Inferno Tuning Incoming

Posts across the net have been filled with laments to the difficulty of DiabloWikiInferno. Some unfounded, some perfectly reasonable. It seems nearly unanimous, though, that Barbarians have it tough past the first Act.

Change may be coming, as DiabloWikiBashiok mentions they are working on a piece for the front page that will be addressing the issues that many have been raising. Regardless of their intent with this initial difficulty, Inferno as a game mode will fail if people do not find it fun. Whether you think it currently hits the sweet spot of tuning for you right now or not, it looks like some tweaks will be happening.

We purposely launched the game with Inferno being far more difficult than what we were able to progress in ourselves, assuming people would find it as difficult but with a few skilled players able to pull it off, or the difficulty would simply help root out problem skills and builds that allowed flaw-filled progression possibilities.

I think the main problem we’re running into is people progress more or less linearly to Inferno, and the brick wall effect makes it seem like these broken skills were the correct way to overcome the difficulty because the belief is that Inferno must be an immediately surmountable challenge, which it isn’t intended to be. Or the reverse, that because these skills allowed progression the classes that did not have them were too weak/broken, which isn’t correct.

We’ll provide a bit more info/context on Inferno tuning through an article we’re working on for the front page.

It makes one scratch their head as to why the QA team never attempted such builds. It would seem that rotations for Smoke Screen and Preparation would be a staple for Demon Hunters, or else Force Armor on Wizards for later difficulties. While it seems that Blizzard has killed the golden geese for the two favored classes with the most recent hotfixes, it raises the question as to how they will be tuning Inferno in light of vast amount of complaints filling the forums.

What we do know is that Blizzard has a vested interest in making this end-game fun. If people are not having fun, Blizzard will be taking action. Whether this will be in the best interest of all of their player base remains to be seen.

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48 thoughts on “Inferno Tuning Incoming

  1. People whining about the most difficult part of the game a week after it is out. Kids these days want everything handed to them…

    • The same complainers made Sunwell the last decent raid instance that didn’t allow you to “see all the bosses” with easy modes.

    • Yep, I really don’t get this rage RE Inferno. Go farm Hell and stop whining.

      I always thought a meaningful end-game was exactly what we wanted, but apparently not :S

      • I bet these whiners are just people who never really played Diablo2, they just had friend rushed them to hell baal and handing them all the runewords.

  2. I hope they don’t nerf it, i just started it and find it very fun that way. If i don’t have to farm billions of demons to pass my way through inferno, then it would make me sad :'(.

  3. I do think people are looking for ‘reasonable’ difficulty and not just stuff that one-shots you, but still, I’ve been playing with 4-6 different friends and through farming Hell or Act 1 Inferno we’ve been able to gear up and break through parts of Act 2, and some of us into Act 3 Inferno.  And our Barb actually does a pretty good job, but he has been playing a lot and has quite good gear.

    My concern is they make things easy to the point that the gear up ramp is too short and people are clearing too quickly.  In my eyes that’s at least as much of a failure, if not more.

    I thought we were supposed to hit some sort of a wall, forcing you to gear up with resists, etc.  What’s so wrong with that.

    To argue the other point people are making however — on the surface it appears you can have excellent gear and still get destroyed, and I can sympathize with that viewpoint entirely. People want to be rewarded for their efforts in being able to have [at least] a slightly better chance of succeeding.

    • Nothing wrong with that! I agree totally.
      Nothing wrong with the Electro Specter either. 🙂

    • ^ Well it shouldn’t be cake walk to OMG I am going to die difficulty jumps in mob power. IE unless your really unlucky you should be able to see that it getting hard for you before it before you bump into a hahaha your dead mob. This along with a message clearing up what the expected requirements are for inferno IE that you are expected to get really good gear to do parts of it would go some way to fixing the problems (getting more defensive skills can make up for weaker gear).

  4. \Begs the question\ does not mean \raises the question.\ Begging the question is a logical fallacy that assumes the conclusion within the premise meant to prove it.

    • I’m not Aristotle or a grammarian. Welcome to the 21st century and modern English usage on an internet forum. 🙂

      • Polite criticism is often the only way people spot mistakes they may make. It’s sad when people imply that because they live in the 21st century and use the internet their standards are too low to bother improving.

