Incoming Diablo 3 Game Change Hints

In case you went into TLDR mode in Jay’s apology post, there are hints at what’s to come in future updates which look interesting. The important points no note include:

  • Later in the development of Diablo II, the ‘players 8’ command — which let people set monster difficulty — was added to address this issue, and we’re considering something similar for the next major Diablo III patch to allow players to make up their own minds about how hard or how easy is right for them.
  • The DiabloWikiAuction House can short circuit the natural pace of item drops, making the game feel less rewarding for some players. This is a problem we recognize. At this point we’re not sure of the exact way to fix it, but we’re discussing it constantly, and we believe it’s a problem we can overcome.
  • Playing Diablo III needs to be a rewarding experience. The new legendaries are a big step in the right direction, as are tweaks to item drop rates. But I’m not convinced that we’ve gone far enough. If you don’t have that great feeling of a good drop being right around the corner — and the burst of excitement when it finally arrives — then we haven’t done our jobs right. Out of our concern to make sure that Diablo III would have longevity, we were overly cautious about how we handled item drops and affixes. If 1.0.4 hasn’t fixed that, you can be sure we’ll continue to address it.
  • The DiabloWikiParagon system is a step in the right direction, giving meta-progress for your time in the game, but it does little to address the variety of activities you can do while playing. I don’t think there’s a silver-bullet solution to this problem, but I do think we can make this aspect of the game better, and as such we’re planning more than just DiabloWikiPvP for the next major patch.

Interesting that Jay mentions more than just PvP in the next “major patch” and the fact that the auction house is causing problems. Whether the next update will actually include new game content or game mechanic tweaks is unknown but we will no doubt hear more soon. What are your hopes for the next big patch?

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    82 thoughts on “Incoming Diablo 3 Game Change Hints

      • Good post. Things are looking bright for the future of this game. Honestly for the first time I feel relieved that Diablo 3 will be able to meet my expectations soon.

        Jay apologizes, and then speaks clearly on whats wrong with the game here. They know it can be better, and I’m glad they are willing to work on it.

        1.04 had me pleasantly surprised, as I have already put over 15 hours into it! Another Patch or two, and we might have the game we all wanted 😉

        • Indeed, I always kept the faith. My logic is that Diablo 2 v 1.0 wasn’t that great (comparatively to what it ended up), and it was unrealistic for me (and everyone else) to expect D3 to reach the same level of achievement D2 was at after like 15 years of fixes, patches, updates. Honestly after Xpac 1 D2 started to really find its own and then with the synergies patch and the extra Hell content that was added to extend the end game was all great stuff. So as you said I’m glad to see the game start heading in the right direction. And hopefully people get off their high horses about how terrible this game is, when in reality they set impossible expectations for the game… I guess heavy is the crown as they say.

          • I’m more impressed at the improvements made thus far, I was expecting the game to be in a playable state in about a year for my taste. I’ve actually logged a few levels and the changed damage on the annoying mobs have become enjoyable from before the patch.

            Still hoping for a more static type feat system that allows you to permanent place points for more specialization.

          • As I always say, the only big let down I got from Blizzard is that they pushed so long trying to get something perfect right from the start, while I always knew they would need the whole community to help forge the game into a great Diablo. They should have released the game a year ago, by now we would be playing an even better game.

    1. Maybe they could ACTUALLY fix the legendary items… I have found 4, two level 60, two in the 50s, all 4 equally useless and as disappointing to ID as legendaries prior to the patch. Friends also found a couple, a stormshield that was decent, despite having +200 str and +200 dex on it, and a hellrack that another friend couldnt give away… day of the patch. 962 dps and decent stats on it too for an xbow.

      Just unacceptable in my books. Maybe the devs could come up with some of their own ideas instead of just trolling their player base for them.

      • I continue to find it laughable that everyone has these rosetinted glasses that windforces fell from the sky in any iteration of D2. Its a farce. I played the hell out of that game and never found a wf or a vex or zod.

