“Inferno” Difficulty Level Confirmed

Jay Wilson has confirmed that Diablo III will have a complete fourth difficulty level called Inferno. Kotaku has more details, and here’s a quote:

Monsters will see an increase in health, damage, damage resistances and aggression in Inferno. They’ll also have access to a larger suite of powers in Inferno, making minions and boss monsters even tougher. Expect a tougher game across the board, with broader than ever challenges even for the most skilled demon hunters.

“The idea was that we wanted a difficulty mode where the entire game was viable,” Wilson says. “So you don’t have to pick and choose key areas [to replay].” Diablo III’s Inferno difficulty, he says, will be “very difficult, very challenging,” presenting a “flattened” difficulty experience that Blizzard hopes will provide a more balanced, but more challenging end game for Diablo diehards.

That “flattened” difficulty will mean, Blizzard hopes, that players revisit the entire world of Diablo III seeking bigger and bolder challenges, not just go on “Mephisto runs” or fight a specific breed of minion in search of experience points and sweet loot drops.

The developers have often said that D3’s DiabloWikiend game is all about items, and they’re certainly taking that to heart with these plans for this Inferno. After all, characters will be at max level before they even begin this fourth difficulty level, with nothing to gain but better equipment (and achievements) by playing it. Some gear, including armor, weapons, and DiabloWikirunestones, will only be found on Inferno, and all the best stuff will drop much more frequently there.

So what do you guys think? Is this a good end game PvE approach, opening up the entire game to replayability? Or would you have preferred special bonus content like D2’s DiabloWikiPandemonium Event? Do you think players will work through a wider variety of areas, or will we just wind up doing the D3 version of DiabloWikiPindleskin runs, once players find the easiest and most rewarding activities?

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115 thoughts on ““Inferno” Difficulty Level Confirmed

  1. The most unoriginal, uninspired end game content imaginable.

    Why don’t they just pee on us stright up instead of this virtual peeing on fans… :choler:

    • This is probably one of the biggest things players wanted in Diablo 2, and your saying its just them pissing on us?
      Also, how can it be unoriginal and unispired when this is the ONLY game like this to even do a fourth difficulty?

      • What can I say, I guess I expected the end-game content to actually be something new and original. Not just playing through the EXACT same game for the 4th time…
        If everybody’s so happy about it, why not make a 5th and 6th difficulty levels? (from the developers point of view it’s hardly any work to make those, as opposed to actually making new end-game content)

        • Hardly any work? The balancing of these monsters and their drops is NOT EASY.
          Also, having a 5th and 6th difficulty is NOT what most players wanted. What players wanted is a reason to do ALL ACTS, and they’ve done it by making a flat difficulty where all monsters are just as difficult as one another and have the same chances for drops.

        • You can say, i`ll wait and see. Before passing judgement. I mean we never had our hand on this game. In the later stages of the game, maybe there are bosses there in Inferno, that we will not see in Normal,Nightmare,Hell. We never can see what kind of depth it will have so hold your horses. And do not forget, time will always be going forward and not backward. So if you are still using the same imagination that you had when you played Diablo II. Then i guess you are the one that will pass judgement and make statements like this.

          Knowing and playing the game will give you insight and not before!. 



        • “Not just playing through the EXACT same game for the 4th time…”  Well, if by the “EXACT” same game you mean, DIFFERENT difficulty, DIFFERENT resistances, DIFFERENT powers, DIFFERENT aggression behavior, then yes, you will unfortunately be given EACTLY the same game.  And if you’re looking forward to playing diablo, I’m wondering why you’d be disappointed that they are putting more diablo into your diablo?  Thats what the game is about after all…

      • “Also, how can it be unoriginal and unispired when this is the ONLY game like this to even do a fourth difficulty?’
        seriously ? lol
        adding another difficulty to a game that already has 3 is not exactly coming up with something original
        if there’s an expansion they should just add a 5th difficulty ?
        would that be original and inspired ? “Also, how can it be unoriginal and unispired when this is the ONLY game like this to even do a fifth difficulty?’

        • It being another difficulty isn’t whats original about it.
          Whats original is that its not a progession difficulty. You can go anywhere in any of the acts in this difficulty and not have to deal with the story, all monsters will be equal in difficulty and chances for loot. You will not be better off farming the bosses only or a small group of monsters in a later act. Its groundbreaking because it took over 10 years for this concept to finally be realised with Borderlands’ Playthrough 2.5, and now Blizzard is making that concept their own with Inferno difficulty.

