Ironborn #8: Reading Tea Leaves Is So Fun!

Have you ever planned a vacation and discovered days before taking your trip that the weather is supposed to be gloomy and cold – but upon arriving, you discover bright blue skies? You might have spent a lot of time worrying – but it ultimately turned out to be for nothing.

From what I’m seeing on the forums (and recent videos of the RoS beta), the same thing is happening around the discussion of BoA in Diablo 3. A recent poll showed about 70% of our site members are willing to accept some degree of binding (if it means finding better items). Still… that means around a third of people are uneasy about it or outright don’t like it.

Nobody knows what the expansion will actually be like when it arrives (unless they’re really, really good at reading tea leaves). Thankfully, that doesn’t stop us from speculating wildly! Based on what we’ve seen of the beta, I’d like to take a moment to gaze (in a crystal-ball-esque manner) at what the beta’s current item game may tell us about binding, and D3’s future.

Diablo 3 tea leaf reading

What will binding do for the future of Diablo 3? Only this cup of leftover tea leaves knows – and it’s not telling!

Why BoE and BoT (Probably) Won’t Work

Those who gripe about the idea of BoA in D3 usually mention two alternatives: Bind on Equip, and Bind on Trade. The argument goes that by using these forms of binding, players would still be able to trade freely, but reselling of items would be cut greatly, which (they hope) would help solve the problem of gear being too easy to acquire through trading.

But both of those ideas ignore the influence of bots on the game (which are only too happy to sell you brand new, never-been-purchased gear). What’s worse, third-party sites will likely learn how to streamline the buying process by using Blizzard’s own AH as a template. Fleets of bots on third-party sites will be ready to sell you any item your heart desires. Result: We’re back to items being too easy to acquire.

And that would just be with legendary and set items. Currently, rares have no binding whatsoever. It was a nice concession to traders to not have binding on rares, but the result will be almost as bad as if we still had the AH. Power traders will have the best rare gear within days of the expansion going live. BoE and BoT on legs and sets would just make matters worse, essentially recreating the situation we have today with the AH.

All Signs Point to Trading Being Largely Unnecessary

It’s a good thing there’s a dearth of great gear dropping in the beta for RoS. Actually, the main problem with the beta right now seems to be that good gear is almost too easy to find; Flux’s HC monk was ready for Torment difficulty after only a few weeks of regular beta play.

Granted, the beta still has tons of tuning to go through before the expansion is ready for prime time. But if the current gear drop rates are anywhere close to what we see in Loot 2.0 and RoS, the urge to trade for an item won’t be nearly as strong. Since you won’t be able to buy every item immediately (like legs and set items), it’s important that item hunting yields cooler stuff more frequently.

I’m not sure how they’ll do it, but I’m betting Blizzard wants to get the game to a point where the first thing players think when an item drops isn’t how much gold or cash they’ll get for it in a trade, but how exciting it will be to equip it, share it with your other characters, or salvage it and run it through the crafting machine (in the hope of getting something better). They have their work cut out for them, but it’s a great goal to encourage that mindset among players.

Dealing With The “Veruca Salt” Mentality

Lately, I’ve come to believe SF players and power traders are not actually at war with each other, per se. After all, they’re both dealing with a frustrating item hunt and a “want it now” mentality. SF players have made peace with this “need it now” feeling by accepting that it’s not worth buying or trading something, if it’ll rob you of the joy of finding it later on.

But what about those who like to balance finding and trading? The urge to get it all now (or at least, sooner rather than later) by buying it on a third-party site or power trading can be hard to deal with. Like Veruca Salt in the tale of Willy Wonka, it’s hard to fight the desire to have it all now. And it’s even tougher when there’s always a bot willing to sell it to you.

It’s a shame there’s no pop-up, warning players: “Hey, you’re trading to the point that you’ll never find anything better on your own – so you’ll be entirely dependent upon trading to find anything better from now on.” Until there is, anyone who trades too much will be at risk of losing the ability to actually find their own upgrades while playing the game.

If you look at it that way… maybe binding is simply Blizzard’s way of helping players help themselves? Especially if said players want to feel any sense of joy in actually finding their own items.

Merging SF and Trade: A Tightrope Act

Several people on the official forums (a few SF buds among them) still seem confused as to why Blizzard created an almost-but-not-quite-Ironborn mode, instead of simply splitting the game into SF and trade modes. It would be a win-win, right?

