IncGamers Podcast/Vidcast on Diablo 3

This week’s podcast/vidcast is now live, and in this week’s show, the team talk about Diablo 3 at length following Tim’s review of the game earlier this week. Needless to say Tim is now a Diablo 3 convert and he explains why. Also discussed in the show is Torchlight 2 and Ghost Recon Future Soldier as well as the weekly news quiz which I failed to win this  week 🙁

The podcast is also available in audio format via

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    5 thoughts on “IncGamers Podcast/Vidcast on Diablo 3

    1. I’d like to hear a debate about the pros and cons of using the auction house to gear up a character. 
      I currently stay away from it and my play experience is just fine.  At least for Normal Difficulty (where I am right now) I get along fine without it, and feel using it would ‘break’ the game by allowing me to gear up my character in ways not designed for balance in the game.
      I play co-op with a friend who is completely opposite and can’t stay away from the auction house, and gears up his characters to the teeth.  -which leads to a lot of uneven co-op play.  🙂
      A lot of this may come down to individual play styles.  He enjoys rushing to the end, while I simply enjoy the experience (ie. the journey is more important than the destination kind of thing.)
      I may change my mind the closer I progress to infernal, but that’s still a long ways off.
      But this would be interesting to hear more about -maybe even having a public poll about it.

      • I was playing a ridiculous amount the first week so using the AH for garing wasen’t really a option, getting to inferno without using the AH was quite fine. Sure there where a few times when it was rought untill a good drop came along and i did some trading with friends but with the exception of a few roadblocks in Hell most of it was no problem with only self found gear. AH makes it easier bit unless your in a hurry i’d stay away from it unless it’s getting frustrating to progress in which case it might be a good idea to pick up a upgrade or two.

    2. I followed your way of playing using the Wizard and didn’t use the AH until A2 Nightmare. I basically hit a wall doing around 500 DPS. I could barely stay alive and simply scratched enemies. I had a couple of mismatched rares that had dex, intel, str. The rest were crappy blues. I did some shopping and boosted my dps to a more realistic amount. If this were D2, I would have simply traded for a couple of hours until I was better geared. I honestly don’t see a difference other than the AH being faster and I don’t get scammed by the ‘ol switch-a-roo while trading.

    3. Sems like according to these guys if you are a casual player you’ll enjoy D3 but if you are a hardcore player then Torchlight 2 will be your answer or even Path of Exile. That may not be too far off.

    4. It sounds like they’re just reiterating what the other says. And that the long hair-dude hasn’t even set foot in Hell yet.

      The game after Nightmare is pretty ridiculous. You start seeing what skills are definitely worthless, and that kind of sucks to know that you have few choices for viability.

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