Interview: Diablo Creator David Brevik Discusses His Feelings on Diablo 3

This week I was fortunate to catch up with DiabloWikiDavid Brevik at Gamescom in Cologone to find out more about his new title Marvel Heroes but also to find out what he thought of Diablo 3, after all, he created the Diablo franchise. In the interview David talks quite openly about Diablo 3 and the mixed emotions he feels about the game and all the backlash from the community since the game was released.

Watch the video, or if you prefer, you can read a transcript after the break.

You can also check out the press demo video I shot of Marvel Heroes with the Gazillion team on IncGamers, view the full interview with David or jump into our new Marvel Heroes forum.

IncGamers: You are very well known in the world of ARPGs, and I am going to ask you, Diablo 3 is probably the most anticipated PC title in 10 years. What’s your opinion on the final product?

David Brevik: Honestly, I think that they did a lot of the things the best they could, it was a very different game than I would have created, the team and personalities, the people, the talent and all the design philosophies of the people that worked on it in Irvine, we called them Blizzard South, those people have their own style and the their own way they like to design. It was very, very different from the Blizzard North.

So I think that when Blizzard South took over the development of Diablo 3 it was inevitable that they were going to create an experience that was in the Diablo theme but concentrated more towards the things that they liked to experience. Including more story and things like that.

When Blizzard North shut down they lost a ton of experience with why the Action RPG works and what about it works. That’s really difficult to recover from. They didn’t have the experience of people that knew it well. This is why you do things with random levels for example, and so when you lose that experience you are going to create a very different experience in the end than we would have created.

IncGamers: Do you think they bought the wrong people in? As we understand, Jay Wilson, for example, his background was RTS. From our point of view it looked like they misunderstood what kept people playing, The type of loot drops, which has been a big issues. One of the other issues is they have not listened to their community, and they have not analysed what makes up that addictive Diablo  experience. What are your thoughts on that?

David Brevik: Well, the loot system. They made some decisions with the loot system that were very different than the way that we did it in Diablo 2 and I think that obviously the community has been upset with some of the decisions they made. Having all of your powers work off your main weapon and things like that, to having blues that are more powerful than yellows. Eventually the auction house and how that worked, even something as simple as when you equip an item and it’s bound to your character permanently would  have totally changed the dynamic  of the game.

It seems odd that they have not really responded in a quick fashion to some of these things. I think they are very well aware of the problems at this point and are trying to fix some of this stuff. It’s a shame that they had to learn some of these painful lessons

IncGamers:  As you created Diablo, how do you feel about it? Do you feel a little let down that the legacy has kind of been mashed up?

David Brevik:  I have very mixed emotions about it (laughs). On one hand I am sad that people haven’t enjoyed Diablo because it’s a love, a passion, and its obvious people still have a giant love and passion for Diablo and they are speaking out about it because they have such love for it. That makes me feel great.

I am sad because people are outraged and, you know, some of the decision they have made are not the decisions I would make and there have been changes in philosophy and that hasn’t gone over very well. I think in that way I am a little sad.

I am also a little happy, which I hate to say, it shows that the people that were involved in Diablo really did matter, and so I am happy that it has come to light that how talented that group was and how unique and special that group was. I am hoping that, as this happens very often in the industry, you see it with Call of Duty and things like that ,  when the people leave the game changes and it shows how critical people are in this industry.

IncGamers:   One of the questions the Gazillion guys asked me to ask you was, where did the name Diablo come from?

David Brevik:  I thought of the game when I was in high school and I lived in the east part of San Francisco in a town called Danville and I lived at the base of Mount Diablo and that’s where the name comes from. Once I found out what the mountain name was, I thought that was awesome, I didn’t speak Spanish, so I thought I wanted to use that as a title for a nemesis in a videogame. It’s simply from where I lived.

 IncGamers:    Well thanks a lot David, you’ve brought a lot of pleasure to millions of people over the years and hopefully you’ll continue to do so.

Update: Some of the Diablo III developers, including Jay Wilson, reacted angrily to Dave’s comments in this interview. See this post for quotes.

Update #2: A few hours later Gazilli0n issued IncGamers with a statement reading

“We admire Blizzard and Blizzard games.  David was asked about Diablo 3 and gave his honest opinion and we stand by him 100%.  Marvel Heroes is David’s vision and is the spiritual successor to Diablo 2. We’ll be in closed beta soon, so visit if you want to check it out.” – Leo Olebe, VP Marketing Gazillion Entertainment.

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    146 thoughts on “Interview: Diablo Creator David Brevik Discusses His Feelings on Diablo 3

      • Thanks man. I asked him to be as honest as possible, and I think David did a good job. I will say Marvel Heroes is pretty damn sweet, got some good hands-on time. You should watch the press demo linked above as well as the full interview.

        • This was solid gold. I think you asked all the right questions, and Mr. Brevik’s answers were as forthright as he could possibly make them. It is obvious that he still cares about the fans and the experience he and his team at Blizz North created, and (reading between the lines) he is quite upset with many of the decisions taken by the new Blizz Diablo Team.

          He’s been pretty dam^n honest in admitting that he is somewhat gratified by the D3 mess as it proves that people matter. and By God looking at the state of D3, he sure is right!!!

          Anyway, the changes now being put in place (e.g. 1.04) will hopefully help set thing on a more even keel.

          Overall a great interview. Very relevant to all us long term player.

      • As I go to sleep, I shudder at the troll’o’flame wars that will infest the comment section for this article by the morning.

        Also, will there ever be an interview with one of these guys beyond generic “how do you feel about this game?” questions/answers? The polite “it’s nice but not what we would have made” is getting old.

        It’s kind of like getting policy questions for politicians during an election.

      • Yes, his answers were spot on. Blizzard Irvine is a different team, and they make their games according to a certain style. That’s why the original Diablo feeling is lost forever. Many of us simply have to move on, and realize that Blizzard won’t produce what we want. It’s damn sad, really.

      • I think I cried a little watching this interview earlier this afternoon. Great job on the interview, though. That was sad to hear, but it’s how we all feel, anyway.

    1. I hate how disrespectfully he speaks about people Blizzard. These are the people that created Warcraft, Starcraft and WOW and all of these games have a community which is equally passionate as Diablo community.

      I hate this indirect talk. Dude grow a pair of balls and say “D3 sucks because we didnt make it and we are clearly superior game developers compared to people at Blizzard”. Thats all good and fine but the core gameplay of D3 is amazing and everything else is fixable. He can laugh now but I think Blizzard will have the last laugh…

      • Please leave. This is a Diablo fansite, and this man created Diablo.

        I think he knows a thing or two about the ARPG genre, he’s been creating them for almost 20 years now.

        D3 dev team has many fresh out of WoW, with Jay Wilson as a RTS developer. And as of now, I haven’t played D3 in close to a month.

        Hell, PoE is even more interesting, and I honestly feel it’s a mediocre game.