        Everyone says “oh D2 had better endgame”. Really? I remember playing hours at a time lapping game after game, Baal001, Baal002, etc. Rarely did the handful of static legendaries drop.

        The game to me is pretty much where it needs to be. If anything, whats missing is a game lobby. It would be nice to join up with folks on a similar mission. Running crypts. Butcher. Whimsy. Whatever. If they add that, I’d be hardpressed to tell the difference between D2 and D3 except for the HD picture.

        I think its simply the trend right now to simply pile on this guy, this game, and the company. The game is more than being corrected. PvP will add an even better dimension. The sky is not falling.

        • Stonerdoom, I tried upvoting your comment, but it’s stuck and only lets me click it once. I’ll keep trying anyway.

        • Well, to be fair, while Windforces didn’t fall out of the sky, Ravenfrosts/WitchwildStrings/Skullduers/Frostburns/Manalds/etc. all did.

          Diablo 3 would greatly benefit from the joy of seeing at least the decent legendaries with unique, useful affixes being common.

          A Windforce is awesome, but a budget, midrange DPS legendary bow with 30% knockback or would also be awesome.

          • Pretty much. I’d much prefer legendaries that are less powerful than the current ones, but drop more often in return. Sets are once again a good example of this because by bumping most of them up to ilvl 63, they just made them a hell of a lot more rare than previously.

            • I could hardly disagree more.

              I’d gladly trade away the 7-8 legendaries I’ve found in my playing time, along every single legendary ever to come my way. Ever. For just 1 fun/useful legendary that I would actually use. Did I mention ever? Ever.

          • But in D2 equipment wasn’t tied to a specific level. You could easily “beat” the game with lackluster equipment found early on. You didn’t need artificial level induced equipment to become great.

            I think that is the point many are trying to make. A level 40 item in diablo might very well be a godly ring, gloves, belt, boots. In D3 that level 40 item does not compete at all. I would rather have them make around level 55 the top quality of items so that everyone could start finding the items. To compensate increase drops rates in higher zones so that people in high Inferno get more drop rates, but don’t tie the 63 moniker (I would also like that items became a static such as a normal, elite, exceptional version, so that when upgrades/runes are added we could possibly upgrade items like d2)

            • Sounds like some D2 items scaled instead of having static numbers that increasingly becomes less significant?
              Sorry, I replayed D2 just a year ago, but I can’t even remember there was such stuff; I simply swap lesser items and never notice.

              But yeah, affixes based on percentages sounds very viable, without being OP at lower levels or moot later on.

              Someone send another pigeon.

          • I want to acknowledge this post as it made me think my post was a little either/or in its position. So to clarify: I think the game is good. It can [and I hope it does] improve. There were similar things with D2/D2X. In fact, I am certain that the developers have built D3 so that it can be modified as they go [I mean they just "added" 99 more levels! WTF! Thats pretty amazing to me]. I don’t want to make it sound as if I am a Blizz fanboy and they can do no wrong. Far from it. I never played WoW and I hate pandas for what thats worth. So if I came off that way it was not my intention. I just feel that for many people its just the cool thing to do [rip the game, company, staff, etc]. I shouldn’t legitimize it by writing about it but I feel that some of Blizz’ responses to D3 are a result [at least in part] by this extreme fringe [either for or against the game]. The people who say the endgame sucks are the people who will be Paragon 99 by the weekend. Well no crap sherlock, no wonder you are bored. Having essentially 160 levels for each char locks up my life for the next couple of years. I’m set.

            I also want to acknowledge my comment about the drops. Yes Frostburns and the like were abundant and I admit to finding plenty of them. However, those can probably be equated to some decent rares in D3. Also they were more static then the itemization in D3. Variety is the spice of life or the bane of my existence in D3. The D3 drop rates, item level stuff, affixes etc do need attention [even since 1.04] but I have faith and patience that they will improve. Further, my feelings aren’t hurt that I have the AH at my disposal in the meantime.