My guess is that, although many players see playing SF and trading as an either/or choice, most players probably trade to various degrees – from only once or twice, to almost always. So while splitting the game into four modes (SF SC, SF HC, Trade SC, Trade HC) might seem like Blizzard would be giving players what they want, it would just polarize the community further.

Looking Back, Looking Forward

While watching RoS gameplay streams gives us an idea of how we’ll feel playing it, there are still patches, fixes and changes to be made. Until we can dive in and play the final version for ourselves, we’re left speculating and tea-leaf reading. In a sense, it’s a bit like trying to forecast the weather: it’s an imperfect science.

At this point, it’s worth keeping two things in mind: 1) if BoA really doesn’t work out, they can always remove it later, and 2) people were just as nervous about the AH at the launch of D3, as they are now about the planned arrival of BoA when RoS hits.

To the second point, there’s something to be said about being afraid of things we don’t know much about. True, people have tried (and apparently managed to live with) binding mechanics in games like WoW, but such broad-scale binding has never been done in a Diablo game before. In that sense, the anxiety traders feel is understandable.

Sympathy For Traders

At the same time, it’s worth noting that a lot of people ended up enjoying D3C in spite of its horrid drop rates. SF players felt left out in the cold, since the game treated them as though they were power traders – but at least traders could say they enjoyed using the AH.

It sucks when a company puts something in a game that people enjoy, and then rip it out (for whatever reason). And for that, I feel for traders. It’s never any fun when that happens.

For my own part, as frustrating as the drop rate were when D3 first came out, and despite later patches not doing much to help it, I still played the game. Call me crazy, but I’m willing to trust Blizzard once more as they try to fix the item game.

Even as much as SF players felt like D3C was made for trading, not playing, we’ve still stuck around. Right?… I hope traders will at least be willing to give RoS a shot before raising their pitchforks.

+Loot 2.0, -Binding?

There are still a lot of questions I have for the devs. For example, why not simply put Loot 2.0 in without any binding? If people want to ruin the economy and trade to the point where they can no longer find their own upgrades, why not let them? The risk would be on them.

I predict that the reason the devs want a more stabilized economy is because they want D3 to last a really long time. I’m not sure how long exactly, but I’d guess they are hoping the game is popular enough to warrant another three expansions after RoS.

What do you all think? Is this all crazy talk, or could Blizzard be preparing D3 for the (really) long haul?


If you have any thoughts or ideas on any of this stuff, I’d love to hear them. I may be a SF player, but I’m not ignorant to the fact that a lot of people like to trade. I just believe that the task Blizzard has before them (making everyone happy) is actually quite challenging.

Anyway – here’s to an expansion that (hopefully) makes all of us happy! *raises glass*

Ironborn is a column by Waterfiend that explores self-found play and related topics. Got an idea for a column? Share it in the comments or contact Waterfiend on his profile page.

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  1. Imo, they want a game that lasts long enough to sell expansions. (That’s why you can’t have AH and loot 2.0).

    I wish they do anything that minimize the bot interaction with this game – like an offline mode, i.e. 🙂

    I wonder how much of the beloved bnet “economy” is composed of gold and legendaries from bots. Maybe it would reach a point that everyone would be using gear found by bots, bought with gold farmed by bots, earned played AH – and that is disturbing. Yep, I understand, traders won’t like it, but that kind of economy could use a little boapocalypse.

    I think people won’t like it, they will complain a lot and a good chunk of player base (the “it was impossible find sets and runes on D2” ones) will quit, but maybe some new players will show up. Maybe it will be some sort of selection…

    If somehow this works and they make people farm for a couple years, to the point they grow attached to their lvl 70 gear – then lvl 80 gear turns it into trash in one day, then you’ll have a disaster…

    • “I wish they do anything that minimize the bot interaction with this game – like an offline mode, i.e. :)”

      <3 this idea so much, even though I don't think they'll do it. But yeah, you make a good point. People can still run their own bots – but unlike in D2, you won't be able to just buy back all your items if your account gets banned. It'll take time (and luck) to earn them again.

  2. QUOTE

    If somehow this works and they make people farm for a couple years, to the point they grow attached to their lvl 70 gear - then lvl 80 gear turns it into trash in one day, then you'll have a disaster...