        Edit: BTW, what do you mean by core? Lackluster story, no immersion, and a very lighthearted experience in a series that was known for Dark Gothic Hack n’ Slash?

        What core part of Diablo 3 was amazing again? The combat? Yeah, I agree, it’s pretty decent. Waited 10 years for sub-par combat? Nope, at least I sure as hell DID NOT.

        • Are you that pathetic dude that tells his friends not to buy D3 because its not worth the money (yet i bet you have more than 100 hours put in it)?

          I dont want to turn this in to another discussion about how good/bad D3 is. I like it…you dont…fine.

          I am annoyed by his lack of respect for people who are probably the greatest game development studio in the world and whose money allowed him to make Diablo in to a great game after they bought Condor games.

          Do you think that long developement time of Diablo games and always being late is not influance by Blizzard and their cash?
          DO you think that great cinematics are not influanced by Blizzard>
          Do you think that “gamepley first” is not influance by Blizzard?

          • wow, i mean… just wow. You my friend, you’re pure undeluded crystal clear fanboism. no ryme, no reason just devotion to your mistress. Blizzard fired Blizzard North and then proceded to form a ragtag bunch of “talented” people form other divisions to give birth to the shitfest we call d3. see, i said it for Brevik. Now back to your cellar, worshipping Blizzard.

          • Lack of respect? He doesn’t even work for the company anymore. I’m surprised he was that polite about everything in the interview. You can even see the pauses in the conversation where he bites his tongue to be a little diplomatic about his answers.

          • Absolute moronic fanboy reply. Simply unbelievable. You must have never experienced the true joy of D1 or D2 upon their release, and are thus unable to compare to D3. This man created the franchise and is giving his most honest replies. You, on the other hand, just like mowing on wilson choad it seems, no matter how stale or tasteless it might become.

          • this kid is probably jay wilson undercover, or one of those guys who was butthurt from brevik’s comments

        • Brevik made diablo so we should trust his opinion on everything ARPG related? What about this quote from the interview: “having blues that are more powerful than yellows.” Only an idiot that doesn’t understand ilvl would say something like that. By the same logic, whites are better than yellows because ilvl 63 white weapons have higher dps than ilvl 10 yellow weapons.

          His suggestion of bind on equip is equally idiotic. That sort of thing belongs in WoW, not D3.

          He also acts like Blizzard has been completely ignoring complaints, when the upcoming 1.0.4 patch addresses pretty much every legitimate complaint people have had since release.

          I admit D3 was far from perfect on release, and perhaps the released product was lesser than what D2 has become over the past decade, but D3 has superior core gameplay and 1.0.4 is just the first major step towards making it a game that far exceeds its predecessors. To act like D3 is a failure is just ignorant.

          • Blues were more powerful than yellows up until tomorrow. Check back a couple of months on this website — it was fully covered.

            As for not listening to their customers, it’s two-fold. They listened to their customers after their product shipped because the game didn’t live up to expectations. Blizzard admitted faults in certain areas and decided to listen as to how to improve it — vital at the time.

            However for the past 4 years they were developing the game. Made core improvements, dumped a ton of stuff, and had their internal testers give feedback about was fun and wasn’t fun about the game. A few stories about ex internal testers emerged here and there, and who knows if they carried any validity as no one wanted to be identified as someone breaking the NDA.

            There was plenty of time for Blizzard to ask around and receive feedback. Blizzcon, other venues, beta testers (and the what, 8 month beta was it?).

            • Rare weapons of the same ilvl(item level) did have higher damage than that of a blue weapon with the same ilvl.

              Your statement is akin to calling yellows are more powerful than oranges just because a rare ilvl 63 weapon (obviously) has higher damage than an ilvl 30 legendary weapon.

              Stat budgets due to their randomization was a mess and made incovenient for everyone.

              …and this has been the case ever since, apparently the site is moderated by some really biased people that they have presented this concept.

              Nevertheless, all of that has been fixed now. Condor or Blizzard North had four years in making D2, in which the game was utter crap at release compared to how Diablo was, it took LoD a year more for them to fix it. Even then that was not enough as in how it took almost about 1.5 years to make into the game that everyone now loves and remembers as Diablo 2.

              It took almost 11 years for the D3 to release as it took Blizzard “South” to clean the mess of the North and provide a proper game in a cycle of 5 years and except the PvP, the game is at a much more better point that D2 was after a year of its release(aka 5 years after its initial start in development)

      • Disrespectful? You do realize this guy CREATED the game from ground up and the guys at blizzard plainly destroyed his work. If there is one guy who can criticize Diablo it’s really him.

        BTW: He has been very polite and gentle in the manner he presented his points and views on HIS game. There is also a difference between growing some balls and acting like a pussy… you sir described the pussy way of doing things, but if acting like a total bitch is your way… it’s OK. Now would you kindly leave this place, you buffoon.

        • FFS he expressed his opinion. I don’t agree with him but he sure as hell belongs here. I can safely say that you sound like a blatant hater and don’t think for yourself. Yes, I’m very disappointed with the game myself and have stopped playing for now. It’s the type of people like you though that grind my gears.

      • I kinda agree and a bit sad that the game creator of diablo would have that kind of feeling. If he’s a superior game developer, then lets see some games, no?

        Diablo 1, 2 is old. They’re great and popular games, but for that time. This guy just doesn’t seem to factor in any idea that what drives people to like d1/d2 no longer exists because gamers are spoiled with casual gaming and mmo rpgs that are vastly superior in satisfying the same addiction that made diablo and diablo II sucessful.

        Also, d3 was developed with community feedback from diablo 2, but apparently, d2 gamers don’t know what they’re talking about. for example, itemization in d2 sucked balls and when d3 tries to make itemization in d3 more personalized, they get different results. no point in pointing fingers, but i hate it when people assert the notion that the community is always right.

        anyways, d3 still has a lot of potential and i cant wait to see how the game changes.

        • This is why you’re a moron. Diablo 2 was addictive and fun because of its itemization and builds that could be based off of said itemization. It opened up a lot of fun possibilities. This guy wasn’t shitting on Blizzard. He answered honestly and thus made it a good interview.

          Have you seen the Torchlight guys answers when they get asked about Diablo 3? All they say is how ‘neat’ the story was and that its a ‘fun’ game. They created Diablo 2 as well, they know D3 is shit.

          A lot of us have played 100+ hours because we’ve been hoping and searching for what made Diablo 2 so much fun.

          Hopefully 1.0.4 brings it closer to that level.

          and again, you’re a moron.

          • d2 itemization sucked balls because everyone had the same build and set of unique items.’nuff said. sets and rares are crap. and it was always the same uniques. if u played d2 for a long time, you’ll know this. going back to d2, its really hard to believe the gameplay can even compare to today’s game. in other news, lets continue this misconception of nostalgia driven game philosophy. d1/d2 was addictive because they were the first action RPGs to capitalize in the pc gaming market with a compelling dark and mysterious theme. d3 is 10x more critical and analytic about gameplay than d2 ever had but failed to deliver to the ‘current’ generation of spoiled gamers. if d3 was released as a different name and similar graphics the same time d1/d2 was around, i’ll bet my balls that d3 will come out as the better game.

