Item Sales, Crafting Jackpot, and Laggggg?

Three separate issues, just for conversation and feedback.

Lagging Deaths?

Has anyone HC ever died of lag in Diablo 3? I’m sure someone has, and probably people with bad Internet connections (Comcast overcharges, but my connection is quite stable) die all the time, but when I got a lag death in a game tonight I realized I couldn’t ever remember that happening in Diablo 3. I had a few lag/disc deaths during the beta, when D3 seemed sketchier and had a lot more downtime, but since then? I honestly don’t think I’d ever died to lag or disconnect.

I’m not playing HC (yet?) in D3 so it doesn’t really matter if I die or not, but it’s certainly nice not to get bumped from games and killed for things that weren’t my fault. The weekly 8 hour maintenance periods are annoying since they always seem to start just when I’ve got a couple of hours to kill, and I’d still prefer a proper single player/offline mode, but on the whole I’ve been pretty satisfied with’s uptime and speed for D3.

I certainly had a *lot* more lag and disconnect issues during the D2 days, though the entire Internet wasn’t as well-stocked with cat lulz images back then and was thus inherently less robust.

Crafting Jackpot

That dog'll hunt.
That dog’ll hunt.
Azzure sent me a link to this item, which if it’s not ‘shopped has to be about the best rare amulet ever rolled in Diablo 3. It was done via the new v1.07 Dexterity amulet recipe, which is why it’s DiabloWikiBoA, and it’s only on the DiabloWikiPTR so doesn’t *really* exist. But still… look at those numbers.

I can’t even estimate a price; those stats with like 150 Dex would probably be 2b on Americas SC GAH, but with 370 Dex, and big +dmg, and huge Vit? That’s just off the charts. Literally, it’s impossible to get more than about 330 to any mainstat on a rare amulet in the current game. Only the new v1.07 crafting recipes can create such a huge number for dex/int/str.

Maybe now you want to start stockpiling Iridescent Tears after all, eh?

Auction House Sales Lull

Maybe it’s just me, but have other people noticed that items are suddenly just *not* selling in the GAH? I’m only using the Americas Softcore GAH, but the last few days suddenly none of my auctions are selling, and things were moving quite well during the week previous.

A selection of my recent non-sales.
A selection of my recent non-sales.
I put up a bunch of auctions on the 19th, all for good prices a bit below the comps, and expected 4 or 5 to sell in the next 12 hours (which is about my usual pace). None did, and after 24 hours I pulled all the auctions, cut the prices about 50% and reposted them… and still nothing has sold. Nothing but gems, and I even dropped a few of the less desireable items and posted new auctions with better stuff, all at very good prices.

Lull over the three-day holiday weekend? Random bad luck? More players spending time on the PTR and not shopping on the realms? Or has JW’s departure cast a dark pall over things, which only a new Game Director can repair?

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35 thoughts on “Item Sales, Crafting Jackpot, and Laggggg?

  1. nah i;ve been trying to sell some high grade items for prices lower then that it should be, nothing is selling.

  2. I never go over 1.500.000 gold when I am trying to sell, and not even then I sell stuff. Mostly the stuff I sell is around 50.000 gold actually, and that includeds legendaries, set-items and much more. If I sell it 30.000 it would go because of the brimstone <

    People say I am stupid that doesnt charge much, but A. its a game. B. I can take whatever I want. C. Some poor bastard might get lucky – because I am a nice guy.

    • People say “unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful” when I try to give away some recently found jewellery that I just do not feel like selling… A, B and C all works for me:-)!

  3. That ammu is sick. Everyone will craft those BoA ammus. For 20 mill or so you can craft tons and have a fair chance of getting a good one. I guess ammus on AH will hardly sell now or at least be much cheaper.
    Low level items sell all the time on AH. Decent/good high level items don’t because players allready got them. The PTR effect is minor I think.

      • it means it belong in world of noobcraft.

        Bind on account. It means that soon everyone will be wearing a half set of armor that is not tradable or sellable.

        Easily their worst idea yet, and that says something.

  4. I’m selling stuff, but low end stuff for lower prices (2mi items for 1mi), since I can’t stand looking at trash anymore. What I did, mainly, was selling my gems and tomes and gear my alternates – almost all of them, since people don’t seem to be looking for midrange auctions anymore, especially on rares.

