Introducing the Paragon System

I assume that “excellence” was one such translation from the Brazilian leak. It only makes sense, now, that “Paragon” was the proper word. Many have been wondering and guessing how this system would work. Wonder no more, as we finally have details regarding the new and improved magic and gold find mechanic.

While working on patch 1.0.4, we came up with all sorts of ideas for ways to improve DiabloWikiDiablo III. Some of them you’ve probably already seen, such as the general systems changes, the awesome buffs for Legendaries, and the improvements we’re making to the DiabloWikibarbarian, DiabloWikidemon hunter, DiabloWikimonk, DiabloWikiwitch doctor, and DiabloWikiwizard. The entire team really banded together to get as much into this patch as possible, and one of the exciting changes I’d like to tell you about today is called the Paragon system.

Two of the issues we’ve been thinking about while working on patch 1.0.4 have been what to do with DiabloWikiMagic Find and how to give level-60 players who aren’t satisfied with the item hunt something more to strive for. I’m sure many of you are aware of the blog we posted proposing some different Magic Find gear-swapping solutions, as well as our general thoughts on how rewarding the game is once you hit level 60. The Paragon system is designed to help us address these concerns — but before we get into exactly how it works, let’s go over these two core issues in a little more detail.

Magic Find

As you may remember, we posed a number of possible solutions to the gear-swapping issue and asked you to give us your feedback [ed- vote results]. While we saw some support for a couple of the options, what your responses ultimately told us was that although having to swap into Magic Find gear mid-fight annoyed some of you greatly, others were ambivalent, didn’t gear swap themselves, or — in a few cases — wanted to see gear-swappers penalized in some fashion. Those who do swap gear generally do so for the raw power advantage it gives, so we wanted any solution we went with to provide the same level of power. Overall, our analysis of the situation really hammered home one stark truth: we needed to come up with a way to make our Magic Find system more fun.

Level 60 Rewards

We understand that some players feel frustrated once they hit level 60 because they no longer feel like they’re making progress. It can be demoralizing to play for an hour, not get any drops, and also be out a big chunk of gold from repair costs. Your play session may not only end without an upgrade, it can wind up being a net loss. Everyone wants to feel like they’re making some progress when they log in, even if they don’t get that new sword.


Introducing the Paragon System

The new Paragon system coming in patch 1.0.4 is designed to address Magic Find gear-swapping while providing players who’ve reached level 60 with an extended progression system.

Here’s how it works:

  • After you hit level 60, any further experience you earn from killing monsters will begin to count toward Paragon levels
  • There are 100 Paragon levels
  • Every Paragon level will reward you with:
    • Core stats such as Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Vitality in amounts similar to what you’d gain from a normal level
    • 3% Magic Find and 3% Gold Find
  • In addition, a distinctive increasingly-impressive border will surround your character portrait in the in-game party frame to denote your Paragon progression, with a new frame earned after every ten levels. Your Paragon level will also be visible to other players wherever your normal level is shown

We know that a lot of you out there are level 60 — maybe on multiple characters — and this system provides a way to make progress every time you log in to the game.

Paragon System

To support the new system, Nephalem Valor (NV) will now also provide a 15% experience bonus per stack, applicable toward Paragon levels. The first Paragon level should take about as long as it took most players to get from level 59 to 60, and the experience requirement will rise from there. The time to reach the upper Paragon levels approximates the long-term time investment required to get a level 99 character in Diablo II.

… What Was That About Magic Find On Items?

While the benefits to progression are obvious, you may be asking how this impacts Magic Find on items. We wanted to find a solution that was not only very forgiving of gear swapping, but one that would ultimately help us slowly and gently move Magic Find off of items in the future. It’s such an intrinsically important stat to the core purpose of playing the game that tying it to gear — which is a customization system in many ways — is ultimately an approach that would continue to cause problems. We need to transition away from it, and do so in a way that doesn’t flip the entire game end-over-end.

With the Paragon system in place, we’re capping Magic Find and Gold Find to 300% (before Nephalem Valor). This means that without any Magic Find gear at all, you’ll hit the cap when you reach Paragon level 100. This way, you can continue wearing your current Magic Find gear as you slowly but surely work to gain Paragon levels. Eventually, once you hit Paragon level 100, you’ll have the freedom to completely focus every slot on stats that help your character kill stuff faster and stay alive longer. The idea is that if you’re currently swapping gear in and out for the Magic Find bonuses, you can continue to do so… but gain enough Paragon levels, and you won’t need to anymore.

Portraits for Paragon Levels


The Paragon system is a fairly big addition to the game, and one we’re pretty excited about. On behalf of the entire Diablo III development team, we hope you enjoy the changes we’re making with patch 1.0.4, and we look forward to seeing you in-game when it releases. Stay tuned to for the final patch notes and official launch announcement in the days ahead.

Jay Wilson is Game Director for Diablo III, and his Necron army is WAY better than your Eldar army.

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    183 thoughts on “Introducing the Paragon System

      • im sure, like the other blogs, they didnt contain ALL the information. the datamined info about every 500th kill getting you a guarenteed legendary is probably true. but even with that, i agree, need more guarenteed or just straight up increased drop rate. i can easily play for 8 hours with over 300% MF and not find a single legendary… and if they are capping it at 375%, thats not going to make it any better.

        overall, i like every change so far, but its like they are finally putting jelly onto that peanut butter sandwich… when we all shouldve been eating prime rib dinner this whole time.

        • That info was datamined? Actually no. It was a complete lie fabricated by a guy on Reddit who really really wanted Bind on Equip items in the game.

      • After the shit Jay Wanker started they decided to move patch 1.50 closer than expected.

        “Ok thanks to Jay we are in hot water AGAIN, lets give them a bone here!”

        We are still stuck with crappy drop rate and RMAH and the ugly sister AH, legendaries.

      • I don’t know… Have you ever played the game at 250% MF? That’s what I run on my Wiz in A2 inferno. In the last 2 days I’ve found 4 legendaries. In the last week I’ve found, 2x hellrack, Windforce, Some lvl 61 barb belt, Strongarm Bracers, Stone Gauntlets, Tal Rasha Chestpiece, and Skorn. Maybe no guaranteed legendaries, but I think once people see what it’s like playing above 200% mf they won’t be so upset about the legendary drop rate.