            • You can’t be serious?

              You should market your own tee-shirts. Just make sure they have four holes and not three.

            • Wait your saying that the itemization sucked… because certain builds were better than others.

              the items suck, because certain skills were OP… that make s a lot of sense…

            • Whoever says rares in D2 were crap didnt play it, period.

              You know all the duped items in D2 ? THEY WERE GODLY ROLLED RARES.

        • You should take a look at “Dwarf Fortress” and see how “spoiled” some of us are…

      • It’s not that harsh, really. And also I’m happy that finally someone had the balls from the old developers to say out loud what they really think.

      • I think you are missing the main point here. This man has much more balls than some of the current people in Blizzard will ever have.

      • @IgorAl It’s fine that you have different taste in video games or perhaps never experienced the greatness of diablo 1 and 2. But when the teams working on a franchise completly change mid-run and the philosophy of the game takes a U-turn it will not please alot of people, however talented the new team may be or how good their designs and ideas can be. Franchises should never be continued with a different approach.

        Also I believe he is extremely polite in his comments and honesty, considering how lame d3 is right now. His team did make all the difference.

      • I wouldn’t say he’s disrespectful, but it’s clear he’s really bitter and happy to see it fail (which it hasn’t really). It’s like “ha! you fired us and now your game sucks.” He’s of course very careful to say “that’s not what I would do” rather than saying they made the wrong choice, but overall, all he’s saying is that they don’t know how to make good ARPGs and that he could have done it better.

        D3 is a great game for appealing to a large population, and hopefully with PvP there will be more reason to play. The main problem comparing it to Diablo 2 is that they didn’t give us any reason to keep playing. Without ladder resets or character expiration, there’s a clear end in sight. Once I get 1 of each class to 60 and get good gear, the only reason to farm is for PvP. Hardcore is an exception, but most people aren’t willing to play that. Throw in the ability to trade easily via the auction house, and you get to the end far more quickly.

        With d3 being online only and thus incredibly difficult to mod, it’s unlikely to have any cool mods that could expand it’s lifetime, and players will simply have to wait for the expansion to come out to have a reason to play again. Now there’s nothing wrong with a $60 game giving you 200-500 hours worth of play (which is a great deal) and being over, but I know I spent more than that on D2 and won’t on D3. It’s a combination of character expiration and the fact that I’m grown up with a full-time job, but it’s still sad.

      • You should know something..the original Diablo team and Starcraft team don’t work at Blizzard anymore. So normaly the people that made Diablo 3 were originaly gathered from the WOW team. People that curently made the Starcraft series have no resemblance whatsoever with the original creators (or in this case maybe 1-2 remained from those) and of course, WOW is wow..not the one that was…but the one that is atm, pandas and asian art that has wondered far from the original idea. In conclusion stop kissing Blizzard where the sun don’t shine, the interview was the truth and in my opinion he had a hard time finding words not to insult them like he should have!

      • Its really not… Concepts were in place long before the merge….google it before you spew dude! Blizz used to make legends, then kotick turned it all into a money making only oriented machine. The art is dead…just wait and see. It now exists solely on the past glory and most of the dev team isnt even the anymore and has been replaced. Its like EA sports. Everything from now on will be a lousy sequel. And btw…nice TOS on d3 ! If they dont make it anymore, they shut the server down and you’ll be scraping your cat’s feces off the rug with the d3 disk :)). No, no single player…just shut down. Anywayz, he has the right to speak like that imo, besides his tone is pretty darned warm when you realise that it was his project, his glory and d3 sold cuz off his work and not based on merit.

      • No one hates what the original Blizzard North team made its about Diablo 3 made buy a totaly difrent team Blizzard South and Jay Wilson f*cked it up Diablo 3 isnt diablo only the name Diablo 3 is boring sh*t idablo 2 is flawless stil playing after so many years

    2. David Brevik should’ve been in charge of Diablo 3 😥

      Lets be honest, most of the dev have no idea what makes a great ARPG; or Diablo game for that matter. Kinda wish Blizzard went with a new IP instead of making Diablo 3 part of the Diablo series.

      But to be honest, my favorite franchise, in my opinion, will be forever butchered (pun intended).

      • I think, out of respect, they should let him finish the franchise that started his career. Also as a wink to the fans.

          • Like second chances for D3 development team to fix the easily fixable mistakes with Diablo III? 😉 The one they are doing right now as well? Oh, yeah.

            • Except it isn’t easily fixable. They have to put the rpg back in the arpg and give people character customization. On top of that they need to remove the 100% complete dependence on weapon damage determining whether a skill is good or not. Oh, and don’t forget the rest of the items all need the same stats to be useful(all resist, vitality, primary stat, crit, crit dmg, etc).

              And let’s look at 1.04 shall we? They add more legendaries with interesting abilities, awesome! Too bad the drop rate will be the same, oh wait they add a guaranteed drop? But now it is bind on equip??? As for “fixing classes” they simply buff damage all over the place.

              Ya, these guys are really doing a good job of fixing the game they broke in the first place. Sorry, but they released something that was so very wrong that the same people are never going to fix it. It took them 7 years to break it and now people think they will fix it in 4 months? Maybe if they brought on the original team and gave them a year it could be fixed.

              People have hours in this game because the game demands it, not because they *want* to put the hours in. Now that competition is coming out, they have other options.

            • If the expansion is free i will give them a second chance but wont pay a dime for another Diablo game made buy the same fail team in front wit Jay fata*s Wilson thats for sure .

          • No, I am just of the opinion that the Diablo 2 team got lucky and has far, FAR great infection of fanboism among its fanbase than Diablo 3 or any of the current Blizzard projects ever will.

            The mythical Diablo “spiritual sequel” by the “real Diablo devs” has yet to grace this world despite the supposed talent being out there in the wild, unhindered by the evil of Kotickvision.

          • FruitLord:
            Your wishes will not come true. The genie is out of the bottle, the “rpg” wont be put back in a way that would leave the – imho, genius – rune system intact.

            I do not really get the double standards at play here: if we look at the endgame of Diablo 2, unless you have some very specific items, you will NOT have too much options to really have a strong build – but it is still easier to just mess around in hell with any sub-par build. So is in Diablo III: You can clear hell with a lv60 character with pretty much any build, which is insane variety. Inferno, damned if they do, damned if they do not?

            Point is: you do not want Diablo III fixed. You want it to be transformed into Diablo II.5HD, which is NOT going to happen, so obviously, you call it a mistake or a broken game. But reality is not that simple. Diablo III has a lot of weaknesses on its own, but being strongly different from Diablo II is NOT one of them. The developers, however, ARE fixing Diablo III to be a better Diablo III game than it currently is, and that is going to be successul, judging by the 1.0.4 efforts. They are not fixing it to be a better Diablo II game.

