Italian Branch “Leaks” Diablo 3 Release Date

There have been a lot of posts and comments about this “leak,” so it would seem only fitting to give nod to it here. An Italian site,, has supposedly leaked the official release date of DiabloWikiDiablo III, giving details of pricing for Europe. They didn’t mention when the actual release date announcement would occur, but if they actually do know a real date, that means the possibility of it being official on Monday rises dramatically (if not next week, then we can be fairly certain it will come the week after).

Whether you want to believe it or not, many places around the internet have met this date with less skepticism than we’ve seen regarding pretty much any other date. So… it may be true, and it may not be. But I don’t know about you guys, it just seems that release date rumors are coming thick and fast these days. There is no corroboration for the sources, and I can only give the date skepticism, as the chance of one site hearing such important news would seem to undermine everything Blizzard has said in the past. As we can all recall, we will know the release date of the game the same day that vendors do.

Here’s the google translation:

Activision has revealed Italy to several large retailers Italian release date, some yet to be confirmed at the world average by Blizzard but rather than trust, Diablo III. This would be the April 17, and prices are now set at € 54.90 for the standard edition and € 89.90 for the Collector.

Since the source is the Italian branch of the same publisher, I would say that after Easter to all the fans who are eagerly awaiting the release of the game will be more than positive. The rest of the dungeon crawler par excellence is almost ready for some time, and the latest statements have been conducted to art to increase even more hype.

UPDATE: An Italian poster also added the full, real translations – thanks Soulbringer

Activision Italy has revealed to Italy’s biggest retailers Diablo III release date, yet to be officially confirmed worldwide by Blizzard but solid enough to be trusted. It’ll be on 17 April and the prices are fixed at 54,90€ for the standard edition and 89,90€ for the CE.

I would add that, for what it’s worth, yesterday I went to Mediaworld here in Italy and for the first time I saw the preorder box for Diablo III that on the rear side had written: “For sale in April”.

The 17th is a Tuesday which would make sense for a global launch, all games in the US are released on a Tuesday and in Europe on a Friday, but when it’s a global launch the EU date gets moved to the Tuesday. A few weeks ago Dutch retailer Bart Smit started placing posters in their stores touting an April/May release date and it now looks like April is more likely. With Jay Tweeting  they are at a  “9/10” stage to announce release, perhaps we will hear something early next week.

As noted in the full translation, it is stated that Activision Italy told the date to vendors, so take that for what its worth.


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82 thoughts on “Italian Branch “Leaks” Diablo 3 Release Date

  1. My gut wants to say april and hope this is close to a real date but only time will tell. I mean blizzard really needs to get this out soonish.

  2. Maybe this is one of the branches that was hardest hit by lay offs and they’re getting a bit of revenge. :/ Or it’s just another lie.

    Also Daeity drumming up hits. Now would certainly be a good time for this.

    • who wouldn’t?? It’s only 5-6 weeks away, easily pissed away by playing Mass Effect 3 or Kingdoms of Amalur until the real thing comes

    • Well you have a game like Modern Warfare 3 releasing for 59.99 Euro on Steam. And that game is a joke.
      Im ok with 54.99, tho i got collectors edition ordered. 

        • Really? Most new A-list releases are $59.99 both on steam and in retail stores, from what I’ve seen. I’ve never seen something anywhere near 60% cheaper than Steam when it’s new. 

          • Steam’s US pricing is much more reasonable than its EU/UK pricing. Feel free to compare:
            Steam or not, €54.90 ($72.50) for a PC game is absolutely absurd. To put that in perspective, I preordered D3 from a UK retailer for €28.70 ($37.90). I don’t mind waiting a week for shipping if it means I basically get to buy two games for the price of one.

        • Steam games always seem to drop in price like crazy in a very short order. I remember when Dead Space 2 went from $60 on Steam to like $40 in 1.5 months. Plus the special deals are insanely cheap.

          • Except for games like Skyrim, and Modern warfare 3. Games like thoes keep their Starting sale price for very long times. Modern warfare 3 is still 59.99 on Steam, and Skyrim has its original price tag also as far as i know. Big Tripple A titles tend to keep their price tag high for longer periods of time.