        • it baffles me why would anyone farm inferno when they know the changes around the corner – improved legendaries, class buffs etc.. 😮

            • I farmed A1 just to re-acquaint myself with level 60 gameplay yesterday, and *gasp* I had a good time. That’s with about 250% mf with valor stacks. I was getting tons of rares, though no set/legendaries dropped for me. (I think my Wizard is yet to see one drop after 160 hours). My other characters have seen 3 or 4 all told.

            • I play the game sometimes. I like watching the monsters fly end over end and hang up over railing and hearing my character shout, ‘Break before the endless tide!’ Even in my current ~110% MF gear, I also like playing the game.

            • heh, my fried, after 450 hrs of playing one of the few things that kept me going were legendaries. now with the paragon instated, things are really starting to look up.

          • I’m playing the only build getting a significant nerf in 1.04. I’m farming partially to play because I’m still finding usable stuff, and partially because I enjoy it, and partially to try out different builds in anticipation for the patch.

    1. You know what? I love this. Yes, I have over 20 mil of gold invested in mf gear… but gold is gold. This is a system that I see myself playing for a much longer time… and besides, my mf is not immediately useless 😛

      • funk yeah! mf swap lives and long live the paragon – cool word, brings up mass effect vibes.

        got 1 question, about those guaranteed legendaries. what stops me to run like hell in normal killing off 499 packs of blues in what 4-5 hours then make the 500th kill on inferno act 3 and getting some sweet legendary? I’m speaking in theory, I’m incapable of such dastadlyness. 😀

      • As someone who has spent millions of gold myself on MF gear for my Wiz, I totally agree. I actually have DPS / Survivability alternatives in almost every slot. I look forward to swapping out my slightly less good DPS/MF pieces for my “pure power” pieces.

        Sucks that my investment is losing value, but it will still be valuable on the way to lvl 100, which probably won’t be an instant trip.

        • It’s true, but I think there’s also an important point that our gear is all depreciating in value all the time anyway. Every time a new good item drops, all other items in that general category lose value as well, as supply grows just a little against demand. By the time any of us hit Paragon 100, our gear will have lost much of the value it had when we got it no matter what happens with paragon or MF.

      • yeah how much fun will it be to level up a character 1-60 after they’ve removed mf on items you’ll be absolutely guaranteed NOT to find ANY legendary/set items while leveling up.

        • I don’t think they said they were removing MF on items. I think he just implied he wants players to be able to phase out mf on their gear, so they don’t feel limited in what they can equip.

          One of the fundamental problems with MF, and many many people made this argument pre-launch, was that the type of bonus it provides makes it too important, and leads to countless imbalances (the debacle over MF sharing, which still isn’t solved, for example).

          If you look at the current economy, there are about 4 “chosen” stats, stats which automatically increase an items value dramatically – Crit Chance, Life on Hit, All Resist and MF.

          By doing this they are saying “we want the super powerful non-mf gear pieces to be worth as much or more than the high powered gear pieces with MF.” Which I think is a positive change.

          • I’m actually surprised they didn’t do what I and others have suggested; retain MF sharing in groups, but also let individuals keep their higher MF, if they have it. So your 250% MF wizard keeps that, while others in the game with lower MF get the improved average. It seems such a simple and obvious fix to boost more MP play while retaining big MF.

            Not sure how that would work with Paragoning, though. If everyone ultimately is capped at 300% MF for free, the whole MF sharing thing becomes irrelevant.

      • I thought about the exact same thing earlier as I was running around Act 2 normal slaughtering everything in sight for low level gear to use on a new witch doctor. I can put on MF, fast run, and hatred generators, then use Strafe to nuke entire screens of monsters while running at full speed. I can clear entire acts in the same speed it takes me to run. What will stop me from just doing this over and over for elites kills?

        Somehow, I don’t think this will be the final solution if that is the case; it’s too easy to abuse. Maybe limit the elite kills to inferno? Either that or give a weighted value to the elite kills by difficulty (x .25 on normal, .50 on NM etc.). Hopefully they’ve thought this through, or I can see a major avenue of abuse if there are guaranteed legendary drops after xxx amount of elite kills.

    2. Literally the exact same thing Kripparian told them to do in his improvements video. Too bad it’s too little, too late for this terrible game, seeing as how the dev team can’t think of anything worthwhile themselves and needs to rely on the community for ideas. What a joke Blizzard has become.

    3. “Core stats such as Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Vitality in amounts similar to what you’d gain from a normal level”

      “There are, in total, 100 Paragon lvls.”

      What happens with inferno difficulty now? 😐

      • for barb that would be 300 str 100 dex and int and 200 vit, after 100 lvls which is a looong time… It isn’t that gamebreaking

        • not gamebreaking at all… especially cause i still havent seen them address the fact that act 3 monsters have 8x the hp, and you’d need to spend about half a billion gold to only do 2x the damage. the game for most people i feel is still going to feel like the same ol’ thing. farming act 1 and still not seeing too many legendaries.

        • That’s not all. Over time you can swap your MF gear away for even better stats, and half the skills in the game are getting significant buffs. They even reduced champion difficulty, the greatest difficulty spikes previously.

          The game will definitely get easier. On the plus side I guess it’ll be less tedious to play without the AH…

          • Game will get easier but thats the whole idea of genre. MF was taking one really important affix slot to do real progress to act3/4 and not to mention upcoming acts, so I approve all these changes.

            Good job Jay and fellows 😀

      • What happens is you realize that 100 levels = 300 prime 200 vit = a single item, and not a **** is given.

    4. I am quite disappointed in the 300 mf cap. I already have 285 mf on my DH before NV. That only leaves me 15 paragon levels before I hit the hard cap. I guess I’ll just shuffle half the gear to my monk…

      I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I sure would have liked to work toward 550+mf.

      • I really don’t understand game-wise the need to cap the mf. However it becomes obvious when there is a big “AH APPROVED THIS” written in the back of every patch note.

        Also, if they ultimately remove the mf stat on gears, they are making a big mistake. We need more stats, not less (btw, adding more stats would be a good thing for the ah as perfect items would be even more rare).

        • They’re weening people off of magic find swapping. If there was no cap, they’d continue to do it so half the point of the change would be negated.

          I know you can say “but I don’t mind having to do it!”, but it makes people feel like they HAVE to do it.

          This way, eventually people can stop. If there was no cap introduced they would be giving people extra magic find and not solving the issue.

      • Yea, sure sucks to get extra MF with no penalty. You wouldn’t even see “wasted MF” until effective level 75, and if you wanted to max MF, you would probably not want to swap a piece until effective level 90. That gives you plenty of time to find 1 single item upgrade.

