Ironborn #5: Playing As A Group

After the announcement of the Auction Houses closing, our SF Group on RaidCall has seen more people interested in giving self-found a try. Over the past few weeks, we’ve managed to get a few groups together to start level 1 characters. So far, we’ve had a ton of fun playing together.

While we haven’t gotten past Normal yet, the time we’ve spent talking and playing SF together has helped us explore aspects of self-found play, learn the rules of SF multiplayer etiquette, and discuss what Loot 2.0 will do for the end-game.

Playing Well With Others

It’s pretty common for self-found players to prefer playing solo. Even for those in our group who have played multiplayer extensively, playing SF with others was somewhat new. As we started playing together, we realized it would be helpful to have rules in place to help guide our group.

For starters, rather than drop things to get rid of them (which can confuse people as to whether the item came from an enemy), we set a rule that we would only sell or salvage unwanted items.

We also realized that – at least till we all hit the level cap – we should let the lowest level player be the leader of the group, and select the quest. As SirRight pointed out, it’s no harm for us to replay areas we’ve already been, and it ensures that no one gets left behind.

(Side note: Starting off on MP10 is totally manageable when you’re playing with a group of four. We’ve had a few deaths since we started, but we’re kicking butt for the most part.)

Hoping To Find “The One”

It seemed like everyone in our group had an item they dreamed of finding one day. While we played, I asked the guys if there was one item they wished they had, and heard several answers.

One of our guys, Slaya, said he’d never found a Mempo, but really wanted to get one before RoS arrives. SirRight said he hadn’t even looked at the list of legendaries, because he didn’t want to ruin the surprise of finding each one for the first time. I chipped in that I’d like to find a Visage of Giyua and a Homunculus to create a “zero dogs” build for my Witch Doctor someday.

We all agreed that searching for hard-to-get items is part of what makes SF play so enjoyable. Whether you’re searching for an amazing roll on a rare item, or a specific legendary weapon or crafting recipe, the thought of actually finding it is what keeps us going strong.

What to Do Until Loot 2.0 Hits?

We still have time before Loot 2.0 and the AH closure kick in. There are a lot of details we all want to know about how the game will work. Until Blizzard reveals more info, we’re stuck waiting.

At least for now, we’re having fun. While AH users ponder over what form trading will eventually take, our SF league members have their own questions – like how itemization will change, and whether those items we’ve always wanted will be easier to find. In fact, SirRight mentioned that some people are interested in joining our SF league, but are waiting for Loot 2.0 to hit first.

I’m curious to know what all of you think. When Loot 2.0 hits, will you give self-found a chance, go full-on with trading, or strike a balance? Do you feel it’s more fun to find that one elusive item yourself, or do you prefer to trade your way onward and upward to better things?

Waterfiend is a writer and avid gamer who follows Diablo 3 news religiously. Say hello at his forum profile.

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  1. I’ll play “SF-friends-group” – no trading just sharing :).

  2. Never used the AH, glad to see it go! Always have and will continue to play self-found + “trading” (i.e. giving and getting as needed for free) loot from same game session with friends.

    • For those not playing SF, I think what you described would be the best way to play the game. Our group prides itself on finding our own stuff – but the idea of playing with your friends and helping them gear is cool, too, and a far cry from the situation we have today with the AH.

    • Well, its all about what you want isn’t it? I love been being forced into your play style. No really.

  3. Most of the time in d3 I play solo and before that the first versions of Diablo you was forced to play in groups to accomplish end bosses. With AH it was possible to farm a lot of gold and then buy items and play when you want it, removing AH is a disaster in my eyes, I don’t want to spend time 24/7 to farm for worthless items for barb when I play WD. Josh from Bliz even said that some drops will be godly now but there will be less drops?

    And then again you’re forced to play in groups because the lack of decent gear to kill bosses. I know a lot of dudes welcome the removing of AH in forums, but it looks strange because it seems like they play WoW or Startcraft according to their avatars. One thing more a lot of them sounds like young dudes who can play when they want and have time for it.

    I think most of the dudes who want to keep the AH are players like me who want to enjoy the game now and then but have a life outside the Diablo World. I have talked to a lot people all over the World since the announcement about closing AH appears in the news and all say the same, we will continue playing d3 with the chars we have now but will not buy the expansion.