          • I’m going to hold my judgement to when I play the game but as Chris Wilson stated in one of the last podcasts they had originally planned to do this for the last difficulty in path of exile. The reason they gave of not doing it was they found players would find the areas that held monsters that were most suited to their class or playstyle, then they would just play that area again and again, say a ranged class vs mostly slow moving melee monters or something. So the same problem of having players play the same content over again still materialised.

            edit: Aargh flux beat me to the punch below

      • “Also, how can it be unoriginal and unispired when this is the ONLY game like this to even do a fourth difficulty?”
        Apart from Sacred 1 & 2 (#1 was released in 2004).
        Like most other creative people/companies, they recycle stuff (concepts, themes & content), doesn’t mean that the end result won’t be very polished.

    • Instead of thumbs down I would appreciate it if people who object to my view would please enlighten me as to HOW the Inferno diffulty level is either original or inspired (as opposed to the plethora of creative end-game content ideas this community gave in the forums and podcasts).
      I’m not a troll, and happen to like a lot of things about this game. But this 4th diffculty level thing is the easiest solution for Blizzard, who obviously could care less about the end-game being innovative and interesting…

      • A lot of players, myself included, wanted this. Or, at least, that is the impression I get. I relish the challenges that will await me in inferno difficulty. Also, because inferno is one of the features they have planned does not mean it is the only thing they have planned. They may add more as the game grows, or there may even be more than we currently know.

        Is it the most innovate solution? Maybe not. But innovation doesn’t necessarily mean fun; and I’d rather something was fun. That isn’t to say there aren’t possible solutions which are innovative AND fun, but a) this doesn’t preclude them, and b) Blizzard is still a developer and has to balance how much time is spent on things, and c) it is entirely possible that they have considered some of those alternatives.

        I am very happy with the news, but we’ll have to wait for it to actualised before any ossified judgements can be made.

        • I appreciate the answer. And I’m surprised (and happy for you guys) that obviously so many people wanted just this.
          To me playing the game for the 4th time isn’t that much fun at all. I’ll probably do it, for lack of anything else to do, but like I said, a lot of people have already came up with a ton of new ideas for end game content which was both fun and innovative – here’s to hoping Blizz will add any of those in the future…

          • It’s funny, as Chris Wilson said on the recent PoE podcast, a 4th difficulty level is something they considered for their game way early in the process. But they decided it would just lead to people doing boss runs, so they’re working on a system with areas randomly-joined up, and lots of guest monsters. So you don’t know what you’re getting in the end game.

          • Mutajon, looking at your comments it really seems like the arpg hack n’ slash genre really isnt your cup of tea. Its a genre that boasts replayability. The things you are complaining about are some of the exact same things that compel people to play these type of games in the first place.
            I’m curious. Did you play d2? If so, did you complete hell? Did you attempt to optimize your character? Overall did you enjoy the game?

          • If playing the game for the fourth time isn’t much fun for you, then you’re probably playing the wrong game – I have no idea of how many times I’ve been doing the same areas over and over and over again in Diablo 2, with every single class, but it’s a lot. The magic about Diablo is that the next monster might just drop a great item and that’s what keeps people playing. I’m willing to bet a years income that if Blizz suddenly decided every mob in Cataclysm areas in WoW had a 0.00000012% chance to drop top tier loot, you wouldn’t be able to find a living mob in any of them – it’s not how big a chance that counts, it’s the fact that there ‘is’ a (perceived) chance. By having a reason to go through the game yet again, I’ll effectively be doing what I’d be doing anyway, and feel great about beating the toughest content at the same time 🙂

      • Who decreed that it has to highly original and innovative? It’s original in the sense that the difficulty curve turns flat and you can experience every single act as a challenge to max level characters – which didn’t happen in Diablo 2 at all.
        It’s a bit of a rehash, yes, but so is Diablo 3 to begin with. ARPGs aren’t even genres known for high originality in the first place, if you want exclusive end-game content that is quite differentiated from the rest of the playing experience while leveling up there are better games for that, such as, maybe, all the MMORPGs in the market.

