Inferno is Going Down – Acts 1 & 2 Done [Videos]

diablo 3 inferno videosWe’ve all debated how long it would take someone to clear Inferno and it looks like they are well on their way to getting it done and dusted. Videos from Method, who some of you may know from the WoW scene, show the Act 1 and Act 2 bosses going down.

We are only two days after release so that is some serious play time to get through all the difficulties. Anyway, if you want to see how they did it, check them out after the break (spoiler warning)…

Thanks Philip for the tip.

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    26 thoughts on “Inferno is Going Down – Acts 1 & 2 Done [Videos]

    1. That’s really impressive.  Not the inferno thing, the fact that they’ve been able to get on the servers enough to get that far.

      • Apart from the first 30 minutes of the EU launch, and the maintenance the night night to fix the achievement bug (which forced me to sleep – in a good way), I’ve had no problems getting on the servers at all! 

    2. That belial fight wasnt even a challenge….I dont get it. 🙁

      Also, I hear from MANY EU players that they dont have any issues at all any more and havent for a while. Just us poor US saps.

      • Heh, maybe you serves you right for going all “well, Korea and EU are launching before, they detect the bugs and stuff, and we can have a smooth launch at their expense”.
        Maybe it doesn’t serve you right. But it does it you said such a thing! Ahah!

      • Don’t get caught up in these videos, they are misleading – Bosses have fixed attacks whereas the champion packs have crazy awesome affixes.  Sure these people can down the butcher because he has the same fixed 3 attacks even in inferno.  Let’s see these guys go up against a random champion mob and come out on top.

        These videos are basically **** and should be taken as such, bosses are some of the easiest parts of D3. 

        Boss battles in inferno are basically like: “Hey, I can dodge telegraphed attacks and kill something with a lot of hit points”. Not exactly something to write home about.

    3. ok they have fix inferno first 2 acts, but this gamers is not normal!! They are the best of the best from WoW.. I dont think normal gamers will beat inferno on maney weeks.
      I heard that 1 person running past everyting down to bosses then they test boss to end.
      I think Inferno will be beat of Method on 2 days. We normal players will beat Inferno in 2 years hehe

    4. i would like to see how they manage to kill some random champion pack encounter in inferno. those are WAAAY more difficult than act bosses.

    5. Blizzard should remove the ability to res players during boss battles in inferno mode.

      • I havent had a single rare from a boss past normal. Champions and elites drop my rares, mostly.  They’re also often harder than the act bosses.

      • Well .. you must have been sleeping under a rock .. it has been said several times that bosses in D3 won’t be farmable … who gives a damn … now only rares and champions drop the best items .. and their encounters are random .. that’s more in the spirit of Diablo .. the old boss farming fiascoes were mind numbing and very stupid.

        • That being said, I cleared the entirety of Act3 AND Act4  NM with a random person (opened game to public), not one boss dropped a rare.  Seems they over-tuned the anti farm mechanic.

        • Thanks for being a condescending douche and stating the obvious. 
          Not everyone thinks mindlessly hunting down rares is fun either. Trying to claim that Diabo is anything but repetitive, anyway you play it. Is not in touch with reality.
          I’d rather kill challenging bosses.

    6. Is anyone watching their stream at the moment…they are getting owned in Act3 lol.

    7. Act3 bosses are +3 levels higher and act4 ill be +4 levels higher, that right?

    8. Professional video game players are better than amateur video game players? Who saw that one coming?

    9. This isn’t impressive for several reasons.  First, because in order to down the act bosses, these groups are skipping 80% of the content.  They are TP’ing past as many mobs as they can to get to the Act boss. Second, all Act bosses are easier than elite and rare packs.  They aren’t clearing or beating Inferno.  They are abusing game mechanics to show off videos.  In World of Warcraft, where the hardmode Bosses are the toughest to beat, this would make sense.

      But this isn’t World of Warcraft. Welcome to Diablo 3.

      Moving on. 

      • Amen. Which is why the new game mechanics of joke bosses that drop blues is stupid.

        • Is it? I thought that’s why it makes sense?

          If the Act bosses aren’t the hardest in the game, why would you expect guaranteed rare drops from them? 

    10. Gotta hand it to these guys. But honestly, I don’t think I’ll be playing inferno…it just seems so grindy. Don’t think I have enough patience for it.

    11. I respect their hard work. But this is a bad demonstration of how to play inferno, especially to the new commer.

    12. Whoever was in charge of boss design is a total moron, and ought to be fired.
      Unlimited combat resses, no tight enrages, ridiculously low damage, no need to have good gear…
      The whole Inferno is going to be cleared in a few days, thanks to their incompetence.

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