IncGamers Steam Curator List

    Not Diablo news but here’s a quick update on some of the action that’s been happening on the main IncGamers.com site.

    First up we have now created the IncGamers Steam Curator list, so if you’re a Steam user, you can now track all the very best PO games which have been hand-picked by the IncGamers team. We are encouraging all PC Steam users to follow the list and tell their friends about it too. The more people that follow the less chance they’ll end up buying terrible games thanks to our team’s expert opinions.

    There’s also been stacks of content updates this week including the regular weekly podcast (listen to this week’s here), a Wasteland 2 guide, Endless Legend review, Jane Jensen interview and much more.

    Don’t forget to check the site daily for all the latest PC game news, videos,  and features.

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