IncGamers Podcast – This week the team discuss the pricing for Activision’s latest map pack, issues with DRM, Microsoft and Nintendo’s patent appeal win and, of course, our Bullshit Story of the Week and the games we’ve been playing. We also talk to Multiplay’s Craig Fletcher about the upcoming massive LAN party event i39 which kicks off in a couple of weeks time. – Listen up!

    Belinda Vaughan has written two columns this past week. “Who Still Wants A Sandbox MMO?”.  Using Mortal Online as her main example she ponders whether true sandbox MMOs have a future in amogst the more forgiving ‘easier’ MMOs currently on the market.  Her second column,  “BioWare’s Two Million Subscriber Target”,  discusses the brazen intentions of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s goals.

    Not RPGy type news but topical is this article on DRM. “DRM: The Story So Far”, as it impacts more and more titles nowadays this is a good introduction/update to where we are with DRM today and who has led us there.

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