        • Being a pedant and giving polite criticism are quite different worlds. He/She was clearly the former of the two, as he/she chose to post in a public arena about something inconsequential. I don’t normally reply to snide comments, but being pedantic over an adapted English idiom was entirely unnecessary. It is the history of the English language to evolve: common usage undermines a root and creates multiple meanings.

          As a note, I had already updated the article for justice. So evurrbuddy keep their pants on. 🙂

          (I update and edit articles constantly for grammar and problems I or others notice. Pedantry notwithstanding.)

    • Language naturally morphs over time.  This is one that i am convinced is beyond the point of no return.  Begging the question now has 2 meanings, for better or worse.

  5. In D2 essentially everyone the the best gear in the game. Without Bass runs it would have been really hard to survive in Hell save for a few builds.
    We don’t even know what is best in D3 yet, let alone 1000’s of people obtaining this gear easily.
    It must be really rewarding for those hard-working/ lucky enough to find the gear that enables them to play well in inferno.
    Should they change it – NO! they shouldn’t.

  6. I am JUST getting my first char into Hell… and probably won’t make a SERIOUS foray into Inferno till I have five chars at 60… by then presumably it will be perfectly balanced, right? 😉

  7. The only mistake Blizzard made was probably allowing people to enter each act in inferno when they weren’t supposed to be ready for it gear-wise.
    Maybe each act boss should have been much harder to ensure nobody would get to the next act before really being ready for it.
    Instead people were clever with builds (or at least smarter than Blizzards testers) and got through the game and access to much better loot  than intended, flooding the market.
    Maybe they should just give up on Inferno, lets people keep progressing in it, and add another Inferno 2.0 in some months.

  8. I’m still in act 2 of Nightmare due to my heavy work hours, so I have a question regarding Inferno. Why are people complaining about it? Is it too easy? Is it too hard? Is it not fun? Thanks.

    I initially saw people complaining about Inferno being too easy, that a couple groups of players had already cleared it within a couple days after the game’s release. Are people now complaining that it is too difficult?

    • I think it is largely that it isn’t fun.  I’m in act 2 in hell and I can see how that might be.  Even with three mods, elites can get pretty ridiculous.  I was in a multiplayer game and it is basically chaos because you have to kite the mobs around since no one can spend more than a few seconds in melee since a few hits will kill you.

      It seems it’s just more of this but worse in inferno with most characters able to take only 1-2 hits at the very most in act 2 and beyond.  As a result characters are forced into a limited set of builds which of course doesn’t go over well.  I’m already seeing that happen in hell.  My zombie dogs just don’t work any more so I had to completely change my play style to make progress.  That’s really a disappointment since it means I can’t play the class my way because of the content/skill balance.

      • My barb is in hell gear and in act 1 Inferno the first zombie has 100k health and hits for 15kish. The problem is, I can get thru act 1, but i have to use gimicky stuff like thrown weapon and leap and ground stomp just to kill 1-2 mobs before i run and heal then tag a couple more. Alot of the champion packs are death runs.    

        Personally I don’t care that its hard, I like it, but above is why people are complaining, they either have to farm gear for days or resort to gimmicky stuff if they are not a DH/Wz/Mo.  Although, those classes just got a pretty decent survivability nerf so who knows now. They probably are the people complaining lol.  

        • Based on calculations of effective hps the monk & DH have the easiest way to get to high amounts of it, purelly because as far as I can see there’s only one way to load up on dodge that is via DEX. The rest can be got high enough without STR or INT, TBH + Resist and +armour mods are preferable. STR = Armour and +armour mods are bigger in size from what I seen. Any way 3000 armour = 50% damage reduction and 300 Resist = 50% damage reduction assuming monster level is 60.

          • this is true, but we have our own problems as well.
            Monks probably have the best survivabilty in the game, but we also exchange most of out dps for that survivabilty. My monk can survive most act 2 elite mobs that don’t have completely ridiculous mods, until they enrage because I don’t have enough dps to kill them.
            DH has pretty much the opposite problem. They do a ton of dps and have range, but it they ever get hit once they are dead, almost regardless of how they itemize. That means pretty much anything with vortex, teleport and waller is out of the question, and they have to be extraordinarily meticulous to not be blindsided by any enemy, because any enemy, including the regular trash mobs, will one shot them.

      • Being in hell with my wd, I’ve found the most effective way for me to take out troublesome packs is to stack for damage and repeatedly sacrifice dogs on them (sixty second cool down, patience is a… boring thing). Kind of repetitive, so not fun. Though, I don’t really find kiting with the wd fun or effective either, especially depending on mods.

