We’ve had a long time to wonder just how tough DiabloWikiInferno will be. Of course those in the hardcore community have been especially curious. DiabloWikiJay Wilson has added a few more logs on that fire with this tweet.

    Hi Jay, quick question: is Inferno mode designed to be beatable by an HC character?
    Not really, but please consider that as a challenge. 🙂

    How hard can inferno be? Unfortunately we won’t know for a bit. We’ve been told to expect death ( and a lot of it!) from the testers, and now we’ve been told the hardest difficulty is not beatable for us. While I for one take it as a challenge and look forward to it ,what are your thoughts? Is this grandstanding to make Inferno  seem more difficult and Diablo 3 more marketable or is it really that tough?

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