            • I’ve already presented an idea for bringing back a kind of skillsystem through runeupgrades, so I will take an idea to bring rpg into the game through multiplayer here:

              How about adding synergies to multiplayer games? The technical basis of the game and the skills by themselves are solid and explicit enough that it could be pulled off. (Although it would be a real tough amount of workload on the animations team…)

              Let’s say you go into the game with a Wizard using Disintegrate. The game already got a Wizard in it who loves the use of a Time Shell runed Slow Time. And whenever your Disintegrate hits the Slow Time bulb, your making a third of your normal damage to all enemies in the bulb while your Disintegrate emerges on it’s other side, adding the radius of the bulb to your effective reach.

              Or a Plague of Toads using Witch Doctor, whose toadies are teleported right in front of random enemies near (not in!) the bulb, this time through Slow Time runed with Time Warp, resulting in a 100% hit chance for ALL your toadies. (Alas imho one per target zone max of the three put out at once.)

              This are just two examples and not well thought through concerning how to best fledge out the “personality” of each character. But it could indeed be used that way – and it would easily result into fulfillement of the marketing sentence, brought before release, that we “want to play multiplayer”.

          • If it had had the time for polishing D3 got, one wonders what would have happened to the game…

          • That’s a bold statement. Hyperbole probably though. No one can say that with a straight face.

    3. The Itemization is terrible… But there is a lot of good to find in the game as well, and I hope one day, they’ll be able to fix everything they’ve messed up and repair some of the damage they’ve done to the diablo name.

      Until then I’ll probably be playing PoE.

    4. It’s interesting that he mentions that the people in the Irvine team didn’t have the ARPG experience to know what works, what doesn’t work, and why.

      If that is indeed true, I think they are learning fast.

      Interesting Interview.

      • I’m sure that they are learning and that eventually they will get the gameplay aspect tiddy and clean. They only thing that saddens me is the soundtrack and story, those won’t be fixed I think.

    5. Really good interview.

      This: “Having all of your powers work off your main weapon and things like that…” is a bold, true statement.

      What a game that this guy created. There aren’t many other games where the community is so passionate about it that they will actively seek out the developers to tell them how to fix the game. I love the guy for making the game, but way to much of my life has been spent playing diablo. I think that i’ll go outside now (maybe).

      • It is also wrong – having weapons that are just stat sticks and chances to get +skills is not enjoyable. There has to be some way for end game weapons to matter, and therefore power has to be based on them.

      • Click “HD.”

        If you’re still having problems, it’s on your end. Looks to me like it was shot in at least 720P, if not 1080P. Looks crystal clear to me.

      • Actually, it was a conscious decision to take the ‘crap’ camera. We had so many appointments and not enough of us there to lug around the big HD camera which is TV quality and has a massive carry case. We had 48 hours to wrap stuff up so every minute of moving around the massive convention mattered.

      • What is important here is what is being said, this could have been recorded on a tape recorder with no video at all and have nearly the same impact. Why even bother to critique the camera quality? Man, people will bitch just to bitch, no?

        Repeating what’s been said: Kudos to Rushter for putting this together. Loved hearing about Mt. Diablo! I used to drive my VW Vanagon, albeit slowly, to the top to go camping when I was younger!

    6. Where this guy works? What he sells?
      On a more serious note:

      The 1.0.4 seems to be a “mea culpa”.

      I’m old. Most games I play/played are single player/played with friends.

      D3 seems to be a business model (not a bad one) mashed up to a franchise I love.

      Imo, it’ll never be like D2 (I’m not talking about Bnet, which is better on 2.0, imo; I’m talking about Single Player).

      Just take your time and look at the magic find olympics (MFO) on the SP forums. Two players found a zod today.

      My point? D3 is too locked on a playstyle – the way “south” team wants the franchise to be. The Diablo franchise seems to work better as a more “open-ended” one. (with a SP mode, a Bnet support and a “mod support” aka median/rising sun).

      No, D3 doesn’t “suck”. And I, even as SPlayer, will buy the expansion at the pre-sale. I just don’t plan to spend more time at D3 than I spend on D2 nowadays.

      And it still fells better, after 10+ years, to find a Harley on a tourney than finding a rare lvl 63 sword with “4 right mods”.

    7. He is a little more direct with his points but i think i kind of prefer the stuff scheaffers mentioned, rather than brevik’s, because there is 0 mention of the pros in Diablo 3 (Yes, you heard that right)and i do not think that is fair.

      The graphics and the gameplay itself is very nicely done & smooth (server latency stuff aside…)and i agtree with scheaffers that that is something done almost perfectly and i wouldnt change it.

      Cons: The itemization and ramdomization as well as the customization of characters is really lacking compared to diablo 2.

      Final thoughts: Before Diablo 3 was releases in those interviews, you hear a lot about how hard they are focusing on the actual gameplay of Diablo. On that font, i think they have done that really well.

      But they UNDERESTIMATED the importance of customization in general. They KNOW THE PROBLEM NOW and at worst, i would expect the first expansion to greatly change how things work now and correct most of the problems the community have.

      TLDR: Don’t give up on diablo 3 yet, this is only the beginning.

      • You can’t really just use the graphics as a positive vs a 10 year old game. The gameplay is better but the itemization ruined the game for me. As for customization I find they really droped the ball on. I find I have no real reason to create another character of the same class where in diablo 2 in to this day I find myself making new characters and trying random builds and likeingor hating them.

        • I guess graphic’s isn’t exactly the right word to use.
          But rather, the “feel” and how the environment looks together as a whole is done very nicely in an action RPG and you can tell the game graphic designers put a lot of work into it.

          Good enough that the next time you play an action RPG, you will base it on the diablo 3 standards in the next few years.

          • You’re right there, but it’s the only part of the game done right at the moment. Itemization, character developement, the important aspect of choices (that allowed you to make the character “yours”), progression curves, … , there the game lacks deeply right now. Now we’ll be seeing, if the “Blizz South”-team understood and patch 1.0.4 can mend things to a degree, or if they are just on track to candy the popcorn they’ve delivered.

          • @Deathlight: You are right – visual appeal and combat is great.

            I even understand the logic of linking damage off the main weapon; it helps to allow you to scale damage up more easily by upping your wep stats. ufortunately, they coupled this to lousy drops and poor balancing vis-a-vis monster affixes in Inferno, so we have all the player rage.

            IMO the Irvine team saw players grinding D2 for years and mistook what it meant. They thought we loved the grind; what we love is the ‘wow!!’ of FINDING great loot. That is missing. Moreover, the low level cap (which we hit way too fast) also causes the game to become more of a grindfest with no progress.

            btw: I totally respect your opinion and I agree with many of your points, including that the game will grow better as the devs learn more.

