Bashiok got a question about info leaks, and turned his reply into another installment of the, “Can’t wait for Blizzcon” chronicles.

    Do you ever get worried that you will accidentally release info that has not yet been released because so much is going on, you forgot what day it is Bashiok, if not, what would the worst piece of info be?

    Well, last year the class announcement was leaked by a few hours… by us.

    I don’t really think a few hours is a big deal, the announcement is awesome to have that POW but really the important stuff comes with the panels and explanation (IMO). Any leaks suck though, but as long as people enjoy it, that’s what matters to me.

    Which, by the way, I have seen full practice run-throughs of both panels now. And they are information packed. I’m actually scared there won’t be time for Q&A afterward. (Good thing there’s an entire open Q&A panel) I think you’re really going to enjoy them. We’re also going to be posting full recaps here in this forum as soon as possible after the panels end, so stay tuned for that.

    The leak of which he speak was an hour before the opening ceremony last year, when the DiabloWikiMonk info went up on the official Korean D3 site. A time zone issue, one assumes, and it was quickly removed, but the new character selection screen and a link to download the movie were up for long enough for word to spread. If you look back at our live chat from last year’s Blizzcon, that’s all anyone was talking about just before the big announcement happened.

    Fun as it is to see info early, it was actually kind of lame, the way it went down. I’d rather have waited another 45 minutes and seen the new char officially unveiled on stage, with the big movie, and the fans cheering, etc. Rather than from poor quality screen caps of the official site, via frantically-leaked Imageshack URLs. Let’s hope things go off more smoothly this year, and that the reveal of the Rogue is a complete surprise. Oh wait…

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