For those of you who regularly look at the Diablo 3 AH and economy, you may have noticed that the price of equipment has been plummeting. What was once easily sellable, is now unsellable, and only really top-end gear seems to sell for a good amount.

    There are two main issues causing this at the moment:

    1) There is no avenue for controlling “item inflation” (the term we use for describing the increasing number of good equip-able items that causes them to devalue). There are no “item sinks” in the game, which means there is only ever-more items entering the economy and never an exit for them. If this is already a problem just after two weeks, it will only get exponentially worse.

    2) Goblin, Chest and other gimmicky runs that allow for easy, brainless farming of items.

    Blizzard made it clear that they did not want to bring back the old D2-style boss runs, where players would spend the majority of their time continually running bosses for loot, much to the dismay of many players who actually enjoyed them (I am one of them, though I do like the Nephalem Valor concept).

    In an unfortunate turn of events however, players are now running goblins, chests and other, far more boring and tedious and exploitative tasks in an effort to get loot.

    And it’s not the players fault.

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