    They’ve been doing that with WoW for almost a decade. 🙂

  3. Good post. The reality is that different people place different values on trading, even among D2 veterans. I for one, enjoyed trading as a supplemental income, but would much rather farm Mephisto runs than sit in trade channels. I’m also not into min/maxing for \perfect\ items. In the end, I think the AH was \voted off the island\ because it was not supplemental income. It was a knife that cut through the poor item hunt like butter.

    Maybe if the itemization wasn’t so poor, the AH could’ve been supplemental in nature (i.e. self-found players could avoid it and still have a steady income from playing the game), but this was not the case. Now the devs have the tough task of re-booting the economy and item hunt, and it only makes sense to start off with some form of binding mechanic. No more massive economy implosions, no more third party meddling, no more fast track to exciting, build-changing legendaries. I hope they continue to provide a grace period for trading with friends in your game (to keep pace with console versions) but I fully support prevention of mass trading and third party invasion. I also agree that Blizzard has aspirations of more Expansions to make up for the lost income of the AH, and maintain a good track record with fans on their popular properties. The economy, combat flow, and item acquisition curve (which is essentially the end-game for Diablo 3) are simply easier to to maintain if their are less variables (like the AH, mass-trading, third parties/bots, etc.).

    And yes, build variety and viability will maintain more credibility if they balance out builds with the legendaries in beta to prepare for launch. Ideally, a small percentage of the population gets their hands on the next \Windforce\ within 2 years or so, but there’s already a new Expansion prepped and ready.

    • Good point about the poor itemization. D2 had perfectly fine itemization – and it never bothered me that others traded, since it didn’t affect my drop rates (and thus enjoyment of the game).

      Post-D2, Blizzard seems to want to create a balance of blah items that are readily available via trade, or great items that are not. Since the former approach ended up hurting SF players, I’m kind of glad they’re at least willing to try out the latter.

  4. This is not going to be a popular POV, but it’s the one I’ve got, and the way I see things coming for RoS and the future of D3 as a game.

    As BaronScarpia so perfectly put it, I believe the introduction of BoA on all legendaries in D3:RoS will cause a somewhat natural selection, or even evolution in the crowd playing this game.

    The players that are all about instant gratification, getting to test that OP build they’ve seen Kongor running RIGHT NOOOW, as well as getting to 2m DPS yesterday… those players will probably feel the game is too slow, is demanding too much grinding and time investment, and will leave for other gamers, where their need for instant gratification will be met better.

    On the other hand, the players which truly love the franchise, or better yet, the ones who can undertand and accept the concept of enjoying the item hunt, for lengthy periods of time (and I mean something as the balance of finding a Windforce in LoD… could happen in 1 hour, could just as easily happen in 1 year)- they will stay.

    Not only will legendaries opening new builds (bombardment crusader 2h flail, permastrafe xbow, summons attack 100% faster gloves and so on) be actually sought after, but one will not simply be able to get on the AH and buy them, nor go to d2jsp and get them there.

    Imagine, having to actually play the game, for unlocking these uber, fun builds for yourself. I KNOW, it’s MIND BOGGLING!

    All sarcasm aside, I think Blizzard doesn’t neccessarily need to make everything BoA, but in poetic justica sorta’ way, are now restoring balance to the playerbase, and SF players which have invested over 1500h in order to conquer MP10 and make P100 with one char, can suddenly feel the game is build towards them as well, after having gotten the cold shoulder in the past.

    All in all, there will be no more shortcuts to climbing up on the DPS/Plvl ladder, and the focus will be more on having fun playing the game, rather than trading/buying the items you need in order to get there.

    Perfect evolution of the series, in my eyes, and I, for one, cannot wait!

    • “The players that are all about instant gratification, getting to test that OP build they’ve seen Kongor running RIGHT NOOOW, as well as getting to 2m DPS yesterday… those players will probably feel the game is too slow, is demanding too much grinding and time investment, and will leave for other gamers, where their need for instant gratification will be met better.”

      Begone from my sight, foul power gamers!


    • Yes hunting for items to allow new builds is a huge part of the fun in my view and I’m glad that this is back. While doing this do you also sometimes find other cool items that want you to try other builds/classes too(who all also need their own legendaries), this keeps the game going.

