DiabloWikiThe hall of fallen heroes has saved us DiabloWiki Hardcore players character space and allowed us a chance to remember those we lost. What is has lacked is a chance to see what we were wearing at the time we passed. Well now with a lot of clicking (surprise!) you can inspect your fallen characters. Ajantis has put together a helpful video to show you how to do it.


    If you’re not hip on your polish(you really should be by now) let me break it down. Basically you vigorously click between the two tabs until you achieve the desired result: seeing your fallen character intermixed with your living ones. On a side not I also managed to place all my characters in the Hall of fallen heroes, so that was scary. I can confirm that this does work and I have the shots to prove it.


    It’s a nice touch to see the loot you had before you died and hopefully they don’t squash this bug but implement it, since we can clearly see it’s possible.

    What do you think? Are you already logging in to try or would you rather not see those million gold items again?

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