      • Mutajon, I didn’t take your comments as trolling, that’s a valid opinion.  I disagree with your opinion, because this adds a necessary challenge to the game.  Do you remember how stale most of D2 became after you were at a higher level?  You would just jump in and do one of a few different things in order to find the best loot.  This mode allows players to play any part of the game and it be viable for gearing up and finding loot, not to mention offering them a challenge.

        You really don’t see how having the entire game at a flat, very challenging level will provide a much better end game experience for the players, who will be doing run after run for loots?

        • “You really don’t see how having the entire game at a flat, very challenging level will provide a much better end game experience for the players, who will be doing run after run for loots?”
          I don’t
          how is it any different from doing The Mausoleum, The Crypt, The Pit, The Countess, Andariel, Ancient Tunnels, Pindleskin, Diablo and Ball over and over in Hell difficulty
          with D2 you had a variety of areas, monsters and bosses to choose from
          you could choose an area or monster type that best fit your skills and build
          is this really any different ?

          • Now you aren’t limited to The Mausoleum, The Crypt, The Pit, The Countess, Andariel, Ancient Tunnels, Pindleskin, Diablo or Baal. You can do those areas if you like, but now the entire game is open for that. You get to pick and choose what areas you run without limitations…or do all of it.

          • The problem is, each of those areas had a different difficulty level and different loot level.  This time around, Inferno will have a flat enemy and loot level, so you can play anywhere and have a shot at the same high end loot.  I don’t understand why people don’t see a big difference here.

      • “What players wanted is a reason to do ALL ACTS, and they’ve done it by making a flat difficulty where all monsters are just as difficult as one another and have the same chances for drops.”
        Precisely that.
        Also, this one tidbit of info doesn’t necessarily encompass the everything they have in mind for end-game.

        • It sounds like they don’t really have much of anything in mind for the end game.
          Like they’re trying to wait and see what we actually do in the game. But aren’t these the same folks who are so in-touch with their community that they can anticipate our wants and needs, even when we don’t want or need them?

          Sure I’ll get downvoted for that and I really don’t care.
          I like the sound of inferno, naturally, but this isn’t nearly enough to help with the problems from the first two games in the series. This isn’t end game. I wish they’d just share some of their thoughts or philosophies about it, they wouldn’t even have to go into specifics.

          • We don’t really know if this is the only end-game, if it is, then yeah, it would be bad.
            But it  mostly seem to be a way to fix some Diablo 2 problems

        • Yep thats what I was thinking. Even patches are able to change things up. Still a work in progress, inferno could have wacky quests and the like

    • Describing an additional difficulty as an uninspired decision is perfectly fine. It further emphasizes the previous difficulties as time sinks / rush fests to get to the best one for the items. Recycling content gets boring after a while…

    • what would you like to see instead of this?
      and what if inferno is something different than just replay on higher difficulty?

    • The fact that you want a constant stream of new original content and challenges *at release* is unoriginal, uninspired and unrealistic. Of course everyone loves new content, and that’s what patches and expansions provide. So what I’m hearing is you basically want an expansion included with the game release, and somehow that makes it an original and better idea? I say no to that, because I for one want to get the release game, wear myself out and then wait for the expansion with new content. Sounds better than waiting for an expansion’s worth of delay before the game ever gets released.
      That Blizz included a feature which lots of players asked for, which adds a lot more replayablity to the core of the game, is a welcome feature indeed. And let’s not forget that at the very heart of the game is the formula, kill tougher monsters = get better loot. This feature fits that formula perfectly.

      • A new difficulty isn’t necessarily “new content”. It’s the same game, just with altered stats and drops.

  2. Sounds good to me. I bet they will add tons of achievements for the inferno difficulty level. Even more bragging rights for HC players. 

  3. Achievements, nay, Inferno yay!
    Do i interpret this correctly, that you do not need to do the whole story line in inferno and can choose where you want to go?

    • I too would like to know this. When you finish Hell, and fire up (HAR HAR!) a new Inferno game, can you pick and choose any act right away, or do you have to beat the act one boss, then the act two boss, etc?

  4. Not bad, at all…it sounds like a Valhalla for the alts.

    and the elite gear in Inferno will have its very own, unique artwork? They got all my support.

  5. I don’t see how this would stop people farming certain monsters ad nauseum, unless they plan on tweaking drop rates so every creature/boss/etc on Inferno difficulty has an equal chance to drop everything.  
    Even then, certain monsters will be quicker and easier to kill, meaning players will always farm those.

