Three separate issues, just for conversation and feedback.

    Lagging Deaths?

    Has anyone HC ever died of lag in Diablo 3? I’m sure someone has, and probably people with bad Internet connections (Comcast overcharges, but my connection is quite stable) die all the time, but when I got a lag death in a game tonight I realized I couldn’t ever remember that happening in Diablo 3. I had a few lag/disc deaths during the beta, when D3 B.net seemed sketchier and had a lot more downtime, but since then? I honestly don’t think I’d ever died to lag or disconnect.

    I’m not playing HC (yet?) in D3 so it doesn’t really matter if I die or not, but it’s certainly nice not to get bumped from games and killed for things that weren’t my fault. The weekly 8 hour maintenance periods are annoying since they always seem to start just when I’ve got a couple of hours to kill, and I’d still prefer a proper single player/offline mode, but on the whole I’ve been pretty satisfied with B.net’s uptime and speed for D3.

    I certainly had a *lot* more lag and disconnect issues during the D2 days, though the entire Internet wasn’t as well-stocked with cat lulz images back then and was thus inherently less robust.

    Crafting Jackpot

    That dog'll hunt.

    That dog’ll hunt.

    Azzure sent me a link to this item, which if it’s not ‘shopped has to be about the best rare amulet ever rolled in Diablo 3. It was done via the new v1.07 Dexterity amulet recipe, which is why it’s DiabloWikiBoA, and it’s only on the DiabloWikiPTR so doesn’t *really* exist. But still… look at those numbers.

    I can’t even estimate a price; those stats with like 150 Dex would probably be 2b on Americas SC GAH, but with 370 Dex, and big +dmg, and huge Vit? That’s just off the charts. Literally, it’s impossible to get more than about 330 to any mainstat on a rare amulet in the current game. Only the new v1.07 crafting recipes can create such a huge number for dex/int/str.

    Maybe now you want to start stockpiling Iridescent Tears after all, eh?

    Auction House Sales Lull

    Maybe it’s just me, but have other people noticed that items are suddenly just *not* selling in the GAH? I’m only using the Americas Softcore GAH, but the last few days suddenly none of my auctions are selling, and things were moving quite well during the week previous.

    A selection of my recent non-sales.

    A selection of my recent non-sales.

    I put up a bunch of auctions on the 19th, all for good prices a bit below the comps, and expected 4 or 5 to sell in the next 12 hours (which is about my usual pace). None did, and after 24 hours I pulled all the auctions, cut the prices about 50% and reposted them… and still nothing has sold. Nothing but gems, and I even dropped a few of the less desireable items and posted new auctions with better stuff, all at very good prices.

    Lull over the three-day holiday weekend? Random bad luck? More players spending time on the PTR and not shopping on the realms? Or has JW’s departure cast a dark pall over things, which only a new Game Director can repair?

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