      • Well it’s a 5 minute interview standing in a hallway at a video game show. I’m sure if Dave wrote up a full comment on D3, he’d include a bunch of pros and cons. In this he’s speaking off the cuff and replying to questions that are asking what he thinks went wrong or could have been done better.

        Maybe Rush should have asked, “what did you like about d3 and what would you have done differently?” but I thought it was cool to hear Dave’s honest opinion and not just PR bullshit like we get from Blizzard itself.

        There’s also a learning curve for the d3 devs. Like Dave pointed out, few of them had any ARPG experience, and that showed in some of the problems with D3C. Thankfully, the devs seem to realize most of their errors and they’re working to correct them in patches.

        • This actually restored much of my faith in D3. One of the defenses of D3 has been “Oh, but D2 didn’t really get any good before several patches and the expansion”. And then the counter-argument, well – why didn’t they learn from that?

          But as he points out, it’s a completely different team on D3, and it seems they needed to repeat some of the same mistakes. The upcoming patch might not solve everything, but I definitely feel they are heading in the right direction. Come a couple of patches more, and the inevitable expansion, all will be right in the world.

          Most exellent interview, btw.

          • All will be right in the world? Cain will still die to a butterfly, the bosses will still tell you their plans and you’ll be grinding for pants that fart.

            • As long as the itemgrind is fun, I couldn’t give two squirrels about the story. Just give me autoskip.

              Fun fact: Played my very first playthrough with a friend I’d been pestering about diablo 3 for months. When azmodean had his fourth “Bwahahaha, here I am on my holophone, telling you my planz” my friend burst out on vent laughing, and logged off.

              Also, butterflies cause tropic storms. Just sayin’.

    8. Interview was okay. Nothing too special, although what he was saying about the Irvine team knowing nothing about ARPGs was amusing [and probably true]. He’s obviously disappointed with some aspects and he’s being professional about it. What I don’t understand is his comment on the story.
      There are a lot of things I like about the game [even though I quit a month ago], and I’m really excited for the new patch, which looks like it’ll fix much of what was bad.
      However, it isn’t just the itemisation that’s the problem. Despite the fact that they’ve focussed on the story and stand by it as something set in stone, it’s the narrative and the way the story was presented that turns the game from something fun into a gigantic face-palm whenever an NPC opens their mouth in-game.

      For instance, Cain’s death is underwhelming. He’s been around since the first game. I don’t mind that they killed him off, but it was the way they did it. Maghda is a 2-dimensional uninspired thug straight out of the worst sort of Saturday morning cartoon serial. Come on! This is Deckard Cain! He’s been around since the first game. He should have his heart ripped out by Diablo him[her?]self in a beautifully animated cinematic, not just lamely falling over in his house or whatever because Maghda so bad.

      The other thing that churns my stomach is the constant moronic prattling from the act bosses. It breaks up gameplay, the dialogue is rubbish and unnecessary, and what’s worse, it makes them look stupid. They’re supposed to be the embodiments of vice and evil, not Skeletor Mk 2. Please don’t reveal your evil plan just before you kill me like a bad Bond villain.
      Let’s compare to the first game, where you only hear about Diablo in passing from townsfolk and tomes lying around the catacombs. When I first saw him, I practically shit my pants when he Apocalypsed my character to cinders in only a couple of hits, pretty much before I even saw him. That guy is SCARY. He’s the Lord of Terror. He’s supposed to be a bad-ass, conniving, terrifying demon from Hell whose mere presence makes ordinary people go insane simply from being near him for five minutes. Now, don’t get me wrong; I like what they did with the design of the character in the third game. But *why* did they make him so stupid? It’s very disappointing for a long-time fan. If I have to hear the TERR-ROAR one more time…
      It’s the same for Azmodan and Maghda. OH LOOK YOU’VE PROGRESSED. MY FACE, LET ME SHOW IT TO YOU. RAAAAAH I’M SCARY. You’re not. You’re stupid.

      Not to mention *Belial and the Most Obvious Cliche of Pretending to be an Innocent Child*.
      And *Look! More hidden footprints! Enchantress from the Realm of Annoying*.

      Okay, this would be bad, but not game destroying if we only had to play through it once… except for the fact that the *whole point of the game* is to replay it constantly. It’s a game about finding gear and grinding to get said gear. I guess my point in all this is that these sorts of interruptions to ordinary play get really old really quickly. I really hope they give an option to turn them off in a future patch.

      • Yes, and what evil god from hell would leave his orders laying around everywhere!? The diary of a girl is harder to find…

      • this is so painful to read, b/c is so f***g true, man, so wrong on their part that despite 18 rating the story is told to 10 year old. However, in terms of everything else that is broken right now, i wanna believe this game still can be saved…

      • He never said the story was good. He just said that Blizzard South likes to make their games a lot more story-“focused” than Blizzard North, which is entirely true.

    9. If blizzard north have make diablo3, its have look like gothic look, and no one would have level 60 after one month, i think would take much longer.

      So blizzard have fail will diablo3, the first game they real “EPIC Fail hahaha..

      I play one month then i end up..

    10. Good Interview and I agree with him , that people on the team do matter ALOT , I used to play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and when the team left , I did notice how bad it affected Modern Warfare 3 , same thing happened to Diablo3 , I played Diablo 2 for 10 years on and off and the game is still amazing and addictive til this day , the team did alot of mistakes in D3 and I hope they will fix it and will listen to the community more often from now on.

      Waiting on 1.0.4 hoping it will make me get back to Diablo.
      If anybody told me before diablo 3 was released that I would be looking for a different game to play after just 2 months from the release of diablo 3 I would have said that he was crazy and didn’t know what the hell he was talking about.
      I just can’t believe that Diablo 3 , the game that I waited forever to get my hands on , became boring and meaningless after 2 months.
      The game is good and it has alot of potential and hope they take care of the game very fast.

      • ^This

        @ematanis: “Waiting on 1.0.4 hoping it will make me get back to Diablo.
        If anybody told me before diablo 3 was released that I would be looking for a different game to play after just 2 months from the release of diablo 3 I would have said that he was crazy and didn’t know what the hell he was talking about.”

    11. Great man. What’s the real reason these guys left ? O yeah i know … its about new Greedyvision… and new greedy policy of Blizzard.Who now only cares about MONEY.Well that’s the result. F U BLIZZARD SOUTH!

    12. This is why I am so happy with the recent developments in crowd funding. On Kickstarter some the greatest game developers are already coming together, to make new or recreate games they cannot make anymore in the corporate gaming industry. Ron Gilbert, 2 guys from Andromeda, Iron Lore anyone? I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the original Blizzard North developers team up again in a few years and make the real Diablo 3… Even if it can’t be called that, I wouldn’t care because we’ve learned from D3 and many other examples, it’s not the graphics (or the ‘shiny’ as Blizz likes to call it), but the gameplay what makes a good game. But if you were gaming in the 80’s you of course already knew that.