    – Malignant

    • Remember, Inferno is being balanced differently than the other 3 difficulties. For all we know there might not be one single monster thats easier to kill than the others.
      Also, it’ll be more beneficial to just clear all acts in one Inferno game as you’ll be killing a lot more than someone whos constantly killing monsters in one area, starting a new game, and running back to that area again.

    • Since they are normalizing diffculty, normalize drop rate is pretty much given.
      If player find expose, well that is what patches are for.

  6. I am personally not happy with it. I like the challenge to play the ladder like in the early day or now called classic. The Endgame  was not so challenging like the inferno stuff, but with ladderclimbing you had a goal. Now, you get 60 and than you “beginn” to play, to search for best oder better stuff, not more.

    All in all with this information the goal sounds for many players: Climb so fast as possible to 60, play inferno and sell the good, bestand better items in RMAH. Mhhh, i dont think, that is the right “spirit”of diablo, sound like the right spirit to make money 🙁
    More and more i believe, that we are not get such times, like Diablo 2 in the earlier days…make me sad.

        • No I understood his point perfectly. He’s saying that CLvl 60 cap, RMAH, Online-Only, and Inferno all go against the spirit of a Diablo game.
          I Kindly replied saying that the “spirit of a Diablo game” is the combat and loot, which is ruined by none of these features, nor did they simply just outright remove it.

          • he’s not trying to define what the spirit of diablo IS. he’s simply stating what how he feels the game will be degenerated by some of these features. or rather some players who really aren’t out to play the game, but search for shortcuts and exploits with the intention of pwning noobz. happens in every game.

            then again, those people will do this with any system they are presented with.

    • There is no diablo without money my friend!
      As they stated in many occasions diablo III will stay
      A work in progress so they need it from somewhere!
      It’s not like they will take over a bank.

      Don’t forget we live in a world where money is the number 1 aspect of getting things done.
      And without no money no luxury and no luxury no fun 😉 ( that’s relitive stated )



  7. I really like this idea.  It will be nice to have a challenge once your characters reach max level.  Also, you will be able to play through your favorite parts of the game and it should be beneficial.  I’m very excited to see just how difficult they make this.  Hopefully it will be really hard, so that it cannot be easily farmed without some massive upgrading of gear over time.

  8. @melianor I understand that you will play the whole story line, but it will be so difficult, that no matters where you´re, the reward will be good as a specific raid, like baal´s in another difficult. Well, Im not a  native english-speaker, so I may had interpreted all wrong

    • Thanks for the link! I enjoyed watching that more than the recent B-roll footage. Is it just me or does anyone else actually like seeing the interface on gameplay videos? I can’t get enough of how pretty the Wizard’s Arcane Power resource globe looks…

      • I love seeing the interface. I know why they don’t add it in, but c’mon. The pvp video made my day because of the interface being present.

        This is also the best cam footage of Diablo III that I’ve ever seen.

      • This is the same demo as Blizzcon 2010, before they removed the talisman. Seems like a odd and confusing decision by Blizzard to present an outdated demo, but I guess they’re too busy preparing for beta to knock out a new one.

        • yeah that sounds much logical, also the DH was using mana as resource, thats old too 🙂

    • Whoa, hopefully they keep the enemy life/name bars at the top of the screen. That’s probably one of the most miniscule features of D2 that, for some reason, irked me when I noticed they had removed them except for the boss fights.

  9. I love it! Now I’m just going to drop $100 on the RMAH and duke it out in Inferno! Then, maybe go pwn some nubs in PVP…

    • Just because Blizzard is legalizing it, doesn’t mean this kind of attitude and behavior will be acceptable for the rest of the community.

      • um, that attitude is the basis for all arguments against RMAH.

        you can say that kind of mentality won’t be accepted in the community, but you also know the community is going to be flooded with people like this. hence, all the debate.

        • So everyones arguement is they don’t want horribly misguided players playing the same game as them?
          The debate should be wether a feature has adverse affects on the gameplay itself, not the community, as this game can be played devoid of any contact with the rest of the playerbase. The only arguement even worth caring about against the RMAH is the possibility of Blizzard tampering with drop rates now that real money is involved. They themselves even came out to squash that concern.