    Another thing is that I have a feeling all the players who want the AH removed and get back to the old days of D2 are the same players who always complain that it was impossible fo find good items in the same version.

    Another, remember all the scammers, cheaters, and dupers and third part diablo shops, and Blizzard ban and ban accounts, is that what people want back?

    Finally, I think it’s bad business to remove the AH since it was a part of D3 when we bought it. Sorry for the long comment but there are many factors to keep the AH, but I don’t see any reason to remove it at all, because if you don’t like that don’t use it

    • No problem about the long comments, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      The issue with the AH (according to Blizzard) is that it damaged the core of the game, i.e. killing monsters should be the best way to progress. It also deeply divided the community by creating a status system where only those who flipped or used their credit card could get good items.

      By introducing Loot 2.0 and removing the temptation of using the AH, they’re working to create a more rewarding play experience. I think they’ll create a trade system that’s fair, but encourages you to find things yourself most of the time, and avoids the vices of D2 trading.

      How they’ll do that, I don’t know – but I have some faith that Blizzard will get things right this time. *crosses fingers*

      • Always nice to hear a positive dude, and I to be honest I dont like the RMAH
        because real money was involved.

        But Again its a choice and waht I dont like is the fact they remove choices.

        Yes the core of the game is killing monsters but you need decent gear to do it.
        And yes it gives pleasure to find good items yourself, But I have a few sorcs still in LOD and even with tons of MF only found a few godly items.

        And in the loot system they say there will be godly drops but also say there will be lesser drops ?? It sounds a Little strange imo.I admire you have faith to blizzard, because I have always supported new ideas from Blizzrd(since the frist version)but this time I have lost my faith to blizzard, and it seems to me that the only reason to remove AH is because of the new loot system, and if it aint Work it would be the end of the game i have loved so much and played with my sons. And its sad that it devided the Diablo World and sometimes I even hear the WoW/Starcraft players laugh out loudly. But I like your comment anyway and hope your prayes will be heared somewhere, but I am afraid your crossed fingers not will be enough

        • You make a good point. It sucks when a company (and this goes for any company, including Blizzard) removes something from the game – especially when people have already spent a year using it (almost two, once March rolls around).

          Speaking for the SF group I’m in, we have members who have characters who trade – and they’re also anxious to see what will happen with trading. I guess I’m trying to say that I hear what you’re saying, and I hope Blizzard will resolve it in a way that satisfies everyone.

      • So this being the Internet and all, I’m going to nitpick part of your post:

        “It also deeply divided the community by creating a status system where only those who flipped or used their credit card could get good items.”

        I don’t find that particular statement to be accurate. I have never flipped, nor have I ever used my credit card (I don’t have an RMAH account), but I have plenty of good items. Great items? No, I don’t have a Mempo with crit, but I’ve got a few nice shinies that I either bargain-shopped for on the AH or found. The AH did cause a proliferation of good items into the economy, and people who use the RMAH definitely have better gear than I do. But I’m fine with that, as long as I can continue to find people who are fun to group with. Fortunately, I’m still adding people from public games who fit that category. I did a few key runs the last couple of nights with a person I met in a public game, and had a good time.

        I don’t have strong feelings either way, but I lean towards removing the GAH as a mistake. Time will tell.

        • The RMAH needs to go, but I think removing the GAH is a mistake as well. For the GAH Blizzard should just make all items account bound on purchase. This removes items from the economy, prevents item flipping for profit (creating wealth without playing the game), and continues to provide an easy way to trade… which EVERYONE is going to miss when the time comes.

  4. First of all AH has been a part of the game from the beginning and that was the reason why a lot want to play again.

    Second when you remove it you force people to use all their time in front of the computer in a desperate attempt to get decent items. (not all have that time)Third why remove something that so many use? If people don’t want to use AH then dont!

    What I don’t really like about removing the AH is the fact they remove a possibility that doesn’t hurt anybody at all, but helps a lot.

    I feel that they want to remove because of the the new loot system and so far after what I have read, yes maybe the drop will be greater but also less drops according to Josh (blizzard)

    For me it’s a major back step because I don’t have the time to spend hour after hour and if they remove AH it will be impossible for me to get decent items and I fear that all cheaters and dupers will rule again.