  3. If they actually did leak the release date then blizzard should punish them and make them wait an extra month while everyone else gets to enjoy it.

  4. It would be pretty gift out there from Blizz, but yet too good to be true.
    And price for normal edition IMO is tad too high, but than CE (as for CE) is really nice.

  5. Doesnt have to be too early, they still can run the beta the whole month out, they already said themself that preety much no big changes are going to be made before the full game is out, if anything it will be after so who knows they said so long now that the fullgame is very polished and ready to go in not too far so why not.

  6. Anyone saying this is too early needs to wake up and realize that Blizzard cut tons of stuff just so they could release it “early”.
    Also it’s fing late.

  7. I’m italian and the date has not been “leaked”… the article says that Activision Italy revealed it to italian retailers. 

    a different translation (not better). 
    Activision Italy has revealed to several italian retailers the release date of Diablo3, the date must be confirmed worldwide by Blizzard.


  8. I think there are two possibilities for a release date announcement now:
    – Next Monday (March 5th), one day before CeBIT 2012 or
    – Monday after CeBIT (March 12th), if they decide to “crown” the Diablo 3 CeBIT promotion with a release date.
    Not quite sure what will happen.

  9. Thanks for the comment Ophian! 🙂

    I’m italian too and I’ll try to translate the original message as best as I can:

    Activision Italy has revealed to italians biggest retailers Diablo III release date, yet to be officially confirmed worldwide by Blizzard but solid enough to be trusted. It’ll be on 17 April and the prices are fixed at 54,90€ for the standard edition and 89,90€ for the CE.

    I would add that, for what it’s worth, yesterday I went to Mediaworld here in Italy and for the first time I saw the preorder box for Diablo III that on the rear side had written: “For sale in April”.


    • Blizzard releases their games on Tuesdays, worldwide. So your guess was meant to be wrong.

  10. An “earlier than expected” release will make good (to a certain extent) for the disappointment caused by the numerous delays.

    Also factor in Jay’s tweet, people reporting about preorder checkouts, and more. 

  11. THat’s a lot of money for standard and CE. Skyrim was 45€ in retail, if I’m not mistaken, as most other games. WIthcer 2 was also around that price.

      • Yeah but that was a bit of a different story. It came with a very sizeable dragon statue that often retails at a pretty penny (at the quality level).

  12. April 17 = tax day in the US! nice reward for timely filing 🙂

    (And yes, it is the 17th and not the 15th this year because the fifteenth falls on a weekend and the following Monday is Emancipation Day, a DC holiday. Same thing happened last year :p)

  13. Imo it may be true. They delayed it so many times and this time it seems most stuff is done. They will probably run Beta until 2 days before release so this doesn’t exclude April 17.

    Personally i would be happy as i got nameday on 23rd and already told GF i want it as present if it’s released then. 

  14. why would they release the same day as the Witcher 2 XBOX and compete with that acclaimed title? 
    i call this bs, too early, if anything.  

    • Acclaimed title? Witcher 2? Ok…. are you suggesting Diablo is not an acclaimed title?????

      I’m Polish, i finished Witcher 1 and witcher 2 but… seriously Diablo as a brand has a lot more distinguish to it. Diablo is legendary by comparison.

      Also Diablo 3 is PC title. Witcher 2 will release on XBOX. Where’s the problem? Witcher 2 was released on PC long ago ;p

      There’s no issue here. 

        • I loved the second one. They’re patching the pc version for free with all the content added to the 360 version, too.

  15. Games come out on Tuesday in US and generally Friday in Europe but if it’s a global launch they come out on Tuesdays.  April 17th is a Tuesday.

    • You sound like you’re talking about a spell in prison.  “Yeah man, 6 weeks, I can do the time, piece of cake“.  😀

  16. April 17 is way to soon…

    – They just started inviting people from Europe to beta

    – European servers are not even running yet, not to mention stress tested

    – Theres have to be at least 60day between annoucment and release, that means if they announced it at Cebit it will be as fast as early/mid May

    Blizzard changed my personality I was optimistic guy, since September and “sooner than you expected” to “soon was to soon” then “early 2012” up to “targeting Q2” and dozen of leaked release dates from retailers. I turned into complete pesimist, and I honestly think that late june is really optimistic release date.