    13. I don’t think he is downspeaking the people at Blizzard, he is just saying that the people that worked there 15 years ago did matter a lot and it’s not only about Blizzard and the money for long development cycles.

      On the other hand lots of the Blizzard North people had their chance with Hellgate: London and that didn’t work out, much less than Diablo 3 I’d say.

        • 8 of the 9 founders of Flagship Studios came directly from BN, including all the creators of the series. And dozens of other BN employees joined them in 2004 and 2005 after BN shut down.

          That said, the problem with HGL was they didn’t budget their time or money well and ran out of both and had to launch maybe a year before they’d have liked to. I’ve talked to Max and heard interviews with others and they are all adamant that HGL would have been a great game if they’d just had another 6 or 8 months to balance and polish.

          Sadly we’ll never know, and it’s fair to criticize HGL, but realize that it was far from a finished product. The same can’t be said for D3, where they took their years and years and put out the game more or less as they wanted it to be.

    14. As an old Diablo fan, I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place – on one side, Diablo 3, as it stands, just isn’t living up to what it should have been. At the same time, the improvements that was made compared to Diablo 2, has made it impossible for me to enjoy that game as well…

    15. To people talk shit about David Brevik:

      Lets see how you talk in interview after creating and working on successful project for years just to get fired and replaced by bunch of interns to ruin it.

    16. Very nice interview. And this whole situation about D3 is very sad. I mean, shouldnt we talk about what kind of build is the best, what could be done better (f.e.) in the desert levels with new kind of monsters or that the story could have some additional spicy thrills… Such things about lore and gameplay… But the whole core of D3 is just wrong!
      “When Blizzard North shut down they lost a ton of experience with why the Action RPG works and what about it works.” This is the point! You can feel it in the whole game… They just dont know, how to make a game with passion and and fantasy atmosphere. D3 is a good crafted piece of artwork, but yet it misses the heart and soul of a fantasy game. Im saying this from the very release of D3 and I fairly doubt about that this can be changed in patches or even in an expansion…

    17. D2 had LOD to improve it, so the real comparison would be D2 LOD vs D3 w/ expansion. isn’t that right? I have a mighty feeling they removed quite a lot of elements because they are holding them back for the eventual expansion

      • No it wouldn’t be right. D2+LOD was in the past. it doesn’t take a genius to learn from past pros and cons. D2 used what they learned from D1 and expanded nicely. They expanded nciely again with LOD. D3 did NOT learn and made mistakes that MANY people pointed out and could have been easily found just by replaying d1 and d2 as “homework”.

        • Exactly. Not to forget that any arpg coming out in the last few years was evaluated by the standards D2 set – including it’s expansion. It would be unfair to all the other gaming companies in the arpg-market NOT to compare vanilla D3 to D2+LoD.

          edit: Drekk! Would it be “in” or “on the market” here?!?

      • People really do forget how bad D2 was at launch. D3 has very serious problems with its legendaries, but those are getting fixed. D2 had much worse gameplay problems. It just wasn’t fun to easily overpower your way through Chaos Sanctuary over and over again.

        • some of you think d2 was bad at launch but I don’t remember being MAX level after 2 weeks and not giving a shit about the game after 1 month

    18. Lets be clear.. and I hate to explain this.. But They never were fired. They quit. They were having budgeting problems the company had a new boss and instead of focusing on their game and just letting stuff sort out they panicked and thought they could pay hard ball and challenge vivendi to answer.. instead .. they fooled themselves and their resignations were accepted.. They went on and made Hellgate london and they continued the same problems they were having with diablo3 development and that game failed. This was not Blizzard’s south’s fault or Vivendis fault. IT was the fault of that team and Bredik is included.

      • Hahahahahaha thanks for the laugh, but that is factually wrong. Check with industry indsiders, talk to actual developers who know the real story, then come back and talk. Do some research before claiming your opinion as a fact.

    19. Maybe it’s just me but it seemed to be really hard for him to maintain his composure through the interview. It appears as though it was quite difficulty for him to talk about it. It seems he is quite upset about the new Diablo and how it reflects on his masterpiece. I feel kind of bad for him.

    20. Blizzard North did not make ONE good game since … 2003.

      Bill Roper is now one of the biggest jokes in the gaming industry.

      Compare that to the track record of Blizzard Ervine … And you know this interview is a laugh really…

      • Blizzard North did not make ONE good game since … 2003.

        Bill Roper is now one of the biggest jokes in the gaming industry.

        Compare that to the track record of Blizzard Ervine … And you know this interview is a laugh really…

        Blizzard North was shut down in 2005. Blizzard “Ervine” has made great RTS games and a hugely successful MMO. What is your point?

        I guess you could say that Paradox Interactive or the Creative Assembly are GREAT developers (and heck, they are!). But they make (niche) strategy games.. would you entrust them with the development of a hugely popular aRPG game? Probably not.

    21. He confirmed what we all have known to be true for months now. They made a series of bad development decisions (Auction House, bland stat based itemization with no legendary items, PG rated World of Warcraftesque environment, no world PVP, disorganized social system, rushing through quality testing etc.) which in turn ruined the Diablo franchise. No surprises. It was an interesting interview but when it was over and I read all the comments here I kinda feel like it’s just kicking a dead horse at this point.

      I really do hope future patches somehow fix the gameplay but let’s be realistic here. The changes they are making right now amount to putting a Dora the Explorer bandaid on someone who has just been ran over by a steamroller. I know I know \Nothing they do will ever be good enough for you.\ and sadly that might be a true statement in the end. Why?

      There are some things you just can’t ever fix with patches like the horrendous plot/voice acting/act bosses/NPCs. They literally are SO BAD that they make me angry when I encounter those elements in the game. Like having to constantly step over piles of terrible smelling dog crap in your yard every morning it begins to make you feel like not going outside to see that.

      In the end I think it’s about the franchise though and Activision (or whoever ends up owning Blizzard years from now) making a decision to cut their loses and rebuild from scratch. There’s no doubt in my mind that this development team will drop the ball again on the expansion pack and it will end up being a paycheck game. Hopefully at that point they all get sent off to other projects and we get a totally new team for Diablo IV that isn’t afraid to demolish this teams work completely and rebuild.

      One can hope. Till then let’s hope Torchlight II and Borderlands II are insanely good and we can all forget this ever happened for awhile.

    22. Blizzard North was effectively harmed and ended by the resignation and leaving of 90% of the staff. in 2003. They were not fired. They quit. Thats their fault.

    23. His hard work and honesty is appreciated. I can’t say I didn’t have a fair amount of fun with D3 but overall I found it underwhelming. It simply felt nothing like a game that was created by one of the largest, most reputable and well-funded game development studios out there…especially considering the 6+ year dev time.

