Introducing the Hero Planner Beta

Update 3: Thanks to Bahamutz for sharing his screen with me and allowing me to see this issue! Hopefully this should be the fix everyones been waiting for to be able to use the program without logging in!!!!! More exclamation marks!!!!

Update 2: One user has reported that NAMING your character seems to unfreeze it. So if you’re not getting it to work, try double clicking on the name and setting that first!

UPDATE: A fix for IE has been applied. Please try it again. Some users have reported logging into the site allows them to use the planner. You shouldn’t have to log in, but if you can’t use it, it’s something to try until the problem is solved. Thank you for your feed back and help with this beta.

The latest cool new feature to launch on the database is the new Diablo 3 Hero Planner. This is not just a simple skill planner, this is a complete build planner which is hooked into the game data.

Unlike a normal skill planner where you can simply select your skills, you can completely build your character by equipping the character with gear and add affixes to your gear to see how they will affect your character statistics as well as adding skills and runed skills.

Each user account also includes an inventory system for your character, so as you surf around DiabloNut for items and you spot something you may want to try on your build, you can add it to your DiabloNut Inventory and then play with it on your builds or swap items on your character to find what is best for you.

Registered members can also keep a list of builds in their profile which can be edited at any point. Anyone (unregistered too) can also make a single build and share it with friends with a handy shortlink.

This is a pretty extensive project and we are rolling it out now for feedback on this “Beta” version of the system. We are going to be using your feedback to enhance it further before launch on the 15th May. Feedback and any bug reports can be posted in the DiabloNut support forum.

Just to stress, this is a beta and you can find a list of known issues in this post in the support forum.

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    88 thoughts on “Introducing the Hero Planner Beta

    1. Doesn’t work. It doesn’t let me select any class. I wasn’t logged in, but it says that’s only for saving your build.

    2. Nice! Now the only feature left for DiabloNut, is a silverlight/flash/whatever app to display the items’ 3D model.

    3. so ur sure that you cant stack the same affix twice or more? i only could do “+int” + “+int % dex”
      and has every one of the most powerfull uniques the same pool of affixes?
      i also want to thank your very much for this tool. its absolutely great! in case all the info is correct i really am shocked of what you created here.
      very nice <3 ty

    4. Wow. This is really impressive guys. I won’t be using it since I don’t like overplanning things, it makes you forget to enjoy the game while playing it. But a really impressive tool for those who want to use it.

      • What I think is coolist, will be the ability to make your current in game character and share it with your friends 🙂

    5. This is really amazing and I am blown away by this, it should definately keep me up untill the release. However, and this may be whishfull thinking, but is there any chance to implement a RMG algoritham that chooses stats in the selected range for us. What I mean is, I select, for example, a hat. And I choose six stats on it plus the armor range that it already has. But once I choose armor/weapon and stats for it, why not make the algorithm (or whatever) that chooses stats in the ranges selected. So I choose “Cold Resist VIII” which has +(46 – 50) extra  cold resistance, and the program chooses a value between 46 and 50, and puts it on the item. Same thing for the armor, I choose Archon cap and it randomly chooses armor value in the range that that type of caps can have.

       Or is that already implemente? Because the stats have no ranges but a single value. If this is already in, I apologise.

      • In the FAQ you’ll notice resistances are the only stat not currently hooked up! Sorry for the inconveniance but it’ll be in shortly!

        • Oh, it’s absolutely no problem. Like I said, I am amazed at this even right now, and it will probably keep me entertained untill the release. 

          Edit: There seems to be a bug where I can’t equip two one-handers as a Monk. It keeps saying that “item cannot be used by this class” even though I already have one Fist Weapon equipped but it still refuses to equip the second one. Shield does work, so I guess the second weapon slot is reserved for shields?

    6. Trying it out and was about to put a helmet on my DH when I noticed some of the items have an item level (ilvl) greater than 60 which confirms what they were saying when testing Inferno and generating gear 0.5-1 lvl inferior to boss mlvl.
      I hope there are rares above ilvl 60 whch would make farming them in Inferno that more exciting. None that I could see in the Nut DB so far from patch 18 but they also said that we did not have the full gear announced yet.
      And it also confirms something else, that good gear can be found in Hell but the chances of finding the best gear is only in Inferno. Look at how some of the affix ranges overlap for example (Is this 3 levels available per difficulty?):

