Increased Blood Shard Cap Coming “Soon”

Increased Blood Shard cap.

Increased Blood Shard cap.

A new patch is going up on the PTR today, and while the server is currently down for maintenance, a German player got a peek at patch with a tooltip showing an upcoming increase to the maximum Blood Shards stack, based on your highest Greater Rift cleared in a solo game.

You see the screen to the right, and the approximate translation from German goes as thus:

The maximum number of bloodshards you can have (carry), can be increased by reaching a new personal best in a greater rift. (solo game)”

Update: From the PTR Patch Notes:

You can now increase your Blood Shard cap by achieving a personal best in Solo Greater Rifts

  • The cap will be increased by 10 shards per Greater Rift level completed.
  • Not clear if that’s the highest Grift completed total on your account, or if you’d get an increase for your highest Grift per class (to reward people who play more than just one class), but I assume it would be account wide. So if your best solo Grift cleared was 40, with any or all classes, you’d gain 400 to your Blood Shards cap, up to 900.

    Tying it to your GRift clearance, instead of something like Paragon Points, makes sense because 1) Blizzard has tried to avoid rewarding players simply for grinding levels, and 2) clearing higher GRs is where you can rack up the most Blood Shards, with GRs above 25 rewarding progressively more shards above the ~100 you get for a T6 Rift. And when you’re rolling up to 250 shards every ~15 minutes, the cap of 500 feels even more restrictive.

    What do you guys think?

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    1. I really dont like the idea abut increased blood shard based on GR level sole or for that case in party. I like the idea about increased blood shard but it must be equal to all what ever GR level they have done. I dont do GR at all anymore and find it waste of time and I know a lot my frinds think the same. some want only do rifts and Bountys and find it unfair to reward plays who play GR in way you force peopel to play GR and reward them. Sorry im negative but this idea sucks

      • Well, what would you award higher GR limit by, if not by GRs? The other obvious option seems Paragon Points, but Bliz has shown disinclination to reward just exp grinding, by not including that as a leaderboard in seasons and even taking out the lvl 70 conquest reward in S2.

        GRs are the game's real challenge with the best rewards (LGem upgrades), so here's another reward for doing the hardest content, and one that scales directly with the difficulty of the content you can complete.

        I'm not a huge Grift fan and wish we had highter levels of Torment, but this design seems the most logical to me. (Aside from just upping the hard cap to like 5000, because why not?)

        • Make it a bag upgrade you can buy from Kadala for something like 10M gold per 100 shard cap increase; give us a meaningful gold sink.

          Or, if you want to tie it to GR progress, increase the blood shard cap by down-grading or sacrificing a legendary gem. That way someone who can only do GR 15-20 can still increase their shard cap.

    2. Something is better than nothing. Having a low cap is largely pointless and annoying, and upping it to 800+ won’t really change anything.

      • Indeed. I thought they were raising the limit to 5000 or more. 900 or 1000 is actually pointless and insignificant.

        On the other side, I really do not understand why there is a limit on an alternate money. It should simply be unlimited like gold is.
        What is their goal with that ? Going back to town just to gamble when you are in a party is not fun, is a break in the action and only bring loss of time to the whole team. So what’s the point really…

    3. Better than nothing, still infuriating that Grifts are apparently the only content devs consider meaningful.

    4. I like the shard limit idea, might still be too low a cap, but it is something. I still would like to be able to fill my inventory gambling for amulets.

    5. I wonder how this will work on console, there are no records of your best Grift, no leaderboards, or seasons.

    6. Hell yea, and I hope more rewards come from those that complete SOLO Greater Rifts.

    7. What a load of bollox , why not just raise the cap across the board . Now have to grind more GRifts which I hate . I never go past GRift 30 because all I am interested in is getting my gems to 25 .

      Grifts aren't the be all and end all with this game and I wish they would hurry up and see this .

      Sick of this crap , no wonder I haven't logged in for the past week , same old blizz .

    8. It’s an ARPG!!! It doesn’t need this much micromanagement! Why is this even such a huge deal? Ugh! Stop telling us how to play your game we paid you for!

    9. ok so for those of us who have never been above GR30, FU Blizzard says. This rewards only the small group of people that spend massive amounts of time in this game.

    10. Personally I'm okay with this solution. GR30 is fairly easy to reach nowadays and a cap of ~800 is enough for me.

    11. A softcap would be good too.

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