    • My biggest goal in D2 LOD was to find a Windforce. I never did find one, nor was I even able to trade for one. I never found one in D3 either (I wasn’t willing to buy one). RoS will keep me chasing that rainbow.

      • I actually self found 3 Windforces back in LoD, but that was in a span of around 9-10 years or so…. they were rare, but not impossible rare!

        As you are saying, that chase for the rainbow is what makes the whole thing fun! 🙂

    • Bravo, Bravo! Excellent post.

  5. Also a good comment. I agree with those assumptions for the most part. But assuming they retain the ability to trade items within the game they are found, we will still have some ability to enjoy \cooperative item hunting\ to an extent. I think this is a fundamental part of classic Diablo playing that shouldn’t be lost. I don’t want to have to farm in scheduled raids every week like in WoW, I don’t want to have to roll for every item like in WoW, but I would still like to be able to hit up an Adventure Mode run with my small crew and help each other find our special builds.

  6. The key to pulling off this boa thing is insuring there is a feeling you are getting close to an uber item. Runewords were supposed to do this in d2. The item came in pieces, but you knew it would be awesome once assembled.

    If all drops are total rng, I seriously doubt I will play past 3 months before drops feel totally unrewarding.

    • You bring up a -really- good point. I can’t tell you how much I miss runewords in D2.

      All those junk runes really added up over time to create something beautiful. And there were lots of meaningful choices to make about which runewords to save up for and create.

      The days that I found a Jah and Ber rune, I could have gotten hit by a bus and still have called it a good day. There really aren’t any equivalent items in D3 yet, unfortunately.

  7. QUOTE

    The key to pulling off this boa thing is insuring there is a feeling you are getting close to an uber item.  Runewords were supposed to do this in d2.  The item came in pieces, but you knew it would be awesome once assembled.

    Craftable Legendaries should give players exactly this feeling. They require components from salvaged Legendaries and also from Unique monsters based on what I’ve seen so far. The problem is that they cannot be crafted yet in the beta and their stats aren’t implemented either, so we don’t know how viable they are.

    • As you say, they’re not makeable yet. I’ve found 5 or 6 legendary crafting mats that couldn’t be picked up. They’re pink no icon graphics and you just click them without them leaving the ground. And then the new leg recipes you find require Angelic Smegma or something like that, and it’s not to be had. Doesn’t come from salvaging and it’s not the un-pick-up-able mats you find either.

      It is a Beta test, after all.

  8. I hate to say this but, waterfiend … you’re a total traiter to our community just to pen this acceptance of non tradable items. I dont’ care what botters do. AND, I dont’ care what other players do. To the individual serious and legit diablo player bound on account legendaries are a lousy idea.

    We keep getting sold this idea that, one can’t exist without the other. Great items only happen if bound; and that the game will break if people get to powerful or if third party sites do well.

    It just doesn’t affect me if other players sell out too fast. But, at the time of the endgame, when I’m looking to really streamline my gear, I wont be able to because of Bound.

    Why can’t you other players see this? Standing behind this train will be regrettable. Every person who just nods in agreement is a stupid parrot who can’t separate the idea of decent gear & BOA … they don’t have to be in the same sentence.


    Perfect example … in the very stream you all posted today with the DH showing off new skills … he’s running along and finds the exact same legendary belt with better stats. But, now, he has two. If this was his real account and end game he would be wishing he had a way to trade in that older, hard won, belt for almost anything else .. even mats. but, he’s just stuck with it? If bliz lowers the drop rate any further, items as good as those might even come along less often … and by the time you find the second one; you’re really wishing you had that trading power.


    they are taking away another one of our players abilities and we’re doing nothing about it. agree with this and you are a moron.

    • God, people take their video games way to gawddamn seriously. So he can’t trade his old belt. So what. Sell the damn belt and move on for goodness’ sakes.

      I don’t like BoA either but it’s just a freakin’ game folks…..

      PS – As a long-time 100% legit offline-only single-player D2 fan, I can attest that, yes, it’s possible to enjoy the game without being able to trade anything at all. Yeesh.

      • you enjoy it … i’m happy for you. But, people take all kinds of games seriously. Whether it be football, basketball or video games. You can say it doesn’t matter and maybe it wont affect you. But, I’m an end game dueler and my gear is something that makes the difference. I’m fighting for my 1% edge and I’ll need it. So, yeah, I take it seriously

        • You don’t “need” a “1% edge” to be an “end game dueler”, you just need an even playing field. This does nothing to remove that.