    On midrange items, weird stuff is happening, like black damage weapons with the same price of elemental damage weapons lying there for hours. If you want an alternate to do fast runs sometime, definitly is time to shopping. If I had emeralds, I would have geared a MS DH for 10mi, except for self-found gloves with pick-up radius.

    Also, people stopped selling some midrange rare items. I needed a 100 dex, 100 vit, crit chance and socket rare helm with nothing more for breakpoints. Nothing more (no armor, no nats, no AR, no nothing). I couldn’t find one better than mine (60D, 60V, ~5%CC, O) for a reasonable price. Sometimes I try to compare prices and search results are empty.

    Apart from that, I’m still selling around 5 items per day for ~1mi. It isn’t nothing, but also it isn’t something good. It’s just enough to pay the alternates “testing bills”.

    I’m seriously considering not picking up rares anymore; except jewelery, gloves, shoulders and maybe bracers.

    If this post somehow bumps the price of iridescent tear, well, garbage will be smashed…

  5. Flux, I’ve had the same experience on the AH. I can sell legendaries for brimstone prices, but not much else is moving. I’m still hoping 1.07 will bring in an influx of shoppers.

  6. I die of lag once every 1-2 weeks, which doesn’t include the additional 3-5 times in that period that the game lags but I manage to survive.

    The annoying thing is that this only happens with Blizzard games (D3, SC2) — any other game I play online is almost entirely fine with no lag issues.

    I still really wish there were a single player / offline mode — both to avoid lag, but also because that would allow me to play D3 when I’m in places with no internet, which is when I tend to be pretty bored and would want to be playing D3.

  7. I’ve had pretty brisk sales on the Americas HC auction house the past couple of weeks. Granted part of that is because I’ve been crafting/selling Hallowed Defender shields since I had the plan drop on the 7th. But I’ve had other stuff selling as well.

  8. It seems to come and go in spurts for me. I will go days without selling an item and then all of a sudden I will sell 3-5 items. Most are for less than 500k but once in a while I move something for 3-5m. I listed a Skorn last night figuring it would take a week to sell, but 2 hrs later someone bought it for 40m. I think its just mostly having what someone is looking for. I think the item pool has become larger than the player base, so items need to be very stat specific to what people are looking for.

    I am also thinking 1.07 will bring an influx of buyers. Not only people who are coming back to the game, but also people buying gems and crafting mats.

    I just can’t help but wonder what it would be like if the game had been released with the current state its in…..

  9. Last few days were around 4 million each day, only coming from the AH. Last important sale was a King’head. 4 million it sold in a matter of minutes.

    Also the standard gold price is selling in its first few hours again. Do not be too greedy and it will sell.

    Mats fly away in seconds. Certainly the gems and crafting mats.

  10. You know what sells great? Items that gold farm botters would use! Everything with gold find + pickup radius and semi decent other stats sells for 500k+ and sells relatively quickly. You gotta sell with your audience in mind!

  11. AH sales stalled over 3 months ago. Nothing sells except gems, legendaries for brimstone prices, and pickup-radius/GF items with decent stats. And sales are not going to improve. The market is flooded and no one needs anything. Items are never removed from the game. Everyone that has not quit is level 60. There is no reason to ever re-roll/create new characters. Playing levels 1 to 59 is the completely irrelevant speed bump to 60, where the game begins — and ends shortly there after due to the AH (horde all your gold from 1 to 60, hit up the AH, win with money left over, done; not this way at launch, but the way it is now)

    • Come play hardcore, we remove items from the market every day.

      I took this 58 cold resist/80allresist/199dex/11%life/9%ias mempo out of the market last week.

  12. “Lull over the three-day holiday weekend? Random bad luck? More players spending time on the PTR and not shopping on the realms? Or has JW’s departure cast a dark pall over things, which only a new Game Director can repair?”

    Nah, that’s pretty much the last ~6 months: little bit more sales in the weekend (at least when the AH didn’t crash, and the techies weren’t pfishing again until monday morning) and lot less sales during the week. But overall I’m sure the trend points downwards. I think I made more money not playing and spending my time on other things, while my mule stockbroker bank monks were/are guarding my investments in crafting materials 🙂 — I would call it another case of that Monte Carlo gambler’s fallacyly thingy again! I had it many times as well!! That page on wikipedia should be updated to include D3.

    Anyway: sell now. buy in 2 weeks again, sell in 4 months 😉 very time efficient AH’ing, and just as much no fun!!!!