            Peace my brothers.

        • Everyone says “oh D2 had better endgame”. Nope. D2 had no real EGC. But D3 could. Its year 2012, you know…

          • D2 was never about “endgame”. it was about leveling up a character and finding nice items as you did so..

        • Sure, WF was rare.

          But if you told me that sets were removed from D3 I would believe you, as I haven’t actually seen a single one drop in 200+ hours of play.

          I’ve found 1 legendary that was on a character between levels 1-59.

          I’ve found 4 uniques total.

          Were items like sigons great? Or all the low level D2 items that fell all the time? Not really… but it was nice finding this stuff while leveling characters because I could use it for a few levels and maybe find another unique/set to upgrade to… or I could find a rare/magic item. In this game it’s blue/yellow or nothing unless I hit up the AH.

          Why even have all these low level items in the game if they never drop? It’s not fun having to go to the AH just to have some uniques/sets on my level 20 character.

          • If I wasnt so sure it was to promote the auction house as well it might not piss me off as much, and I might think it was a mistake on the developers part rather than intentional.

    2. Haven’t played enough 1.0.4 to ascertain what changes (if any) I want to see. But I hope this isn’t going to be a case of ‘next patch will fix it, promise’….

    3. the plan is to make it more like diablo 2 and hopefully have some more bots return. Also, they haven’t yet discovered that they are the biggest problem and urgently need to be patched out.

    4. The player 8 command was to increase the difficulty AND drops. From what I understand, more people in D3 doesn’t have the monsters drop more/better loot.

      Unless they change this then a player 8 command is useless.

    5. Completely anecdotal, but I played in a 4 person game last night and got 11 yellow drops from the final two act 1 bosses. With my mf level, in a 1 person game, I typically get about half that. (Breakdown: 5 from Jailer, 6 from Butcher). I’ll keep testing, but I did seem to notice more drops in general in the multiplayer game.

    6. I wonder if they will reach conclusion that NV ruins a whole game. There is more problems with NV than pros. Most of mobs are boring to fight becuase there is no chance they will drop any rare. Like 80% of combat is not fun and rewarding. And bosses drop shit, come on…
      NV should at least transfer through acts if I want to continue playing with the same group. I hope they will get rid of this someday and make levels more randomized. Playing same pattern every time kills adventure feeling which was a big part of D2.

      • While I disagree with you on NV (I really like it, personally), I totally agree that adding the ability to move between acts while in-game, and not losing NV stacks, would be nice.

        • I also liked NV at the beginning, but I can imagine D3 without it to be much more fun to explore and play. It just restricts gameplay.

      • With yellow drops from trash mobs now quadrupled, I think there’s a good chance of being able to play “self-found” and avoid the AH all together.

        I took the plunge and disposed of all my “tainted” gear from the AH. Working _very_ hard in Act1 Inferno now, but it’s fun and I feel like there’s hope 🙂

    7. Nice to see him voice their commitment to the game.

      By “more than PvP,” I’m thinking maybe a new end-game mode? Given that blizzard went their own direction with paragon levels (wasn’t exactly what was being asked for), I would expect a somewhat unique variant on an endless dungeon or horde mode type of addition.

      Lots of people won’t care about PvP, so it’s neat that they’re at least considering PvE content in a patch (as opposed to waiting for an xpac).

    8. Who cares about the damn apology – this is what matters:

      “Later in the development of Diablo II, the ‘players 8? command — which let people set monster difficulty — was added to address this issue, and we’re considering something similar for the next major Diablo III patch to allow players to make up their own minds about how hard or how easy is right for them.”

      OMG, I made the argument months ago the actual difficulty settings “/players X” styles would do SO much to solve Diablo’s problems! I’m so glad that they agree!!

    9. I would have to agree strongly with an endless dungeon. Add in elites for NV, a boss every 10-15 and difficulty increase every 20-30. 60+ drops increase with difficulty and difficulty expands over main game to challenge those who farm act 4 inferno. Of course, NV sticks until you exit game.

