diablo 3, the game you want to play if you want to be productive, even in your leisure time.’

    • Theres two types of diablo players, your one, the ones are know what their doing and are currently just biding their time farming A3 inferno and waiting for the upcoming patchs to improve the game, and have played diablo/blizzard games for a long time.
      And the people who are complaining, these people probably aren’t at the stage your at, and generally will complain about anything like the PTR not getting them xp/items on the actual servers.

      Sadly I wouldn’t be surprised if they amount over 50% of the current player base and people like you, amount for under 15-10%.

  3. To be honest, it’s kinda funny how those stupid people react to the deleting of everything.

    First, when I got into the PTR the people their were asking about EVERYTHING that was writen in the patchnotes, and that was already a little bit annoying, but who cares, I just wanted to test stuff, and after a while it got pretty amusing to watch those people argue.

    Then it continued on the forum where I read threads about those “real diablo fans” which said they would quit D3 because the PTR was kicking them or that they are gonna lose everything(that nothing will be copied to the actual server).

    I think Blizzard should build an IQ Test to be able to play these games xD

    Anyway, let us have some fun by watching these monkeys argue about stuff like “my hellfirering is gone, OMG I QUIT!!1!!!11!!!”, it’s getting really amusing 🙂

    • “I think Blizzard should build an IQ Test to be able to play these games xD”

      I think blizzard should build an IQ test to be able to develop these games.

  4. I am well aware that you are basically beta testing the patch and that characters are going to be wiped as I have been in several beta tests in the past that have wiped all character data before updates get pushed out becuase things are changed to much and its just easier for the devs to just p wipe before a patch. I was expecting the same to happen here as well so this comes as no surprise to me.

  5. “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”
    -Albert Einstein

  6. Heres the ironic twist, people complained that blizzard put in the hardcore warning about what hardcore is, etc. this is exactly that reason why, and quite frankly I’m not surprised. People are idiots. Lol

  7. It is a sense of entitlement. Which is wrong, just because they paid for diablo 3, they assume for life they should be pampered and catered to.

    which is sad. I tried the ptr, tested how things work with mp, but I am not 100% for being on it all the time. Thinking I should be rewarded for my testing is also foolish. I am helping make the game better and quicken the patch, that is reward enough for me. But expecting to have exp, items carry over because i tested is idiotic.

  8. …I facepalm and fall outta my chair when I see people who don’t know what public test realms are… test… there is a reason for this.



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