        I feel forced into using specific tactics or skill/rune combos. It would be nice if skill/rune selection was a hard choice, everything being as viable as the must-haves. I probably wouldn’t be as discontent with this if itemization wasn’t so bland. Item mods are very limited and heavily restricted by item type and amount, leaving me mostly to focus on improving damage inflicting or receiving thresholds. It would be nice to be able to improve non-damage related skill effects (to something beyond lottery style proc rates if you focus a whole set of gear on it).

        When mobs had one or two mods you could rock paper scissors different skill sets to deal with them specifically and that was tactically pleasing. Now I find myself using the same skill set for everything, because it’s less likely I’ll find a specific counter that will give me an advantage (with the exception of mini or act bosses). I think it would be more fun if they buffed up the modifiers, but reduced the amount… Some of the mods are ridiculously weak compared to the others.

    • Well I haven’t reached Inferno yet but I only wanted to say that I remember you from the Diablo 2 days. Good memories. I was mostly a lurker in these forums and, if my memory serves me correctly, you were a fan of the druid -and also you had a couple of guides?-. I was too, but I only used to read the forums rather than writing much. I am glad to see you here again anyways.

    • I’m a monk about half way through act 3 Inferno so I think I can try to explain it to you as best I can without a wall of text.
      Currently the biggest “issue” (and by issue I don’t necessarily think it’s bad, it’s just the way the game works currently) is that melee classes are forced to expose themselves to much more massive damage than the ranged classes. This was to be expected since that’s how all melee classes have worked in all arpg’s like D3. It forces barbs and monks to itemize for armor and resists and build, which severely hampers our dps. You run into the problem often of survivability vs. damage, and it is very unclear how to exactly go about doing that since Blizzard has withheld so many critical statistics from the players, presumably to not overwhelm us with numbers. People should know that melee classes are inherently more difficult, yet they still whine when they see wizards and demon hunters farming act 3 and act 4, when they are stuck in act 1. Also, these diminishing returns, coupled with the rarity of good upgrades for us makes it extremely difficult to get good enough upgrades to continue progressing. For example, I’m looking at needing roughly 5k-10k health in order to continue, or about 125-250 vitality. To get that amount, without losing a ton of other stats, I expect to have to shell out about 2 to 5 million gold for a single item which will barely scratch the surface of what I need to continue.
      Secondly, item scaling is currently horrible. Ideally you should have to farm act 4 hell for a very long time to get ideal act 4 hell gear before even attempting inferno, and then do the  The problem though, is that the best items you can possibly get in act 4 hell do not scale at the same rate mathematically as the monsters do from act 4 hell into act 4 inferno. The same is true from act 1 to act 2, but worse, and it supposedly gets even worse from act 2 to act 3. This is because of the massive diminishing returns that stats experience, but please take my word for it since it takes a very, very long time to explain how it all works. The only way people are able to pass act 2 is by buying items off the auction house that drop in act 3 and act 4. These items have been found due to a few players exploiting bugs in the later difficulties which allow them to farm with very little risk. These bugs have been hotfixed (mostly) which means that the act 3/4 item flow has been severely dampened, making progress for those without characters already in those difficulties very hard.
      I hope this makes sense. I’m a bit buzzed and really tired.

  9. I’m yet to even try Inferno, but the theories behind blue response sound great to me.  
    We can ask questions all day about why internal testing didn’t catch them, but this doesn’t matter. What matters is that Inferno is balanced for the *right* reasons – for example don’t make everyone stronger because a few people created unforseen builds. Keep it hard (for everyone, not just a few classes), let people cry about being hard, and let them farm items to hopefully overcome it over the next year.

  10. Fix itemization Blizzard and then people will actually have some incentive to farm Hell and gear up properly for Inferno. Why people go straight to Inferno after finishing Hell? Because they want better gear which is nowhere to be found on Hell and they think “oh well, maybe it will drop on Inferno” and then they hit the brick wall. The other problem with Inferno is that it requires specific builds. Has there been any Barb/Monk who was not defensively built who was able to survive Inferno? No, because it’s broken and having zero balance.

