Is Magic Find Worth Gearing in v2.2?

Magic Find kit on a Monk.

Magic Find kit on a Monk.

Most players would say no, that Magic Find isn’t worth equipping anymore, since the stat was nerfed to 10% of the listed effectiveness, and made rarer as an item affix, in DiabloWikiD3v2. That conventional wisdom might not be correct though, at least according to a player who reported his test results in a thread on Reddit.

Out of boredom/curiosity I have done 100 consecutive rifts with the following characters:

  • 330% MF – in 4player T6 runs FULL CLEAR (profile)
  • 0% MF – in 4player T6 runs FULL CLEAR (profile)
  • And recorded the number of legendaries that dropped and the results are….

  • 0% MF = 5.43 legendaries per T6 full clear
  • 330% MF = 9.61 legendaries per T6 full clear
  • Assuming those figures are accurate, that’s a huge boost in legendary finds, at presumably about the same clearance time per Rift. (The MF char is zDPS, but with huge toughness and party buff and pull talents, he could be a very useful teammate.)

    It’s actually a bigger legendary increase than the numbers would suggest: 9.61 is actually 56.5% 77% more than 5.43, much more than the 33% more legendaries that 330% DiabloWikiMagic Find “should” result in. But since we’ve only got the devs’ assertion that Magic Find now has just 10% of the listed effectiveness, and there are bugs and oddities galore in RNG, who knows? Obviously it would be good if more players tested this sort of thing to build a more robust data set, and if anyone has been tracking their Magic Find results, feel free to share.

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    1. Most amazing thing in the OP? That he found three other people to run 200 full rift clears with.

      Where do you find players who don’t want to restart the instant they’ve scooped up the blood shards? This includes me; I don’t think I’ve seen a Rift ending Altar this patch, aside from occasionally when Floor One is one of those huge and very dense levels and I clear most/all of it just out of speed/greed.

    2. I thought MF didn’t affect legendaries anymore? Or am I miss-informed?

      I have the opposite experience to flux, I want to end rifts at the rift boss, but everyone wants to continue on, but I play softcore in the EU, my brief jaunt in to HC and I did notice people were closing rifts more at the boss, so maybe its a SC/HC split or an EU/US split.

      • The devs said magic find would work at 10% effectiveness for legendary items when they changed things in D3v2. Hence 100% Magic Find should grant about 10% more legs, etc.

        As MF always had weird scaling and diminishing returns at higher levels in D2, and D3 RNG is often weird, I’d be not at all surprised if that 10% figure is not correct. To evaluate that we need a lot more data, on top of this guy’s nice data set of 200 runs.

    3. Check your math again. 9.61 is just under 77% greater than 5.43, so a 77% increase of 5.43 is about 4.18. This is easily more than double the “10%” mentioned effectiveness of what the devs say is true about magic-find, as a 33% increase to 5.43 should be around 1.79 legendaries per rift.

      Gotta remember to check that math.

      • I don’t like math. I don’t like numbers. There are too many of them.

        And you’re correct, I found the % of the larger number, instead of the % larger was that number. Fixed it in the post, thanks.

    4. So more magic find equals more forgotten souls?

      Wake me up when magic find directly increases the chance of an item rolling ancient. You can argue that having more legendaries drop more often does just that but that amount of significance is moot. It took me over 800 paragons to get that ancient legendary weapon to progress.

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