        • If only we could go back to the golden days of

          “I love it! Now I’m just going to drop $100 on the 3rd party vendor sites and duke it out in Act 1 Normal! Then, maybe go pwn some nubs in duels…”

          or perhaps

          “I love it! Now I’m just going to dupe a badass set of perfect gear and duke it out in Act 1 Normal! Then, maybe go pwn some nubs in duels…”


          • Keep in mind that even with the epic gear you have to get to max level first which is still a huge time commitment.

            Not to mention that in Inferno everything that drops is RMAH worthy so by that time everyone should have more or less the gear they want without having to buy it.

            You’re just using this as some random way to whine about the RMAH without thinking first.

          • Keep in mind that even with the epic gear you have to get to max level first which is still a huge time commitment.

            Not to mention that in Inferno everything that drops is RMAH worthy so by that time everyone should have more or less the gear they want without having to buy it.

            You’re just using this as some random way to whine about the RMAH without thinking first.

        • in any multiplayer game, espeically d3 now that it is online-only, gameplay is very much affected by the quality of players, especially considering they are encouraging co-op play. many of the changes made to d3 are based on how abused they were in D2. hence personal drops/drop proximity, no random hostility, town portal availablility, etc.

          many aspects of the game too are not only based on how they affect the game, but how people will be using them. sure someone can play alone and avoid RMAH, but then some people could actually care about the game and HOW people play it. not trying to squash your opinion, as you make a good point about the tampering of drop rates, but i’m just saying some people actually care about how their interaction with other players will be in the game.

  10. Totally called it. 🙂

    Borderlands had the same endgame system and in my opinion (until Crawmerax) it worked great. Can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be good for D3 as well.

    EDIT: Thanks for the link Shynta.

  11. I love the idea, but do have some question. I know blizz had been discouraging singlge player since 3 years ago, but i seem to remember they saying it is still possible to play thru all the game contents and level by urself. Will that statement apply to inferno?

    • You can play it all by yourself, it just won’t be offline or in some segregated mode where no one can join you.

      • yes i got that part, but will inferno be completable by urself is my question. or will it be made so difficult u will need to play it with help?

        • That we don’t know completely. I’m sure you will be able too though, as they have no reason to make “Single Player” Inferno impossible.

  12. Well personally I’m happy about this announcement. This is actually one of the few bits of news as of late that didn’t have to grow on me.

  13. Biggest cop-out EVER.
    Basically what Hell should be like in the first place. And all you guys are lapping it up like its an awesome new mechanic like Runestones.
    I was hoping that there might be some actual end-game content instead of playing through what you’ve already done for the 4th time, just this time it’s more difficult.

    • Normal, Nightmare, and Hell are for levelling, when I’m done with levelling I want an evened out difficulty. Inferno gives me that.
      Also, didn’t they say they would NOT have “endgame content” ready before launch? Are people already forgetting and then getting their hopes up?

      • “Also, didn’t they say they would NOT have “endgame content” ready before launch?”
        I thought Blizzard didn’t release games until they were ready ?
        so you consider a game with no end game content to ready ? lol

        • I know you obviously don’t like Blizzard, but they said something like they weren’t putting the end game content in right away because they wanted to see how people were playing at max level, where they could get a better idea of what to put in that will work.  

          I don’t feel like finding the blue post on it, and I know it won’t be worth it for you anyway.

          • From my understanding the blue was saying they were waiting to see how ppl played the game in the beta, before finishing the endgame before release.  Pretty sure they weren’t going to ship the game with no endgame.

    • I just posted all the new shots, in HD for your grabbing pleasure. see the next post up the page.

  14. I like the idea, but here’s to hoping for more special events and unique end game activities!

  15. Wow This is Awesome!
    Now this is a bit of news I have been waiting for … lol the aug 1st news was:
    – no more skills/traits and free respecs??? wtf is this
    – money AH; because blizz says we will all buy stuff for money??? wtf is this (not as bothered since HC for me only)
    – have to play online – actually like this if it prevents hacks/dupes/cheats but understand it can affect others like military personnel – sort of like this.
    So for me the aug 1st reveal day just peeved me off …
    todays news is AWESOME! – make’s sense also … I remember jay or one of the devs discussing monster level and saying how easy it is to make a monster x level etc … sounds like they will make inferno all the same level errr level 60 monster or whatever and so you can do runs of anything you really like <<< which is totally cool. Can run the butcher for all the coolest gear or whatever.
    finally some good news –

  16. While it’s nothing mind-blowing, I do really like this announcement. Being able to choose where you hunt based on what’s the most fun for you is a great feature. I do hope that all waypoints are auto-unlocked in Inferno. I feel like this mode will also be a good playground for the DIII devs; I bet they can come up with some cool stuff to add in patches and expansions.