    P.s. I played 100 hours i think on HC, but never seen anyone come close to dying because of a DC> I believe our latency to be much better than in the US…. greetz!

  13. I’ve had a weird lagging issue lately (past couple of months maybe) where my first battle always lags when I start a game. It happens every time, but after the first 5-10 seconds of the battle, it goes back to being perfectly fine for the rest of the run…

    • What you’re experiencing isn’t lag. It’s a bug when Diablo 3 first launches, then it tries to load assets that are already loaded. Which in turn cause a micro-stutter effect for the first couple battles / events what have you.

      The only way to solve this really is to get a faster HDD or preferably a good SSD. Loading times on SSD’s are so fast that, even though this still happens, it’s not noticeable to the naked eye.

      Unfortunately Diablo 3 has had this since beta, although worse in beta, they never completely resolved the issue.

      Hope this helps!! =)

      • It’s definitely loading art assets again, but it only affects me once in a while. I’ve learned to cast each of my spells once in town, to get that out of the way before battle and everything going off at once.

  14. It seems to be a lot of ppl are trying to manipulate the commodity market. You can watch the \last 10 trades\ for flawless emeralds, rubies, tome of secrets, and brimstones fluctuate a lot.

    What they are doing is selling at least 10 items for 100 gold, and buy them back real quick. This will allow the last 10 trades to drop. Therefore when ppl are not paying attention and just put their item up for sell. They will accidently put it up for the low price of the last 10 trades.

    I have been able to watch this fluctuation and buy a lot of commodities for 100 gold from those manipulators.

  15. I am noticing a slowdown in ah sales. My stash is full again and items are not selling. I am also noticing items that I look for are not selling either. I ll see the same gear posted over and over with none disappearing or reducing in price.

    I was able to sell all my gems and turn them into new gear. Maybe this is what happened. People liquidated their gems and made some big upgrades. Now they are back in ‘save’ mode.

  16. My sales have actually been pretty good lately. Mostly been selling gloves and bracers. Anywhere from 200k to 9m. But I think that’s all that’s moving though.

  17. I rarely sell rares (the random, semi useful ones) for more than 50k. But they all sell. Crappy ones won’t sell well, by that I mean items that usually sell for 1 million, now sell for about 5% of that price.

    Legendaries/Sets still do sell for a couple of million. Specifically the ones that actually roll the good stats eg. 10% or so of them.

  18. My latest monk died because my game froze up. By the time my computer caught up or whatever the hell happened, my Near Death Experience had used almost half it’s cool down. I wish I had just dced >.>

  19. I’d say to date, probably 25% of my “death situations” are lag related. (A “death situation” means dying due to a given encounter, so all deaths to one crazy boss pack count as a single “death situation”.)

    I’ve also learned to cast all my spells once in town as soon as I join the game. Otherwise first battle = guaranteed death.

  20. I’m actually amazed that anything is still selling. I’d love to get a look at what the totalnumber of active players has done over the past two months.

  21. I’ve actually had trouble selling stuff under 10mil. Not that I’ve been getting a lot to sell over that amount but I’ve not been able to sell anything under mil for a few weeks now besides commodities.

  22. I sell a few things here and there, but nothing crazy. I sold alot of the low level items I was saving back for an expansion, and they went very quick, so there are people still leveling alts or new players. Over the last week I have been keeping an eye on Lacuni Prowlers, as I have finally sold enough gear and picked up enough gold to get a decent pair. I keep seeing the same ones being listed over and over. As soon as the auction gets down to 1 day and a few hours, they will relist them for the same price, which makes no sense to me. If you look long enough to see what certain items with a particular stat sell for, then you can price yours accordingly. Last night there was a Lacuni going for 145 mil and several similar for less than 100 mil, and the guy relists the one for 145 mil when it got down to 1 day and 4 hours. I can watch this go on and on with several of the more popular legs. If a similar item is not selling for 95 mil, why would you list yours over and over for 145 mil?

    I don’t get very many disconnects, but I do get lag in a few specific areas. The most noticeable area is on Rakkis crossing, coming up from a lower area heavily populated with monsters. I have a pretty good rig with an SSD, but that area has alot of fire around it and I think there is so much going on that it causes the lag. The probl could be my DSL Internet also, but the problem is at that certain spot. I don’t know, it’s not bad enough to be unplayable, but it is annoying considering how much money I have put into my computer.

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