      DamConversionHeal 1 (1.00-3.00)% Damage Taken Is Converted to Life
      DamConversionHeal 2 (2.00-4.00)% Damage Taken Is Converted to Life
      DamConversionHeal 3 (3.00-5.00)% Damage Taken Is Converted to Life
      DamConversionHeal 4 (3.00-6.00)% Damage Taken Is Converted to Life
      DamConversionHeal 5 (4.00-6.00)% Damage Taken Is Converted to Life
      DamConversionHeal 6 (4.00-7.00)% Damage Taken Is Converted to Life
      DamConversionHeal 7 (5.00-7.00)% Damage Taken Is Converted to Life
      DamConversionHeal 8 (5.00-8.00)% Damage Taken Is Converted to Life
      DamConversionHeal 9 (5.00-9.00)% Damage Taken Is Converted to Life
      DamConversionHeal 10 (6.00-9.00)% Damage Taken Is Converted to Life
      DamConversionHeal 11 (6.00-10.00)% Damage Taken Is Converted to Life
      DamConversionHeal 12 (7.00-10.00)% Damage Taken Is Converted to Life

    7. Won’t let me select a class.  Running Firefox 12.0.

      edit: Someone mentioned disabling Ad-block, which I did, and still couldn’t select a class.

    8. Wow, keep up the good work guys. Can’t wait until this thing is mostly bug free! I knew I kept coming to this site for a reason! 😉

      • Ok, played with it some. I think the armor calculation is incorrect: I have a build with 75k-100k armor…I don’t think that order of magnitude should be possible.
        Resistances are not calculated from attribute sources (int is correct, no gear counted).
        Using Firefox 12.0, the attribute text spills outside of the bottom of what I assume is the limits of the text region. Also can’t use the mousewheel or arrow keys to navigate the pop-up window containing item and attribute choices.
        Ring minmaxdamage attribute has no value.
        Socket functionality does not exist yet (can’t put stuff in sockets)…I know that’s probably a lot of work so I’m cutting you guys some slack! 🙂

        If possible, it’d be nice to see certain attributes tabulated that aren’t currently. Such as: stun/root/freeze resist (I noticed this attribute is separate from CCresist); block chance; block amount; damage taken to life.

        I just took my lv60 char I built with tons of gear choices, etc. Clicked the level button, clicked “4” and all the gear was deleted. Makes sense. Then I clicked to reload the character. Oops it autosaved! That doesn’t seem like the best functionality, and might get frustrating. A solution I like is to just hide things below their required level, then as you level up they can reappear. But I’m sure you’ll figure something out.

        • You’ve pretty much listed my major bug list, I’m not even joking!
          Thank you for such an awesome beta test.
          THe armour bug for you since you’ve now found it is that my stat engine isn’t subcalcuating the %Armour affix for each item but instead applying it at the end. So removing the %Armor affix will solve this issue. It will be fixed soon but was one of those things that couldn’t be finished before beta ended (and thus our beta starting!)
          The level thing yeah… I cleared things as a dirty trick instead of locking them. I’ll make sure to change it to locking stuff which is invalid instead of removing it (same with class change which atm clears everything).

          Sockets will be coming though 😀

          • Haha that’s great! I figure that was what was going on with armor, since the numbers looked about right.
            Glad to see you putting in such great effort, it will turn out great soon I’m sure. Thanks for your hard work!

    9. One thing that’s a bit annoying is when you add affixes. You click the “+”, it reloads the frame and scrolls back to the top. Either scroll back to where I was, or even better, do it in the background! 🙂

    10. Not sure if it’s a bug, but when I select a type of resist as an affix on a lvl 62 ring (Arcane Resist), I can’t select any other type of resists. I’m not sure if this is intended in the game or if this is an issue with the planner.

    11. This is nice but I don’t understand why no one has made an actual character planner for leveling, i.e. “at level x, you put skill y with rune z into action bar slot 2” and then list it in an easy to reference or print column.  This may be micromanaging a bit but would definitely be appreciated.

      • I think it’s because that’s near pointless.

        Builds are for situations or to achive something. Like “glass cannon” “one shot” and “tank”.

        These are then able to be used as and when the situation requires them “this area the enemies hit hard but have low health, better go tanky” or the like.

        • You’re talking about a level 60 build generator, of which there’s what, 4-5 that work fine?  What I mean is an actual character planner where you map in detail what skills you’ll be using at what level.

