Infernal Machine Fixes: Socketed Hellfire Amulet

HFAs: soon to suck slightly less!

HFAs: soon to suck slightly less!

More good news about the upcoming Patch 2.3, with fixes/changes/improvements to the DiabloWikiInfernal Machine event. Infernal Machine Fixes: Socketed Hellfire Amulet! Here’s Travis Day’s statement:

Will we see any changes to the Infernal Machine in patch 2.3.0?!? As I remember I saw a post or video of the devs saying that there will be changes in a/the next content patch.
Travis Day: This is a very large patch so we were unable to fit ALL the awesome changes into the preview blog. There are changes to the Hellfire event structure coming in the next patch. Keywardens will now directly drop Infernal Machines instead of Keys and the Hellfire Amulet now has a socket built in.

Check them out once they hit ptr and let us know what you all think! =)

The inherent socket has been the #1 fan request for improving the HFA (and HFR) since Legendary Gems made sockets in jewelry desirable, so cheers on that fix, though it would be nice if the Hellfire Ring got a socket as well. It’s so far from DiabloWikiBiS potential as a ring that it could use any help. (Or Kanai’s Cube give it new life, with that huge +EXP% affix there for the taking?)

I am curious to see how the drop rates and overall progress changes. Will KWs dropping Machines instead of keys effectively make it 4x faster to farm? Also, what about drop rates with T7-T10 coming? Currently you’ve got a 50% chance of a Key and 100% chance of an Organ dropping on T6, but that’ll surely change with 4 more difficulty levels and KWs dropping machines directly.

We hosted a community discussion of how best to improve the Infernal Machine a couple of months ago, and got a lot of useful survey results and dozens of comments. The most popular idea from feedback was Lanth’s idea that instead of dropping a key (or not) each time, the Keywardens should drop key materials. Say you needed 10 key mats to make each key, and the KWs always dropped at least one, and could drop up to 10 (scaling with higher difficulty). The best aspect of that idea is that you’d never run a KW and get nothing, so it wouldn’t feel like a wasted run. Doesn’t seem that Bliz has taken that idea to heart, alas.

Changes to the Infernal Machine system. (Vote all you agree with.)

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  1. So I looked in the news archives and there's this, from June 2014. Bliz announces their plans to rework the Infernal Machine event. And here we are, 14 short months later and the big change is a guaranteed socket in the amulet and dropping machines instead of keys.

    BTW, I'm awarding myself bonus points for using a "soon" image in that post. It's almost like I knew!

  2. blizzard should get the word 'soon' and all its definitions copyrighted!

  3. Good changes. Jaydala and RNGesus take another hit. Good to see they're (hopefully) recognising that, sure, a certain amount of RNG is fun, but too much just saps your will to play.

  4. its better than doing nothing and making us wait with the same crap system we have until they put effort into a real rework. this is far better than what we have now, maybe not optimal but clearly better

  5. It's on their to-do list, they just haven't gotten around to it yet. But they will soon…

  6. Let's just hope the new Torments hold the coveted 100% drop rate for Keywardens and that there are indeed less people who can beat those difficulties. I swear there are countless people easily farming T6 (from those who play).

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