    5. “Jay Wilson is Game Director for Diablo III, and his Necron army is WAY better than your Eldar army.”

      When i read this i couldnt help but think of the Jay Wilson FB comment…

      Its like hes saying his Necron army (Necron=Necromancer? His team that brought the game back to life) is way better than your Eldar Army (Eldar=Elder? Is he talking about the Blizzard North?) lol

        • that doesn’t mean it’s not true, he was not going to type directly “ahah, our game sold better than yours !”

        • Yeah i already knew that those are from warhammer, but still why even post a warhammer quote in a Blizzard official website? … hidden footprints! …

      • YES! I posted a topic on the forum about that. It reads exactly as a response to the controversy!

        “Jay Wilson’s team is WAY better than David Brevik’s team”

      • I think this is reaching a little. Not everything the guy says is intended directly to insult the whole world.

    6. In all seriousness though… what about levels 1-59?

      I have found a whopping total of 1 legendary on characters that were level 1-59 with 2 level 60 characters, one 47 and a few lower levels. I haven’t seen any sets drop period. The item hunt at low levels is abysmal as well… why even put these low level uniques/sets in the game if you can’t find them?

      Oh right, AH… what a blast.

      • I’ve noticed how a lot of people seem to not find any legendary items at all. I find it very strange, as I myself have found nearly 30 legendary items in a little under 200 hours of gameplay, of which ~10 were sets.

        I believe I found none for the first ~60 hours but I’ve since spent around a hundred hours farming inferno act 1 on my wizard (300%mf buffed, no swapping for me) and they do drop quite frequently. Granted there sure is a luck factor, but one of the first things I noticed when I started dropping them, was that the orange color of their name was often very hard to see on the ground (especially in act 3’s reddish zones). I really wouldn’t be surprised to find out I’ve let a few legendarys to rot on the floor.

        So yeah, I’ve been wondering if maybe you guys are simply not seeing the occasional legendary that drops for you :/

        • It’s not entirely impossible that people have missed the occasional legendary drop (video of that happening here, in fact: but to blame the rarity on that alone is misleading. Set items have a bright, neon-green color but that doesn’t make them any less rare than legendaries. They really are too rare, especially given how common they were in previous Diablo games (comparatively speaking). The fact that there aren’t any non-crafted set items prior to level 60 isn’t helping either.

          • As for the comparison with Diablo 2, yes uniques and sets dropped a lot (though only with decent mf) on boss runs especially but the loot tables were different. 99 out of 100 uniques/sets you found in hell were low level crap (and that is still counting barely worthy uniques as good ones), if you went for really usefull uniques it was easily as rare as legendary are now in D3. Granted legendary in D3 are almost all useless so it’s pretty pointless to compare it this way… but overall I think the drop rate of a good item in D3 is pretty similar to D2’s rates, except that D3 has rares instead of uniques being most of the good items (just like D2 classic in fact…)

            The thing that bugs me is that I think most of the drop rate complain is fueled by people who would like to get the best items easily, but it’s easy to see that if Blizzard gave in to them, we would see them a week later complaining how everyone has the same gosu items they have and that they are now worthless. In fact these guys want to have the best items but only them so they can feel superior to others. This leads to endless whining, even if they did make legendary easier to get, it would be legendary with good affixe rolls that would be too rare, and so on until you can easily get the very best items, at which point they’d just say the game sucks because there is no content and nothing to do. The only way around that is a WoW like system, which none in their right mind would really want for diablo.

            Overall I’d much rather keep the legendary being special items, that still makes my heart race when one drops for me a year from now, rather than getting a dozen of each in a month and getting to a point were I don’t even bother picking them up anymore.

            As was said, with high MF the current drop rate is pretty good the way it is, but of course you have to use the mf. As an old time D2 player it seemed natural to me to get a character dedicated to farming and gear it with an efficient high mf equipment, then use it to farm items. It’s an investment that is part of a Diablo game, but it seems Blizzard is dropping it in favor of a new system which also looks pretty cool. Guess we’ll have to wait and see now how it turns out.

          • Idd it is really easy to miss one, almost missed twice if not been running around + I have even accidentally picked a legendary and not even notice it before was selling the items on town.

        • i’ve got well over 400 hours played. I have found zero set items. I have found 6 legendaries. And only in the last ~200 hours have I found those items. MF is EVERYTHING!!! I’ve got zero items from the AH. My MF is 101 without NV. That gear is only good enough to farm Act 1 inferno. Act 2 I have to swap in better gear without MF. Right now I’m seeing about 1-2 legendaries a week and I still play a lot. (ya i love the game, despite its shortcomings)

          1-2 legendaries a week is just not enough. Especially when those items can vary in their rolls. I know I could probably get more if I can manage to get more MF but finding good enough MF gear with the right stats is also a major time investment. And I flat out refuse to ever touch the AH. It takes all the fun out of finding gear in the first place.

          Now how much should my chances increase? I dunno. I don’t want it too easy or it would get equally as boring. 3-5 a week perhaps?

        • Possibly for some, this may be true. Personally, though, I’ve never had any issue seeing the different colors, and can’t imagine something blending in to the point I’d miss it completely. I usually see both the item glittering on the ground, and the name, so I would have to miss both of those, and I can’t see that happening.

          I’m at 200+ hours, with one character through act 1 infernal (playing self found, solo), and all 5 classes at level 54+, and have found a grand total of 0 legendaries, 0 sets.

    7. truly ironic for blizz, and Jay will get some serious heat b/c now instead of being excited about the new stuff, everyone in the community is pissed about the comment he made on FB…

    8. The should have just copied that fake MF system that’s been floating around. This is WAY worse.

      Their goal is to take MF off items completely? But only for people who spend a huge amount of time grinding? And no other benefits? Ok.

    9. OK, I’ll give them credit now for fixing the mistake they made of ending character progression at 60. Now they need to fix the bigger mistake — releasing the game without PvP.

    10. For some reason this just doesn’t thrill me. I’d rather level to 99 and still have the option to boost MF as high as I want. I miss my dual ali baba with ist runes barb trying to get that final blow on Baal. The days of MF gear is over =-(.

    11. I so much love this! and im a casual player . i just hate to bring any other gear set and swap during combat!

    12. Its kinda sad when i see people posting about the ‘fuck that guy’-comment on yhis news article. Even on the official Diablo 3 forums people reacted not as childish on the paragon news

    13. I’m curious, do the paragon levels only associate with a character or does it associate to your account? It would be nice to associate to your account, because then if you were playing up a lower level character, you could use that extra magic find to help them find good useable gear for them.