      • lol what are we supposed to do then?? wait for it hold on to your brain…
        It’s. A. Forum.
        there u go !! wait why am I talking to u like u are a rational person.

        • Who do you think you are speaking to me like that!?

          Forums are designed to compliment the developers on their profits not to bitch endlessly about every little problem in the game as if they had some kind of knowledge about game development when they flip burgers for a living.

          10.000.000 plus copies sold seems to make quite a few people here jealous.

          It’s no surprise to me being a person who is quite use to having people be jealous of their money.

          • I reply to you in such a way because your usual drivel has lessened my patience for u, and no it’s not becuase you’re so ‘rich’ that u could buy a family or whatever childish notion comes into your mind that u wish to share on here.
            well done to Blizzard for selling millions of copies of D3, they wouldn’t hav done so without the success of D1 and D2.
            Oh and here u go champ, try to find, “Forums are designed to compliment the developers on their profits” clown.

            fo·rum (fôrm, fr-)
            n. pl. fo·rums also fo·ra (fôr, fr)
            a. The public square or marketplace of an ancient Roman city that was the assembly place for judicial activity and public business.
            b. A public meeting place for open discussion.
            c. A medium for open discussion or voicing of ideas, such as a newspaper, a radio or television program, or a website.
            2. A public meeting or presentation involving a discussion usually among experts and often including audience participation.
            3. A court of law; a tribunal.

            • Why can’t you just make your point without the hurtful insults?

              My father was a clown for 40 years.

              He was severely injured and received a large settlement which he then passed on to me in his will.

              Please think before you call people a clown on the forums.


      They have too much variance attached to them to ever be good. That was why things like Runewords and Uniques in D2 were so good. I wasnt going to get a Breath of the Dying with Health Potions grant 93253115 more HP, I was going to get shit I wanted.

      Rares are cool in a random sort of way. Legendarys and rune words are awesome in a “i want to kill mephisto for 3 hours straight” way

    11. No, I am complaining because they arent supposed to suck anymore, yet they do.

      And pssst, its called Magic finding. 300%

      • By “magic finding”, what you actually mean is “playing D3 the whole day”, because that’s what you need to do in order to find that many legendaries even with 300% MF.

    12. The best thing is the change in mood of the community. People seem to have shifted from “game is crap, d2’s way better” and “I stopped playing moths ago” to “i’m very optimistic about the future” and “New patch is awesome”. It was just soo depressing going to this site a month ago.

      “Playing Diablo III needs to be a rewarding experience. The new legendaries are a big step in the right direction, as are tweaks to item drop rates. But I’m not convinced that we’ve gone far enough. If you don’t have that great feeling of a good drop being right around the corner — and the burst of excitement when it finally arrives — then we haven’t done our jobs right. Out of our concern to make sure that Diablo III would have longevity, we were overly cautious about how we handled item drops and affixes. If 1.0.4 hasn’t fixed that, you can be sure we’ll continue to address it.”

      This feeling is still missing a little bit actually.

      I wouldn’t mind a guaranteed legendary drop every 500 or 1000 elite kills or so with bind on account. You can still get good legendaries and rares to sell on the AH the normal way, but you will add the feeling that something nice dropping, is just around the corner. It wont hurt the economy that much because it’s bind on account and it will add a great deal of value to players that want to only use self found gear. They could even name the item after the name of the character that found it just to make it easy to distinguish between normal and guaranteed legendary drops. “BillyBob’s Stone of Jordan” for example. They could even add a second elite kill meter under the paragon meter so that you can see when a legendary is to be expected.

      • Here is an idea initially I had for those ‘Casual’ gamers:

        Your account being able to change between normal to ‘casual’, with any changes occuring at the same time for all realms per day. So basically once you shift from normal to casual, you cannot shift back again until the next change time.