    • What the hell are you talking about? You can find items good enough in hell. Just because you don’t on one playthrough doesn’t mean they don’t drop.   The problem, more than anything was the survivability that Wizards and DH had simply because they could be 20+ yards from everything and do full damage. They could go into inferno with almost no +vit items and go full damage and walk through it.  Meanwhile monks and more specifically, Barbs, had to completely stack Vit and +health on hit gear and go full defense mode, which basically means negating 75% of your damage, just to survive small packs in Act1.  Meanwhile Wizards and DH’s were farming act3 and parts of act 4.   That is where the balance problem lies, melee is at a SUPREME disadvantage in inferno.

  11. Personally I think melee classes are the ones complaining. Ranged classes minced through inferno and are farming it while the monk and barbs are respeccing and regearing thinking they must be doing something wrong. They really have to group up with ranged classes to progress, because they can barely solo in inferno. I can see that must be a tough thing to balance for blizz. Balancing solo/coop and also have PvP somewhat balanced… guess we’ll see what happens.

  12. I’m not even there yet!!! (still on normal with my DH as I can’t beat act 4 boss yet and I’m a very casual player!)

  13. I for one hit a brick wall at the beginning of Act 2 Inferno. As a barbarian with 52,000 health, a single Lacuni Huntress can jump at me and take me down. Physically take me down. I’m not yet talking about getting hit by their bombs.
    It seems that from Act 2 onwards, the glass cannon method of the Wizard is ideal. Just don’t ever get hit by anything. At this rate, even if I had 80,000 health, I’m still not gonna survive much longer.

    • Just one question what are your resists? they make a huge difference to your survivability you really want 300+ for the 50% reduction vs inferno mobs with 50% from armour your effective health is 104K add the 50% from resist and its a huge 208K.

    • [quote]I for one hit a brick wall at the beginning of Act 2 Inferno. As a barbarian with 52,000 health, a single Lacuni Huntress can jump at me and take me down. Physically take me down. I’m not yet talking about getting hit by their bombs.
      It seems that from Act 2 onwards, the glass cannon method of the Wizard is ideal. Just don’t ever get hit by anything. At this rate, even if I had 80,000 health, I’m still not gonna survive much longer.[/quote]
      this exactly.
      Act2+ is nogo on Inferno, it just isnt possible anymore.
      Game being Hard, and Game being Impossible are two different pair of Shoe.

  14. I don’t really see what Inferno has to do with \difficult\, it is just tedious trying to play a Barbarian and kiting every monster since they can one-shot you. Diablo isn’t Mario where touching the enemy kills you. Diablo should encourage smart character building and item gearing and then playing that build the way it’s designed to be played, that’s how one should conquer Inferno. Ofcourse comboing Earthquake/WOTB/CotA on every monster pack while using nothing but defensive skills also is \smart\ in the sense that this is probably the most succesful way to actually kill stuff in Inferno, but it’s hardly a thrilling build, much less evidence that the Barbarian can be played in a manner of ways. I think that maybe Blizzard just pushed it way too far so that you can only freely play the Barbarian the way he’s ment to be played with something insane like 90% dodge and 90% damage reduction. Only have 80% dodge and 80% damage reduction? Well that means your 4 times less viable. The numbers are too high meaning that every single percent is the difference between win or complete failure. Anyways, i fear that Blizzard doesn’t really get it and wrongly compensates by making Inferno easy. I hope that won’t happen.

  15. I see few problems
    – Act 3 & 4 moster levels make them unbeatable at current state.
    – Gear to beat Inferno Acts comes from later acts and people buying most from AH, not finding themselves.
    – Weak legendaries.
    So it is easy to hit a brick wall after Inferno Act2 and it is actually easy to get there by using AH. This makes game longlivety minimal compared to D2. It isn’t enough that you have the best gameplay and graphics if itemization and character development is pointless.
    Solution? Huge increase in volume and quality to Legendaries that they are at par or some even better than the best rares. Make every Inferno champion/elite pack able to drop most of items, only few grail items from act 3 & 4 elite packs only. That way you would have items to beat Inferno Act 3 & 4 at current state and then also all the time goal to get some better items. Items would be rare, otherwise AH is full of them and that would also cut interest towards game.

  16. Forgot to add few things. If they nerf act 3&4 too much, game will become pointless. I have noticed that while beating mosters I do miss exp increase, even it didn’t make any good it still made feel that you have something extra to gain and progress.
    So if they tune that your able to kill Diablo with same level items than Inferno Act2 or just a bit better gear, what then? Where would you need better gear anymore? PVP? You are max level and kick a** in PVE and legendaries only are for looks, not really useful at current state.

