Today’s new version of the v1.0.5 patch on the PTR wiped all existing characters and accounts, to the apparent dismay of some players.

    Everyone just lost their Hellfire ring. I knew wasting my time trying to get it was pointless on a PTR. Sign here if your ptfo.
    Lylirra: This particular push wiped all PTR data, including characters and their items. We provided a warning here.

    If i find really good item PTR. Or if i gain paragon levels in PTR. Will i get then in main game?
    Takralus: The Public Test Realm allows players to play, preview and test upcoming content to give feedback on new features and systems, and to find and report any bugs which may occur.

    But, to coin a phrase, what happens in PTR stays in PTR. In other words, nothing that happens there will affect your live characters, their items, experience etc. It’s completely separate, and when the test ends, your PTR characters are deleted.

    Perhaps some people started playing without reading the FAQ, but the words “patch test” are in there for a reason. You’re testing the patch in advance for fun and feedback and maybe to learn about the new features before everyone else. It’s not to get rich. There’s no RMAH on the PTR, and everything you’ve done on that realm might get deleted at any moment. Play at your own risk, etc.

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