    14. Is the Paragon levels account wide or do you have to lvl them seperately on each character?

      I want to pvp on diff characters and there is no way i am grinding this out on multiple characters….

      • Nice boost to farming for a short time til the endgame content will be loaded. There just must be an end game content, there is no other way. And they know that. Unfortunately, I fear this will not come earlier as the expansion pack. But its the first time, that I can say to some patch-change: I like it! So far…

      • Yes, if you’re doing the quests (and not just completing the side dungeons in an act once you’ve completed it), it is linear.

        But since Diablo 2’s end game was just a single point (Halls of Destruction), we’ve at least upgraded from 1 dimension to 2!

        • Yep a small step, but a good step forward. Seems like so far… I dont think that we should always compare D2 to D3. Its the year 2012 and the times changed. The crowd is more demanding and thats ok. End game content is simply a MUST!

        • d2’s endgame was much more than that… granted it took them a while to get to where it is now, but all the bosses are legitimately worth running (minus duriel), theres key runs, each act had a alvl 85 spot to go, there was uber trist, all of which you could skip around and do as you please, do half of them, do all of them, do 2 of them, didnt matter.

          the linearness of diablo 3 really hurts it for me. granted, the item hunt is the most important part (which btw i personally feel is only getting marginally better from patch)… but having go through the quests in the same order in an act… to actually have to complete the quest every damn time, it really does get old. why in the gods names do i have to deal with those jerks raising the catapults every single time – useless.

          at first i was definitely excited about having more levels to ‘grind’ cause i enjoyed getting all the ‘useless’ levels in diablo 2 as well (after 75 each level didnt really do much…). but thats also because the item hunt was so much better.

          some people may be getting plenty of drops, but im not, even with a substantial amount of MF. and none of the changes really amount to that many more drops for me, nowhere anywhere near what i feel is appropriate drop rates….

          • Jeez, how many years did it take them to put in Uber Tristram, 6 or 7 after D2X? D3 has been out for 3 months.

    15. 1) Paragon system sounds fine.
      2) 300 MF cap sounds fine, though I’d prefer a soft cap with heavy DR.
      3) The two combined sound stupid… so I have to spend my time killing as quickly as I can, so that once I get to the point where I can kill the quickliest I have no reason to continue killing stuff with that character? AWESOME!

      • Seriously???

        Why would you stop killing stuff with a character that has max MF and kills stuff way faster than your other characters? MF + fast killing = most effective character.

        It will be the best char for MF and the best char for PvP. And then you stop using it? I guess you mean that you want to go to Paragon lvl 100 with all you chars but, yea, that was true for d2 aswell I guess. Whats the difference?

        I love these changes. I always said that the best way to play the game should be to max your strength, not to gimp yourself with less powerful items (MF gear).

        This change means that I can strive for the the goal of skipping MF gear entierly, which is something I wanted to do since d2. I my book they could have skipped MF entierly from the start, but hay, you cant have everything.

        • The question is, how many people (aside from 1.08-1.09) actually MFed with level 99 characters? The grind in D2 is there for the sake of the grind… that doesn’t seem to be the case with this system.

    16. So basically they concede now that a lvl 60 cap was dumb…

      Hopefully next they will concede that having no cow level and lack of randomized zones was a big mistake.

      They still have A LOT of work to do to bring people back to this game.

      • Totally Blizzard. I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so!

        They should have just kept level 99 cap like D2 and made the progression to it hard to achieve. That at least gave us ‘something’ to do and play for when item hunting for our next characters.

    17. soooo… back to d2 leveling? I’m all for it, but call it what it is. There’s nothing special about this system, it just takes us back to a leveling system where a majority of players will be continually working towards the cap, like in D2. It’s a lazy quick “fix” to try to hold peoples attention for a little while longer, nothing more. Could be fun though.

      • It’s a start.

        Hopefully we will slowly get them to alter this game back into D2.

        Bring back the fun!

      • “It’s a lazy quick “fix” to try to hold peoples attention for a little while longer”

        And they don’t anything more than that. That’s no end game at all, they are just buying themselves some time before pvp is released, which will buy them some time before they can add the end-game content, which will buy them some time to release the expansion wich will end for good the beta time of the game.

      • Except that in D2 you also got a skill point. The stat points granted from this won’t make you feel more powerful. Really, what is 100/200/300 stats? And keep in mind that is after 100 levels of paragon.

        I have yet to see anything in this patch fix one of the major problems of the game, but I never expected it from a patch this soon anyways.

    18. So… everyone above 300mf like me need to sell gear.. so its worthles now Damnn buthurt 😕

      • hahahaha, no more mf noobs telling people “get more mf”.

        Good luck selling your worthless gear you spend millions on, I’ll give you 5k for the whole set :mrgreen:

      • Yeah, when you are at max paragon level. And as the post says the final paragon levels are going to take as much each as getting a level 99 char in d2. Sell your mf gear now so you don’t have any mf until then, good plan. /facepalm

        • awwww someone is butt hurt about wasting there money on mf.
          Sure it will take a while to get 100 just like 99 in d2 took a long time but is does not change the fact that many people wasted millions of gold or real $$$ on gear that will now be junk sooner or later.

          Wow talk about a bad long term investment, as so many people thought a strong mf set was a must have gear set choice.

          Cry more plz :mrgreen:

    19. It absolutely doesn’t matter what they do, the hordes of people on this board will complain about it.
      Blizzard: “Now Jay Wilson will personally give you $10 everytime you kill a boss!”
      This site: “You suck, D2 is better!”

      PS – Magic Find sucks and I wish it was never in the game to begin with.

        • I accidentally recommended you instead of replying, so don’t be too happy about what you said.

          If you seriously think that this site IS NOT full of complainers, you either have your blinders up or YOU are the kid that needs to stay in school.

          Now back on point, I agree with yovargus. MF tied to gear sucks. In no way should you be rewarded by getting a champion to 1% health and then violently right-clicking and ALT-right clicking gear in hopes of better drops.

            • I’m actually quite flattered with the fact that you sit on the edge of your seat waiting for me to type something so that you can post a reply and then +1 yourself. I had no idea I was so important!

              One question though – are you ever going to post a salient, on-topic post? Or should I keep looking forward to your little quips and terms of endearment?

          • Yes, it is full of complainers. Always has been, always will.
            That just means people really care about this game.

