With the news of “inv-ptr-rama-giftscash for stash” coming “soon” to the Asian realm, fans brought up other inventory/stash space issues, and got some new info from a Blue. The DiabloWikiGift of Ramaladni will be stackable up to 100 in Patch 2.2.0. Great news if you’ve got some and a cruel kick in the nuts to players who can’t seem to find one at all.

    Increased Material Stack Sizes in Patch 2.2.0:

    If they can make rift stones, trial stones and ramaladni’s stack higher then that would save a few more slots. Additionally, letting crafting mats stack higher would also be a big help (yes 5k is not enough when crafting ancient gear is involved).
    Tyvalir: We’ve heard from people who play the game frequently and have accumulated more Ramaladni’s Gifts that these items are starting to take up more space in their stash, so starting in patch 2.2.0, we will be allowing them to stack up to 100.

    Although we don’t have plans right now to increase the stack size of the other items you mentioned, it would be helpful to hear from you all about any scenarios in particular that are causing you to run out of space more frequently.

    Is it when you mass salvage items after running a series of Rifts, or when you don’t have items you want to enchant or craft items for a long period of time? Something else in specific?

    I’m all for the Gift stacking. I don’t have any extra yet in S2, but I had a fair number by the end of S1 and it was annoying to see a single material taking up as much space as did all of the LGems I didn’t have equipped.

    As for other stackables, what do you guys want? I’d definitely like to see higher stacks on Rift Keys; it’s very easy to get over 100 when you’re building up a new char and/or trying to find a RoRG with CC/CD/Sox, and it feels like wasted space with multiple stacks of 100.

    I’m mostly okay with 5000 cap on the other mats, though I wouldn’t mind it going to 10k. I never have more than 5000 white or blue mats (and agree with most who think they should drop more frequently) but I’m always well over 5000 Veiled Crystals without even picking up Rare items. But those I don’t mind just throwing away or not bothering to pick up, since they’re so common that I can refill quickly.

    The thing that always feels like wasted space to me is the entire stash tab that’s just small stuff. LGems, Keys, Organs, Rift Keys, GR Keys, gems, etc. The small stuff shouldn’t take up as much space as big items of armor. It’s like dropping a box coins and watching in horror as they spread out to cover the entire floor. Remember when Bliz said we might get a better commodities UI with materials stored seamlessly, like Gold and Shards are now? Or how about a Gem Pouch, which would basically be a stash tab purely for 1×1 gems and keys and such?

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