  17. I don’t think it is a difficulty that needs tuning, rather classes need some revamp in terms of survivability and sustain. Some classes have ridiculous amount of sustain where some are left with only few skills. For example, everything past act III on Hell is really difficult for Barbarian, where Wizard has easy way around with kiting. I was playing with Wizard yesterday in the Heart of Sin on Hell. He died there only few times, where if I came too close to rare or got swarmed by monsters I died in matter of second, if my Revenge was not procing enough and by the time my 27 sec respawn timer ended, he was still there with full HP kiting. And he had only 10k HP where I had 25k HP. He was level 58 and I was 60 and I got my ass kicked like some whimsy peasant where he was okay. Give Barba more sustain from his skills endgame and he will be fine. Maybe double life regen and lifesteal rates for him. Currently, only setup that allows Barb to even survive is Rend with lifesteal, Revenge with Provocation rune, Ground Stomp and War Cry. Everything else gets you killed. Talk about all skills being useful endgame…And this also breaks endgame idea of Nephalem Valor. You loose all your stacks if you respec, but currently Barba has no incention to respec, because all his other skill are useless endgame. Like Overpower. It could be good with damage reflect, but 30% is too damn low and makes the rune not worth it.

  18. About efficiency differences between class, I’ll just remind you that some classes had more difficulties to solo Hell in D2 (very hard for an untwicked sorc for example) and some classes where unable to solo UT.
    So I don’t see the point ; for some builds or some classes we’ll need to cooperate to achieve infermo D3.

  19. fuc*** pussies. 5 days after release and everyone crying how hard inferno is, and now blizzard will nerf it lol…

  20. The problem is not that inferno is hard, and it’s not that you need to gear up for it. It’s that top end gear will let you take maybe 5 hits instead of 2. As opposed to d2, gear will never let you become godlike. The numbers just aren’t there. And plenty of monsters will teleport to you, trap you, or have abilities that instant-kill you. A game where you randomly die unavoidably is not fun.

  21. Seems like most of posters here haven’t even played inferno acts 2-4… Even in ACT1 there are ridiculous rare packs which have impossible skill combinations and that’s based on RNG (which blizzard seemed to add alot in the latest WoW content aswell). 

    For an example few minutes ago i got frustrated to Inferno ACT2 while i faced few time in a row impossible rare pack combination.
    Teleporting, invisible, chain mobs will kill you one hit no matter what gear you are using because those mobs teleport infront of you and the chain one hits u. There is nothing to do with player skill or gear quality. I’m playing Wizard with 25k HP and 25500 DMG. My build has almost only defensive abilities (force armor, fracture-teleport, crystalskin, magic weapon) but there is still no way surviving these packs. After like 6x wipes i reseted the game and tried again when there was alot easier pack of flies which i got down by kiting them. Few minutes after that again impossible combination appeared with fast moving – shielded – mortar adds. 

    I’m pretty much forced to skip the hard packs with teleport to go straight for the bosses which i believe i can solo pretty easily (most of them might take some time). However there are many classes that aren’t able to skip those packs so you have to admit it’s pretty broken.

    I have nothing against hard infernal difficulty but there is no fun in it when you get mob charges outside of your screen that will 1 hit you down or anything of those many broken skill combinations. They should ban some skill combinations which are too overpowered for some classes. There are no skills that are too OP alone but when they are stacked with another skills they might become OP. For an example chains and teleports should never be on same monsters because they will 1 shot you down no matter how good you are. 

    I totally agree with Sqeecoo’s post 

  22. I dont agree 100% with the Sunwell analogy, better take Ulduar 🙂 Yes Sunwell was damn Hard and fun to Progress with the correct Guild, but i can see why you wouldn’t want to make content only for the Hardcore Raid-Guilds, so they introduces Hardmodes/Heroics which allowed the HC Guilds to destinguish themself from the Casuals. Thats perfectly fine.  So Inferno should be as Hard as possible since its the Endgame and drops the best items! Casuals have seen/beaten Diablo at least 3x by then.

  23. Personaly I did not like the \nerf\.

    The thing that bugs me is that they willingly remove survive ability from characters that could do inferno instead of giving it to other characters that cant and than are like \we shall redo inferno\.

    Even with the skills Smokescreen and Energy Shield you had lots of options to die. 1 sec too late on smokescreen when theres a firewave, a vortex or a freeze ability going off next to you…your a goner. Likewise energy shield.

