While most of us remain unable to even log onto the D3 PTR, some fans have gotten in and already run the new Infernal Machine event. Details about the required materials, the bosses that provide them, how you use them, and videos of the Uber boss battles can be seen below the fold. If you consider them spoilers, or want to see them the first time for yourself, don’t click through or read the comments.

    You can also get the full details and see these videos on the DiabloWikiInfernal Machine DiabloWiki.net article.

    The four components required to assemble the machine are found in:

    • Act 1 – Goat Mutant Key Warden – Fields of Misery
    • Act 2 – Dune Dervish Key Warden – Dahlgur Oasis
    • Act 3 – Morlu Spellcaster – Stonefort
    • Act 4 – Infernal Machine Plan – Silver Spire (Found on Terror Demon)

    Once the keys and plan are acquired the machine needs to be assembled. Head to the Heretic’s Abode in Tristram to the northwest of the town by Brother Malachi the Healer. The three realms that the machine will open portals to include:

  • Discord – King Leoric and Maghda
  • Chaos – Ghom and Rakanoth
  • Turmoil – Siege Breaker and Zoltun Kulle
  • Three special ingredients may drop from these bosses: The Vengeful Eye, the Writhing Spine and Devil’s Fang. Those three ingredients can be combined to create the legendary, account bound, Hellfire Ring. Note these do not always drop and PTR players have not exactly been excited by what drops (blue magical and whites) if it’s not a special ingredient.


    Infernal Machine Key Locations from the four Key Wardens.

    Longer video, without narration, showing the same thing.

    Realm of Discord: Battle with Uber Skeleton King and Uber Magda.

    Realm of Chaos: Battle with Uber Rakanoth and Uber Ghom.

    Realm of Turmoil: Battle with Uber Siegebreaker and Uber Zoltan Kulle.

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