Introducing Diablo3Markets.Com

Introducing Diablo3Markets.Com

Hot on the heels of today’s Diablo Podcast which focuses on the economy and the auction house, a new site here on Diablo IncGamers launches focusing solely on the Diablo economy. is run by our Diablo 3 chief economic adviser Azzure who will be your guide to working with the Diablo 3 economy and the auction house. Azzure took part in this week’s economy podcast so make sure you tune in and hear his thoughts on the economy.

As well as helpful hints and guides to the Diablo 3 economy, is your one-stop shop to tracking the economy and the value of items and gold over time. The site will feature graphs and tracking tools to help players get the most out of the economy so it’s a serious place to help you make money from the auction house.

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    41 thoughts on “Introducing Diablo3Markets.Com

      • Make the website look more appealing… There is not one touch of Diablo- eske styling. 

        Just my 2 cents

        either way, I look forward to it!

    1. who is retarded enough to pay with real money a video game item, which you can get for free anyway? LMAO.

      • You can get it for free? You can play hundrends of hours and still not get the item you want. And who said that time is free! You could argue that you could trade for in-game gold but the top items will usually go to the RMAH and you would still need hundrends of hours to collect the in-game gold for the top level items.

        So it is your choice, time or money? (just remember though that time IS money :P)

        • When you own a business the more time you put into it is money.  When you work at McDonald’s or the mall and only get X amount of hours a week, time is in no way linked to money.  So for the majority of people playing diablo 3, time is absolutely not money.

      • obviously you don’t have a life than older people such as myself who have a job or are in school or both would easily pay money for items which I have done NUMEROUS times in diablo and wow due 2 not having time or the want to kill mephisto hundreds and hundreds of times to get an item to drop so LMAO you are wasting your time when I wasted 20 bucks that 20 bucks took me an hour and a half to get where you spent 6 days behind your computer to get so LMAO LMAO LMAO you are dumb

    2. I am just gonna trade my items for other items that I need, just like old times. I agree with PintoDuro, that people are retards if they trade with real money to get an imaginary item, when you can get them for free.

      • Maybe for a Basement Dweller its the right choice, I work 10~12 hours a day at my own firm, so no, the item isnt “free” couse every minute I play rather then work, I lose money ( outside from my free time, I mean, 4hours of sleep should be fine for a few weeks after D3 launches… )

        • that suits you and your kind very nice. when notn enough iq to come up with valid arguments, personal attacks is the way to go, like “basement dweller” when you dont even know who is behind that ip. pathetic to say the least. tsc.  🙄

          • I didnt call HIM names, I was replying to his “items are free”argument, which is immature, every mature person knows that time is in fact money. And if by “my kind” you mean people who have jobs and dont mind spending some money on a hobby, then yea, it suits me quite well.

      • Regardless of whether people are retarded, people will and do pay money for virtual items that they could otherwise obtain “freely” at no monetary cost. If you look at Team Fortress 2, many players purchase hats and other items that could be obtained through crafting or trading, both of which involve no money. However, purchasing the items outright for real money is much more convenient and for most the monetary cost is negligible.

        Personally, I think the RMAH will be a valuable addition to the D3 economy, and not just to pad Blizzard’s bottom line.

    3. Many people will be very disappointed when they find out that their newly found Legendary Hydra Bow is accompanied by 10000 others on AH. I can’t see how Blizzard will stabilize and keep the worth of items when their is no decrease in the items on the market. It’s like selling apples falling from the sky to your neighbor.
      I can see this economical structure work in HC, because items are actually disappearing contrary to SC-play. But then again, HC mode is limited to In-game Gold.
      The only way there could possibly be an ongoing market is if Blizzard decides to release better items every month.. like in Wow.

      • You have a point but gold is not the same case. You have to spend gold for shared stash, crafting etc…

      • Well, just imagine that your legendary Hydra Bow is one of the very few items in the game that can get you a certain salvaging material. That’s one way it won’t end up being in the AH…

        The truth is no one knows how well the economy will be in D3, not even Blizzard. And it’s certainly too early for any of us to say it’s broken.

      • Yeah, except no. Items aren’t like apples falling from the sky because they must be found first. You are assuming there will be an unlimited supply of a given item, that will rapidly saturate the demand for it. This will not be the case. Even though we don’t know drop rates, the random properties of items in Diablo make for near infinite possibilities. Also, imagine just how many people will be playing this game (and desiring a Hydra Bow of Supreme Awesomeness). I trust Blizzard has done their homework on this one.

    4. And the Chinese gold farmers come rushing in and the value of the items goes through floor… So actually making money is not an option. Well except about 50c.

      At least now they have a good reason to ban illegitimate item selling sites spamming bots as they are competition so there is something good achieved.

      The idea of someone buying items with real money instead of investing time is abhorring. Why even bother to play the game because the items are something you achieve and is essential part of the game itself. And this tips the balance of dueling because you can just buy the items with no effort versus someone that actually plays the game.

      I am just glad that i play HC so none of this will concern me. At least not so much because “black market” will exist in one way or another. But Blizzard will make their life harder than in D2 because of the financial interests.

