After the announcement of the Auction Houses closing, our SF Group on RaidCall has seen more people interested in giving self-found a try. Over the past few weeks, we’ve managed to get a few groups together to start level 1 characters. So far, we’ve had a ton of fun playing together.

    While we haven’t gotten past Normal yet, the time we’ve spent talking and playing SF together has helped us explore aspects of self-found play, learn the rules of SF multiplayer etiquette, and discuss what Loot 2.0 will do for the end-game.

    Playing Well With Others

    It’s pretty common for self-found players to prefer playing solo. Even for those in our group who have played multiplayer extensively, playing SF with others was somewhat new. As we started playing together, we realized it would be helpful to have rules in place to help guide our group.

    For starters, rather than drop things to get rid of them (which can confuse people as to whether the item came from an enemy), we set a rule that we would only sell or salvage unwanted items.

    We also realized that – at least till we all hit the level cap – we should let the lowest level player be the leader of the group, and select the quest. As SirRight pointed out, it’s no harm for us to replay areas we’ve already been, and it ensures that no one gets left behind.

    (Side note: Starting off on MP10 is totally manageable when you’re playing with a group of four. We’ve had a few deaths since we started, but we’re kicking butt for the most part.)

    Hoping To Find “The One”

    It seemed like everyone in our group had an item they dreamed of finding one day. While we played, I asked the guys if there was one item they wished they had, and heard several answers.

    One of our guys, Slaya, said he’d never found a Mempo, but really wanted to get one before RoS arrives. SirRight said he hadn’t even looked at the list of legendaries, because he didn’t want to ruin the surprise of finding each one for the first time. I chipped in that I’d like to find a Visage of Giyua and a Homunculus to create a “zero dogs” build for my Witch Doctor someday.

    We all agreed that searching for hard-to-get items is part of what makes SF play so enjoyable. Whether you’re searching for an amazing roll on a rare item, or a specific legendary weapon or crafting recipe, the thought of actually finding it is what keeps us going strong.

    What to Do Until Loot 2.0 Hits?

    We still have time before Loot 2.0 and the AH closure kick in. There are a lot of details we all want to know about how the game will work. Until Blizzard reveals more info, we’re stuck waiting.

    At least for now, we’re having fun. While AH users ponder over what form trading will eventually take, our SF league members have their own questions – like how itemization will change, and whether those items we’ve always wanted will be easier to find. In fact, SirRight mentioned that some people are interested in joining our SF league, but are waiting for Loot 2.0 to hit first.

    I’m curious to know what all of you think. When Loot 2.0 hits, will you give self-found a chance, go full-on with trading, or strike a balance? Do you feel it’s more fun to find that one elusive item yourself, or do you prefer to trade your way onward and upward to better things?

    Waterfiend is a writer and avid gamer who follows Diablo 3 news religiously. Say hello at his forum profile.

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