        The difference between a Normal to a Casual account is: at the start of everyday, your first legendary drop on that day would be dropped at 10x (or so) odds (possibly modified so that it scales with NV stacks, like a 2x chance every stack or so), with subsequent legendary drops reverting back to normal thereafter until the next day. This legendary will be bound to your account.


    13. Some people jumping in deep waters not knowing how to swim very well still believe they can survive 🙂 Well…some do – let’s hope this is the case here.
      Legendaries improve…at least the visual aspect – I got some Fire Walkers yesterday and the fire trail on Inferno A2 does not do ANY dmg whatsoever…although the short sequence shown in the Legendaries presentation shows a goatman die -_-

    14. So far I like the patch. PR bull**** and F-comments aside, I am quite happy and I cannot wait to get some play time with my friends again. I do not have enough MF to see legendaries, but maybe I’ll be able to switch some gear around and get some. Or more paragon levels ! :mrgreen:

    15. I’d love to see more Events and more of the small random dungeons (Scavenger’s Den comes to mind). Also, I have to say I was disappointed with the small number of tile sets. More variety there please!

    16. My biggest hope for next major patch is that they add random dungeons. Something very simmiliar to Torchlight, where you could buy dungeon map and you were teleported to completely random dungeon. That would make the game very interesting and add much of replay value.

      • Yes, we really need to be able to name games and pick from a list. When I hop into Act 2 Inferno at Black Soul Stone quest, I’m there to farm Desolate sands and the various dungeons for Elites before finishing with the Act Boss. But I have no way to hunt for this type of game or create my own game and indicate that farming to the Act Boss is my intent. I’m quite sick and tired of getting thrown in with people that have different intentions. It breaks up the party and sometimes leads to arguments.

    17. We are curious to see what’s going to change in the future.Definitely you’re going to the right direction.Well Done.

    18. step in the right direction would be if the fuck ugly fuck stepped into a volcano.

      step in the right direction, puuh-lease. at this rate they will fix the game in about 10 years. asshole.

    19. im sure the game will be very good or even one of the best games ever within one or two expansions.
      sadly D3 got its chance on the 15.5.. it failed in the eyes of so many. they wont spend another 60 $ on it. even if blizz will commit enough resources to making D3 the game it could be i dont think anyone will buy it => D3 is dead?

      • Well that’s what happens when the new dev team pretend D2 never happened and try to reinvent the wheel. The funny thing is D3 looks more and more like D2 every new patch.

        • maybe they didnt try to reinvent the wheel.
          maybe they were aware all the time that they are doing it very different compared to D2 and they liked it that way.
          maybe at this point they thought that the game is almost complete and they could soon begin intensive testing BUT THEN bobby kotick said that “they will buy it anyway” and the game shouldnt be tested and redesigned until the point “when its done” and instead be released within the next months.
          i think this is very likely actually. afaik CEOs of big companies get fired (and loose their multimillion salary) if they cant generate 10%+ growth rates. and how hard can it be for bobby to force “Release D3 now!” down the chain of command?

    20. I’ve been following these comments for the past few weeks. The game isn’t THAT much different from D2. We are talking subtle differences. In some ways the game might be too close to D2.

      I quit playing D2 years ago because I got bored with it. The challenge for Blizzard is keeping what was fun about D2 and adding new stuff. Because if this eventually just becomes a pretty version of D2 I’ll lose interest.

    21. I’m all for endgame of random dungeons.

      Completely random scenery and mob combinations that are generated.

      Path of Exile has a cool system in which maps drop that will teleport you to a randomly generated map and can have something like +50% item drops but +30% monster damage.

      Something like that would be really cool, just to break up the monotony of running the same locations (which, let’s be honest, aren’t random at all except for which events spawn) and fighting the same types of mobs in those areas.

    22. Blizz painted themselves into a corner with D3. SC2 has the same pricing structure with no endgame. Its endgame is created by fans via custom maps that allow game mods.

      D3 can only be played in the controlled blizzard environment. The quest system makes the game incredibly linear and repetitive – more so than D2. The only way to renew interest is to add more variety and content to the end game. Its not a subscription game, but it sure feels like one.

