It Will Rain Diablo 3 – A Parody

A user on Youtube has recently posted a parody video called “It Will Rain DIABLO 3 (Bruno Mars Parody).” I think you all will get a good chuckle at the tongue-in-cheek yet oh-so-true lyrics.

It’s sort of sad yet hilarious with how accurately he describes many fans we see out there. I think the real irony, though, is that Zarhym retweeted the song. At least Blizzard can find humor in their fans’ angst.

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31 thoughts on “It Will Rain Diablo 3 – A Parody

  1. All I can say is that this game better be worth almost 4 years of waiting or blizz will get a strongly worded letter. 🙄

  2. I know its just a funny video but WoWers think they have been patient and deserve the game?  Suck it.  Sorry, I know its a family site.

    • I’m not sure how being a WoWer makes them any less patient or more patient than any other fan.

      Might I remind you that WoW was released in 2004

    • I went to wow after D2. I’ve enjoyed it, I didn’t see my self doing Baal runs for the next 8-10 years. It’s also stupid to say to any WoW fan that has only played that game. “oh, you’ve only played WoW, you don’t deserve Diablo 3.” W T F. That game has been out for 7 YEARS, I like Blizzard, I want them to come out with new games, in this case Diablo 3. For the record people who’ve been playing Diablo 2 up to now aren’t entitled to squat either…

  3. That was a funny video.
    I bet this guy is making this only to draw attention and get a beta key.

  4. hahaahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Blizzard:))) people are sick of you guys loool
    Shame on you Blizzard,shame
    1 bill years of waiting rofl

  5. ok why did no1 mention this : He says hes finished with Half-Life 3
    …..Half-life 3 isn’t out, hasn’t been announced, and was denied it was being developed in december.
    roflll anyways its a good video i suppose about every1 wanting d3 release date 8)
    i wonder if there’s more incorrect things he says in their about games.

    • I think he meant he was done waiting for Half-life 3. As in he gave up on a release date.

      Nonetheless, great vid… it made me laugh and cry simultaneously.

      Bravo. *stands up and starts a slow clap*

  6. He never said he finished Half Life 3 he said he’s given up on its release, and i think this video is hilarious…not to sure why you all said the WoW comments. he was just using it because WoW is one of Blizzards biggest games and it fit so well into the song..kudo’s to this guy. great job lmao

  7. If the game doesn’t get released soon some folks will surely make a whole CD or a movie about how lame is to wait for it… Go Go Go Diablo Maniacs!

  8. I can just imagine soon someones going to die over the delay…’Korean News: boy found dead due to starring at too long’ 😛

    • Considering the crazy stuff people seem to kill themselves over, it wouldn’t surprise me… Remember that big press fiasco a while back when that Chinese kid that died after playing WoW for 3 straight days?

  9. Yeah… This guy pretty much summed up the feelings of the vast majority of Diablo 3 followers… and did it with catchy parody to boot! :mrgreen:

  10. Pretty damn funny, but I would have gone Diablo 3 still has not released… it would have flowed better, but still funny none the less..

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