            You find a game with no complainers, you find a game that no one cares about.

          • They already took care of the mf-gear swap by making white mobs loot more. That way, someone with permanent mf gear will loot more than someone who item swaps (unless you also gear-swap to end white mobs lol).
            I like mf tied to equipment as it adds more equipment possibilities, the more item affixes the better.

        • Yes, I complain about the complainers. More specifically, that I believe the many/most of the people that now frequent this site are now literally impossible to please.

        • Newsflash: Complaining isn’t unique to Incgamers. Go anywhere on the web, and the majority of comments on D3 is that it needs changes.

          This new Paragon system is a step in the right direction.

    20. The icing on the cake now would be a ladder. Give us something to brag about. Give me that “You are the 1.566.334th Diablo player in Europe”-feeling.

      With this new system, a ladder is imperative. Expansion ? think about it Blizzard.

      And why did I know if Jay Wilson played Warhammer 40.000 he would have a Necron army ???

    21. I’d be more happy if paragon lvl1 would start at the actual first level of the character, then scale the required experience this way over lvl60.

    22. More food for the hamsters up his butt. Gotta keep ’em happy so they’ll buy the expansion. What about non-inferno/non-grinder players/fans/customers? Unless there are bigger game changes before or in an expansion I’ll be spending my money elsewhere. There is no compelling reason to want to play the other archetypes knowing the current gameplay is broken/lacking. Oooh look another shiny piece of crap for my character. Put the carrot too far out and I’ll just find another supplier for my item hunt treadmill.

      An expansion will need a different/better producer than Jay \ass hat\ Wilson to make a phoenix arise from the ashes called Diablo 3.

      1.04: This is not the update you are looking/hoping for. Move along now.

    23. I never liked MF as a gear stat anyway, in D3 and in D2. I always felt it was…off. But to each his own, I understand why a lot of people like it. This is a good change in my opinion.

    24. IMO they need to buff legendary and set drop rates, get rid of MF cap and implement a ladder system.

    25. Does this change even matter to the folks who are already gear-swapping and are sporting over 300%+ MF? I think this is a slight nerf to me since I gear-swap and get up 357% MF after 5 full NV stacks; the 300% cap is extremely unattractive.

      The extra 300 STR/VIT/DEX/INT is also meaningless.

      Man, if Blizzard has to rely so blatantly to use the community’s ideas (hey loo, cookie points for the asshole Jay Wilson! He used our ideas in a very shoddy way!), while never giving us a clear understanding that they are listening, it’s pitiful.

      Brevik was absolutely right: as a developer in the SW industry myself, the people within your team to create the end-SW are your most important asset. In this case, slapping together people from all different backgrounds and industries and expect them to come up with a game at the scale of the legendary Diablo games has failed on every front.

      I don’t see how this will bring me or any of my friend back to the game. Nobody is impressed/interested because we will still be finding the same shitty loot with the same shitty affixes.

      I thought I’d never say this but for ATVI = EA. They’ve lost a lifelong customer.

      • Yes, despite huge the overhaul to uniques introducing dozens of new effects, it’s still somehow the same ****ty loot with the same ****ty affixes.

        • With the terribly low droprates on legendaries that’s exactly the case. The rares are still boring which make up the bulk of the item hunt. Fixing the 15% doesn’t change that the other 85% is still bad and this is a exaggeration after having found no legendaries in 150 hours of play. Add to it now that MF is basically worthless in the long run and we’ve got another affix that will be trash to be avoided.

        • I think you’re under the weird impression you’re going to find a legendary item every day or something. Also, the previews that they’ve shown regarding the legendaries [i]all[/i] rolled perfect stats. Do you really think you’ll be finding legendaries with the same stats? Try to be realistic for a second.

          There was something very, very simple to address this patch: the affix rolls on items. There hasn’t been one single word regarding this issue. Do you truly think you’ll be having the time of your life when you’ll be Paragon Level 46 and will still be getting the same crappy ass loot that you’re getting now? Try to think for a minute how the game will feel beyond the honeymoon period: it hasn’t changed one bit. All of these are superficial changes that do not provide any more incentive to play: it’s grind for gold; grind for gold; grind for MORE gold.

          There is no progressive item hunt; there is absolutely no customization because we’re too dumb to know how to allocate skill points apparently (they won’t even let us to allocate those measly Paragon stat points ourselves); the skill system is best suited for a FPS where you’re practically choosing an outfit rather than a specific skill set to kill mobs; the gold grind is still the omnipresent deity that will never leave. The game is essentially the same. Most people are just too enamored with the lipstick they just slapped on the fat, bloated pig that is Diablo III to rationally think for a second and understand that these changes mean nothing.

    26. Reread the blizzard post. This change is huge, as the blog specifically states they are transitioning away from mf on items. This signals a rather large departure from D2. Though I like the paragon system, I think they should have a soft cap on mf, where diminishing returns begin at 300.

      This change actually removes play variety. Now you can farm early acts in high mf or trade mf for ‘better’ gear to farm later acts. Paragon system and mf cap mean you should only farm the end acts and ignore all other areas.

    27. This is good change.
      From how its worded it sounds like with more stat points from para lvling it should now be possible to out lvl the content by a huge amount once your para lvl 100 with all the extra dex/vit e.t.c stat points.

      Game should now be complete faceroll even without godly gear

      • The extra attributes won’t help you that much by themselves. You’ll get 3 primary stat, 1 secondary and 2 VIT per Paragon level, exactly as much as for your character levels. Gear will still define your characters ability to clear the game, no facerolling with a level 100 Paragon if you have bad gear.