    23. Bah… They just trowing thinks we want hear so they change the focus of discussion. Common… Now they make D3 a approach to D2, so this is the solution to make game better?
      Sorry, but I still fell they stolen my money on promising a game in all fans dreams and giving us a crap shit!!!
      Sorry, but D3 make me lost that shine thing about franchising, I’m just moving on…

    24. Talk is cheap. Paraphrasing from the 1994 movie “Disclosure”:

      “You know all you need to know about Dave Brevik. He is not your concern. FIX THE PROBLEM.”


      A. Friend

    25. It’s funny, the paragon system isn’t a fix for anything. I like it, don’t get me wrong, but it basically shows how linear level-based progression is flawed. In the case of this game, you can actually play all the content at 60, which is uncommon for online level-based RPGs, but there’s still another problem. Levels 1-59 basically don’t matter. The reason the paragon system isn’t bad is because levels 60.0-60.100 aren’t as significant as the previous real levels.

      Why did Diablo 2 have so much longevity? I think there are a number of reasons: the gameplay itself was fun, but most importantly you had to relevel characters for either ladder, expiration, or to try new builds. Free respecs are great, but they do mean less longevity. It’s not a bad thing at all, but I don’t see how Blizzard is going to extend the lifetime of the game without encouraging the releveling of characters. It seems to me they’re focused on life @ 60 and trying to keep people playing through that, and that’s a big mistake. I never once hit 99 in Diablo 2 because it took so long, but it was always something there for me to work towards, while at the same time not a big deal, much like the paragon system. The problem is you can’t make people reroll because levels 1-59 are a chore to get through and you aren’t finding any items worth keeping.

      I think people need to realize the game is good for a few hundred hours, but if you get tired of it after that it’s perfectly fine. If you really want to play the game forever, play hardcore. The need to relevel characters with the actual threat of danger will make the experience better, but more importantly, you will spend more time progressing because of deaths. I’m not saying softcore isn’t fun, just that it will have less longevity.

    26. Well, if we are talking about drops, Blizz can start with adding some xx% probability to item affixes wich are useful to the class of the player or xx% colerance for some logical affix combinations on items for specific classes. There will be still shit drops, but not as many as now. And the legendaries could have fixed affixes, the number on them could be random.

    27. I often read the news on this page, but I rarely comment on them. But I guess now is the time..

      I have played alot of D2. ALOT. And the first game I got to play seriously back in the days was D1. Such awesome games they where. When Diablo came it was like nothing else. Something new. I heard my friends talk in school about the demo. It was dark and mysterious, and very addictive. When D2 came I didn’t have any expectations. I was still young and I didn’t bother too much, but I came to love the game from the start, and played vanilla alot. But the majority of hours I have spent on the Diablo franchise has been with LoD.

      When D3 was about to launch I had alot of expectations. And I have to say, I wanted D2 but with a new shell, new story and new skills and items. I never wanted them to change the system, but I still had to give D3 a fair chance, and so I did. And I rally liked it! The beta was awesome. I just wanted to play more and more, but I held back until the release, and then I began grinding again, like in LoD.

      I enjoyed the game alot at the start. The first playthrough was good, and it took a couple of weeks for me to beat Inferno because I wanted to play different chars and not just grinding one of them. But the more I played, the more problems I started to see. Even before I beat Inferno, I felt that I would loose interest soon. It felt like the first time I played Torchlight. Awesome game, and fun to play! But when it was done, it was all over. But I didn’t want to give up on the game, and so I began looking for things to make the game feel important and addictive, the way we all want it to feel. I started gathering achievements at first, and after about a week I only had boring ones left. Well.. almost everyone was boring, since I think achievements is a boring concept from the start, but I still felt a thrill every time I got one of them. And as a Diablo junkie I needed my fix. But when I almost only had class achievements left I started creating new chars. I had three lvl 60 already, and I started the two remaining chars that I had not played much before. And that was when I really started to feel that the item system is screwed up. After playing through the game with a couple of chars you get a feeling for the exact item stats you can get by each level. From lvl 1 to 60, you will never find anything that will surprise you. The world is the same, the chars have different skills but everything is based on your weapon dps and main attribute. It’s like every char has exactly the same skills, they only look different. And as I said, the item system will never give you anything that is out of the ordinary for the first 15-20 hours of the game, until you allrady are lvl 60 and can respec whenever you want.

