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    Author Biography

    Flux has been on the Diabloii.net staff since the summer of 1998, back when the site was only covering Diablo and Hellfire, and didn’t even have this domain name yet, if you can imagine. He is an aspiring novelist with several widely-acclaimed D2 fan fiction tales in his background, a resume boost that’s sure to make major publishing houses yawn and giggle.

    Flux is also a fiction writer and has most of his work archived on the fiction page of his home site, with some of it duplicated on TDL. These include nine D2 short stories, including the famous humorous holiday ones, of which the most recent is the Easter Story.

    You can wallow in Fluxiness far past the endurance of mortal man by visiting his home page, www.blackchampagne.com.  It used to be updated daily, has next to nothing to do with Diablo II, and is almost certain to offend.

    My D2 Play Background
    As of 2005:
    I got back into things during the v1.10 beta and leveled a few characters up into the 80s, and have played sporadically since v1.10 was officially released, but only with a few characters (MF Fury Barb, Smite/Zeal Paladin, Bowazon, Javazon) and only Single Player. Of course I focus on MF, but at high levels and in dangerous places, which is the whole fun of v1.10.

    Play Experience during Decahedron v1.0:
    Circa 2003:
    Since this often comes up in the columns and feedback, it would probably help if you knew something about my play style and preferences. This question was answered in some detail in feedback to Column #10. I’ll recap it quickly here.

    I played only Hardcore on the Realms until late 2002, when I began to grow bored with the easy and repetitious game play and semi-retired from active realm play (see below). I have a 99 Javazon and several other characters in the 90’s, and lots in the 80’s.

    I love Magic Find and use it on most of my characters, from 1100% on my best ever MF Barbarian down to 200% or so on my 90 IAS Eaglehorn-using Cowazon.  I try to get at least 250% on all of my characters just to make normal play more fun.

    I am not a fan of rushing or cow games or other cheesy no-skill games like Bloody Runs, and hope they become less-useful in v1.10.

    I don’t duel or PK.

    I like to level up playing solo in big games, doing things like Baal runs while everyone else is leeching in the Cows or Bloody.

    I have been pretty bored with regulation D2 since late 2002, especially due to the hacks and cheats and hacked items on the realms, and have therefore been playing the Middle Earth mod semi-regularly since around September 2002, as well as doing a fair amount of testing of new characters from scratch in the v1.10 beta.

    Disclaimer: Flux’s Decahedron was written by Flux and hosted by Diabloii.net. The opinions expressed in these columns are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Diii.net.


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