          If that’s not good enough for you….well, like Lord Vega up above, I surely won’t be sorry to see players with this kind of mentality go away.

          • Yeah? And it’s players like you that I’ll gladly face roll. We all play these games for different reasons. I love the game and I’m vocal when I see something I don’t like. But, I don’t just make noise … I explain my reasoning.

            You can see the game however you want. Some people watch baseball and see the pure and simple showdown between a batter and a pitcher; just like a bull fight. And others talk about player stats and performance. If you’re a relaxed player, looking for a leisurely stroll through the highest MP you can handle … then I salute you. I’ll sing the national anthem right before our duel. But, if this was D1 I’d have your gear. If this was D2 I’d have your ear.

    • Blizzard listens to the squeaky wheel and that squeaky wheel is the moar-dps crowd who sell out. When they start complaining that the game is too easy or they only found 4 mempos today, Blizzard will tune the drop rates or the item stats or something else terrible.

      This has already happened with nephalem stacks, paragon levels, and the hellfire ring. As a SF player, I will probably never get a hellfire ring because it’s an event tuned to AH players. Eventually the game will be filled with content that doesn’t apply to you or me.

      If BoA is removed and other players sell out too fast, it WILL affect you.

  9. I don’t care what other players do either, as long as I get better drop rates…

    But Blizzard does. And as long as the only choice we get is between (crummy legs and sets without binding) or (amazing legs and sets with binding), the choice is plain as day to me. Which of the two would you choose?

    Also worth noting: You can streamline your endgame gear without trading; SF players have done it since D2. It just takes longer as you get closer to the top tier. Hopefully, in D3, it’ll be amazing when we finally get to that top gear. And hopefully, new crafting recipes will be worth tumping old legs and set into.

    • What erks me here is that you are actually given a forum on which to speak and you waste the opportunity by agreeing with the poor strategy.

      Again, you reinforce the concept that there is no choice; great items = bound. But, that’s just not the way it has to be. you could have used your chance to speak by speaking out. by talking about the bad ideas in hopes that Blizzard is reading your post. And, I would put money on the fact that they read this site.

      You just reinforced one of the worst things to ever happen to this game.

    • I see your reasoning as a false dichotomy. I think there are many other options that would allow trading, keep the drops and items in check and keep the economy somewhat balanced. I’m not smart enough to figure out the solution, but I don’t see the problem as black and white.

  10. Right now I am chomping at the bit for the loot 2.0 patch for vanilla D3. Because if I find one more 300 DPS level 63 hand crossbow while playing one of my Demon Hunters, I will seriously go bonkers.

    Watching all of the ROS streams is really making me envious, and making things seem to take even longer. Its like going from Glacier pace to Continental Drift pace.

    So yeah, BOA bring it on!

    Actually finding items in a reasonable amount of time might actually start to feel like Diablo once again. Right now I feel like a pindleskin bot who keeps running and running but only finds total garbage items. I am a machine just going thru some keys and mouse buttons.

  11. QUOTE

    And as long as the only choice we get is between (crummy legs and sets without binding) or (amazing legs and sets with binding), the choice is plain as day to me. Which of the two would you choose?

    That’s a false dichotomy. You can have good items + good drop rates without any kind of binding. SF vs. trading doesn’t have to be an either-or situation. The devs just need to find a more reasonable drawback for trading that balances out the randomness of drops, so that only people who really like to trade will do so and SFers won’t feel forced to do it.

    As someone who belongs in the second group I would be absolutely fine if we would have the expansion’s current item game with no binding at all. Drops are good enough and without the AH trading has about the same limitations as it did in D2, probably a bit more due to the lack of named games. These limitations could be adjusted with UI changes down the line and that doesn’t have to mean the return of the AH.

    As for third-party trading sites replacing the AH, I’m happy to say they never could. The greatest advantage of using the AH is that you have access to a global economy, where you can buy things with on click. You can trade with every player, even when they are offline. It is also completely safe, barring some bugs. A third-party site would have none of these advantages. It could indeed be better than if you would have to use the chat to trade, but that’s not exactly a high bar.

