Dorjan and myself have been busy working away on DiabloNut.com this week and today we open a new feature, DiabloNut Quests. Players looking for help with quests and their objectives can now follow a complete quest chain in DiabloNut. As there are actually only four main quests in the Beta we have added these to the database.

    Nutty about Quests

    The quests sections come with some nifty features like being able to listen to all the dialogue from the characters (male and female) in the chain as well as the NPCs so the pages give you a really nice feel for the quest and story.

    DiabloNut users will also be able to upload shots of key quest objectives to help others and even embed videos. The Quests at the moment can all be reached via the drop-down navigation at the moment due to the fact the Beta has so few actual quests, this will of course be reworked soon.

    • The Fallen Star
    • The Legacy of Cain
    • A Shattered Crown
    • Reign of the Black King

    Keep an eye on DiabloNut as we are adding things to it all the time and you can expect more to come in the quests section soon.

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