    • Your first two points are moot.

      – EU testers don’t provide any technical data that the US testers haven’t thus far. They could have just as easily invited more US testers. The likely reason for them inviting EU is to make the fans happy.

      – We don’t know for a fact that they ever planned of deploying EU beta servers. And it’s not like the US servers are technically different from the EU ones. It’s simply a matter of duplicating the environment. That’s not to say it’s as easy as copying a bunch of exe’s around, it’s complicated. But at this stage it’s hard to imagine they haven’t done this in house where it’s working and tested.

    • – Theres have to be at least 60day between annoucment and release, that means if they announced it at Cebit it will be as fast as early/mid May

      Please show me the rule/law that states they must give 60 days notice prior to release. Sure, they try to do that, but I don’t think anyone will die or be placed in prison if it comes out sooner than that.  

      • Lol, there is no need for 60days before announcement. Month is plenty of time if the game is ready.

        It’s not like it’s new game that noone has ever heard about. 

      • I think the 60 day rule may be legacy thinking from the days of physical distribution. The lead time from “gold master” to pressed, wrapped and shipped install discs was significant.

        With an online only game, you can step around the lead time easily with a zero-day patch. You can ship an old “pre-release” build on the DVD and let the patch bring it up to 1.0.

        Hell, I bought Skyrim on DVD and never once put the disc in my computer. Just type the serial number into Steam and let it “patch” itself from non-existent to v1.0.

    • I somehow dont belive this date but your points are not valid:

      1. European beta is irrelevant…they might as well test it for about 50 days there…its more than i expected!

      2. European servers are due to finish installation at the end of March/early April (from the IncGamers source)…Blizzard has all the required stress test data from US plus they will have about 2 weeks to test it if they want to!

      3. No it dosesnt! One of the wow expenisions had the date annonunced less than 60 days before the release. Plus they really seem to be rushing with this one AND it was delayed a few times.

      In saying all this i still dont think its true…it sounds too good!

  17. Asteria that´s exactly how I feel about it :mrgreen:   Not getting the beta invite after a ton of shitty facebook events and the opt in for Europe drives me up the wall. Getting the release date is like getting kissed by Lucy Pinder right now… 😯

  18. I hope it’s not true because looking at the state of the AH and the awful skill UI, it wouldn’t make sense to release the game in April. I’m hoping for late May / June.


  19. Their internal build is much more developed than their month plus old client …

    EU beta is running on PTR already the same as US beta since patch 12 -13? 

  20. Smells like marketing to me.  I.e. the Italian site is lying to get a ton of free publicity.

  21. How long does it take to copy those million game dvd’s and put them in colorful boxes? 😉

    I’ll go with: Optimistic +1

    • TBH with D3 requiring us to be online 24/7 they could ship a version that was made a year ago, and no one would know (as long as 90%+ of the art data etc is on it.

  22. Wish this site would stop spreading unconfirmed rumours.. Saying your critics, but in the mean time feeding the hype to an extreme with senseless posts. I don’t trust any source besides blizzard itself, and even then it’s not sure if they’ll actually stick to a specific date.

  23. Wouldn’t trust a “leaked” date, HOWEVER, if we get a release date announcement this week then I have no doubt the release will be around middle of April. They wouldn’t risk missing another release date, so they won’t announce until the game is 100% ready to print. So basically, once they announce it (be it now or a year from now), it is just a matter of how long it takes to print and distribute it etc. And a lot of it is probably already set up or even done already. In other words, the release will almost definitely be about 6 weeks after they announce the release date. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was even as low as 4 weeks, but that might be pushing it a little. Either way, people who think they will announce it 3months early are dreaming.

  24. it is too good to be true. May 17th would be a believable release date, but on April? hmmm….

  25. Hey cool that’s the date I picked for a contest to guess the release date, I hope it’s true! 😀

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