Item Sets: Seventh Item Coming Next Patch

The “vanilla” Item Sets, Inna’s, Natalya’s, Zuni’s, Tal Rasha’s, and Immortal King’s, all got buffed in Patch 2.2.0 and most of them had another item added to bring them up to six items with the potential for six-item bonuses. This helped open up a lot of new options, but it’s also made gearing more difficult since lots of item slots have two great pieces with the capability to only wear one.

For instance, The WD’s Zunimassa’s set has heard the most complaints since it’s got a helm and gloves, and the WD has multiple build-defining legendary helms, plus Tasker and Theo as the BiS gloves. DH’s are in a similar spot, with a weapon and ring in Nat’s set, which really cuts down their gearing options.

Blizzard is aware of these issues and they’re taking a step to help, by adding a seventh set item (much as Firebird’s has always had 7 items) to those vanilla sets, to give players more gearing options. You’ll only need six items for the six-piece bonus (or five + DiabloWikiRoRG), and with two spare slots there should be many more ways to construct your best kit. The info comes this evening from developer John Yang, via Twitter.

Item Sets: Seventh Item Coming Next Patch:

As always with Twitter, the short length leaves uncertainty, but I think John’s saying the 7th items will not be weapon or jewelry, since several of the vanilla sets have one item in those slots now, and it’s tough to spend one piece there, since there are so many awesome legendary weapons and rings/amulets to choose from.

Update: Zuni’s is getting pants.


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  1. This is undoubetly better than the current situation, but they should have gone the other direction: reduced all sets to 5 items, and the set bonuses to occur at 2, 3 and 4 pieces respectively. Probably make set items drop at about 60% of the rate they currently do to make it harder to gear up since only needing 4 items to get the best bonus isn't too much work

    And remove RoRG, or change it to always drop with a socket and have 2x legendary gem property when socketed.

    • Or add in a 5th set item bonus, but it's just something like +500-750 main stat. So there is a bonus if you want to get a complete set, but it's not a massive incentive like it is now.

  2. TWO spare slots!! WOW, what diversity we can create!!

  3. I have long since realised that completing sets is waste of time and it is far better to stuff your toon with legendary items that have meaningful unique powers.

  4. This really doesn't help much at all. *sigh* this dev team…

  5. Like Flux already said was expecting this due to sets like firebirds already having 7 pieces. Still a welcomed change. Now I can still have my full Tal Rasha set while using my Mara’s Ammy for Poison immunity. That leaves physical damage as my only weak spot resistance wise. Also allows me to keep using restraint/focus set. Makes things better for my planned Woh build at least.

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