    28. im gonna be brutally honest here, capping the MF/GF was the worst idea they could ever come up with, i farmed, with 312% MF on my monk, act1, since 1.03 was released, played almost half a day every day, not a SINGLE UPGRADE drop, NOT A SINGLE ONE, i have absolutely not a single problem killing elites or monster, i can just stand there and press the attack button and that’s it, that’s why i don’t eat their \oh but you’ll have better gear but the same 300% MF you had before\ while better gear makes me kill things faster etc, it still the same, the same issue, if nothing good ever dropped for any of my lvl60 characters ( all classes, i was hoping that maybe i could get an upgrade for them, but nope !!) in months of playing with that much amount of MF and just the sheer amount of time i spend on it… what makes blizzard think killing things faster will make things any better? the problem is the ITEMS, seeing 200 dps ilvl63 items is completely unrewarding and makes you feel like if you’re working towards nothing, because this is pretty much the same story for 99.9% of the items you get, the game feels like a job because you have to do the same thing over and over and over again in order to get better stuff, but that better stuff never comes, THAT’S THE PROBLEM BLIZZAD

      item itemization or whatever the hell makes the items rolls is completely BROKEN, and giving players 300% MF is not gonna fix a thing because most people are farming act 2 and even 3 with wayyyyy more MF than that an are getting POOP, POOP!!! how would you feel after wasting 8 or more hours farming as effectively as possible with INSANE amounts of MF later infeno acts and seeing that all your ilvl63 items are worst than some items lvl55? i mean, are you fucking kidding me? there’s no fun in that, you do not feel rewarded, you only feel that your time is literally being wasted and you’re not accomplishing anything

      all i do now in D3, is log on and stare at my monk, with all his MF gear brought from the AH ( because again, no fucking upgrades ever dropped, im gonna be honest, that the MF set i have would never come by drops, NEVER, ever, getting all those parts myself is an impossible task, and that’s the same for everybody that’s plays the game) and i wonder… should i really waste my time farming act1 or even 2 some more to maybeeeeeeee get an item i could sell for some easy money on the AH and maybe buy an upgrade for my monk or some other characters? (notice how i never say, \maybe i’ll get an upgrade\ because that’s a fucking lost cause, im sorry) but then i realise that, there’s no fucking fun on that, im sure i’ve done the same runs THOUSANDS of times, THOUSANDS, and all i got is shit, and im sure a positive mind won’t change the fact that all the items i’ll get in future rooms will be crap, because that’s how the shitty item system works, it’s all about luck, luck, you’re good at the game? at playing your class? you know the best way to deal with x pack? you brainstorm the shit out of every single drop and make your own tables/teorys on how to do best get the most of your time and make every run better? well tought shit bro, those skills and your clever mind aren’t gonna do shit for you in this game, just keep killing things until you get sick of the entire game, because, that’s gonna happend before you get a single item you can really use

      the main problem of the game still on 1.04, what made me quit playing the game as religiusly as i was before, what made my friends quit playing entirely, what makes the game so bad and unrewarding, and what makes the game as broken as it is right now, this paragon system does shit to help it, i really wonder what blizzard things from time to time


      im truly dissapointed on this whole thing, they handle things so poorly is not even funny, and the fact that getting to max paragon lvl is gonna take you about the same amount of time it took you to get a lvl99 character in D2 is ridiculous, im gonna have to spend a shitload of time in this game to have LESS MF that i had before? how am i suppose to kill shit faster if i can’t get a single fucking upgraded even farming with high MF amounts? are you fucking kidding me? I CAN’T PLAY THIS GAME ANYMORE BECAUSE THERE’S JUST NOT INCECITIVE TO PLAY IT, AND NOW I GONNA HAVE TO SPEND A SHITLOAD OF TIME FILLING SOME RANDOM EXP BAR TO GET TO THE POINT I WAS BEFORE? that’s fucking ridiculous

      the atribute gain is the only good thing i see about this, evething else is just lame, plain and simple, im sorry but there should be a fucking sing on every D3 game designer working room that says \KILLING SHIT FASTER DOES NOT MAKES YOU GET BETTER ITEM, MAKING THE ITEMIZATION BETTER DOES\

      after all of this im not even gonna bother, after the patch, i’ll have less MF and GF the paragons level will do SHIT for me, even if the attribute gain is the same as leveling i don’t see it helping that much, i’ll still have the same gear because i can’t get any better and farming doesn’t help either, so what im gonna do? WHAT IS THERE TO DO IN THE GAME? can someone please tell me? or do i just need to keep farming and doing the same FUCKING BORING stuff until my fucking fingers fall off? this game is truly a job, that’s what it is, and a fucking shitty one…

      im sorry i just rather have you know, FUN with other games rather than wasting my time playing a game that may reward me if it feels like it ( after spending another 500+ hours of it of course)

      call me back when they fix whatever takes care of giving the items stats and make them as poopy as they are now, hopefully blizzard get their head out of their asses and get this, ITEMS ARE SHIT !! that’s it, now try and fix it, YOU HAD 10 FUCKING YEARS TO DO IT AND LITERALLY UNLIMITED AMOUNTS OF INCOME, yet, this is what we got…. are you kidding me?

      TL;DR: items still as poopy as before, you get less MF than before and they expect you to spend as much time as you did in D2 to get a character to 99 to maximize paragon levels, and from there, maybe, maybee get to the point you where in before the patch MF/GF wise since they are capping it, and maybeeeeeeee then make some progress, that’s the way blizzard \fix\ things

      • Ive gotta agree completely with this. Paragon system is just one of those shallow “solutions” that doesn’t even solve anything. Capping MF and GF at max paragon is a huge fail. especially with new and improved legendaries granting 40 percent MF and 100 percent GF. wtf blizzard. They should at least make some form of exception. Also capping 100 paragon and running sh*t with good gear makes farming act 1 and 2 useless. Paragon system would actually be really cool IF it didn’t cap mf and gf at 300 and they had some type of endless dungeon rather than just farming shitty late acts only.

        Also as stated above… THIS DOESNT FIX the bad itemization, in fact makes it worse by effectively taking MF gear out of the picture, aaaaand the drops blow horse c0ck. so this solves nothing. What changes were made that actually improve things is the buff to ilvl 62 weapons being capable of rolling higher dmg. Either way though the larger problems still remain and its probably unfixable. Bad itemization, bad customization and diversity.

        As excited as I am and most are for the patch cause its in the right direction… lets not kid ourselves, its just putting a piece of chewing gum in a damn to stop a water leak. Legendaries are not going to improve itemization and the fail that exists currently and buffs to dmg are not going to change the fact that real build diversity doesnt really exist. Many skills are still broken and fail mechanics.

        One has to wonder if d3 dev even realize how to theorycraft and make different builds.

        • Thats what I am talking about – the very “core” of the game is just broken. It really feels like (Mr. “**** the looser”) Wilson grabed some SW devs from diffrent divisions or companies and “uh well, lets create some game, guys…”. I mean the graphics and effects, animations are really nice and a good piece of work. But the whole game core, the SOUL of the game is a handful of sand… dry and boring! They dont (didnt?) know how to create a computer game. This is not some bussines software app or Oracle or something, this is a fantasy game! We should be talking about special tactics on monsters, about how to improve the lore, about theocrafty… Not about the very core of D3. And thats sad.

