Many players have been complaining about lack of customization when the DiabloWikiattributes now will be auto-assigned, but WoW is a good example that customization will be possible, regardless of how the stats are assigned. More customization will available through DiabloWikiitems and DiabloWikirunes. Now, the system does not have to work specifically like WoW, but there won’t be a lack of customization as such. Whether you just want stat assignment for nostalgic reason, or have other “proper” reasons, there will still be other customization available.

    Naturally, all, or the majority of this customization will come from items in one shape or another, and DiabloWikiBashiok has made a blue post on this…

    Thus far we’ve shown that items do have DiabloWikisockets, and DiabloWikigems can be placed in them. We’re not continuing DiabloWikirunewords, and the term ‘rune’ is now associated with the DiabloWikirune/DiabloWikiskill system. What other options may be available, we’re not telling.

    Bashiok added a bit more in a later post in the thread:

    We haven’t released any information on our site, but it was possible to collect socketed items as well as gems in the DiabloWikiBlizzCon demo, so any news site or fan site that attended MAY have included that as information. I don’t remember any specifically reporting on it off the top of my head.

    The gem stats at this point are more or less just the basics yanked from Diablo II to get the system running and have something to play around with.

    Isn’t it cute, the contortions the Bliz web teams goes through to avoid linking to any fansite info sources? Say… here or here?

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