      But even then, there’s a small part of me that wants to believe this game isn’t even exactly the game the devs wanted to make… That this apparently was a case of “too many hands stirring the pot” with the suits basically chiming in on every design decision. I’d like to believe the devs are just as frustrated as we are with some of their questionable design choices, whether they wanted to make them or not.

      It would have been nice to see Blizzard North’s final product. I SMH when I remember that it was Vivendi who disapproved of their vision for D3 and now, years later, they want to dump ActiBlizz altogether anyway.

    24. Seriously?
      I don’t bother to reply to 99% of the crap posted in these follow up comments but the “HGL is a better game” comments are just special.

      Lets remember buildings and other architecture that could have been made better by a high school student using Hammer Editor.

      How about broken random generators putting you in a map with no entrance or exit.

      The decision to make it so you had to game the system to fight a boss again.

      Lets remember a damage system that could make better weapons do less damage depending on your level, the weapons level and the targets level.

      Lets remember a damage system that was so convoluted that they admitted combat text was basically impossible.

      How about items that had entire sets of stats that did not work.

      How about the fact that your class shared at least half of its talents with the next one…

      Even saving level up core stats so that you put them in the correct spot to equip that new piece of gear that had more core stats so that maybe you could put on one different piece of gear with interesting stats.

      I played HGL a lot and liked it for the most part, but that does not make it a gem of a game that only needed a little more polish.

    25. Wow, great interview. It made me very sad though. Makes you think about the Diablo 3 that could have been… :´(

    26. This guy has vindicated a few of my main assertions about Blizzard, the most important being the following:

      Blizzard was only the Blizzard we’ve come to know and love when it had ALL of its constituent pieces. Blizzard Irvine without Blizzard North isn’t any better than Blizzard North (Flagship/Runic/whatever) without Blizzard Irvine. Sure, “Blizzard South” has more money and they can still claim rights to their successful portfolio (that was created mostly with the help of Blizz North), but what have they REALLY created since the Blizzard North people left? SC2? WotLK? Cata? D3? None of these game FEEL the same as Blizzard’s “golden years” games, and it’s no secret why. Look at the credits to WC2, SC1, D1/2, WC3, vanilla WoW, etc. They ALL have Blizzard North staff working on them. Hell, even the dev teams were usually led by Bill Roper, a Blizzard North employee.

      If Blizzard Irvine is the heart of Blizzard, then Blizzard North was the soul. What good is one without the other?

    27. if you want to judge David Brevik for his actual work just wait for marvel heros, it will be an ffa mmoarpg. I am looking forward to playing it.
      Diablo3 has it’s shortcomings, there is no denying it and i am actually looking more forward to the GW2-Start than the D3-Patch. I only feel sorry for those who paid hundreds of dollars for some items on the RMAH, that will be outdone by items that grow on virtual trees soon in Diablo3. If it must be a blizzard game you wanna play, be happy to get mists of pandora soon…
      I guess i am more cynical than David Brevik, i wish him all the best for marvel heroes, without him we wouldn’t talk Diablo here, so please give him the credits he deserves.

    28. Talking with a guy who didn’t create anything decent the past decade and then wants to talk down the BIGGEST independant PC game publisher in history is sooooo pathetic really.

      It is the same with all these old lame game designers. It is as relevant as talking with Atari’s Busnell and asking what he finds of Call of Duty.

      Irrelevant and Pretentious.

      I am sure his next game IF ever published will sell 10k copies total. Or how much can one fall when one quits the Blizzard stable…

      • What’s pathetic is how D3 rode off of HIS creation’s success and STILL managed to be the most disappointing and shallow game ever released. Let alone the most disappointing and shallow game ever released with a multi-million dollar budget and an 8 year development timeframe. Btw, D2 AND LoD were created from scratch and released in half the time that it took Blizzard Irvine to make D3. How does that taste? Bitter?

        Oh, D3 sold 7 million copies? That’s because of D2. Period, the end.

      • Blizzard is no independant developer anymore. Hasn’t been for a long time now. (In fact Vivendi meddling with their developement was the reason why part of the maincrew of Blizz North left.)

        edit: But we all know you’re the better person here, never talking anyone’s works, ideas or opinions down…

        edit 2: By the way: As “his” next game will be free to play, he won’t even sell one copy 😉

    29. I wish blizzard would just try to assemble the old team and save the franchise with a nice x-pack. They need to get over themselves thinking everything they make will be golden. Diablo 3 was a big let down to everyone who has played d1/d2.

      on the bright side, I still have a girlfriend and a job because d3 sucked 🙂

      not like when diablo 2 came out and I had no life.

    30. Idk if anyone has spoken about this since I haven’t read all the comments but he brings up a very important point that affects us all (d2 lovers, d3 lovers, Blizz fanbois, etc)

      With gaming franchise getting bigger and being bought out by the massive companies (ie Activision-blizz) the importance of human intellect is going out the window.

      People like Kotick see these games as nothing more than a cash cow instead of what they really are to us, an art.

      The developers of Blizz North were extremely talented in their field (ARPG’s) and the failures of D3 show that. I don’t think Blizzard Irvine are terrible developers just that they weren’t familiar with this type of game.

    31. LOL, thanks for Hellgate: London Dave. That is what Blizzard North made next! H:L is an exemplary illustration of what I wanted D3 to be like, “random” levels and all. /facepalm

      He has a few points though, and 1.04 should help.

      • How is Hellgate: London related to Diablo? It may be made by the same people, but they couldn’t use their IP. I’m not going to defend H:L because it was a poor effort as ARPGs go, but at least try to understand that it was a different game. /facepalm right back at you. In many ways it was no worse than Borderlands, a game I played for all of 6 hours (where I finished HL with one class).

        As for D3, I can’t see how Blizzard will ever take the one step that needs to be taken to fix this game – scrap the skill system and do it properly. After that itemization falls into place, because +dmg, +mainstat, +resist items lose value immediately.

        • Personally I liked Borderlands :p. And HGL wasnt all that bad either, where as D2’s ACTI shit graphics and shit rain effect, combined with the whole artwork, art directing and design almost made me feel the rain permeate my clothes with the chill of a late autumn xD. TBH I find nothing offensive in what the creator of a franchise and company has stated, as compared to the response given by the ppl leeching off his glory atm. This is an easy exercise once you try to put yourself in his place. To me, the mistakes and options taken by this D3 dev team shows exactly how unprofessional and unprepared they are and that is reflected not only in the way they choose to address such matters publicly, but in the product itself.

    32. It’s incredible how much drama there is surrounding this game. And I actually really don’t see anything inflammatory or disrespectful by Brevik which should cause current Blizzard developers to feel like they were thrown under the bus. Brevik actually expresses what some of us who had played the original two series, feel when playing D3. Blizzard North if I recall, had people who understood balancing the whole carrot and stick deal when it comes to rewards within the loot system. Itemization is key to that because this accounts for that inate feeling of progression when it comes to your characters development. D3 (as of 1.03) has some “dead horse beaten” issues in this area; plus we no longer have an Identify All to quickly ID all that “trash” loot we collected.