    • “Being able to choose where you hunt based on what’s the most fun for you is a great feature.’
      which is exactly what you did after completing Hell in D2;
      you could choose The Pit, The Countess, The Ancient Tunnel, Pindleskin, Diablo, Baal
      this really isn’t anything new

      • You’re right that the idea of running these areas over and over isn’t new, but for ANY area to drop good stuff, is.

  17. Very good idea of having flattened difficulty! It’s going to be funny when I have to really concentrate to kill a small bunch of fallens and not get killed instead of the routine click and plow thru anything!
    For me, now coop makes all it’s sense since it will probably be the only way to not constantly die. 😀

  18. We all have our favorite parts/acts in these games right? I think this just allows us to pick which parts we like best, and be able to play them, while still getting rewarded equally to someone who is running Mephisto 700 times a day (in theory).

    I think it will remove the monotony of endgame farming and make it a much more enjoyable process. We also don’t even know about whats in store within the main game it self – maybe there will be so many awesome areas that people will have lots of choice for end-game farming activities, and it will be hard to pick where you want to fight from day to day. I hope this is the case, because I hated just teleporting through Durance 2 for 10 minutes, not killing anything or obtaining any reward for my time investment, just to have Mephisto drop some lame gear 9 times out of 10. To this end, the dungeon randomization became more of a pain than it was an enjoyable play experience.

    I think this way there will be more incentive (again, theoretically) to kill everything, not just hunt bosses endlessly. It seems like a lot of the boss/random spawn events will be alot more fun in this game too so again, there will be lots of options. Flat difficulty in theory means that people will probably run whatever bosses are closest to waypoints, but still, I think this is a good thing overall, and hopefully they try to balance the boss to waypoint ratio for most encounters to be relatively even.

  19. Hooray! No more boss runs, no more Baal, no more Meph run’s ***ty drops. I would have loved to have played more of the actual game in Hell in D2, and so the ability to do that with Inferno is great. The added benefits of unique armor and weapon art and that some items are exclusive to this difficulty make it all the better.  8)

  20. I’ll be honest, while not the most original idea (it’s been a long time coming… I’ve thought of this mechanic all on my own, and I’m sure others have too), it is a welcome addition.
    HOWEVER… I think 4 difficulties is too much. Hell should have been this instead. I sort of tire out on the game when building new characters through 3 difficulties as it is. 4 times seems a bit much and 2 is not enough. Do things in 3’s. It’s a good principle in many areas of life.

  21. Good lord, some of you people annoy me. You complain how diablo 3 will be too easy then they add a difficulty level where it puts hell to shame, bumping all acts up to make clvl 60 chars with gear struggle, and yet you still bitchn’ moan how Blizzard is “coping-out” It’s another reason to play the game, and it’ll be much harder. I’d like to see you noobs complete Inferno on your Hardcore character and still QQ about the game being easy. Good job Blizzard, keep it up!

  22. i think most people appear happy because it’s better than what it COULD have been, which was inferno being renamed as the 3rd difficulty. imagine what people would have said then.

    i like it, but i also liked the idea of having those siege challenges that people were talking about. you could find uber gear in d2 hell, why not d3 hell? the only thing that makes inferno anything more than an additional difficulty level is the items that are restricted to inferno mode only. without these restrictions, people would be complaining about ‘just another difficulty level’. So really, inferno could have been a siege challenge, and would have been just as accepted as long as it had restricted items.

    i guess it all comes down to what people want as end-game content. some want loot finding, others want replayability of all areas, some want pvp glory.

    • It sounds like you can find some of the uber gear in Hell, but its more commin in Inferno, plus there are some exclusive Inferno items.

  23. I like this a lot, and contra Flux’s news post, I don’t think that this necessarily means that there won’t also be special events, in patches if not at launch.

