Just as the IncGamers US Hardcore clan did a few weeks back we are closing IncGamers and Inc2 on the Americas’ server and reforming them under different names and with proper language settings.

    Why oh Why are we Changing?

    We were never fans of the Inc2 tag, it somehow suggested a second tier clan or just the overflow and that wasn’t the case at all. When Reaper of Souls went live IncGamers was already set up by Blizzard and so that’s where people first joined, site members and passing gamers. Some site members got split up from their friends who weren’t as quick off the mark in joining.

    This will also give us an opportunity to weed out the now inactive players. People who returned in the warm glow of renewed interest in D3 only to fall to the wayside in the following weeks. So the clan now will be full of people who have made it past the initial honeymoon period and will probably remain active for longer giving you more clanmates to play with.

    This also means those who have been sitting on the waiting list in IncGamers and InC2 have a chance of getting in the clan.

    What Should I Join?

    Although the two new factions have coastal names that doesn’t mean you need to live in that region to join. For timezone reasons you may wish to join the one that closet matches your own so you’re in the same peek time playing period. So chat with your friends and decide if it’s IncW or IncE you want to join.

    What are they called and when is this happening?

    They are called IncW and IncE . You will need to leave whatever your are in now and then search either of those in the ‘Clans and Communities’ interface and request an invite. That’s it.

    Please let fellow Clanmates know so they can hop on and attend to this even if they won’t be playing this weekend.

    If you have any questions you can leave them below in the comments or there is a thread in the Clan forum. See you in game.

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