Item Affix Quick-look Chart

We have created a document that compiles information on most of the major item affixes to create a quick-look reference sheet for gearing. Specifically, the chart outlines:

1. The maximum base armor for each equipment slot
2. The maximum value for each affix (by equipment slot)
3. The maximum value for each affix for a whole set of gear
4. The number of pieces of gear that can have an affix

If you’ve found yourself asking “Just how much life per second can I actually get?” [4,618] or “How much thorns damage is theoretically possible?” [22,898], read on after the break.

Note: If you spot an error, please let us know in the comments so that we can update this document. Thanks!

EDIT 1: Values have been updated to reflect the maximum gearset value when dual wielding where applicable.
EDIT 2: Adjusted layout for ease-of-reading
EDIT 3: Note that legendary items are NOT included in this data. They have special affixes no other items can have, and can provide stats in slots no other items can.
EDIT 4: Updated maximum value on stats – thanks for the reports. Looks like datamined affix information is not completely reliable in some cases, and we’re investigating. We’ll continue to update as we receive new information.

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  1. Table is cut off in both IE and Chrome.

    • Yep – noticed that too. Should be fixed now, let me know if any more problems!

    • all the time you are making mistake counting 2 times same gear piece (e.g. +10 from helm and +10 from wizard hat is +20 for you), but you cant wear both at the same time, do you? 😉

  2. EDIT: ninja’d me, Great chart 😀

  3. Can you repeat the item types further down in the table to make it more readable? (or alternate column colors, too)

  4. Numbers are wrong for weapons as they are only counted once, so it doesn’t current take dual wielding into account for the bonuses. Using life steal as an example, The max is 9% not 6%, as my Barbarian has been as high as 6.5% life steal before when dual wielding two weps at around 2-2.5% life steal and wearing a mighty belt that was around 2% as well.

  5. You should count dual wielding for max stats and number of slots.
    For example, life on hit should be 4k max, not 3k (1k each weapon, 1k ammy and 500 each ring)

  6. Does it take into account dual wield?

  7. The data on helms is wrong, I can see helms on the AH with 207 intelli, more than the 200 max on the chart

    • I’ve seen 250 on helm, too.

      • I used data from the various item-affix planners around the internet (Incgamers included). If this is the case, then they are all wrong. I’ll investigate and update.

        • Got quite excited when I saw this chart, very helpful for knowing what the max roll is on an item. Until I realized the data was all wrong.

          • @jomdarbert

            The helms for starters, others on here say about shoulders also.

          • Thanks for the reports on this guys, looks like DiabloNut and the other datamined affix information I found is simply wrong with regards to stats. It appears the maximum value is either 300 or 350 (depending on items lot) from what I can see on the AH. If anybody has more information on this, I’d be very curious to see other reports.

  8. Just saw some shoulders with 213 STR even 264. Is there something I am misunderstanding about this table?

    EDIT: You forgot the dual stats affix (like str+dex), which are 30-100 STR AND DEX on any armor piece, they can overlap with the one stats only afixes.

    • According to the various item-affix planners (Diablonut, among others) the stats are:

      Pure stat: 90-100 (one stat)
      Mixed stat: 30-100 (two stats)

      Which would give a maximum of 200. If this is incorrect, then the planners are also incorrect. I’m investigating now.

  9. imagine a pick radius of 80, DH and Wiz glass build impossibru to kill because the health globes falling every where picked up immediately

    • Which means when they enter a new area and have to retreat, there are no globes they can run back to and pick up. I ditched my +10 radius gear on my DH for this very reason.

  10. This is AWESOME but I noticed a mistake unless I’m reading this wrong…there are more than just boots to increase movemt speed

  11. Spirit regeneration is weird… 8 max, 2 slots (not counting dual wielding), 3 spirit per second each…

    DiabloNut says it’s 2.5 max per piece, 2 weapons and 1 spirit stone = 3 pieces for 7.5 per second total

  12. you cannot hold an off-hand and a shield at the same time. this chart is counting both in the max slots thing.

  13. Interesting – looks like Monk with passive resistance boost should be able to achieve 1820 resist all 😛

    13 item slots * (80 Res All + 60 Cold Res) = 1820 Res All.

  14. this chart is really great, thanks. (just make sure the numbers are correct, keep updating it!!!)

  15. Max Discipline from gear set should be 30, not 40, I think.
    Max Hatred Regeneration from gear set should be 4, not 5.32.