      “Hmm I’m lvl 10 right now, so the best weapon I can get on this lvl is a 14.5 dps sword, which I have… so lets go into zombie mode and plow through the exact same lvl I have played 1000000 times on inferno with my lvl 60 wiz”… “Oh I’m on nightmare.. so I wont find anything better then I already have for 10 hours.. zombie mode on..”.. “Oh awesome, soon lvl 60.. now I wont ever have to play this WD again since I can respec to whatever I want whenever I want, and I allrady have the best int/vit/res based gear possible on my wiz..”..

      You guys remember playing D2? I bet you are just like me. After grinding a sorc for hours and hours, to find the best of the best uniques, to get enough runes for this awesome wand that had great bonuses for poison nova, just so you could beat the game 1000 times more and spec a nova necro to have fun with, and then find this awesome shield for hammerdins, so that you had to beat the game 1000 times again to be able to equip that shield with a paladin that you had speced as a hammerdin. And every time you played you had an awesome time because even tho you where lvl 12 you could find this cool set or unique that made you fucking overpowered for only 3 levels, but they where the most awesome 3 levels of your life because you smashed those imps to tiny imp-pieces. You remember that? Now.. do we get that feeling, and those hours of gameplay in d3 just by adding some random paragon lvl fast fix (that will be annoying as fuck for them when they make the expansion and want to go to char lvl 70), and a couple of good legendarys that you will never find among all the shitty once that are still in the game?

      Phu.. well, you get what I mean.

      And the latest idea.. give the player a choice of how difficult the monsters are? I mean.. talking about fast fix because they can’t fix the real issue..

    28. I was about to fire up D3 again, then Cain’s death came to mind…

      Great job, Blizzard!

      CAPTCHA: crash and burn!

    29. One thing I think that would help the game immensely is if they would bring back cross-class abilities/off class builds full on. One reason I felt the older games(and other ARPGs with off-class builds like Torchlight, Path of Exile, etc) is that it let me just have a LOT more fun doing different builds for the classes; and I can’t understand why they took it out.

      I found D3 very disappointing. My issue is that-okay, so the Barb has a bunch of skills, and sure, more than one build. But why can’t I build a Bowbarb? the lack of being able to allocate attributes or whatnot-sure it wasn’t perfect-sorta…I dunno, makes the classes feel too closed in. I’d love to be able to build a kickass unarmed Demon Hunter who still has some of his demon-huntery abilities, but punches or kicks the enemies as well. Or a Wizard who uses a big axe and does nice melee damage and uses his spells for defense(I played a Meleemancer a lot back in D2.)

      The Paragon thing could open up some ability to make more mixed up cross class builds if they’d do it. I just can’t figure out why they wanted to close the classes off from each other so much-I can’t help but think opening it instead and letting us have fun on our terms could be awesome.

      (Allowing offline play and the mod community to be able to add stuff would be amazing, but I won’t hope for miracles here.)

    30. Faeke summed up the feel of D3. D3 game is great, but it feels exactly thr same from level 1-59. Then at 60 you can finally equip gear that allows your build to work – critical chance, loh, etc.

      D2 you had a combination of skill unlocks and compelling uniques to look forward to as you leveled. You felt large power boosts with levels and items. Levels in D3 are a pacing element only. In D2 there was also the potential of finding end game gear in normal difficulty – gold wrap, soj, ravenfrost. So it didn’t feel like a ‘waste’ to be running the content.