    • I agree.  I think this is blizzards way of trying to address the issue of “Diablo 3 is built for noobs” argument so many are making.  Since their intention is to make inferno a mode where you actually have to play with some strategy, I would not be surprised if they somehow collect data on how the “experts” play in inferno and develop new and innovative endgame content (dungeons, events, etc) in future patches that’s tailored more to the die-hards.

  24. I’m thrilled.  So glad they are doing this, I love it.   My only remaining hope is they give players ways of making certain portions of the Inferno playthrough even harder for greater reward, beyond just typing “players 8”

  25. I’m excited to have a reason to play through every area of the game and know that that awesome drop could be right around any corner.

  26. This is really good! I always wanted to chose where in the game I want to play based on environment, and now they offer that. Just wow. 🙂

  27. 1000 % pure AWESOMENESS =)
    so you are able to farm @ your own sweet spots =)
    go go go blizz i want this game NOW =)

  28. Holy Shit am I ever stoked for this. I have never been so excited for a harder difficulty for a game. Image all the amazing drops! It sounds like a great fun challenge.

  29. I’m very happy with this. Like so many others I hope there’s plenty more to endgame, with Pandemonium and Uber Diablo style events, and perhaps other modes like endless dungeon and tower defense, but this is a wonderful foundation. Whatever other endgame content we get, I think we all know doing runs for gear will be a big part of it and the freedom to do it anywhere with (roughly) equal efficiency will make the endgame vastly more interesting.

  30. Just what I was hoping for!
    About what you said at the end Flux; I don’t think this new difficulty level precludes any special content like the Pandemonium or DC (which were both added years after LOD was released).
    I don’t doubt some players will try to find the most prolific zones for MF, but unless it’s built like D2 where you have JUST 2-3 places (which varied between patches) that provided consistently good loot, and MOST of the Inferno locations provide about the same average drop rate and quality, I think players will spread out more often than not.
    Of course, it all depends on the balancing job that Blizz does, and that will most likely be tweaked in future patches and expansion packs, so I’m not worried.

  31. I like the idea, especially since the current way of looking at the 3 “normal” difficulties is that you complete them in order to become lvl 60, the way I saw this was another “crater for the masses” trend leaving no room for really hard tests, since all players should be able to achieve max lvl. I hope the inferno lvl opens up for real hard (and rewarding) challenges.

  32. It seems like some people are ignoring the increased difficulty part and just focusing on that its another playthrough of the game.  We have no idea how difficult it will be and hopefully this will be the solution for everyone that found the game so easy.  It could actually be very challenging to farm items on inferno which would make comparisons to doing end game runs on countess, pits, etc. less applicable. 

  33. For those who do the inferno mode will they have access to the RMAH ? If so then you know what is going to happen.  $200.00 for a an Epic staff od Awesomness, it would make inferno mode no harder than the other modes.

  34. If we take the information from the video at face value, and we assume that all enemies are level 61 and all enemies use the same drop table, then clearly people will find the easiest run, and do it over and over (my guess would be Act I).

    That suggests to me a couple of things.  Firstly, there’s a lot about item drops we don’t know (of course).  However, it also seems to me that this information is incomplete, because otherwise it makes no sense.  There’s no possible way to stop people from finding the easiest runs and grinding them out.  There’s no possible way to balance that based on difficulty; up the difficulty of one run, and people will move to the next easiest one.  It seems to me the only way to balance it would be to up difficulty and item quality.  So I think this information is incomplete at best.

  35. Im sure Flux will get the links up to Bashioks posts soon….theres alot coming about Inferno as you can imagine. A quick sum up of events is. They want Inferno in game for launch…but ARE planning on releasing SPECIFIC end game content….with patches….so we dont have to wait for an expansion to get it….If anything that makes me happy we are still going to get it….and it sounds like that due to time contraints they want to give it to us in a patch…which hopefully means were getting the main game sooner…..

  36. I’m not a fan of this.  I was all for eliminating “nightmare” mode and just having normal and hell.  Now I have to play the game through a 4th time just to access better stuff?????  I can’t imagine the randomization is so good that playing the game 4 times through will be exciting each time….

  37. screw it. ill leave farming inferno to the chinese. i’m buying my gear.

    a whole day of farming = $5 to them. not worth it for me imho.

    i can sacrafice 1 day of work and deck every single toon in my account.

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