A post this morning makes that argument, by comparing the bodacious female DiabloWikiwitch doctor to the aged, palsied male version. Bashiok replies by pointing out that the versions of the characters we’ll see in game are little polygon things in the middle of a screen full of demons, and says that the in-game version of the female WD isn’t as sexy as her promo artwork anyway.

    Female WD:

    Bashiok: That’s about a 100x sexification multiplier on how she actually looks.

    Female barbarian as we know it:

    Bashiok: No, this is the female barbarian as you will know her.

    We posted an article on this subject last year, discussing the sexiness (or not) of the Diablo 3 characters, and how the females (and males) throughout the series have often been attractive and packaged in revealing clothing, but have never been the soft, Playboy-bunny type of character so many other RPGs put forward. Check it out if you want more on this issue.

    It’s interesting to look at the female monk, revealed since that article, and how she (in the concept or game art we’ve seen thus far) is not “sexy” at all, in terms of wearing revealing attire.The male monk actually shows more skin than the female! Plus he’s got that sexy, sexy Rasputin beard.

    So, to partially repeat the question from back then; what do you guys (and girls) think of the style of the females in Diablo 3? As Bashiok points out, their sexiness (or not) is irrelevant when you’re actually playing the game, thanks to the large resolution and isometric PoV. But in theory, do you approve of the characters being attractive but fierce, of the male and female representatives of class wearing equivalent clothing, and the overall approach Blizzard is taking with the marketing and styling of the characters in Diablo 3? Or perhaps you want things to shift to the extremes—serious, realistic, ugly avatars—or bikini babes and pouting metrosexuals?


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