Infernal Machine Improvements Coming “Soon”

Infernal Machine Improvements Coming “Soon”

news-infernal-machine-improvA thread on about issues with the DiabloWikiInfernal Machine / DiabloWikiHellfire Ring/DiabloWikiHellfire Amulet events earned a Blue reply with a promise of better days to come.

Great discussion! We agree with many of the points debated here, so we’re going to be looking at the Infernal Machine event in the future. Right now there is a disparity between the footwork required to participate in the event and the reward for completing it, so we’re currently looking at our options to better align the two. We’re currently aiming to have a solution in place for the next major content patch, but of course as a work in progress that’s subject to change.

(And before you crazy diamonds ask: Patch date is still TBD. Patch content is still WiP. We’ve no additional info to share at this time.)

I didn’t quote the OP since I didn’t see any ideas better/different than the ones we came up with in our recent Fixing the Infernal Machine discussion. Here’s the “pick all you like” vote from that article, which is still open if you haven’t voted already.

Changes to the Infernal Machine system. (Vote all you agree with.)

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One of the best ideas I’ve heard came from Lanth in comments, when he said instead of dropping a key (or not), the KeyWardens should drop fragments of some key material. Say you need 10 total fragments, and each time on T6 the KW will drop at least 1, and often more. (Or just change the Infernal Machine recipes to require 10 of each key and have the KWs drop 1-10 keys each time.) This could be balanced to keep the overall key farming rate approximately the same as now, but at least you’d get something each time, rather than the current “fail 4x in a row and /ragequit the Dhalgur Oasis” system.

Are we likely to see any of these incremental boosts to the system any time soon? I doubt it. Click through for the grim tidings.

Unfortunately for those of us hoping for rapid improvements, even something as simple as HFAs always rolling with a socket, that seems unlikely

Look how the devs have handled the Realm of Trials, which players have been bitterly complaining about since shortly after it debuted. No one likes it, including the devs, and they’ve talked about reworking the whole system, which is great. Unfortunately, that takes months and months, and in the meantime players are stuck with the current system.

No one thinks that simply allowing players to cash in 5 or 10 keys at once (instead of just 1) would be the perfect solution, but it would make the entire thing 5 or 10x less annoying in the short term, and I’ve heard no real arguments against it. But the devs refuse to quick fix that, as it would detract from their glorious system reinvention! Which seems likely to arrive in a carpool with the heat death of the universe. (Which will at least get it here before a proper PvP deathmatch system.)

I expect this same developer “the good is the enemy of the perfect” approach will ruin the chances of any quick fixes to the Infernal Machine, and thus we’ll be stuck with the annoying current system for months and months, until it’s entirely overhauled in some future patch or expansion. Something to look forward to!

BTW, I farmed 4 HFAs earlier this week, and look at their majestic stats! Why if I took the best four affixes from these four amulets and combined them into one amulet… it would still suck. (Even compared to my current sucky amulet.) SuperKadala to the rescue!

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13 thoughts on “Infernal Machine Improvements Coming “Soon”

  1. The keywardens should have a chance of appearing in rifts (not as guardians, but as “elite” packs) as its not fun to farm keys without xp/gear reward. A single infernal machine should also open the portal to all the uber bosses rather than a single fight, greatly reducing the time spent farming the keys (arguably the worst part). This can work by randomly opening a single portal which you enter. Once you beat the group of ubers, an random portal to the remaining bosses open and you repeat until all bosses are fought.

    Thus, you will continue farming rifts, but you will get a handful of keys every few rifts and can choose between starting a new rift or doing a quick uber-run. Ubers currently have mostly the same appeal as farming RoRG’s. RoS has been re-purposed to focus on combat and yet uber-runs are focuses mostly on running around in bounties, skipping everything mostly and finding them.

    • Ancient is pretty much meaningless on jewellery, where all the most desirable affixes are unaffected by it.

      • Well, it should roll a bit better than normal imo, and I personally don’t want a socket by default especially if the rumor about a jewelery gift turns out to be true (see the previous news).

      • Yeah, the first of the HFAs I made this week (screen in the post) was Ancient, and it’s just insulting on amulets, where BiS won’t have mainstat or any other affix that’s boosted by ancient. And at best you’re getting like 200 more mainstat on a second-quality amulet.

        But you get that pretty border on the tooltip, at least.

  2. about a year ago I wrote a piece on the bnet forums making suggestions for changes to the hellfire amulet and ring. What would I like to see? If I had my way … we would get the bonus from the HellFire Amulet (secondary skill) or the bonus from the Hellfire Ring as an enchant-able property that an NPC could apply to our ring or amulet of choice in town, after a completed event.

    This way, you wouldn’t have to give up your Eye of the Elich or your Xepherian Amulet or Your new and improved (nudge nudge wink wink) Convention of the Elements ring.

    I know, people will cry … people bitched about this idea on the bnet forums when I posted it. But, the truth is, as you go up the grift ladder to higher grifts … many builds have to opt out of the hellfire jewelry to more effective choices. So, you end up not being able to wear HF items at all.

    It’s worth considering and talking about.

  3. Content patch required to boost drop rate to 100% on T6?

    Good must triumph over perfect!

  4. They should make the Hellfire Ring and Amulet set items, and give them an awesome 2 piece set bonus, like the bastions of will set. Then you can use a Unity, SoJ, or RoRG again. Also, the Hellfire Ring needs it’s special ability buffed massively. Suggestions: Amulet still grants a passive skill. Ring grants and active skill that lets the player shoot an AoE fire attack that does 500-100% dmg. Both together increase all dmg by 75%. (It would be much cooler if the 2 set bonus was to increase the effect of your passive skills by 50%, but this is D3, the devs are too conservative to do cool things like that on purpose.)

  5. This isn’t a new idea but however getting a Hellfire Amulet changes, the amulet itself should had an additional effect matching an RORG. The ammy and the RORG effect wouldn’t stack of course.

    • I suggesed that in the earlier post, but no one seemed real thrilled by it. The original RoS version of the HFR had a huge fire nova effect that was actually powerful, and in the old days of D3v the HFR proced a fireball that was very powerful for low level chars to kill with.

      Now the HFR does that lava pool thing that’s pretty lame, and the HFA doesn’t have any proc effect. Seems a missed opportunity, and maybe it’s too hard to balance across classes and builds, but giving the HFA or HFR a really cool proc effect, like a 5000% damage meteor, or a slow time bubble, etc, seems like it could be interesting. Making them something other than just stat sticks, anyway.

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