    29. Now bring back level 99, plus the ladder (incl. a ladder-only auction house), and you’re set.

    30. So we finally realized that a clvl cap of 60 was a bad idea and we are backtracking to the old level grinding system, but since we are too fed up with ourselves to admit that we made a mistake we are calling it ‘Paragon’ instead. – JW

    31. so basically level cap is 160 now..
      I thought they said 99 was too high, let alone 160..
      so much for playing multiple characters

    32. It is mind boggling to me that they can take all of a players stats and load them entirely onto equipment, yet they have the gall to say “Magic Find is too core a stat to have on equipment”

      They have flipped itemization entirely onto its head

    33. Whats that with the Eldar army…I don’t get the joke but now I’m just filled with the rivalty with D3 team vs d2 team that I think it’s a peek at the d2 team..what is it?

    34. Even more of a reason to not play Hardcore. Lose that character and all paragon levels go with it, along with your best gear.

    35. Great.

      After like 2 months without an hotfix on CM/WW wizard build I assumed they wouldn’t nerf it. Even though I didn’t like to play that build it was the most efficient and I had to do it. I bought some expensive gear with AP on hit and LOH, money down the drain. Not so mad about that because it was indeed OP, why not nerf the barb tornado too though?

      I’ve never liked swapping MF gear and blizzard told us they would do something to prevent that. Great, I was already investing massive gold into real MF gear. I can now farm act 3 with magic find on every slots, about 225 mf before nv. And now I learn that the magic find will become obsolete as we level up and my massive investment will turn into nothing.

      The paragon update is very nice but why have the mf cap ? It just kill the build diversity and render our mf gear, which some of us paid real money for, worthless. I guess I’ll be going back to all res + main stat on every slot….how fun !?

      Inb4 MF isn’t useless because you’ll have to fill the gap and lvl 99 will be hard to get. Level 99 mayb but as soon as lvl 25 I’ll have to start remove some MF gear. At level 70, which shouldn’t take too long, we’ll only have some loose mf stats here and there + follower and we’ll be at 300.

      What would be wrong with having 600% mf with full paragon and full mf gear? It’s not like we’ll get too many items, it’s already raining rares anyway. They could always tweak the drop rate down a little if that’s too much.

      Can I also add that the gold vs $ is now off the chart ? Perfect gems are now under the crafting cost because people use them to swap 1$/1m gold from chinese botters to the RMAH. D3 needs gold sinks and lower gold drop before inferno.

    36. Sigh! What inadequate changes.

      Now you just have to focus on killing things, no more balance between killing and MF.

      The strategy of this game is gone forever. RIP Diablo

    37. It also doesn’t prevent gear swap at all. In fact it’s just making it easier because you’ll have to switch less and less gear and it’s just lower the chances of getting beatdown while being with the crappy mf gear.

      • they are also making it so it takes 120 seconds for freshly equipped pieces of gear with magic find to “ramp up” so i suppose you COULD still get some elites down low, then kite them in a big circle for 2 minutes then kill them… but yea, no thanks.

    38. Looks like they only cared about endgame but what about 1-59 ? You mean to tell us that 1-59 doesn’t need fixing ? They are pretty clueless..

    39. I just rolled a DH this week-end. It took 15 hours from level 1 to 60 without any help from anyone. Soloed all quest from normal to act1 inferno. I did bought some cheap upgrades in the AH to go faster.

      1-59 is just a terrible grind where you repeat the quests 3 times in a few hours.

    40. Yeah I’m totally excited for something that amounts to a single step back toward step 1.

      This game is hopeless. The forums are more entertaining than the game, FAIIIL.

    41. “ultimately help us slowly and gently move Magic Find off of items in the future”

      Could this possibly mean that the MF stat will be removed from items in the future and existing “pre 1.04” items with MF on them could become highly sought after at some point?

    42. Great!
      Now all that’s left to add to the game in patch 1.0.5 is fun. Fun that makes it actually less mind-numbing to play another hundred levels per character for generic auto-stats and a negligeable chance on upgrades.

    43. I wish there was a way to not show all items under lvl 61 that drop. If they added this one option, I think the general perception of item drops would improve drastically.

    44. this game… im so sad for it. I couldn’t even finish hell because of the boredom. Never played again after those 10 first days. One friend pointed me this, and what do they got that interests me? Nothing.

    45. I rarely care about any of this MF stuff and legendary as I hardly have any time to play the game but I found it funny that there was a legendary that was just lying on the ground for my like lvl 34 Monk to pick up in Act 1. I’ve played him for minimum hours possible where I hear some people playing over 100 hours and haven’t found anything. I just LoL’d when I found it and threw it up on the RMAH for the minimal fee allowed hoping I could bank a quarter and LoL some more. Unfortunately nobody bit. Damn! I guess they found better things to buy wtih a quarter these days than my aWsUm LeGIndAirY!

    46. I don’t know why most of you still can’t embrace the changes you asked for. Sure they didn’t just give you a new form of god mode.. but it sounds like their heading in the right direction of balance where you can pretty easily feel powerful with good gear. I don’t know if you remember, but the majority of diablo 2 was easy, aside from a few special bosses and areas that you could avoid.

      I played hardcore in diablo 2 to make up for the fact that it was easy but super fun to slaughter monsters and take some risks with big packs or cows or doing uber tristram or farming nithlank or pindle. Even the ancients were fun to try in hardcore… I think the game could be really fun again and by the time we get to patch 1.10, there could be a bunch of great new content to play along with PvP of course.

      Give this patch a shot, and they can tweak things up in the next few patches.

      Edward the Blizzard Hater

    47. So they took the WoW level cap and …. wait for it ….


      :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

      Props to Dtape []

      > @Unneta: because this way gives you more levels:
      > normal levels 1-60 + Paragon levels 1-100 for a total of 160 levels

    48. Do you only gain Paragon XP in inferno?
      -> is inferno paragon xp gains better than Hell?
      Is there viable iLVL 60+ gear that has +XP on it?
      -> will that apply to gaining paragon XP?

      Doesn’t this just make me outlevel the content?
      -> Didn’t they say they explicitly *didn’t* want to do that with D3? And thus … why they created inferno mode?


    49. Finally they’re addressing the 2 biggest problems with the game in my opinion. Fixing legendarys was 1st def, but adding a progression system after lvl 60 is huge. In D2 even if you only played for 1/2 hr and didn find anything at least you got closer to getting that next skill point and becoming more powerful. Now we just need pvp and maybe the game will be somewhat complete.