  16. Of Far Sight can have up to 200 Int on Helm, Wiz Hat, Voodoo Mask (Any maybe Spirit Stone?), Ammy.
    Of Assault can have up to 200 Str on Shoulders, Belt, Mighty Belt, Ammy.
    Of Pain can have up to 200 Dex on Boots, Gloves, Ammy.
    Of Glory can have up to 200 Vit on Chest Armor, Pants, Ammy.

    For Rings and Bracer I think the mod is only up to 100 I think.

    Then you can have the mixed stats mod which add another 100 on those armor slot.

    I’m not sure about Weapon slots though.

    Of Invasion can have up to 101 Str (instead of 100.. hah) on Shield.
    Of the Mind can have up to 101 int on Source, and Mojo.

  17. Pretty cool chart dude, bookmark’d.

  18. I don’t think there is Attack Speed % on Offhand as you can’t search the AH for it.

  19. Shields can have block up to 20% i believe.

  20. Also:
    Total maximum Attack Speed shouldn’t take into account the weapon IAS; the total would then be 51% (5)
    Total maximum Experience + X: 312 (13)

    Maybe it would be good to include a total maximum column for dual-wielding. The following stats would have higher total maximums when dual-wielding:
    Chance to Chill on Hit
    Chance to Fear on Hit
    Chance to Freeze on Hit
    Chance to Immobilize on Hit
    Chance to Knockback on Hit
    Chance to Slow on Hit
    Chance to Stun on Hit
    Barbarian Skill Bonus: Hammer of the Ancients (-Fury)
    Monk Skill Bonus: Lashing Tail Kick (-Spirit)
    Monk Skill Bonus: Tempest Rush (+Crit)
    Monk Skill Bonus: Wave of Light (+Crit)

  21. Quivers have IAS which are offhand I believe.

  22. Values for rings are amulets are incorrect, there is no ilvl63 of those only ilvl62.
    For example max dex on rings would be 178 (89dex+89combo stat)

    Edit: same goes for every class specific armor pieces and off-hand item other than a shield.

  23. You guys are right about stat mixing. The item can roll like 5+ bonuses and each affix an be a bonus. So ya max 200 + max 150 combo bonus= 350 max single stat.

  24. Are you sure belts and bracers can get sockets? I’ve NEVER seen either of those items with a socket.

  25. Alot of this stuff is wrong. If you actually want to get accurate values, look at the AH and check the max values for each stat. For example, I’ve never seen an amulet above 8% crit, or a ring above 4% being sold on the AH.

  26. Some legendaries can provide more stats; SoJ can provide more spirit regeneration, Justice Lantern can add much more Block, Andariel’s visage can provide more attack speed, etc. to surpass what is listed here. Great work though!

  27. I assume you are not counting gems either?

  28. The chart maxes also don’t take into the account the possibility of sockets. This would also allow greater than the max attributes per armor set.

  29. Currently the max per gearset doesn’t take into account weapon + offhand or weap + shield possibility for skill enhance.
    Great stuff, keep up the good work !

    Edit : for wd

  30. I don’t think max per gear set for hatred regen and max discipline are correct. Highest bonus for max discipline is listed as 40, but you can only get +10 from weapon, off hand, and chest. It should be 30 then. Chest and cloak are the same. Same goes for hatred regen.

  31. Bonus maximum physical damage
    Bonus minimum physical damage

    It says there’s 3 entries and they total 99 but there are only 2 enteries that total up to 66. I assume the weapon is also meant to have 33 too.

  32. Life after Kill and Life on Hit should have the #gear slots set to 5 instead of 4. (ie 2 weapons, 2 rings and an amulet)

  33. JomDarbert – Thanks a ton for publishing this. It looks excellent. Some corrections which I have re-checked within 5 minutes of this post by manually searching on the AH (corrections marked with a star):

    Critical Hit Chance
    *Offhand max is 8.5% (for quivers, sources, and mojos)
    Shield max is 10%
    *Amulet max is 8.5%
    *Ring max is 4.5% for each ring
    Bracers max is 6%
    Gloves max is 10%
    Helm max is 6%
    *Spirit stone max is 4.5%
    *Voodoo mask max is 4.5%
    *Wizard hat max is 4.5%

    • Hmm that dont rule out that the best roll of these stat’s cant be the values posted though, as some one needs to get said item post it on the AH and for it to still be there for your search.