    31. Well, I think I figured out what I don’t like about D3 (and this could help good old Jay to make the game better). It is the lack of choice and the lack of consequence. In D2 I was/am constantly making decisions. Is this item better than the one I have, or isn’t it? Do I keep my goblin toes with crushing blows, or do I go for these nice rare boots with high dex, + 20% run speed, etc. Do I put my points in Dex, Str or Vit now? Shall I put another point in Valkyrie, or do I up my strafe a point, or made ice arrow, as it also benefits freezing? Shall I sacrifice 8 free stash slots to safe this really nice spear for my act 2 helper dude while I try to get the runes for Insight, so I don’t run out of mana all the time? Oh, nice rune! Shall I put it into this item or shall I keep it for that runeword that requires this rare other rune?

      In D3, no choice I make ever feels like it is a hard one or one that has a lot of, if any, consequences. Don’t like my build? Wait one sec, I will just completely change it. Is this item better than what I have? The dps increase is 1200 and the rest is more or less the same, let’s swap it. Also, I kept finding stuff in D2 that I just wanted to have because it was cool and stored them on alts saying to myself \If I ever level this guy, he will have such a kick-ass shield at level 45!\. In D3 I find a lot of things (even more now, they shouldn’t have done that) but they all seem equally uninspiring (I haven’t found one of the new legendaries yet).

      Yesterday I played through act 1. I loved the action and pace of D3 again. But I was bored after finishing it. It was still early. Logged my lvl 48 ladder amazon and played till way past bed time. It is my 15th+ amazon (I only every play amazons ;)) but still had fun. Lots of it.

      See, I never relied much on internet guides to the best character nor on duping, or traded or hacked items. I always just played D2 as I saw fit. I never saw a Windforce, but just like someone else said, it was still much more satisfying finding a good rare, making a middle-class runeword or having a mediocre unique than buying a 1k dps blue bow from the AH because I couldn’t clear act 1 inferno.

    32. I reply to you in such a way because your usual drivel has lessened my patience for u, and no it’s not becuase you’re so ‘rich’ that u could buy a family or whatever childish notion comes into your mind that u wish to share on here.
      well done to Blizzard for selling millions of copies of D3, they wouldn’t hav done so without the success of D1 and D2.
      Oh and here u go champ, try to find, \Forums are designed to compliment the developers on their profits\ clown.

      fo·rum (fôrm, fr-)
      n. pl. fo·rums also fo·ra (fôr, fr)
      a. The public square or marketplace of an ancient Roman city that was the assembly place for judicial activity and public business.
      b. A public meeting place for open discussion.
      c. A medium for open discussion or voicing of ideas, such as a newspaper, a radio or television program, or a website.
      2. A public meeting or presentation involving a discussion usually among experts and often including audience participation.
      3. A court of law; a tribunal.

    33. I’m glad to see they’re so dedicated to supporting the game past release here. I know a lot of folks aren’t too fond with the changes thus far. I myself have been OK with them and I think the Paragon levels really were a good addition. It’s arguable that they shouldn’t of ever lowered the level cap either. It’ll be interesting to see how things work out in the end here I guess.

    34. Unless the players 8 command increases XP gain, I don’t see the reason for it. Playing Co-op should increase the difficulty, but at the same time, should also increase the reward of doing so. Initially, co-op was a punishment for players. Greatly increased creature HP and MF sharing vs. no increased XP or item drops. As it stands now, co-op is still not really beneficial in any way, aside from the social benefit of playing with others. What if, for every player other than yourself in a game, you could stack an additional 1 NV? IE, in a full, 4 player co-op game, you could have 8 stacks of NV instead of 5. That would be a good, but not gamebreaking incentive to play with others. Also, on the item front, what if the Blacksmith could be utilized to reroll specific stats on an item, perhaps at a slightly lowered level (or with some other appropriate penalty), and of course using crafting mats. That would allow people to actually use that found item that is ALMOST an upgrade. Or at least have a chance.

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