    50. I’m confused, what’s going to be the point of having MF gear then?
      It’s going to be more effective to grind paragon levels as fast as possible to get the paragon MF boost. Once you reach say the equivalent of D2 level 90, then only 27% MF from gear will count?
      I don’t understand why. Why not have MF diminishing returns, like in, wait for it, D2? Every point of MF will then still amount to something, only less so if maxing out on paragon.

      That said, i’m very glad there’s going to be progression in D3 with an almost unattainable end goal. This will make every play session not feel like a total waste.

    51. i have no idea why people that dont speak english and dont understand what was written here in improvements for MF while ago, comment bullshits 😯

    52. If you kill 40 mobs per min, thats almost 20 000 exp per min. If you play for 8 hours a day, thats more than 1 000 play days until you reach lvl 100. ALMOST 3 YEARS OF PLAYING FOR 8 HOURS A DAY which is eaqual to leveling 475 characters from level 1 to 60. GL to everyone who thinks that the bonus is worth it. Take in mind that in diablo 3 you cant kill that fast monster as in diablo 2 (cow level i mean) with super fast spamming skills and aoe.

      • Blizzard – I currently do MF swap with gear at 335%. I really like your solution here! swapping is a pain and detracts from the game. Now we also progress past 60, which is also very nice. The ONE key thing is continue to let us swap till we have time to get our paragon to 100. Then later penalize it, if you do that I’ll be thrill with your solution.

        P.S. ALL 1.04 changes are looking awesome!! (now start working on levels 61-100+ to keep us playing even longer!)

    53. And what you get after 3 years of non stop playing? 300 mf, 300 gf, 300 main stat and 100 vit which is basicly equivelent to a chracter who spent 100mil to gear himself, and one who not.

    54. I have to say I’m completely on board with this Paragon System and that’s coming directly from a “Paragon of objectivity” as Blizzard declared us just this morning.

    55. Maybe its just me but I have a feeling that the MF cap will be raised in the future (despite what the blue post may or may not imply). Feels like 375 – 400 is closer to the right number for the cap. The vast majority of characters will never reach the cap to begin with – think about how many lvl 99 toons there were in d2 as a % of non-mule toons, then account for the fact that it will probably take more time to reach the max (paragon lvl 100) than it did to get to lvl 99 in d2.

      Seriously, who gives a s*** if some people FEEL like they have to gear swap ? If some ridiculous emotional response dictates irrational behavior, so be it. Far as I’m concerned, working towards a character for which gear swapping is unnecessary (i.e. balanced MF and stat gear) is just another challenge to be surmounted.

      At the end of the day, MF on items lends itself to replayability and character customization, and that’s good for the game. I don’t disagree with giving all players some base level of MF (300 seems high). However, one should be able to customize to go higher than that, as making the risk/reward decisions that cusomization entails adds to the challenge (and fun) of the game.

      I also highly doubt that MF items will fall in value to the extent many people are assuming. It took a hell of a long time to reach 99 in D2, and I for one do not intend on putting in hundreds (thousands ?) of hours of gameplay with subpar MF on my way there. Replace a topaz with a ruby/amethyst in most people’s mf helms and you just lost 30% mf anyways, and the value of your helm probably didn’t fall by that much (assuming the helm actually has stats on it, like it should).

    56. I can guarantee you it will be more rewarding to grind paragon levels then it will be to “MF”. Sure, there comes a point where the next paragon level is so far away it’s almost pointless to grind toward it just for the buff.
      There will always be a market for very powerful items that also have MF. But forget about the mediocer MF gear or switching to MF. I’m going to go all out extremely fast DPS and grind as much XP as possible.

    57. By capping MF they remove one style of play. Why not leave both ?

      You wanna go with fast XP / DPS ? fine !

      You wanna go full MF slow XP / DPS ? Fine ! In between ? That’s also fine !

      The cap is dumb there’s no doubt about that. Phasing out MF on gear is also dumb.

      In D2 what could you do once you had a couples of very high lvl char, Like lvl 85 D2 classic and 99 in LOD ? You could gear a dueling dude, a PVM dude and a magic find dude. There’s no PVP right now and magic find is going away….great.

      Having the MF option is also great to balance the game difficulty. It’s too easy for you now ? More MF….It’s too hard ? Remove MF.

      • Finally, a person that gets what i’m talking about.
        I’m happy about the virtually unattainable “lvl 99”, so to speak, so that part is fine.
        But the MF cap is utterly retarded. Giving significant amounts of “free MF” for leveling (which is good imo, since it discourages MF swapping) already devalues “more MF” via gear (which is good imo, since it simulates diminishing returns), so then why the cap? It makes no sense whatsoever. Infact Blizzard isn’t even being consistent in how little sense they make since apparantly there won’t be a GF cap for some reason.
        Argh, it’s like with every two steps forward they make, they take one step backwards, it’s so frustrating.

        Captcha: “good night”. How appropriate.

        • Actually, i reread the news post and apparantly Blizzard are being consistently nonsensical as GF also is capped. yay?
          Captcha: “see ya”. It never ceases to amaze me.

    58. Do I read this right? : The new solution for endgame and mf-swapping in one is working towards taking out a decision off the already far too simple itemsystem? (Ok… getting the one or other statpoint on the way…)

    59. so if the mf is topped at 300%, what happens to the extra 75% that nephalem valor gives? I think they shouldn’t put a cap on the mf so that items with mf don’t lose their value. I personally hate gear swaping but it’s part of the game. If people want to do it, let them, for those that don’t like it, then they can do with the 300% mf that paragon gives + the 75% nephalem valor gives. My 2 cents 😀

    60. “With the Paragon system in place, we’re capping Magic Find and Gold Find to 300% (before Nephalem Valor).”

      Note that it’s capped BEFORE Nephalem Valor. So it’s 375% with Nephalem Valor.

    61. Am i the only one that feels like “great i get to farm 100 more levels for crap items?”

      They can make all the flashy procs they want. the game is still flawed.

      • pretty much how i feel. i think that every change is a good change, but it still doesn’t touch at the fundamental flaws with the itemization and the item hunt in general.

    62. A legendary is “LEGENDARY”!!! If any 100. drop is legendary, will it be good??? i dont know. So if drop more, the value of the new legendarys will fall, than the AH will be flooded with all of them.

      Fo me, the value changes of the items are good and urgently needed, the drastical raise of the drop rates, i dont like it.

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