          • My point was that you can switch it up at any level. I didn’t say anything about a lvl60 build since you can have builds for certain points in the game. “OK I’m lvl30, let me design some builds around this next encounter”. Apparently the game will be that tough so you might need it. I mean, if you think it’s a useful idea that’s no problem, I just can’t see a use myself :\ (not with the way diablo3 works)

    12. This is awesome. I think it would be really nice to actually do the calculations and tell us how much damage our skills do though (and dps maybe)

    13. Looks fantastic, but I can’t select a class either. I keep clicking like mad on the little icon of a person on the top left next to the words “Select Class To Begin” but nothing happens. Using IE 8.

      • Yeah, IE is a tricky one that I’ve not actually tackled yet. Unfortunatly for the beta, IE won’t be supported but it’s one of the tasks to do by the end of the beta.

    14. This is simply an awesome tool. The dedication of the people that work on this site is equally amazing. Well done, DiabloNut team. 🙂

    15. I also am unable to select a character to begin.  Using internet explorer, which may not be supported?

      Also, on the weapons screen in Diablonut, I think you should add a column showing weapon attack speed.

    16. Wow great work, easy to spend few hours to plan a perfect character with 6 stat rares on all slots 🙂

    17. I would suggest adding skill descriptions.  I had to click back and forth between this tool (which is great) and blizzard’s skill calculator to determine what the different skills/runes did.

      Keep up the good work! 

      • There should be a nice tooltip there telling you what each do wen you hover over the skill.

        • Yes, tooltip, that’s the word I was looking for.

          Or… were you telling me that this is already implemented? If so, it’s not working in this browser (IE). I know, not the browser of choice, but I’m on a work computer.

          • I just ran a bunch of fixes for IE to hopefully solve these issues. If you ctrl+f5 you might get it to work!

    18. It would be nice if all the affix types had collapsible tables, so that you don’t have to scroll quite so much to find the affix you are looking for. 

    19. Update! I might have fixed it for IE!

      I just spent extra time looking around the dark hole otherwise known as IE and fixed a few things. If you were having issues please try again!

      • It appears to be working for me now (I reported issues with IE above).  At least I can select my class and begin.  I will let you know if I encounter any additional problems.

      • It does! I believe this is the login-issue people are having. It seems to not allow some people to play with it without loggin in, I hope to resolve this issue but it’s hard as I can’t recreate this issue.

    20. I’m at work, so maybe its just my crappy browser 
      but could you add hover events over the char images when you select a class ?

      so as I move my mouse over the different class images it says “male barb” then I move the mouse to the next image and it says “female barb” and so on


    21. Any chance for add options to choose random affix generator ? –  so when i choose any item i can just mark options for generate some randoma affixes on it without need to select it manually ? (lets pretend it’s really random loot 😉 )

    22. With Firefox 12, it doesn’t do anything when you click on the class icon.

      Ok, it’s working now — just took a long time.

    23. Nothing happens when I select a class.  Safari version 5.1.5, Mac OS 10.6.8, MacBook Pro

    24. Omg this is so usefull is soooo many different ways.
      Well Done

      The database will very usefull once its updated with stats/top rolls on items so you can see what the top roll on an item is.

      Blizzard have said thet are holding back the final item stats until release.

    25. I’m anxious for the day when we get to actually see the full list of items in game for use in this tool!

    26. Don’t get me wrong, this is great and will be incredibly useful when the game comes out. However, all this theory crafting on top dps builds when the game isn’t even out annoys the hell out of me. It’s like people seriously have nothing better to do than to estimate what will put out the best damage, when they haven’t even tried nightmare. Give me a break.

      • Are you seriously whining about what other people want to do in their free time? Get over yourself lol.

        • why try to guess what will be the “best” when the game ISN’T OUT. I’m not trying to argue either, and I’m not saying that I don’t personally waste a lot of my own time.

          however, you can’t even attempt to craft the “best build” with out playing the game, so I really cannot see why people bother.

          • You don’t see the point of making estimations? So you’re going to just randomly try out shit like a clueless idiot then.

    27. I’m wondering if you had entered any of the legendary items with their placeholder stats into the database. It would probably be a waste of time since they’ll most likely change upon release but I wanted to at least use the naked dps, damage range and APS stats to figure a few things out. Thanks for this great tool.

      • I did around patch 6/8 but things have changed so much since then there really isn’t much point :\
        Thank you for testing 🙂

    28. Not gonna use it. But this is a brilliant thing you made dude(s) 😀

      Amazing stuff!

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