IncGamers: The week that was…

As gamers we know you guys are checking out other bits and pieces of gaming news and there’s been some great coverage over on the main this week including reviews for the biggest game releases this past week such as Forza Motorsport 4, Dark Souls, Rage and A Game of Thrones: Genesis to  name a few. John and the guys have also been busy with hands-on previews for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, Max Payne 3 and today’s Battlefield 3 hands-on.

Keep checking the main site daily for the latest news and views, and the top articles from the past week are all nicely summarised on The Week That Was… (ending 7 Oct, 2011) which was posted today.

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  1. The week that was…

    empty of any important Diablo news.

  2. There’s a main inc gamers webpage?!

  3. Ever since I started looking more into D3 I lost track of any other games, save a few… The Darkness 2, You better not disappoint me…

  4. Need to platinum Uncharted 3 before D3 comes out … My PS3 will be the collecting alot of dust next year  😆

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