Fortuitous Ephiphaneia

    Drandimere wrote 17 installments of this column, before retiring in 2003 to spend more time with his remaining brain cells. He can still be seen lurking about the forums from time to time, most often in the D2 Single Player forum.

    Full column listing:

    1. Missing Time of an RPG-Kind—Nov 12, 2002
    2. Moths to the Flame—Nov 25, 2002
    3. Ethics and MMORPGs—Dec 16, 2002
    4. Just Rewards—Jan 6, 2003
    5. Down to the Roots – Fantasy—Jan 27, 2003
    6. Down to the Roots, Feedback—Feb 10, 2003
    7. Down to the Roots – Medieval Literature—Feb 24, 2003
    8. Down to the Roots – Modern Fantasy—Mar 10, 2003
    9. Trust the ESRB?—Mar 24, 2003
    10. When a Patch Isn’t a Patch—Apr 7, 2003
    11. Pitfalls of Fantasy Film Making—Apr 21, 2003
    12. More v1.10 Comments and Feedback—May 5, 2003
    13. Why Play Single Player Diablo II?—May 19, 2003
    14. Why Play Single Player Diablo II? Part Two—June 2, 2003
    15. Breaking Stereotypes—June 16, 2003
    16. Is Fantasy Evil?—June 30, 2003
    17. Diablo II: Good or Evil?—June 30, 2003

    Author Biography
    Paul J. Darling grew up on dairy farm in a small agricultural community in mid-Michigan. He attend Ferris State University and received degrees in Automotive Technology and Training in Business and Industry. Paul began writing professionally in 1992 as a technical writer developing training programs for the automotive industry. For the past five years Paul has been a project manager on various Ford Motor Company programs worldwide. While working internationally, Paul married a wonderful Ukrainian woman and they have recently moved back to the same small town where he grew up to start a family and build a new house. Currently, Paul is working with Lincoln-Mercury division in powertrain development while pursuing a career in fantasy/fiction writing.

    Paul’s enjoyment of the fantasy genre began by reading his uncle’s collection of “Savage Sword of Conan” as a boy and was later influenced by J.R.R Tolkein and the original DragonLance Series started by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Paul also enjoys reading autobiographies, history, and anything by Robert Fulghum. When he isn’t spending time with his wife or trying to resolve issues at Ford Motor Company, Paul enjoys building classic hot rods with his father, watching football, playing the latest PC games and being involved with his local church.

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