      Don’t get me wrong, there are still many great and enjoyable facets of the game (especially pre-Inferno difficulty). It’s just how Inferno as a whole feels; like it was not completely thought out in its design besides the whole “we double it” thing. The closed beta seems to re-affirm this notion with only a part of Act 1 and characters being able to level only to 13, as an outside test bed. The fact that systems were moving targets also might have contributed to what ended up being released, and why there has been constant drama. Furthermore, it seems there actually was a ton of closed beta feedback, but that a decent percentage of the suggestions were ignored.

      In general, I found this to be a refreshingly honest interview which hits home as to why all of this drama exists in the first place. The people who made the original Diablo series were passionate about the game. The ones who played it latched onto that passion and ended up playing the series well past it’s original design.

    33. I disagree…

      A lot of fans of the series are in there mid to late 20’s and don’t have time to dick around with a game that is never going to be what we want it to be. I still wished they would of named the game something else and just let Diablo 2 die off, but it’s not like we don’t see this all the time in the entertainment business. As i write this comment I have came to a weird conclusion that i get more enjoyment out of reading comments and articles about Diablo 3 then actually playing the game.

    34. That’s okay, many of us felt the same way towards Jay Wilson when he released an always online (read MMORPG strategy idea) with RMT and AH being core values of the game rather than fun and customization.

    35. Everyone is saying that 1.4 might change the game, might pickup the former players that quited d3 few months agoo.
      Lemme tell you somethin`, in every game obviously we compete with each other and ofc we just play the game cuz it`s fun BUT what do you do when the first 2 months from the release the game is FULL with farming boots and game-ruining bugs (invulnerable wizzard, high life on hit on barb from the dreadnaught/charge bug and so on) ? These things TOTAL RUINED the economy of the game, they distroyed any kind of competitive game and especialy the fun in farming when you see someone having 20 bilions gold after 3 months from the game was release.
      There is no excuse for this and yes i totaly agree with Mr. Brevik except i`m putting my opinion out in a harsh and well deserved way.
      AFTER YOU READ THIS, then you can think if the game is still worth playin` and like i said before i TRULLY hope someone will come and take the name BEST GAMING COMPANY from blizzard. The don`t deserve it and they are keep failing.

    36. Diablo 2 was the most sellig ARPG of all time, the game that came in second place was its expansion. Diablo 1 revolutionized the way games are played and was one of the very first video games to be played online. The Diablo franchise held many world records at its height. Guess who was responsible for its success? A little company name condor, later bought by Blizzard and renamed to Blizzard North. The Diablo franchise was way bigger than any other franchise at Blizzard until WoW came out, and guess what? A Diablo MMO would have sold way more than WoW.

      Blizzard purchased the rights to the franchise, used it to get huge, then screwed all of the original developers over and threw them out on their asses once they had WoW. So stop acting like these guys owe Blizzard, if anything Blizzard owes them.

      Also, D3 is pure shit compared to Diablo games of the past and you can’t fix the LAME AND RIDICULOUS story line full of rainbows and happy endings. You can’t just make the game more demonic, dark, and creepy. They would have to completely over haul the game to make it even comparable to the real Diablo games of the past.

    37. I definitely think many people have the ol’ rose tinted glasses on when ever David’s name and D3 come up together. David didn’t really say anything here though, all he said was that it’s not the way he would have made it. He said maybe 2 specific things and the only thing I can agree with him on is the Auction House (and only because good t hings don’t drop enough, if they did, then I wouldn’t mind the AH as much since it wouldn’t be the ONLY way to get things).

      D3 has done a few things wrong but it’s no where near as terrible as David is making it seem.

      Blues being better than Rares? That’s so rare and I doubt it even happens anymore. Rares better than Legendaries, that’s fixed for the most part. Rares SHOULD have a shot at being better because it’s better for gearing choices (instead of “it’s orange so I need it”) but it was a bit TOO much before, but like I said, fixed now with 1.0.4.

      Paragon levels have more meaning than getting 99 did in Diablo 2 (if not just as much meaning).

      The Auction House, that is 1 thing where I could agree D3 went wrong. After putting in 400 hours and only using 1 item that dropped for myself and every thing else in those 400 hours has been bought from a menu like I’m at a restaurant, I can say I could do without it.

      That’s really just bad drops though, not just the AH. Like I said earlier, if there were more good things dropping the existence of the AH wouldn’t bother me. The reason it does is because it’s practically the sole way to get loot.

      D3 is a great game, they just need to add some more stuff to DO with the great game (which will come over time, paragon, pvp, “seasons” – D2 didn’t have everything right away either) and add some better drops so people get that “addictive” feeling that kept them looking for drops in D2

      1.0.4 is a big step in that direction. More drops and BETTER drops are flying out of monsters left and right and 1.0.4 has only been up for a few hours.

      PS – I think the way the Blizzard guys responded wasn’t the best, I’m not agreeing with that at all.

    38. So that is the thing D3 devs are so pissed about… LOL. I felt it was pretty diplomatic, contrary to JW answer and other Bliz employees.

      He just said: “We wouldn’t have done that, I’m surprised they did this, people from B. North were good”.
      That’s about all he said, no: “D3 is garbage, Jay Wilson sucks”.

      He has a right to say he didn’t like the decisions.

    39. Basically, all Brevik said was “Diablo 3 isn’t the way I would have made it.”

      Well guess what Dave? You DIDN’T make it. So quit criticizing the people accomplishing something you didn’t do.

    40. Funny how they keep mentioning “keep players playing…”. I thought I’d be playing it everyday, would be addicted to it and never stop. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I really did just STOP playing because my latency has gone to sh1t. It’s unplayable now. THAT is the #1 f–k up from Blizzard — REQUIRING a connection when I couldn’t give a rat’s arse about cooperative play, the auction house and all that. I only play by myself… the same way I do when wanking off to porn late at night. Just all by mybloodyself!!

    41. I understand this guys point with the loot and stuff. but pacth 1.04 fixed it. People that are bicthing still are folks that are bad and get do act 2 in inferno.

      D1 and D2 was single player games. D3 is online based. D2 was boring as crap online. Trust me i wasted 4 years playing it. 4 years rushing to 99 gearing BiS then sitting outside a town pvping…Yeah Diablo 3 Mops the floor with the older 1’s.

      Why? I can game out with friends farm and gear AND make REAL MONEY at the same time. Haters gonna hate but you know Rec speaks the truth. Funny cause the game is onyl going to get better over time. Now if you dont mind ama go pick up the 247 bucks i made form the RMAM.

    42. No one will be asking for Jay Wilson’s opinion in the future. In fact give it 5 years and he may not even be working in the industry. Just like most of the current Blizzard employee’s.

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