    And I am sure a lot of players will leave the Diablo World for good, and can’t see why that should be positive for anyone.

    I know that many say buying items is too easy and there is a greater pleasure to find items yourself, and yes it’s a great pleasure to find great items yourself, but in all my years I have found only a few godly items and when I found them they are useless to my chars. So far I have not seen any good reason to remove AH and most dudes who want to remove AH seem to be youngsters who have all the time in the world and the rest of them seem to play WoW or Starcaraft. It seems more and more like a war between diablo players and the others.

    There are many other reasons not to remove AH but I refuse to write a novel about it . I have been a member of the Diablo World for almost two decades and always welcome new patches and expansions and new versions, but I will NOT buy the next expansion but continue playing D3 with the chars I have now.

  5. I don´t play self found, but I´ll give my opinion about the AH issue. I think that blizzard should allow the self found style option. It will simply be the same game, same everything but no AH on it, as a lot of people want. That way, everyone gets what they want. By removing the AH the mood has swing to a lot of people being happy now, and a lot of people now being discontent. I mean, if you want to use the AH use it, if you dont, then play the other way, and that´s it. There is a lot of fuzz about this, why can´t there both game modes? That way, you keep everyone happy. Many people said this before, isn´this crushing logic?

    • How about they add a button that drops 100000 million gold and some legendaries every time you press it? that way people that are having hard time advancing can press it a couple of times and get going. I bet some kids would love it and hey if you dont like it don’t use it am I right with my crushing logic?

    • Good point. A lot of SF players would have been happy with a game mode without an AH and with better drops (like what console players have).

      In the end, I’m as curious as the rest of you how long the decision was in the works, and what key factors finally convinced them to pull the trigger.

      • got mails from all sorts of Diablo sites and get this message today::

        Enemies are more powerful and have more health. There is also an increase to experience and item drops. — This level is only recommended to players who have aquired a good deal of gear and are seeking a much greater challenge.

        Enemies are much more powerful and are very difficult to kill. There is also a significant increase to experience and item drops.. — Only adventurers with the highest level of skill and gear should consider this difficulty..

        And then I Wonder how will it ever be possible to play on this level without AH it will only be players WHO play 24/7 the rest of us with a normal life and Work will never have a chance

        These 2 comments should cover what we call MP 7- 10. Just in case its not a babys crying but think its not fair to the players WHO just want to have fun, with AH out I cant see any reason to buy the new game because I know i will never got the gear to play the end game, That dude Josh has also make a comment that it will be best to play in Groups and for many hours if you want good items experience ect ect. IMO they cot off a lot players, many of us want to play solo cuz then we can play when we want . It seems more and more what Blizzards idea is about removing AH , they want us to play in Groups instead of solo and they want us to spent hours 24/7 unless you only will play low lvl.

  6. QUOTE

    I know a lot of dudes welcome the removing of AH in forums, but it looks strange because it seems like they play WoW or Startcraft according to their avatars. One thing more a lot of them sounds like young dudes who can play when they want and have time for it.
    I think most of the dudes who want to keep the AH are players like me who want to enjoy the game now and then but have a life outside the Diablo World.
    i think the largest group of players which seem to cut across all demographics and games regardless of being pro-AH, anti-AH or self-found is the one claiming to be the first in humankind to have a life outside of diablo and their need for a win button.
    How about they add a button that drops 100000 million gold and some legendaries every time you press it? that way people that are having hard time advancing can press it a couple of times and get going. I bet some kids would love it and hey if you don't like it don't use it am I right with my crushing logic?
    lulz. it wouldn't work. it is verboten under any circumstances to confuse, punish or hurt the self-esteem of any player in a blizz game. the people who don't press the button would complain they feel gimped or jealous of the people who do. the trick is to reward players whether they press the button or not.
  7. I find this very exciting time for D3, and an opportunity. I play only softcre then until now ; just start a HCSF Demon Hunter on my normal account to get the feel ( its the only HC character so I do know whatever I got there , its legit for the ironborn style gameplay ). But I plan to purchase another full account and start it all new , playing both softcore and hardcore ironborn. That new ID would be all ironborn so I do not need to keep track of which is which and I can choose not to share items ( but I am not sure yet about this ).

  8. so who is Ironborn, share your ID. Mine is LouisDragon#1413

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