Items-per-minute analysis: beta patch 18

Items-per-minute analysis: beta patch 18

Drop rates for beta patch 18 - 3500 data points

This graphic is an example of what an analysis of ideal item farming areas could look like. The lines above represent rare (yellow), magic (blue), and normal (grey) items found per minute spent in each area. Read this chart as “On average, I find 0.7 magic items and 1.1 normal items per minute spent in the Defiled Crypt.”


What does this tell us?
Since we are looking to maximize our time spent item farming, we want to prioritize areas with a high items-per-minute ratio. In the beta, the best places to farm were:

  1. The Hidden Cellar
  2. Defiled Crypt
  3. Cathedral Level 3

This is because they provided, on average, the most items for the amount of time spent.

How did we gather this information?
Data was gathered using our tool: Deckard’s Data Dump. If you would like to contribute to these regular updates, download the tool and upload your data file periodically. It will be added to our aggregate database and used to develop future info graphics.

This data represents many full runs of the beta content – we would start on the very first quest, progress through the full beta test and record data along the way. This graphic represents roughly 3,500 item pickups over the course of these runs. We used level 13 characters with decent gear, but nothing extraordinary.

A word of caution
While our methodology is correct, it is important to note that this analysis is based on beta content. Actual results post-launch may be very different and will require additional data to be gathered and analyzed.

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5 thoughts on “Items-per-minute analysis: beta patch 18

  1. Also note that these numbers depend significantly on play-style. If you rush through an area and only kill champions and rares, you may have more items per minute (if the items come primarily from rares and champions) or less (if you spend more time running than killing). This will even out if enough data is in the database, but if all the data comes from rushed playthroughs, that skewes the data.

  2. Mhh, do the DDD only collect my data or can i make with the DDD a similar graph like this in the news?

  3. You’re absolutely correct – playstyle will cause some variation in these numbers. It is our intention that the aggregate data will be a good base-case scenario for the average player; for more tailored information, DDD does much of the analysis for you using only your individual data.

  4. Just curious… now that the game has been out for quite a bit now, and loads of people have mucho hours invested in the game, has this sort of analysis been done with Deckard’s Data Dump on the full release? Of course, things may be changing a bit with 1.0.3, but I for one would be interested in an analysis on all of the regions in the full game.

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