Increased Blood Shard cap.

    Increased Blood Shard cap.

    A new patch is going up on the PTR today, and while the server is currently down for maintenance, a German player got a peek at patch with a tooltip showing an upcoming increase to the maximum Blood Shards stack, based on your highest Greater Rift cleared in a solo game.

    You see the screen to the right, and the approximate translation from German goes as thus:

    The maximum number of bloodshards you can have (carry), can be increased by reaching a new personal best in a greater rift. (solo game)”

    Update: From the PTR Patch Notes:

    You can now increase your Blood Shard cap by achieving a personal best in Solo Greater Rifts

  • The cap will be increased by 10 shards per Greater Rift level completed.
  • Not clear if that’s the highest Grift completed total on your account, or if you’d get an increase for your highest Grift per class (to reward people who play more than just one class), but I assume it would be account wide. So if your best solo Grift cleared was 40, with any or all classes, you’d gain 400 to your Blood Shards cap, up to 900.

    Tying it to your GRift clearance, instead of something like Paragon Points, makes sense because 1) Blizzard has tried to avoid rewarding players simply for grinding levels, and 2) clearing higher GRs is where you can rack up the most Blood Shards, with GRs above 25 rewarding progressively more shards above the ~100 you get for a T6 Rift. And when you’re rolling up to 250 shards every ~15 minutes, the cap of 500 feels even more restrictive.

    What do you guys think?

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