      • If an asian gold farmer sells something for 50 cents, I will sell it for 49 … just to be an asshole.
        the RMAH is going to be really great. After all if there is an impossible item I want, I can just pick it up for 50 cents right? 🙂
        And it’s not like blizzard can’t make more items. And it’s not like they can’t tweek the drop values of every item. The RMAH needs a little tweeking, but ultimately it is going to work.

        • and it’s not like they cant control every aspect of item drop rate AND OF THE ECONOMY.
          right? are you happy with that? are you a retard, perhaps?  😆

          • “that suits you and your kind very nice. when notn enough iq to come up with valid arguments, personal attacks is the way to go, like “basement dweller” when you dont even know who is behind that ip. pathetic to say the least. tsc.  ”
            Too easy man, too easy.

    5. There will only be 10000 others if they actually drop. As there wont be any dupes in D3, due to the architecture of the game, rare drops actually will be rare. It should take quite a while until the market is saturated with high end uniqs. In addition to that, there will be decrease of items, if high level crafting items require a LOT of high end scraps. It should be enough to stabilize markets between two patches, we’ll see how it works out.
      Don’t forget that you can trade Gold for RM – it doesn’t matter if items go to the RMAH or the GAH – you can trade on both without ever investing RM into the game!

      • Impossible to control… say Blizzard were to try that, then what, they lose the sale and someone from the US picks up 5000 copies and sells them for four times what they are worth to the Chinese?

        • Actually, Chinese gold farmers won´t have any in-game influence on D3´s economy. I am certain most people know this already, but since there are so many complaints/worries about Chinese gold farmers, lets´s say it again, Europe, NA and Asia are completly, totally and utterly seperated, they own different region-locked copies of the game, play on different, completly seperated servers with completly seperated RMAH and GAH and with completly seperated economy. So, on NA and European servers (and maybe South American if they make them, possibly) you won´t have to worry one bit about Chinese gold farmers.

          • Like in WoW, …. , right?

            As in Wow; Europe, NA and Asia are completly, totally and utterly seperated, they own different region-locked copies of the game, play on different, completly seperated servers with completly seperated AH and with completly seperated economy.

    6. Good stuff. I used to use Auctioneer for WoW, and the AH is just unusable w/o it. If only they let you set it up in the game UI, so much better than windowed mode (I don’t have two monitors).

    7. If you work at McDonald’s for X dollars per hour then how much you make is (dollars per hour) x (number of hours).  Thus, time is money.

    8. you´re confusing working for a set number of time for set salary with unlimited play time (theoretically) in D3. While for x number of hours worked in McDonalds you always (barring recession) get y amount of cash, in D3, your play time is limited only by your free time. In the first case, both time and money are set, in the second case higher the amount of time you put in it, higher the money. In D3, more valuable items require more play time spent farming it, but reward you with higher value.

      This is just my suggestion, and I am not economics student, but I think you should put relative farm time as one of the variables in determining item´s worth. In D2, all items are placed in TCs, and in order for monster to drop the item it has to have Alvl = Mlvl = Qlvl. Higher level the area monster is found in, higher level the monster is, higher level the item that monster drops is, ultimatly results in better item. All lower TCs are placed within higher level so theoretically, level 90+ monster with access to TC90 would be able to drop every item in the game. When the monster is killed, if the game determins that it will drop an item, it then runs a slot-machine like effect where it first determins will the monster drop item from the highest TC it has access to, and if it fails, the next one, and the next one. However, chance to drop an item doesn´t increase in a straight line (in a chart) but rather there is spike in the chance to drop an item starting from TC several levels below monsters highest possible TC and in several TCs below that, and then after certain point, chance begins to drop, otherwise,high level monster would have 1000% or some other ridicoulus chance of dropping a level 1 item. In other words, dataming info from the game it should be able to determin where drop chance spike starts, ends as well as average killing speed of appropriate or max level character of different classes, combine the chance of lowest TC in the spike, highest TC, and then make a medium value which would serve as a decent indicator of time neccessary to gain the item. MF would need to be factored in as well, of course. So, um is this wall of text correct, or am I overthinking it? Sorry I went of track from the actual reply, btw.

    9. If you will play D3 to find items to sell on RMAH instead of using or giving to friends. That seems rather kinda pathetic to me. With the expection of having to many of the item, wich would seem rather unlikely since it’s mostlikely a shitload of legendaries with low drop chances and patches with new loot making the older loot not seem “perfect” anymore and less worthfully.
      Wich basicly comes down to never or very rarely use this RMAH. Especially with the fee thats going to cost to post the items (besides the few free fees you get).

    10. If Blizz shares the information or if they are able to get it by datamining, this has the potential for being one of the most important resources for people in the future and if done well, will contribute greatly to viewership of these sites.

      I hope they manage to do things like have statistics such as a market volatility index and standard deviation in sales of specific items, possibly stratified by day of the week.  That way, you’d have a good idea of the likelihood of your item selling well and the amount of risk you’d be taking by buying the item from the GAH in order to turn it on the RMAH at 10% more.

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