      • I hear you, but I have been constantly checking and re-checking the maximum critical hit chance items available on the AH for weeks. Its very likely I have seen at least once the absolute maximum values.

  34. One thing that needs adding is max non duel wield and max duel wield.

    BTW the gear slot numbers are wrong in two ways, where duel wielding is the way to max it out you only added 1 weapon and forgot the 2nd weapon in your off hand, its only the case where neither shields or offhand items can have the stat like the life leech stats.

  35. Amulets can only have up to 40% MF according to AH.

  36. Here are corrections for max primary stats:

    All offhands (not counting shields) can only be ilvl 62, so their max is 178, just like rings. Rings and offhands have the same primary stat affix possibilities.

    All of the 350s you have listed in the belt through shoulder columns should be 300.

    The class-specific armors also only spawn up to ilvl 62. They can have the same affix possibilities as the corresponding regular helms/belts/chests but at an ilvl of 62. It works out to changing all the 350s in those 5 columns to a 258 and change all of the 200s in those 5 columns to a 178.

    Hope that makes sense. I haven’t checked the rest of the chart yet.

    By the way, if you wanted to add a column for follower specials, they are at most ilvl 60, and all the primary stats can be at most 249 on them.

    My numbers are from If you click an affix in that list, it tells you what ilvl it can spawn on, what type of gear it can spawn on, and, most importantly, what affixes can not spawn at the same time as the affix you are considering.

    • Thanks for this! Updated, as our fact-checking has led us to the same place.

      • Glad to be of help.

        Here’s correct resistance numbers, which are easier because you just have to check max for each ilvl:

        ilvl 60 61 62 63
        resist all 50 60 70 80
        individual resist 40 45 50 60

        weapons and class-specific offhands can not get individual resistances or resist all
        follower specials (again, just for completeness) have a max ilvl of 60 and therefore get 50 Res. All and 40 Individual Res.
        amulets, rings, and the 5 class-specific armors have a max ilvl of 62 and get 70/50
        the other armors and shield can be ilvl 63 and get the max 80/60

        Looking at all these numbers it’s slowly sinking in how bad the class-specific armors really are…

  37. Max Discipline total is 10 too high. I believe you counted Chest and Cloak in your total when they both share the same slot on the character.

    Main Hand +10 Disc, Off Hand +10 Disc, Chest/Cloak slot +10 Disc; leading to a max of 30 Disc from gear combined.

  38. Thanks for your hard work 🙂
    You seem to be missing the Elemental Arrow bonus damage affix though, which is 12% max for a quiver and 14% max for a shield.
    Quivers also have a max of 12% bonus for Bola Shot, Entangling Shot and Hungering Arrow.

  39. WD Offhand’s can have chance on it (I’m sure others as well)
    Shields can have chance on it (stun I know for a fact).
    Maximum Physical Damage on Rings can go to at least 53 (what I have for my WD)

  40. I might just be missing it but I don’t see any of the + elemental damages for weapons.

  41. voodoo mask max crit is 4,5

    thx for the chart

  42. It looks like you’re missing the increased damage to elites property?

  43. I did not see the reduced damage from Elites in the chart.

  44. It seems you didn’t list the affix that gives 2 primary stat (lesser degree than if it just gave a single stat). Do you have the info for that?

    • This isn’t the list of affixes but stats. So to get the 350 int on your weapon you would actually need to get one affix that adds +200 int, and another that adds 150 int and up to 150… let’s say vit. Therefore max int on any weapon is 350.

  45. Wont some of the percentages stack?
    Fe. Corpse Spider, cant it be on offhand and weapon and therefore should be 2 gearslots with 28% total?

  46. the max number of sockets ‘per gear set’ listed is wrong. cant use an off-hand and shield at the same time, so there is a max of 10.

  47. > ChartIsWong
    > June 23, 2012 at 12:40
    > Amulets can only have up to 40% MF according to AH.

    I second this. Max magic find on amulets is definitely +40%.

    Also, max magic find on rings is +18%.

    I think these numbers are due to the fact that there are no ilvl 63 rings or amulets in the game, even though there are ilvl 63 affixes for those items defined in the game data.

    Thanks for this info though. Super useful.

  48. I was searching the auction house for these values, and many of the amulet values are definitely wrong. It’s pretty obvious when you search for 1 value, and get hundreds of results, and then add 1 to it, and get zero results.

