Update 3: Thanks to Bahamutz for sharing his screen with me and allowing me to see this issue! Hopefully this should be the fix everyones been waiting for to be able to use the program without logging in!!!!! More exclamation marks!!!!

    Update 2: One user has reported that NAMING your character seems to unfreeze it. So if you’re not getting it to work, try double clicking on the name and setting that first!

    UPDATE: A fix for IE has been applied. Please try it again. Some users have reported logging into the site allows them to use the planner. You shouldn’t have to log in, but if you can’t use it, it’s something to try until the problem is solved. Thank you for your feed back and help with this beta.

    The latest cool new feature to launch on the DiabloNut.com database is the new Diablo 3 Hero Planner. This is not just a simple skill planner, this is a complete build planner which is hooked into the game data.

    Unlike a normal skill planner where you can simply select your skills, you can completely build your character by equipping the character with gear and add affixes to your gear to see how they will affect your character statistics as well as adding skills and runed skills.

    Each user account also includes an inventory system for your character, so as you surf around DiabloNut for items and you spot something you may want to try on your build, you can add it to your DiabloNut Inventory and then play with it on your builds or swap items on your character to find what is best for you.

    Registered members can also keep a list of builds in their profile which can be edited at any point. Anyone (unregistered too) can also make a single build and share it with friends with a handy shortlink.

    This is a pretty extensive project and we are rolling it out now for feedback on this “Beta” version of the system. We are going to be using your feedback to enhance it further before launch on the 15th May. Feedback and any bug reports can be posted in the DiabloNut support forum.

    Just to stress, this is a beta and you can find a list of known issues in this post in the support forum.

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