Is Diablo 3 Console Hardcore “Legit?”

A blue reply to a question about DiabloWikiHardcore on the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Console got me thinking about the larger issue.

Do we know if hardcore will be the same on console – when you die that’s it, start again. I hope it is otherwise it is not really hardcore.
Grimiku: The console version of Hardcore mode will behave just like the pc version, and death will be permanent.

I’ve seen a few people saying it wont be perm death for console, it will have consequences but you can come back to life, just want a blue post or link to say otherwise.
Grimiku: The game is not designed to do this by default, and it would require some manipulation to ensure a “safety net” for a hardcore character.

It’s odd that someone would even ask this question, as often as Blizzard has said the console is the same PC game with a few minor changes to the controls. But now that it’s been answered, here’s my bigger question. Is Hardcore legit when done on the console?

57_PigSticker_IIIIt’s not that the dodge ability or diminished disconnect issues makes HC dubious on the console, but that characters can be saved and restored. (From what Blizzard has said, the save files are all packed together so you’d have to restore all of your characters to the last save, not just the one HC one. So at least it’s potentially inconvenient to cheat.)

There’s a ready rebuttal to that, and it’s Diablo 2 single player. There is online closed realm HC in D2 where players can not access their character files and death is forever, but there’s always been a substantial community of D2 players who played offline, and while they *could* restore their chars if the died, many players would rather die! (Oh wait.) You can see ample testimony to their devotion in our old time and still quite busy Diablo 2 Single Player forum (the SPF), where players much more hardcore than the rest of us can be found chronicling their 5000 or 10000 run grail quests (or worse) while recording precise stats and drop rates in spreadsheets.

Not everyone plays HC in the D2 SPF, but most do, and they take it seriously. So sure, Diablo 3 console players could be dedicated and legit and Hardcore. In fact, you could even argue that the console players are more Hardcore, since there’s no DiabloWikiAuction House to provide easy gear upgrades. (So I guess the remaining question is how legit a console DiabloWikiIronborn player is, given the improved quality of drops and NPC item sales?)

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8 thoughts on “Is Diablo 3 Console Hardcore “Legit?”

  1. Good article. Love the SPF love for D2 (^_^) Might be considered crazy when viewed from the outside world, but thats what makes SPF and Diablo 2 special, fun and challenging. Cheating to us \soils\ the game we love, it prevents preservation of the dream that we share and ultimately we let ourselves down and everyone else in the community down too. Will D3’s Console community feel the same way as those at SPF, probably not, but doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll cheat the whole time either. People who wanted to cheat on D3 PC have already done so with botting/hacking, Console will be alittle harder to bot/hack and not nearly as fruitful with the absense of AH. So why do people care if you can move files back to an earlier date? Maybe a date prior to a HC character death? Cheating is already incredibly prevalent on D3, shouldn’t those who care so much about it, focus on the game they are playing right now and not a console version of their game?

    Maybe SPF’ers are crazy but were definately passionate about Diablo 2 and how we play it. If people are going to cheat on the console, theyre going to do it. PC gamers will either cry about it because they like cheating and can’t or assume everyone who is playing console is now a cheater. Maybe some will simply continue to enjoy D3 and not care about it. Either way, theres nothing we can do about it, being console is offline.

    Persoanlly, as a HC player, I am very excited about console because of the D/C deaths I had on PC. All 6 of WW barbs died to D/C, some over P50, never to a monster. Really pissed me off and was a big reason I left D3, joining the SPF and playing Diablo 2 again. Console allows me to give D3 one more chance to play D3 because I can enjoy HC offline. Am I going to cheat? HELL NO. I spent too many hours on D3 HC playing legit to go to console and cheat. I am determined to die a worthy death with my HC character, maybe to a nasty elite pack or a boss like Belial? Cheating is not on my list to do with the Console version, I just want to enjoy D3 offline, without lag. I dont expect others to feel the same way as me, but I am confident I am not the only one who has no plan on cheating.

  2. Do you play the game yourself, making your own decisions? Then it’s you who decide what you think is “legit”.

    • Are you a police officer, making your own decisions? Then it’s you who decides what you think is “illegal.”

    • No, I won’t be playing the console. Unless someone gives me a console to play it on.

      The question of what’s “legit” or not is more metaphorical than literal. Everyone will have their own opinion, but the post was meant more to spur debate within the community and to get people thinking about the long term implications.

  3. The 10K link doesn’t link to a grail/run thread but a tournament thread (which is also great). Just a little complaint about the titling.
    I was happy to see the zod god link 😉

    If people are going to play solo and find a way to cheat then “oh well”. It doesn’t affect anyone else, imo. If someone is going to play in tournaments of any kind to brag to others then it’s just low to cheat. I don’t think these type of people put much effort into being part of a community that cares, though.

    • I actually wrote the post before I looked for links, and it was just happy coincidence that there was a “5000 runs” thread right on the first page. I wasn’t going to link to literally what I said, just some threads that were representative of the mad devotion. That one was literal was just a happy coincidence… though I could probably have found a 10000 run post if I’d looked back a few pages.

  4. As another former proud member of the legen….wait for it….dary SPF D2 forum (since around 2001, baby!), I too want to recommend you, Flux, for bringing the wonderful spirit of the SPF to the front page of the site! 😀

    The one thing that one has to remember, is that communities develop around like minded people. What that means in practice, is that some people cheat in single player offline D2. Some people cheat in online D3, and some people will definitely cheat in offline console D3 as well.

    But some don’t. And never will.

    And those people will definitely be playing HC D3 with honor, and perhaps even want their own little forum here, with tales of their quests, their falls, their glory and their loss.

    It’s all a matter of what a community of people finds fun and exciting, and I am 100% sure that there will be plently of players just like ZeroAffex above here, which willl love the opportunity to play HC D3 without dying because of shaking net connections. And it’s wonderful that they will get the chance!

    What *I* am most curious about, is the way the no-AH mode will affect the game and especially the endgame in the console version, and whether such a mode could finally inspire a self found ironman (sorry Flux, love Game of Thrones as well, but we’ve called it Ironman and not Ironborn for more than a decate back at the SPF… hehe), in the PC version of D3.

    Now THAT would be a glorious day!

    • Ironman was a common term for the Live off the Land type play way back in the D1 days, and I’m sure from some games before then. But AFAIK I never heard anyone use “Ironborn” as a reference to the Iron Islanders and their “pay the iron price” mantra from GRRM’s work, to refer to “no Auction House,” until early in D3 days. Obviously, since there wasn’t an Auction House to avoid until D3…

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