    Life % = 14% (not 16%) >> 14% pulls up hundreds of items >> search 15% get zero hits
    Life on Hit = 657 was the highest I pulled up (not 959) >> 658 got zero hits, but 657 only pulled up three amulets, so could be a bit higher, but doubt it is as high a 959
    Life Regeneration = 410 (not 599) >> searched for 411 get zero hits on AH >> same as Life on Hit, 410 pulled up only 1 amulet, 411 pulls up zero, doubt it’s as high as 599.
    Critical Chance = 8.5% (not 10%) >> search for 8.6 get zero hits on AH, this one is obvious
    Critical Damage % = 65% (not 100%) >> search for 66 get zero hits on AH

  49. Lower level requirements are certainly not present on all items. I can’t find on the AH a shield with lower level. Affix databases say that only weapon and armor get this affix.

  50. On Amulets the maximum Magicfind is 40%
    At least there is no one thats higher in the Ah, wealther real nor gold

  51. You know, I swear I found an ilvl63 item with over 14k health from Health Globes. Didn’t make a screenshot though and salvaged it.

  52. block % is also on a unique ring and a legendary helm

  53. max discipline can only be 30.. weapon, off hand, cloak, chest…. can only wear 3 of the 4

  54. Sorry for off comment… but i cannot read pass page 1, for whatever reason i cannot move to pages 2-4 for comments. Does anybody else have this problem… a solution perhaps. Tries Chrome, IE, Firefox… pressing on number or next, still leaves me on page 1. I’m not even sure if i will be able to read the replis 😐

  55. Missing Blind affix, which appears on Weapons and Amulets.

  56. Missing Demon Hunter Skill: Elemental Arrow. Appears on Offhand (Quiver) and Shield, Increases Elemental Arrow Damage (14% maximum)

  57. Is bleed not included in this? Can we get the % and the amounts added?

    Thanks btw this is great work!

  58. table is cut off on safari and chrome.

  59. Mozilla cuts off the table now too..(

  60. The table is cut off on Firefox & internet Explorer. Seems the table is cut off no matter what browser i try 😯 . Otherwise thanks for the very useful info 🙂

  61. Could you make it a PDF? Then you won’t have the problem with the cutoff and its easier te print out or save to desktop. Nice job on the table btw!

  62. Max per gearset | #gear slots | Skill Enhance | Weapn | Offhnd | Shield
    12 | 1 | WD Skill Bonus: Zombie Charger (-Mana) | 12 | 12 | 12

    Shouldn’t this be “2 #gear slots” and therefor “24 max per gearset”?

  63. The max.Disziplin Stat in the whole set is displayed as 40. but <ou can only equip a chest or a cloak: therefore 3 items with 10 diszi = max 30

  64. Is anyone maintaining a google docs version of this? Seems silly for me to need to copy this into a spreadsheet and watch the thread for updates.

  65. The skill bonus for the Witch Doctor’s ‘Summon Zombie Dogs’ reduces the cooldown of the skill by some number of seconds. The chart has the bonuses listed as percentages of the total cooldown value. I don’t know the range of possible values, but I’ve seen everything from ‘1 second’ to ‘8.’

  66. error: DH hatred regeneration — max per gear set = 5.32 — however a cloak and a chest piece occupy the same space, so it must be one OR the other. 5.32 -> 3.99 or 4.00 depending if you think this will be rounded or conform to IEEE specifications

  67. I believe the table should be updated to also include information about item affix combinations? A helm can have a maximum of 300 int, but only through a combo of e.g. a 200 int affix and a 100 int+100 vit affix. This again means that you cannot have both 300 int and 200 vit on a helm from what I understand?

    If anyone can clarify the max amount of e.g. int and vit on the same item that would be very nice. ❓

  68. Can’t see the table in FF 14.0.1 with no blocking of scripts…

  69. Critical hit damage is wrong. im currently using a 160% one since before 1.04. and im not counting any added CD from the socket it has..

  70. I have a shield that has more then 200 int.

  71. You are missing weapon damage +holy, +fire, +physical, etc.

  72. Hi !
    I noticed there was missing the affixes “Increases damages on Elites by x%” and “Reduces damages from Elites bu x%”.

  73. In google chrome, the right hand side of the spreadsheet is appearing under the adds, making it impossible to read any of the stats for anything to the right of gloves.

  74. I’m missing DH’s elemental arrow.

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