    Get into a pack of 3 fast mobs = 3 hits = down. No way arround it without hard kiting that is playerskill.

    Feel free to complain about it but I play a wizzard and even if you do not play Inferno, Act 1 can be a major pain despite good inferno equipment. You can only kite a certain number of enemies and as more fast enemies are there as worse it will get, energy shield or not.

    The fast and jumping ones in Act 1 that you see throughout the act make you run more than you are allowed to shoot and cause any beam-skill the wizzard owns to be seen as useless since you NEED to stop to use it, which equals death.

    What always bothered me \before energy shield and now after\ is that sometimes you just cannot do anything about it. The enemies that shoot their arms through the ground aswell as the charging mobs (bison and angel) in act 1/4… they attack you while not even being on your screen (1600×1200 resolution) and its not fun to die in 1 hit from a thing thats suddenly just there over your corpse.

    Also bothersome (to me) is that endbosses feel not like endbosses simple because every mobgroup you encounter on the way terrifies you way more.

    Like the 2nd act bossfight. Seriously…who on inferno fears the part where you face the boss alone? Whats deadly is the beginning where a lot of mobs spawn…simply sad. Add to the that the arena size and the enemy spawn locations are not ment for classes like wizzard or dh and you might wanna reconsider to change the skills.

    The exception for me is the first act boss which is just hard because well, if the whole arena is flames that kills even a 60k hp barbarian with high resist in 2-3 sec…. yeah… \ballanced\. (funny that this seems to happen more/only in multiplayer due to high hp bonus)

    I do not feel like going into Affixes of certain rare mobs simply because i think everyone has encountered something ridicolous like \frozen, arcane, vortex/barrier\ already that was right at the entry of an important cave you just entered for a quest and was like \YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!! EVER!\.

    Adding a massive HP bonus on top cause you play with your friends does not make it anymore enjoyable i might add. Not like a 40k dps beam after counting your resists would not be ridicolous enough.

    Theres not much more to say to builds either than what people before me pointed out. Either you go highly defensive or your fresh meat. (maybe someone gets the reference :P)

    The mage and demon hunter were plaied by people because they are ranged classes that could acctualy utilize skills to survive. I can do a few parts of Inferno with my lvl 60 Barb (thanks to eqipment buff from mage) by stunlocking my enemies… but and its a big BUT!

    Compare one character

    that beats a few mobs due to high damage and decent splash damage abilities in about a minute with some kiting despite their ridicolous hp cause of the equipment is good

    vs a character

    that got spoonfed nice equipment and stil only beats a few mobs due to high crowd control while fearing to be killed if not applying a stun right in the skillchain over a time of 3 to 5 minutes with eventual kiting in between cause more enemies pop up in the long fight. (*takes breath after lonf sentence*)

    On the same note one can complain about the way they handled skills.

    Having the choice between

    a weapon that boosts my damage by several 10 to 100k because its 2 hand, not fitting my class but useful cause of the bonus % in damage add a lot


    a fitting mage weapon + shield or off hand that both add a lot of int and vita only to choose the 2hand weapon because the vita wont ever be enough to help you and the damage of the weapon in combination with other equipment far surpasses anything you could obtain with one hand is not right in my head.

    If you wanna go a different path there should be some fair trade of damage vs survivabilty but right now the % of the mainattribute compared to how much vita helps vs monsterdamage is just broken.

    Also i think the game would have needed a slight bit more testing. Like when you have the quest to talk to the child emperor the first time and the mobs appear. Theres not much room too kite and you can only enter via \teleport\ as you revive outside due to the arena conditions.

    Well guess what? The mobs camp that damn entry and can kill you even before you load. It feels like no one in blizzard ever had that problem while betatesting. (Just as terrible as world stone tower if you got a heavy minion bhaalwave and baited it to the entry fleeing upwards without a tp somewhere else in d2)  

    So do i want to have inferno easier? No i want it reasonable at some points which heavily includes not being one shot by every little **** enemy.

    So far i spend well over 50 hours on my mage alone and i want my character to acctualy feel like a hero and not one of the npc guards that are often dieing the moment you talk to them.

  24. I’m in act 2 of hell almost done with it and I’m playing Barbarian. I think it’s too easy. Taking on 2 groups of champions at a time is usually no problem. I personally can’t wait to get to Inferno. It pretty much looks like to me that people are just being babies because they can’t solve the puzzle. Here’s the answer. YOU NEED BETTER GEAR DUMBASS!

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