    1) No global economy. You would need to look for trades outside the game and presumably also have a separate login. This adds inconvenience, however small. In my opinion the great majority of players won’t leave the game to do something that’s integral to it. I certainly wouldn’t, but a dedicated trader might. Presumably we would also have multiple sites or forums for trading. It’s easy to see how these drawbacks would also greatly reduce the number of items a trader has access to.

    2) No one-click buying. You could certainly list items on third-party sites, but you would still have to find your trading partner in-game, invite him to a game and do the trade “in person”.

    3) No trading with offline players. See #2.

    4) No more total safety. Although without readily available duping trades are generally much safer than in D2, even without the AH, you could still get scammed if you aren’t careful. Since a third-party site could never list actual items an AH-like site would be only as good as the word of the people who trade there.

    D2 had similar limitations and trading still thrived, but only amongst those who actually cared about it and that’s how things should be in D3 as well.

  12. Why is the writer under the impression that people who are opposed to binding are power hungry maniacs who spend real money on gear to satisfy their needs like junkies. Then goes further on the junkie metaphor to tell that those people are hurting themselves and blizz might be helping people who can’t control themselves? Wow!

    I personally am against the bind-all mentality, and fail to see a real reason to support it.

    I invested a lot of time in D2, traded and raced for the HC Ladder, never ever spent real money on it, and never used third party sites or bots. Managed to create \my version\ of characters, which looked \different\ in the \chat lobby\ and performed better than many other streamlined chars because there was character \customization\.

    And people botting – buying items or even duping did not really effect the fun i got out of the game that much. Because I knew I could have played the game, get the items people need and barter for what I need and customize thru items and skills for a totally unique character which smashed faces.

    We lack these concepts i quoted above.

    What we have is a bunch of people who whine on forums and tell Blizz what they want, and Blizz obey them and set new rules.

    Trust me, Blizz have always been excellent at creating expectations, prolonging a games playtime by setting artificial setbacks, and milking players resources (time and moneyz). I am fine with being milked financially , wasting my now-little free time on a pc game


    And please for gods sake, stop telling people what SHOULD be FUN!

    • I’m not saying people who oppose binding are junkies who can’t control themselves. I’m saying that when you know you can trade for it… the idea of actually hunting for it instead becomes a hard sell (no pun intended).

      No matter how badly people want to get items faster through trading, Blizzard seems determined to make them feel the joy of actually finding it. *shrug*


      • You may remain joyless when you don’t find the exact item you want and it’s two years later.

        Let others spend whole days trading instead of fighting. Who cares? Not me. Maybe that’s the thing that makes them happy. Doesn’t affect me.

        But, if you punish all legit players by taking away free trade; you, Waterfiend, will regret it.

  13. Two things for me:

    1. How Blizz will make the game last for 1-2 years without drastically scaling back the drops is a mystery to me.

    2. With the ‘smart drop’ system, you might find legendary ‘A’ that allows a fun build but requires legendary ‘B’. Now say it takes a month or two to find ‘B’, by this time the smart drop system has upgraded everything and legendary ‘A’ now has sadly low rolls compared to your current gear. So instead of trying a new fun build it could be back tracking instead of moving forward.

    As a sidenote to 2, I really am curious to see how we can find and build hundreds of item sets based around affixes without an AH, with small stash space, and with ‘smart drops’ invalidating gear found in the process.

  14. QUOTE

    2. With the 'smart drop' system, you might find legendary 'A' that allows a fun build but requires legendary 'B'.  Now say it takes a month or two to find 'B', by this time the smart drop system has upgraded everything and legendary 'A' now has sadly low rolls compared to your current gear. So instead of trying a new fun build it could be back tracking instead of moving forward.

    I think you misunderstand how the smart drop system works and what it’s purpose. Smart drops are not guaranteed upgrades, they only come with stats relevant to your class. Let’s say you’re playing a Witch Doctor. A smart drop for you won’t ever have Strength, Dexterity or any skill bonuses from the other classes, unless it’s a class specific items, in which case it will always spawn with stats for the class that can use the item. The stats that spawn on a smart drop are still random though, so a smart drop can be worse than non-smart, or should I say dumb drop. They simply provide a better CHANCE to get an upgrade, nothing more.

  15. I still want to see Bind to Clan or something similar, some way to trade with your friends without them having to be in your game with you. Will it still be exploited? Of course. Doesn’t mean I don’t want it anyway.

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